Chapter 60 – Wen Yulan, why is your luck so good!

“What? Xu Xiangdong really fell for Wen Yulan, that’s really strange!”

“Xu Xiangdong’s eyes must be problematic.”

“Xu Xiangdong’s eyes are messed up. Damn, his mother’s eyes can’t possibly be messed up too.”

“What’s so attractive about Wen Yulan that Xu Xiangdong is interested in her?”

Everyone was considering the question of whether Xu Xiangdong would be interested in Wen Yulan. As for whether Wen Yulan would be interested in Xu Xiangdong, that’s a given. A guy like Xu Xiangdong would definitely catch her eye at first glance! Because this matter shocked everyone, and also because Xu Xiangdong was a son-in-law, a highly sought-after son-in-law.

So this matter quickly spread in the Dahe Production Brigade, Qinghe Production Brigade, and several nearby production brigades.

So, what did Xu Xiangdong see in Wen Yulan?

That was everyone’s question! On the other hand, Wen Huihui had been closely watching the interactions between Xu Xiangdong and Wen Yulan. She had been worried that Xu Xiangdong and Wen Yulan might hit it off. Until she heard these rumors, she knew that the thing she least wanted to see was finally happening.

Wen Huihui gritted her teeth, almost shattering a tooth.

“Wen Yulan, why is your luck so good!”

“What’s so attractive about you that Xu Xiangdong and his family can appreciate.”

Is it because of your face?

Wen Huihui suddenly realized.

Yes, nothing but her face.

Wen Yulan must have used that fox-like face to enchant Xu Xiangdong.

“Whatever, let it be for now, who wins in the end is what matters.”

However, she would never let Wen Yulan successfully marry Xu Xiangdong.

Wen Yulan, you can only marry into the Cui family; Xu Xiangdong belongs to Wen Huihui!


While Xu Xiangdong was chatting with Wen Yulan, one person from the Qinghe Production Brigade barely made it to the county seat and went to the only bank.

This bank was the sole one in the county and quite small.

The person was Shen Hongling. Today, she brought half of the big black ten bills, intending to inquire about how much money it could be exchanged for.

Is what Xu Jinning said true?

Summoning the courage to enter the bank, when she emerged again, it was an hour later.

At this moment, Shen Hongling seemed both the same and different from when she arrived.

When she came, she was nervous and uneasy.

And now, she was still nervous.

Although both instances involved nervousness, the situations were different.

Her nervousness when she arrived was mixed with worry. She didn’t know if this big black ten bills could exchange for enough money to treat Yuyu’s illness.

Now, as she left, she was still nervous, but this nervousness was about the security of carrying such a large sum of money on herself.

She couldn’t wait to get back home and hide the money.

Alongside the nervousness, immense joy surged in her heart, a joy that even made her eyes slightly moist.

Ningning, that little girl, was telling the truth. It was true.

A big black ten bill could indeed exchange for a substantial amount of money, not to mention she brought half of a stack.

Because the amount of money she could exchange was so large, she couldn’t carry much cash. Therefore, the bank staff stored most of the money in the bank and gave her a passbook.

Now, Shen Hongling tucked the passbook and money close to her chest, holding them tightly.

Inside that passbook was a massive sum, something Shen Hongling had never seen or heard of before, let alone possessed.

The amount of money was truly overwhelming.

So, as she walked on the street, anyone who came too close made her nervous, fearing someone might try to snatch it.

“Don’t be nervous, don’t be nervous, pretend like nothing happened.”

Shen Hongling kept soothing herself in her mind until she finally relaxed a bit.

Like this, she made her way back home.

It wasn’t until she reached home that she completely heaved a sigh of relief. She noticed her legs felt a bit weak from the extreme tension.

Then, she hurriedly went to her mother-in-law’s room.

“Mom…” Shen Hongling’s voice was filled with joy.

“Lingling is back. How did it go?” The old lady knew that Shen Hongling had gone to the bank today to exchange the big black ten bill, and she had been anxiously waiting at home.

Not for anything else, but for her only grandson.

If the big black ten bill could exchange for more money, her grandson could go to the big hospital.

As long as her grandson could get better, this old lady could peacefully pass away.

“Mom, I exchanged it, I exchanged it…” Shen Hongling exclaimed excitedly.

Immediately realizing she was too excited and her voice was too loud, Shen Hongling took out the money and passbook from her chest, stuffing them into her mother’s hands. She then whispered a few words in her ear.

Seeing her mother’s eyes widen in astonishment, she stood there dumbfounded for a while.

After a moment, her mother replied, “Why, why so much? Can it really be exchanged for this much?”

“Yes, it can. The person even said that if I have more big black ten bills, I should keep them well. He had a hunch that the value of these bills will increase over time.”

“Good, good. That’s great. Lingling, with this money, we can finally send Yuyu to the big hospital.”

The old lady thought about it, and tears welled up in her eyes.

Shen Hongling choked up as well, saying, “Yes, with this money, we can take Yuyu to the capital for treatment.”

In fact, they could go to the provincial capital, but for some reason, Shen Hongling believed in Ningning’s words. She wanted to take Yuyu to the capital, where not only could he get checked, but there would also be opportunities for him.

“Mom, we’ll go together when the time comes.”

“I, I can’t see anything with my eyes, so I won’t go.”

“No, Mom, let’s go to the capital together. There are the biggest and best hospitals there. Maybe they can treat your eyes too. Now, we’re not short of money. If there’s a chance for treatment, we’ll definitely give it a try. Don’t you want to see with your eyes, watch Yuyu get better, and witness him getting married and having children in the future?”

The old lady fell silent, thinking that, of course, she wanted to go.

In the end, the old lady agreed.

Then, she remembered something and reached under the pillow, taking out the remaining big black ten bills.

She handed it to Shen Hongling.

“Mom, what’s this…”

“Lingling, take this remaining big black ten bills. From now on, it’s yours.”

“No, Mom, this is yours. I can’t take it. And this passbook, it’s for you too.”

“I don’t want it.”

No matter what the old lady said, she insisted on giving everything to Shen Hongling.

“What’s the use of giving this to an old lady like me? You can make use of them. Anyway, keeping them with me is useless. Even if I keep them now, I’ll have to give them to you later. It’s better to give them to you now.”

“What use do I, a blind old lady, have for these? Besides, even if you have these, would you leave me and Yuyu behind in the future?”

“Of course not,” Shen Hongling immediately replied.

“Then, take all of these. Whether it’s the money, the passbook, or this big black ten bills. They’re all yours. Lingling, you’ve suffered a lot over the years. Mom knows you’ve been through a lot. I’ve always felt indebted to you. Consider this a small compensation from me to you.”

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