Chapter 47 – The 300 Yuan Dowry

Would Xu Xiangdong like Wen Huihui?

Wen Yulan was not sure.

“Our Huihui will definitely marry Xu Xiangdong. Huihui, you know, in the production brigades around us, there are many young men pursuing you. They all want to be with you, and marry you. It’s not like someone, a jinx, whom nobody dares to want. Now, she has become an old maiden.”

“If you had listened to me back then, you wouldn’t have become an unwanted old maiden.”

“Ah, it’s just that I have a kind heart. Unfortunately, this kindness is treated like a donkey’s liver and lungs by others.”

“Xu Xiangdong must be the only one interested in our Huihui. As for that jinx, not to mention Xu Xiangdong, even the old man in his sixties wouldn’t be interested in her.”

Aunt Wen raised her voice while looking at Wen Yulan, who was busy in the yard.

Even though Wen Yulan didn’t raise her head, she knew that these words were meant for her.

Wen Yulan had heard these sarcastic and somewhat bitter words for many years. Her heart had long become as tough as iron, impervious to hurt.

She also knew that Aunt Wen was not a kind person. No matter what she did, her first consideration was always her own interests. It seemed like kindness, but in reality, she was pushing her into a pit, regardless of consequences.

Aunt Wen could push her own daughter into a pit, let alone her, a niece with no emotional ties, living alone.

However, Aunt Wen’s last sentence caught Wen Yulan’s attention.

Wen Yulan didn’t care how others saw her.

Even if they treated her like a jinx, it didn’t matter.

But what about Xu Xiangdong?

Did Xu Xiangdong see her in the same way?

Was Xu Xiangdong really as Second Aunt described? Even if he had taken a liking to Wen Huihui, he absolutely wouldn’t have fallen for her.

No one knew that in these past few years, there had been a secret in Wen Yulan’s heart, a secret of a young girl liking someone.

Yes, Wen Yulan did like Xu Xiangdong, a fact known only to herself.

This matter, this affection, had been kept hidden in her heart, unknown to anyone.

On that cold winter day, when she was beaten by Second Uncle and Second Aunt, escaped from home, hiding in a small grove, cold and hungry, almost on the verge of death, Xu Xiangdong appeared.

At that time, Wen Yulan truly felt that she was about to die.

Vaguely, she could hear her parents’ voices; it seemed like her parents couldn’t bear to see her suffer in the human world any longer and had come to take her.

At that time, she was barely holding on, wanting to go with her parents.

As long as she went with her parents, she would no longer feel the cold and hunger, and she wouldn’t be alone.

However, just as her hand was about to reach her parents, suddenly her cold body felt warmth, and it seemed like someone was stuffing food into her mouth.

Her parents pushed her away, saying, “Go back, Yulan. You have a better life ahead. Be strong and live well. You won’t be alone; you will meet someone who loves you.”

When Wen Yulan struggled to open her eyes, Xu Xiangdong’s face appeared before her.

From then on, this young man’s figure entered her heart.

On that day, they didn’t communicate.

Xu Xiangdong didn’t stay for long, but he left her with a precious, warm coat and the white steamed buns that Wen Yulan had never eaten before.

Since then, the girl fell in love with this young man.

Xu Xiangdong, like a ray of light, appeared when she was on the brink of death, about to fall into darkness.

At that moment, she wondered, was it Xu Xiangdong?

Is Xu Xiangdong the person that her parents mentioned, the one who will love her in the future and won’t let her be alone?

Wen Yulan wasn’t very sure, but she completely hid the young man in her heart, along with this affection.

After that, Wen Yulan changed.

She became strong, tough, able to confront her wolf-like Second Uncle and Second Aunt.

In these years, even though she lived alone, her life was much better than before.

And she quietly kept an eye on Xu Xiangdong.

Upon learning that Xu Xiangdong was pursuing Educated Youth Sun, she felt melancholic and distressed.

Now, hearing that Xu Xiangdong was interested in her, a glimmer of hope emerged in her heart.

However, she also knew that with her current appearance and reputation, it was probably unlikely for her and Xu Xiangdong to be together.

Yet, Wen Yulan pondered whether she should take the initiative.

Should she strive for a chance to be noticed by Xu Xiangdong?

If she tried and the result didn’t turn out as expected, she would have no regrets.

She wanted to make an effort for her own happiness and the love she desired.

Wen Yulan made up her mind to visit the matchmaker later, have the matchmaker inquire at the Xu family if Xu Xiangdong was willing to consider her.

Meanwhile, not far away, Wen Huihui looked at the slightly dazed figure of Wen Yulan in the courtyard, her eyes narrowing.

“Mom, are you planning to introduce someone to Cousin Yulan again?”

“What do you mean? You know very well that Wen Yulan went crazy when I wanted to introduce someone to her in the first place. Now that she’s become more assertive, how could you want me to introduce someone to her? Besides, you know her reputation; who would be willing to take her?”

“Cousin Yulan really doesn’t appreciate good intentions. Clearly, Mom, you’re always thinking for her. But, Mom, I think there’s a family that would be quite suitable for Cousin. They surely wouldn’t mind her reputation and would even be willing to offer a bride price of 300 yuan.”

“What, three hundred yuan!” Aunt Wen’s eyes widened instantly. She quickly grabbed Wen Huihui and asked, “Which family are you talking about?”

Wen Huihui leaned in close to her mother’s ear and whispered a few words.

After hearing just a few words, Aunt Wen covered her mouth, and after a moment of realization, her eyes were filled with shock and astonishment.

“So, it’s that family!”

She knew about that family.

Moreover, it happened to be something she knew that hadn’t spread to the nearby production teams.

That family was quite formidable.

If Wen Yulan really married into that family, there would be no way out for her. Those people had plenty of means to torment others.

Aunt Wen looked at her second daughter and, for the first time, noticed that this second daughter seemed to be the most like her, or rather, even more cunning than her.

“Mom, what do you think?” Wen Huihui urgently wanted to know her mother’s answer.

“Of course… it’s okay.” Three hundred yuan was not something Aunt Wen could refuse.

With that money in hand, perhaps they could secure a job for Honghong in the city, even if it meant working in a garbage dump. That would still be a good opportunity.

But soon Aunt Wen thought of a problem, “That stubborn girl Wen Yulan won’t agree.”

Wen Huihui smiled, a smile without much warmth, “If she marries into that family, there’s no need for her to agree.”

Aunt Wen’s eyes lit up again, “Right, you’re absolutely right.”

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