Chapter 56 – Xu Xiangdong’s Heartache

Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts were heard by both Xu Xiangdong and Wen Yulan.

Wen Yulan was initially confused.

She couldn’t understand why the young girl wasn’t speaking, yet it seemed like she could hear her words.

Was it a conversation within her mind?

And the more she listened, the more chilling the content of that inner dialogue became.

Did this young girl know what would happen to her in the future?

In the future, would she be dr*gged by her second uncle and second aunt, then forced to marry into the Cui family as a sh*red wife?

Or was she involved in a conspiracy with Wen Huihui?

Wen Yulan didn’t know if what she heard was true or if it would really happen in the future.

But, it seemed like if her second uncle and second aunt were behind it, it wouldn’t be entirely implausible.

After all, no one knew better than her how selfish and money-minded her second uncle and second aunt were, and how much they doted on their only son.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have considered marrying her off to a widower in exchange for a dowry.

It’s just that Wen Yulan never expected her second aunt’s heart to be so unyielding, still wanting to use her again for another dowry.

Was she really so unreasonable and selfish?

And Wen Huihui, was this really her suggestion?

Wen Yulan knew that Wen Huihui had always harbored animosity towards her, although she didn’t understand where this animosity came from.

Because, as far as she could remember, she hadn’t had any conflicts with Wen Huihui since childhood.

Why did Wen Huihui harbor such intense animosity towards her? Why force her to become someone else’s sh*red wife?

A sh*red wife? Could anyone live that kind of life?

That was simply against moral and familial principles.

How could they, how could they be so heartless?

However, Wen Yulan thought that if she were truly manipulated and sent there, she would definitely not want to live such a life.

If there was no escape, rather than living in humiliation, she would prefer death.

Anything was better than a life worse than death.

Although Wen Yulan didn’t understand why she could hear the inner thoughts of the young girl in front of her, and why this young girl knew these things, she silently kept this matter in her heart.

She would absolutely not be manipulated!

Xu Xiangdong also heard about this.

Ever since the last time, Xu Xiangdong had wanted to know what the little girl meant by Wen Yulan’s impending disaster, but he never expected it to be like this.

Wen Yulan would actually be manipulated by her second uncle, second aunt, and that woman Wen Huihui, to become someone else’s sh*red wife!

It was simply unimaginable.

Xu Xiangdong found it hard to imagine how Wen Yulan would endure such a life worse than death if she were really sent to the Cui family.

Looking at Wen Yulan’s face.

Xu Xiangdong became even more aware that if the people from the Cui family saw Wen Yulan’s face, they would be even less likely to let her go.

And deep in the mountains, once entered, in an unfamiliar environment, Wen Yulan, a weak woman, would have no way to escape when facing several strong men from the Cui family.

Apart from enduring humiliation, the only choice would be death.

Wen Yulan’s su*cide was within Xu Xiangdong’s expectations.

Wen Yulan was a woman with a strong character deep down. Faced with such a fate, unable to escape, how could she possibly submit? In the end, with no way out, she could only choose to jump off the cliff.

A vibrant life was gone just like that.

Thinking about how, in the future, Wen Yulan would go through all this and eventually lose her life, Xu Xiangdong felt heartbroken.

He genuinely felt heartbroken.

Wen Yulan, despite having lost her parents and already experiencing a difficult and bitter life alone, still fell victim to the schemes of her second uncle’s family, who were like a pack of wolves and tigers.

Thinking about the little girl’s inner thoughts, where he would originally marry Wen Huihui, Xu Xiangdong felt intense disgust and aversion.

Initially, he had no feelings toward Wen Huihui, just indifference.

But now, knowing that she would plot against Wen Yulan in such a way, Xu Xiangdong’s feelings toward Wen Huihui turned into outright disgust.

There was no way he would marry such a treacherous woman, absolutely not!

Even if he remained single for the rest of his life, even if he had to eat dung, he would never marry Wen Huihui.

Xu Xiangdong felt that he must marry Wen Yulan and protect her.

He had to help Yulan avoid the forced marriage to the Cui family and the resulting tragic fate.

He wanted to marry Yulan, unable to bear seeing her lonely and vulnerable, unwilling to let her be manipulated by others again.

He also understood why Wen Yulan disguised herself and why she had said those words earlier.

Indeed, as an orphan with such stunning beauty and no one to protect her, she would only attract the greed and schemes of malicious individuals.

“Come in, all of you.” Wen Yulan composed her inner thoughts and stepped aside to let everyone in.

Once everyone was inside, she closed the courtyard door.

As they entered the house, Wen Yulan also realized that the young girl was Xu Xiangdong’s little sister.

In fact, she had just made a guess.

After all, she harbored feelings for Xu Xiangdong, and she was well aware of the affairs of the Xu family.

She knew that Xu Xiangdong’s original little sister, Xu Fangfang, was not his biological sister, but the Xu Jinning who had returned recently.

However, Wen Yulan didn’t expect that Xu Xiangdong would bring his little sister for the meeting.

Wen Yulan thought, perhaps it was the arrangement of destiny.

Maybe Xu Xiangdong’s little sister had some peculiar qualities.

Otherwise, how could she hear the inner thoughts of Ningning?

If Ningning hadn’t come today, she wouldn’t have heard these things. In that case, over the past year, with her relaxed guard against her second uncle’s family, she might have truly fallen victim to their schemes.

If what she heard today was indeed going to happen in the future, she could now be prepared.

This young girl Ningning was her lucky star.

Normally, when a sister-in-law sees her younger sister-in-law, especially if the younger one is favored, there might be some resistance. But Wen Yulan had nothing but affection for Xu Jinning.

Especially seeing Ningning’s thin and small appearance, she felt a great deal of pity and compassion.

She thought that if she could marry Xu Xiangdong in the future, she would definitely treat Ningning well.

The group entered Wen Yulan’s house and sat down.

Although Zhang Ailian didn’t say much, she observed Wen Yulan and her house throughout.

The more she looked, the more satisfied she became.

As for the choice of daughter-in-law, Zhang Ailian wasn’t picky. As long as her son liked her, that was enough. Even after the young couple got married, she wouldn’t interfere in their affairs.

But if she could choose, of course, having a daughter-in-law whom her son liked and she was satisfied with would be the best.

Originally, she didn’t have much impression of Wen Yulan, and she hadn’t even seen her in person, only hearing about her from others.

The outside world’s reputation of Wen Yulan was mostly negative.

However, Zhang Ailian didn’t care much about reputation. She knew that public opinion was not always true and didn’t necessarily represent a person’s true character. To truly understand someone, one needed to see their actions, spend time with them, talk to them, and observe their behavior.

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