Chapter 57 – I Want to Marry You

In the accounts I heard about Wen Yulan’s actions, although she appeared quite fierce and even scared some people, Zhang Ailian felt that her approach was good.

People should not be weak; they should not be b*llied without knowing how to resist.

Being weak would undoubtedly lead to being b*llied to death, perhaps eaten by others, bones dismantled, and swallowed.

So, before meeting Wen Yulan, Zhang Ailian did not define her or label her in any way.

She just wanted to see for herself.

And today, upon seeing Wen Yulan, she was genuinely surprised.

The first thing that caught her attention was her appearance.

Zhang Ailian was already attractive; in her youth, she was the most beautiful girl in the surrounding villages. Her husband, Xu Aiguo, was also a handsome young man at the time. Therefore, their children were all good-looking.

As someone who appreciated good-looking people and things, Zhang Ailian was impressed by Wen Yulan’s extremely attractive face. Not only did Xiangdong like it, but she also found herself drawn to it.

Wen Yulan was good-looking, and so was Xiangdong. If these two got married, their future children would undoubtedly be even more attractive, perhaps as beautiful as the celestial beings under the seat of Guanyin Bodhisattva.

Later, upon hearing Wen Yulan speak, Zhang Ailian thought that she was a smart and wise person.

That was excellent.

It’s said that when choosing a wife, one should choose a virtuous one. The worst thing is to marry someone who is both foolish and unintelligent; marrying a bad wife could ruin three generations.

However, Zhang Ailian was quite pleased with Wen Yulan.

Observing how she managed the house, both inside and out, everything was neatly organized. Upon entering, one immediately felt a sense of comfort.

It was evident that Wen Yulan was hardworking and liked cleanliness.

Although Zhang Ailian wasn’t looking for a daughter-in-law to help with household chores, she still liked Wen Yulan as her daughter-in-law.

At the beginning, she held the attitude that if things worked out, that’s great, but if not, it’s okay. Now, however, she really hopes that Wen Yulan becomes her daughter-in-law.

Upon entering the house, Wen Yulan poured water for everyone, and then the getting to know each other process began.

Most of the time, Aunt Sun introduced the basic situations of both sides.

Originally, Aunt Sun didn’t have much hope for the match between Xu Xiangdong and Wen Yulan, especially after seeing Wen Yulan yesterday. She thought Xu Xiangdong probably wouldn’t be interested in Wen Yulan.

But now…

Seeing Xu Xiangdong sneakily glancing at Wen Yulan from time to time, and the shy expression on Wen Yulan’s face when she locked eyes with him, along with the smile on Zhang Ailian’s face, Aunt Sun inexplicably felt that this engagement might have a chance.

Both sides already had a basic understanding of each other’s situations.

“… How about you two go outside and chat in the yard? The most important thing in meeting is your opinions. If it works out, the future will be in your hands, and you’ll spend your days together,” Aunt Sun suggested.

Aunt Sun didn’t like to force such matters. She preferred when both sides were willing, making the marriage more likely to be lasting and happily ever after.

“Well Yulan, shall we go outside and talk?” Xu Xiangdong mustered up the courage.

“Sure.” Wen Yulan shyly nodded.

The two of them went out together.

Xu Jinning’s eyes gleamed as she watched them leave, feeling emotional. They were a perfect match in both talents and looks.

[Big brother, you must marry Sister Yulan.]

After meeting her, Xu Jinning had a very positive impression of Wen Yulan and hoped she would become her sister-in-law.

Of course, the most important opinion was that of Big Brother.

After all, the one getting married was Xu Xiangdong!

On this side, Xu Xiangdong and Wen Yulan walked in the yard, maintaining a distance of over a meter between them.

The two of them lowered their heads, feeling shy yet occasionally stealing glances at each other.

In the end, it was Wen Yulan who spoke first. She said, “Comrade Xiangdong, I… I want to ask, why do you want to be with me? You know about my reputation outside and the situation in my family.”

“I know, I certainly know,” Xu Xiangdong immediately replied. “There are indeed rumors about you outside, but I feel that you haven’t done anything wrong. On the contrary, I think you are a brave and strong girl. After meeting you today, I am even more confident in my judgment.”

“What is said outside doesn’t matter, and I don’t care about those things. If we can get married, then I will definitely trust you and stand by your side forever,” Xu Xiangdong quickly expressed his stance.

What he said was truly what he felt in his heart.

Wen Yulan, listening to these words, felt warmth in her heart.

“As for why I want to be with you, I can’t tell you right now. But I think it’s fate. Fate has brought us together. Whether we can continue in the future depends on you,” Xu Xiangdong explained.

Wen Yulan, puzzled, asked, “Why does it depend on me? What about you?”

“I don’t need to consider. I am very satisfied with you. I want to be in a relationship with you, get married, and live our lives together,” Xu Xiangdong declared.

“You…” Xu Xiangdong’s confession made Wen Yulan’s face blush even more, making her feel even more embarrassed.

But her heart was sweet.

Being able to hear the person she liked say he wanted to marry her and have children together was undoubtedly a joyous thing.

Wen Yulan’s heart was filled with happiness.

But thinking about her own face, she still had some worries.

“Is it because you like my face?” Wen Yulan asked.

“If you like my face, what if one day my appearance ages…?” In truth, Wen Yulan felt conflicted and thought she might be a bit melodramatic when she uttered these words.

Originally, she revealed this face with the intention of making Xu Xiangdong like her. Back then, she thought it would be fine if Xu Xiangdong only liked her for her face, as long as she could marry him.

But now, hearing Xu Xiangdong’s confession, she was afraid that he might only like her for her face. What if one day her looks faded, would Xu Xiangdong stop liking her?

She hoped that marrying someone, liking someone, and loving someone meant being committed for a lifetime.

Xu Xiangdong clearly noticed the unease in Wen Yulan’s eyes.

He looked at Wen Yulan’s face and didn’t immediately respond. After contemplating for a while, just when Wen Yulan was becoming increasingly anxious, he finally spoke.

His tone was sincere and solemn, “I admit, I was indeed amazed by your face, your beauty.”

“There’s no denying that you are truly stunning. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, really.”

“I also admit that seeing your face brings joy to my heart.”

“But, I, Xu Xiangdong, don’t decide to spend a lifetime with someone just because of a pretty face.”

“If Wen Huihui had your face, I still wouldn’t marry her.”

“I want to marry you because of your beauty, but also because of your strength, courage, and intelligence.”

“Wen Yulan, you have to believe that even without this face, you are still a wonderful person, someone worthy of a man’s admiration and pursuit.”

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