Chapter 63 – Interrogation

Holding the key, Xu Fanghua quickly walked to the cabinet and inserted the key.

With a gentle turn, the lock opened.

Xu Fanghua breathed a sigh of relief and opened the cabinet.

As the cabinet opened, Xu Fanghua also saw what was inside.

It was just a bedside cabinet, so it was not very spacious, with no additional space inside.

Her gaze swept over, and she spotted a stack of letters mixed in with other items inside the cabinet.

Are they those?

Xu Fanghua’s heart pounded wildly.

She slowly reached out towards the stack of letters.

Soon, she held the stack of letters in her hands.

These letters, one by one, were all in envelopes.

When she saw the familiar handwriting on those envelopes, the two characters “Song Yi” written on them, Xu Fanghua’s eyes instantly reddened.

It was his, Song Yi’s, letters.

Xu Fanghua quickly skimmed through each letter.

Without exception, they were all letters written by Song Yi to her.

The earliest letter was from three years ago, and the most recent one was from a while ago.

Song Yi really hadn’t forgotten their agreement.

Even though he never received her replies, he kept writing to her without interruption.

Xu Fanghua found it hard to imagine what Song Yi, who never received her replies, might be thinking.

Would he, like her before, think that she had forgotten their agreement and fallen for someone else?

Was Song Yi’s inner turmoil similar to hers?

Xu Fanghua opened one of the letters and began reading…

Wei Rou walked back to her room with a restless mood.

Her mother was still persistent, wanting to marry her to Xu Xiangdong. She had been questioning her, asking if there was anything between Xu Xiangdong and that Wen Yulan.

She even mentioned that, at her age, if she didn’t have a good prospect, her mother would arrange it for her and make the decision.

Wei Rou couldn’t let her mother make the decision, and she certainly couldn’t let her entertain such thoughts.

Because she knew that in her mother’s heart, there was only her brother. As for the daughters, they were meant to work at home when they were young and marry off to bring dowry when they grew up.

She doesn’t care whether that man is good or if her daughter will be happy marrying him.

She only cares about the hefty dowry.

It’s like s*lling a daughter!

Wei Rou is unwilling to accept that, so she must take control herself.

After consoling her for a long time, she finally managed to dispel the idea of arranging a match for her.

She walked quickly back to her room.

But as she entered the room, she saw Xu Fanghua standing at the bedside, the bedside cabinet open, holding a stack of letters.

Wei Rou’s eyes widened instantly, and her hands and feet felt cold.

At that moment, Xu Fanghua slowly turned her head to look at her.

Those eyes, looking at her, were red and carried a different kind of coldness than before.

“Fang, Fanghua…” Wei Rou stammered, unsure of what to say for a moment.

“Wei Rou, why did you do this?” Xu Fanghua questioned with a cold face.

Wei Rou’s heart was pounding wildly, almost jumping out of her throat.

She tugged at the corner of her mouth and said, “Fanghua, what do you mean? I don’t quite understand. These letters…”

Wei Rou reached out to snatch the letters, but Xu Fanghua avoided her.

“Wei Rou, don’t pretend to be ignorant. I have eyes, and I can read. I can clearly see what these are.”

“These are the letters Song Yi wrote to me over the past three years. I just want to ask you, why are all of Song Yi’s letters to me here with you, and yet you told me that Song Yi never wrote a single letter to me.”

“And also, you haven’t helped me send any letters, right?”

“Last time, I asked you to send a letter, and as soon as you left my house, you tore it up.”

Wei Rou suddenly looked up, “Are you following me?”

At the same time, she was horrified deep inside. How did Xu Fanghua find out about all this?

“I just want to know why you did this, why you lied to me!”

“You clearly know that I like Song Yi, that he is my boyfriend, and that I eagerly await his replies.”

“But you intercepted my letters and hid them.”

“You even told me that Song Yi might have feelings for someone else and suggested I consider Yang Zhiwen.”

“Wei Rou, what is your intention?”

“I treated you as a sister, as a friend. When you were in trouble, I helped you. I’ve helped you so much. Tell me, is your conscience clear doing this?”

As Xu Fanghua spoke, tears fell from her eyes.

She truly considered Wei Rou a good sister and friend, but in return, she received deception, lies, and even Wei Rou’s calculated attempts to push her into a more dreadful abyss.

Why, when she sincerely gave, did she receive resentment in return?

“Why, well, you ask why…” Wei Rou sneered.

She thought that Xu Fanghua probably knew everything, and there was no need to pretend anymore.

At this moment, her expression was different from when she interacted with Xu Fanghua before.

There was a sense of giving up.

“Why? Are you really asking me why?”

“Because I like Song Yi too. I met him first, I liked him a long time ago, but when you appeared, you took him away from me.”

“What help have you given me? Like sending me brown sugar?”

“Yes, brown sugar may be precious, but for you, Xu Fanghua, for the Xu family, it’s nothing special. It’s just a small thing you can casually take out.”

“Are you really helping me, or are you just giving me charity? You know it in your heart.”

“You’ve seen my family situation, seen how my mother is, and that’s why you don’t like coming to my place. I know all of that.”

“Even my parents don’t see me as a person, just as a tool to be used.”

“I, Wei Rou, didn’t finish elementary school, have no parents’ love, and no siblings’ care.”

“You, Xu Fanghua, a high school graduate and a talented person, still a teacher. You have loving parents and brothers.”

“You, high above, and me, Wei Rou, as lowly as the dirt on the ground, free to be trampled on by others.”

“You must often compare us, thinking that standing beside me makes you even more noble and outstanding, right?”

“Xu Fanghua, whether you truly care about me, whether you sincerely consider me a sister and friend, you know in your heart.”

“Now that you’ve found out, there’s no need to pretend, Xu Fanghua. Your pitiful, sad look after being deceived makes me feel nauseous!”

With each word, each sentence, Wei Rou spoke softly, but her face was filled with contemptuous and disdainful cold smile.

And her eyes were full of anger and unwillingness.

Xu Fanghua stood there in shock, not expecting that Wei Rou had been harboring such thoughts all along.

She opened her mouth to explain, but the words stuck in her throat.

Because she felt that explanations were useless, and perhaps, they were unnecessary.

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