Chapter 80 – Zhang Linglan in Hong Kong

Xu Jinning saw her grandmother crying so sadly and really wanted to tell her about the clue regarding her aunt.

However, just like before, she couldn’t say anything at all.

She could only sigh and think about what she could do later to remind her, or if she had the chance to go to Hong Kong later and recognize her aunt.

Her aunt was a star in Hong Kong, so if she could go there, it shouldn’t be difficult to find out about her clue.

Here, everyone clearly felt that after Grandma Zhang cried, her mood improved significantly.

However, she seemed to be even nicer to Xu Jinning.

Her gaze towards Xu Jinning became even more affectionate.

“I see, Ningning, your features are very similar to Lanlan’s. Ningning, your aunt was very beautiful. Take good care of yourself, rest well at home, take care of yourself, and you will definitely be just like your aunt.” Grandma Zhang spoke the truth. At first, she didn’t look closely, but now, the more she looked, the more she felt like she resembled her youngest daughter in her memory.

At this moment, Grandma Zhang’s eyes seemed to be filled with nostalgia as she looked at Xu Jinning, as if she wanted to see what her daughter looked like when she grew up through her granddaughter.

Xu Jinning walked over to Grandma Zhang, held her hand, and said, “Grandma, do I really look like my aunt? From now on, I’ll come to accompany you often, okay? You have to get better, I believe my aunt also misses you and is trying to find ways to come back to you as soon as possible, wanting to see you.”

“Really? Can I really meet your aunt?”

Xu Jinning felt Grandma’s gaze was somewhat strange, like a supplicant seeking the blessings of a deity.

“Yes, as long as you’re healthy, I believe in a few years, you and aunt will definitely meet. Maybe aunt will come back here on her own initiative to find you.”

As if her prayers for blessings had been answered, Grandma Zhang’s face suddenly showed a smile. “Oh, good, I’ll listen to you. I’ll get better, I’ll be healthy.”

I’ll wait for Lanlan to come back and meet her.

It seemed like a weight had been lifted from her heart, and afterwards, Grandma Zhang became cheerful. There was no longer the initial feeling of depression and negativity when they first met her, but rather, she suddenly seemed spirited.

Zhang Yuanshan and Bai Xiuhua, seeing the old lady getting better, also felt relieved. They knew it was because of Ningning, her words had comforted the old lady. Although they had said similar things before, they wondered why the old lady believed Ningning and not them. Nonetheless, seeing the old lady getting better was all that mattered.

Zhang Yuanshan and Bai Xiuhua also became kinder to Xu Jinning.

Xu Jinning stayed with her mother until the afternoon, accompanying her grandmother for a long time before leaving.

Before leaving, Grandma Zhang took out many things to give to Xu Jinning, as if she wanted to give Xu Jinning everything good she had. She insisted that Xu Jinning accept them, behaving like a child.

Xu Jinning found it somewhat amusing and touching.

Although she initially refused, she eventually left with many things under Grandma’s insistence.

Moreover, Grandma personally escorted them to the door.

It was strange to think that before they arrived, Grandma was seriously ill, lying in bed and struggling to move. But now, she could get out of bed and walk.

Her physical condition had visibly improved.

This was also why Zhang Yuanshan and Bai Xiuhua were grateful to Xu Jinning.

Meanwhile, Grandma Zhang regarded Xu Jinning as a lucky star, although she didn’t understand why she couldn’t say or ask what she wanted, she could hear the unspoken words from Ningning.

But that was enough for her; it let her know that Lanlan was still alive and would come back in a few years. That was enough.

She would wait diligently.

She would wait for the day when mother and daughter would reunite.

As an elderly person, although these strange and supernatural things aren’t readily believed nowadays, she tended to believe in them more. Besides, the little lucky star was right in front of her.

Moreover, upon closer look, Xu Jinning’s features were indeed quite similar to her youngest daughter’s.

She truly saw the shadow of Linglan in Ningning.

She would strive to live on and wait for Lanlan to come back.


In the distant city of Hong Kong, late at night.

Here, it was full of vibrant nightlife, with neon lights reflecting different colors at night.

There were luxurious casinos, towering skyscrapers, as well as low, dirty, dilapidated houses emitting the stench of sewage. Here, there were high-ranking officials’ wives dressed in finery, riding in fancy cars, as well as people living in poverty, scavenging for garbage, without even temporary residence permits, needing to play hide and seek…

This place was like paradise, but also harbored hidden sins.

In the late night, Zhang Linglan had just finished shooting her final scene and returned to her residence, exhausted.

Zhang Linglan, at 21 years old today, was a rising female star in Hong Kong over the past two years. Because she refused to take on more revealing roles, despite her acting talent, she could only play minor roles and had always been suppressed.

Later, she met someone, her god-sister.

They had spent time together in a theater troupe when they were young, but later, the troupe disbanded, and they lost touch.

Now, when they met again, her god-sister, Qiangwei, had become the wife of a high-ranking official and had always been very good to Zhang Linglan, her god-sister.

With Qiangwei’s support, Zhang Linglan’s path in the entertainment industry of Hong Kong had become smoother.

In the past two years, she had also become a new rising star in the entertainment industry of Hong Kong, with a bright future ahead.

Countless people were also pursuing her.

Simply because of her beautiful face. Yes, Zhang Linglan possessed an unparalleled beauty, pure and charming, like everyone’s ideal first love, like the beloved moonlight.

And if Xu Jinning were here at this moment, she would be surprised to find that the 21-year-old Zhang Linglan in front of her bore a striking resemblance to her own appearance in the 21st century.

At this moment, Zhang Linglan sat on the sofa, swaying the wine glass in her hand, gazing at the colorful lights outside the window.

Memories of the past rolled through her mind.

There were the harsh training days in the theater troupe during her childhood, being beaten, scolded, going hungry…

There were the days of growing into a young girl, practicing singing and performing on stage, a life of constant hustle…

There were the days of drifting in Hong Kong after the theater troupe disbanded…

Then, the chance entry into the entertainment industry of Hong Kong, discovering her love for acting, wanting to strive and improve, only to face suppression and threats to her life because of her appearance…

Then, meeting her god-sister Qiangwei, and gradually finding a smoother path.


Zhang Linglan closed her eyes, longing to recall another time.

It was her memories before the age of five.

Yes, although those memories were very blurry, she remembered some parts.

Like the bustling scenes of people working hard, like her gentle mother when she smiled, and she must have had brothers and sisters too.

She remembered her mother and sister affectionately calling her “Lanlan, Linglan, Lanlan…”

She remembered, her surname was Zhang.

She was called Zhang Linglan.

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