Chapter 61 – Song Yi Must Be Hers

“Mother, there’s no debt. If it weren’t for you buying me back then, I might have starved to death.”

“Don’t talk about the past. Anyway, you have all these things. You can handle them however you want. It’s up to you.”

In the end, Shen Hongling accepted.

In her heart, she was determined to cure both Yuyu’s illness and her mother-in-law’s eyes.

And, there’s gratitude to Xu Jinning’s side as well.

Shen Hongling felt that Xu Jinning was either a goddess in human form or a lucky star.

And the things she heard from Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts were blessings for her and Yuyu.

Since she knew and changed her destiny, she should express gratitude to Xu Jinning.

Just like people go to temples to pray and, after their wishes are fulfilled, they go to make offerings and express gratitude.

It’s necessary; otherwise, the gods might take back the blessings they’ve given.

So, she must express gratitude to Xu Jinning.

But how to express gratitude?

Shen Hongling pondered and then looked at the large stack of banknotes in her hand and Yuyu playing nearby.

Her most valuable possessions right now were these banknotes.

How about giving some of these banknotes to Xu Jinning?

Yes, that could work.

And there’s also Yuyu.

Shen Hongling secretly wanted Yuyu to recognize Xu Jinning as a sister.

If he could recognize a goddess and a lucky star as his sister, wouldn’t that bring more blessings to Yu Yu?

It’s just that she didn’t know if Xu Jinning would agree.

This is a mother’s somewhat selfish idea. Which mother wouldn’t hope for her child’s health, safety, and good fortune?

Ask and find out. Ask when the time comes.

If Xu Jinning is willing to recognize Yu Yu as a brother, that would be wonderful.


“Hello, Auntie, is Rourou at home?” Xu Fanghua stood with a smiling face in front of the Wei family’s door, seeing Mother Wei directing her daughter’s tasks in the yard.

As soon as Mother Wei saw Xu Fanghua, her originally stern face immediately blossomed into a smile.

“Oh, Fanghua is here.”

“Yes, I came to find Rourou. I bought some peach pastries, quite a lot, so I brought some for Rourou’s younger siblings too.”

Xu Fanghua held a bag of peach pastries in her hand. As soon as she took them out, Mother Wei took them over.

The younger sisters of Wei Rou, who were busy with their tasks, brightened their eyes at the mention of peach pastries.

“You, just come over, why bring peach pastries? But since you brought them, I’ll accept them.”

Xu Fanghua smiled and looked inside. “By the way, Auntie, where is Rourou?”

“Oh, you’re here to find our Rou girl, right? She’s inside cooking. Erya, you go in and take over for your older sister, let your older sister come out and talk to Fanghua.”

Wei Erya didn’t say anything, just nodded, and went inside.

In no time, Wei Rou came out.

Seeing Xu Fanghua, she looked surprised and puzzled. “Fanghua, how come you’re here?”

Mother Wei glared at Wei Rou and said, “What do you mean, ‘how come you’re here’? Fanghua came to find you, isn’t that good? Quickly, take Fanghua to your room and chat.”

Wei Rou, seeing the peach pastries in Mother Wei’s hands, immediately understood what was going on. She sneered inwardly but didn’t show anything on her face.

Instead, she smiled and said to Xu Fanghua, “Fanghua, let’s go to my room.”

Although it was called Wei Rou’s room, it was actually shared by Wei Rou and her two younger sisters.

The Wei family didn’t have many rooms, and even though Wei Rou was older, Mother Wei, who favored sons over daughters, would never allow Wei Rou to have a room to herself. Despite Wei Rou’s repeated requests, it never happened.

Xu Fanghua’s gaze inadvertently swept across the room, focusing on the bed, especially the bedside table.

Ningning, that little girl, mentioned that the letters Song Yi wrote to her were claimed by Wei Rou and kept in the bedside table. Was it this one?

It seemed to be the only bedside table, and she didn’t know if it was locked.

That’s right, today Xu Fanghua came to get back the letters Song Yi wrote to her.

So, she reluctantly bought peach pastries.

“Fanghua, please have a seat, drink some water. I’m sorry, my family is poor, and I can’t offer you anything good,” Wei Rou said somewhat embarrassed.

And she felt extremely embarrassed inside.

This was one of the rare occasions Xu Fanghua came to Wei Rou’s house.

Wei Rou knew the situation in her own home, as well as her status in this family.

She also knew about Xu Fanghua’s family situation and her status in the Xu family.

Such a comparison made Wei Rou feel even more embarrassed and inferior.

She even wondered if Xu Fanghua was mocking her right now, considering she was inferior in almost every aspect.

Once upon a time, Wei Rou used to envy Xu Fanghua, but over time, that envy turned into jealousy and unwillingness.

Wei Rou instinctively felt that she was much smarter than Xu Fanghua. If she were born into the Xu family and became Xu Fanghua, she would surely do better than Xu Fanghua.

To live a better life than Xu Fanghua.

How many times, in the midst of midnight dreams, she dreamed of herself becoming Xu Fanghua and leading a life envied by everyone.

But halfway through the dream, her sister next to her would turn over and slap her in the face, waking her up.

No one knew how unwilling she felt when she woke up at that moment, with eyes full of resentment.

Why did Xu Fanghua have everything she desired from the moment she was born, while she worked so hard but had nothing?

How could Wei Rou willingly accept this? Since she couldn’t get what others had, and Xu Fanghua already had it, whatever Xu Fanghua didn’t have, Wei Rou wouldn’t allow her to have either.

Take Song Yi, for example.

If she couldn’t ultimately have Song Yi, she would rather destroy Song Yi, ruin Xu Fanghua, than let them be together.

“By the way, Fanghua, I heard that your eldest brother and Wen Yulan from Dahe Production Brigade are seeing each other and have confirmed their relationship. Is that true?”


“Is it really true? Fanghua, why don’t you advise your eldest brother? That Wen Yulan, with such a reputation, how can she be worthy of your eldest brother?”

Wei Rou heard about this recently, but she had been skeptical about the authenticity of the news.

Like everyone else, she thought that with Wen Yulan’s ugly appearance, aggressive behavior, and notorious reputation, how could anyone be willing to marry her, especially someone like Xu Xiangdong?

In fact, what Wei Rou didn’t mention was that Mother Wei had been trying to matchmake Xu Xiangdong with her. To be precise, Mother Wei was still considering this idea.

She wanted Wei Rou to marry Xu Xiangdong.

Naturally, this was based on the favorable conditions of the Xu family and Xu Xiangdong’s ability to work.

Mother Wei saw the benefits Wei Rou could gain from marrying Xu Xiangdong, which is why she kept suggesting it to her.

Actually, Xu Xiangdong’s conditions and appearance were indeed good.

If Wei Rou hadn’t seen someone she thought was even better, like Song Yi, if she didn’t genuinely like Song Yi, and if Xu Xiangdong’s sister wasn’t Xu Fanghua, whom she was so jealous of, perhaps she would have agreed.

It’s just that after meeting Song Yi and falling for him, she believed there was no one better than him.

So, Song Yi must be hers. If she couldn’t have him in the end, she would rather destroy everything than let Xu Fanghua have him.

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