Chapter 52 – A Dead End

“Ma’am, your words are a bit much,” Xu Xiangdong interjected abruptly, leaving everyone stunned. Especially the gossiping middle-aged woman, she froze, and the incessant chatter came to a halt.

“No one wants to be an orphan. If possible, who wouldn’t want parents and relatives?” Xu Xiangdong continued. “Her parents’ unexpected demise was something no one could anticipate. As for her relatives, you mentioned her uncle and aunt. Everyone should be aware of what they did. Can that be considered family?”

“Being b*llied, rising up in resistance, what’s wrong with that? Is it right to endure being mistreated?” he questioned. “She’s not a shrew, not aggressive. She just doesn’t want to be b*llied. What’s wrong with that?”

Xu Xiangdong’s relentless questioning silenced the woman who had been constantly disparaging Wen Yulan, rendering her speechless.

She knew Xu Xiangdong was speaking the truth, she knew. However, external opinions influenced her, and she echoed those sentiments.

Moreover, she favored Xu Xiangdong as a prospective son-in-law and wanted him to see her daughter in a good light, so naturally, she had to downgrade Wen Yulan.

“I-I just heard others saying so,” she muttered weakly.

Xu Xiangdong’s expression turned serious. “Hearsay is even less reliable.”

Xu Jinning looked at her elder brother with some surprise, silently applauding his principles.

She hadn’t expected her elder brother’s values to be so upright. Furthermore, he approved of Wen Yulan’s actions.

It seemed like her elder brother and Wen Yulan were more compatible!

What they didn’t know was that not only did the people present hear Xu Xiangdong’s rebuke of the woman, but someone nearby also overheard.

That person was Wen Yulan!

Wen Yulan’s home wasn’t in this vicinity; there was some distance.

Originally, she should have stayed home this morning after the meeting. However, due to nervousness and unease, she decided to take a walk.

Little did she know that as she walked here, before turning the corner, she overheard someone seemingly badmouthing her.

In truth, she had grown accustomed to hearing such remarks over the years.

When she first heard those words, she felt deeply hurt and saddened. She even questioned whether she was truly responsible for her parents’ death.

At that time, she felt that if her parents could come back to life, she would willingly sacrifice herself, even if it meant her own death.

Back then, she was insecure, timid, and easily b*llied.

But then, she had a dream.

In the dream, her parents came to see her.

They said they had been watching over her and were worried about her.

Her parents insisted that it was not her fault at all.

They apologized for not being there to accompany her in her growth, for not being able to protect her. However, even if she had to face life alone, they wanted her to be strong and courageous.

Her parents told her to live well, assuring her that someday, someone would come into her life, love her, care for her, and replace them.

Until that person arrived, they urged her to take good care of herself and love herself.

Waking up, Wen Yulan was in tears.

From that moment on, she no longer felt insecure and timid. She learned to stand up for herself and to ignore those ambiguous criticisms about her.

She decided to follow her parents’ words and live a good life.

Subsequently, when she heard such remarks, Wen Yulan treated them as if she hadn’t heard. Perhaps she had become numb to them.

She learned not to care, but not caring didn’t mean she didn’t yearn for someone to stand up for her.

She had hopes and expectations of finding someone who would love her like her parents did, protect her, and support her, no matter what she did.

However, just because she didn’t mind, it didn’t mean she didn’t long for someone to defend her.

She hoped for someone who would unequivocally stand by her side, no matter what.

It was a wish she had always harbored, and she continued to wait.

Now, she thought, perhaps she had finally found that person.

For the first time, someone spoke up for her.

Coincidentally, it was the person she liked.

Yes, it was precisely because Xu Xiangdong was so good that she liked him so much.

In this moment, Wen Yulan firmly resolved to be with Xu Xiangdong.

Regardless of whether Xu Xiangdong currently likes her or not, Wen Yulan wants to marry him, seeking that sense of protection, care, and warmth.

In terms of emotions, she believes they can develop their relationship slowly after marriage.

Initially, Wen Yulan didn’t plan to reveal her true self, but now…

She thought, even if it’s just her appearance, she wants to make Xu Xiangdong fall in love with her and marry her.

With her decision made, Wen Yulan quickly headed towards her home.

On the other side, Xu Xiangdong and his group continued towards Wen Yulan’s home.

This scene was not only witnessed by many people from the Dahe Production Brigade but also by Wen Huihui, who had been waiting.

Since yesterday, knowing that Xu Xiangdong was coming to meet Wen Yulan today, Wen Huihui had been feeling uneasy.

Today, she frequently glanced toward the door, wanting to confirm whether Xu Xiangdong would really come to meet Wen Yulan.

And to go to Wen Yulan’s home, they had to pass by her house.

Wen Huihui didn’t expect that she would actually see it happen.

Seeing Aunt Sun leading Xu Xiangdong and the others past their house towards Wen Yulan’s home, Xu Xiangdong didn’t even glance in her direction.

Wen Huihui’s nails scratched against the door, making a harsh noise, and her expression darkened.

“He actually went there.” Without turning around, Wen Huihui knew that it was her mother who spoke.

Thinking about yesterday’s events, Wen Huihui turned and asked, “Mother, how did you handle that matter?”

A self-satisfied expression appeared on Second Aunt Wen’s face as she said, “Don’t worry, everything went smoothly. I’ve inquired, and for them, it doesn’t matter who the bride is, or whether she’s willing or not. As long as she’s a normal woman, she can become a common wife for the three brothers, and as long as she bears children, it’s fine.”

“Once someone enters their household, no one can escape. They can only obediently stay there for the rest of their lives.”

“Did they agree to the timeline?”

“Yes, it’s settled. In 5 days. At that time, don’t bother with the match between that girl and Xu Xiangdong. Regardless, she will have to marry into the Cui family.”

“Mother, you’re really clever.”

Wen Huihui’s gloomy face finally revealed a smile.

The Cui family truly lived in the deep mountains, leading a lifestyle similar to that of the wild people.

Due to extreme poverty and the isolated mountainous paths, no woman was willing to marry into such a remote mountainous area.

Therefore, the practice of having common wives and buying w*ves emerged.

Indeed, the 300 yuan from the Cui family, rather than being called a dowry, could be considered bride-b*ying money.

Wen Huihui thought that no matter how strong and assertive Wen Yulan might be, she was still a woman. As long as she married into the Cui family, whether willingly or forcefully, once she stepped into the Cui household, she could never escape.

It was a situation where prayers to the heavens were in vain, and cries to the earth fell on deaf ears.

To escape such a life, there was only one way—death!

Especially with Wen Yulan’s appearance, Wen Huihui believed that the Cui brothers, upon seeing her, would never let her leave.

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