Chapter 62 – Locked Cabinet

“Wen Yulan is not as bad as you said. Those rumors, spread without verification, should not be trusted.”

“I believe in my brother’s choice.”

Xu Fanghua spoke the truth.

She knew that sometimes, people’s words and language could be powerful, turning the dead into the living and the living into the dead.

Even with just words, someone could be driven to death.

Therefore, she never believed in rumors.

Even Wei Rou, who had been with her for so many years, was difficult for her to judge before. Moreover, she wouldn’t judge based solely on rumors.

Therefore, rumors are not trustworthy.

Even if you truly spend time with someone, it takes a long time to see their true nature.

Sometimes, people are too good at disguising themselves, and even after spending a long time with them, you may not be able to see through it.

For example, her relationship with Wei Rou had lasted for nine years. If it weren’t for Ningning’s reminder, how would she have known what kind of person Wei Rou really was?

After all, according to the “prophecy” of the little girl, in the future, she would continue to be deceived by Wei Rou, then be designed to marry Yang Zhiwen, and finally experience those tragic events, ultimately leading to a fatal hemorrhage.

Trusting the wrong person would cost her life.

Fortunately, thanks to the little girl’s reminder, she woke up.

In fact, Xu Fanghua had always felt that before the arrival of the little girl, their family seemed to be in a state of confusion, doing things blindly.

But since the little girl came, it seemed like the whole family was gradually waking up.

It was as if they were themselves before, and yet not quite themselves.

Before, their minds were like a layer of paste, unable to see clearly no matter what they looked at.

Now, they have awakened, and the paste has disappeared.

Xu Fanghua felt that something had definitely changed in the middle, and everything that followed would also change.

Xu Fanghua’s words left Wei Rou somewhat speechless.

“You make sense. The rumors circulating outside are indeed somewhat believable, and some are not,” Wei Rou said awkwardly.

“By the way, did you come to see me today on purpose?” Wei Rou asked because Xu Fanghua had mentioned before that she didn’t like coming here.

Wei Rou knew very well how her mother behaved. Every time Mother Wei looked at Xu Fanghua, it was like looking at a piece of fat meat.

The look made Xu Fanghua uncomfortable, so generally, it was Wei Rou who went to Xu’s house to see her, and Xu Fanghua rarely visited Wei’s house.

“Your menstrual cycle is about to come, right? You always have stomachaches during your period. I brought you some brown sugar. Mix it with water and drink it; it will help relieve the pain.” Saying this, Xu Fanghua took out a small packet of brown sugar from her pocket and handed it to Wei Rou.

Looking at the brown sugar in her hand, Wei Rou’s heart felt like a spilled spice box, with a mixture of emotions.

For a brief moment, Wei Rou’s heart trembled, feeling touched.

Wei Rou knew that Xu Fanghua truly considered her a good sister, a good friend.

Only Xu Fanghua would occasionally think about her. Besides Xu Fanghua, even her parents and biological siblings didn’t.

All they did was try to squeeze her, extracting more benefits from her.

Throughout, whenever she had her period, she would almost always have stomachaches, sometimes so severe that she couldn’t get up from bed.

Her mother, upon seeing this, would only say she was being overly dramatic and forcefully drag her out of bed to do chores.

No chores meant no food.

However, her menstrual pain was a result of doing chores since she was a child. Even in the harsh winter, her hands had to be soaked in icy water.

Combined with insufficient food and inadequate clothing, these problems persisted.

But her mother didn’t care.

And Xu Fanghua…

She had only seen her in pain during her period once a few years ago, and since then, Xu Fanghua frequently remembered to bring her brown sugar.

This was brown sugar, such a rare commodity in this era.

She had never tasted the brown sugar from her own home; it was always locked in her mother’s cabinet, off-limits to anyone.

Drinking the brown sugar that Xu Fanghua brought, brewed into brown sugar water, did indeed bring relief to her stomach.

To this day, Wei Rou couldn’t recall how much brown sugar Xu Fanghua had brought her.

However, Wei Rou’s emotional response was just a fleeting moment. Soon, that emotion dissipated, replaced by another.

That emotion was jealousy and resentment.

Jealousy towards Xu Fanghua’s favorable family circumstances and parents, resentment and unwillingness towards her own current situation and experiences.

Wei Rou even felt that Xu Fanghua giving her brown sugar might be a form of flaunting.

She had a sense that Xu Fanghua was looking down on her, almost like bestowing charity upon her.

But on what grounds did Xu Fanghua have to bestow charity upon Wei Rou?

No, she didn’t need anyone’s charity. What Xu Fanghua had, what she wanted, she would take it all for herself.

After a brief internal struggle, which didn’t show on the surface for more than a moment, she quickly lifted her head and smiled at Xu Fanghua, saying, “Fanghua, thank you. You are always the one who remembers me the most.”

Xu Fanghua replied, “We are sisters; it’s only natural.”

Just as Wei Rou was about to say something more, they suddenly heard Mother Wei calling her from outside.

The voice seemed loud, and it wasn’t clear what was happening.

“Fanghua, why don’t you sit for a while, have some water. I’ll go see why my mother is calling me.”

Wei Rou’s departure suited Xu Fanghua, who said, “Sure, I’ll wait for you here.”


Wei Rou gave Xu Fanghua a final glance before leaving.

With Wei Rou gone, the room was left with only Xu Fanghua.

Without delay, Xu Fanghua’s gaze fell upon the cabinet at the head of the bed.

This room only had this one cabinet.

Ningning, that little girl, had mentioned that Wei Rou stored her letters in this cabinet.

Approaching the bedside, Xu Fanghua reached out to open the cabinet, but no matter how hard she tried, it wouldn’t budge.

“It’s locked…”

“Where could the key be?”

Xu Fanghua was getting anxious. It was challenging to find the key here, and she wasn’t sure if Wei Rou had it with her.

Worried that Wei Rou might return soon, Xu Fanghua searched the room for the key.

Under the pillow, beneath the bed, inside boxes…

Xu Fanghua went through every corner of the room but still couldn’t find it.

Wei Rou had been gone for a while now, and Xu Fanghua feared she might come back.

Growing more anxious, Xu Fanghua wondered if today would end in disappointment.

“Where could the key be?”

Standing still, Xu Fanghua didn’t know where to start.

Her eyes scanned every corner of the room, and suddenly, she noticed a slightly raised brick under the bed.

Could it be…

Squatting down, Xu Fanghua reached out, placed her hand on the brick, and applied a bit of pressure. She found that the brick seemed to move.

With both hands, she exerted force, and the brick came off.

As the brick was removed, she saw a small key lying on the exposed soil.

Her eyes brightened. “Finally found it.”

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