Chapter 81 – Will the College Entrance Examination Resume Next Year?

Zhang Linglan only remembered these things, she didn’t even know where her family was, whether it was in the city of Hong Kong, this place, or on the mainland, even bigger than Hong Kong.

And over this past year, Zhang Linglan became more convinced that her birthplace, where her parents were, was most likely on the mainland.

If it were just in Hong Kong, with her name, her fame over the past two years, her parents and siblings would have come forward to acknowledge her.

After all, Hong Kong is not a big place.

But they didn’t.

Her representative in Hong Kong also didn’t find a place or family that matched her memories.


Standing in front of the window, Zhang Linglan, separated by the window, separated by countless lights, seemed to be gazing at the other side.

Her family, most likely, was living on the mainland.


At the moment, due to various reasons and restrictions, she hasn’t been able to go there yet.

But soon, it will be soon.

She will definitely go there.

She will shine not only in the entertainment circle of Hong Kong but also in the mainland’s entertainment circle, making everyone and her parents aware.

She will stand in the spotlight for her parents, siblings to see her.

She will also work hard to find them.

“Mom, Dad, brother, sister, please wait for me.” A sigh echoed in the quiet room.

Zhang Linglan believed that in a few more years at most, among these countless lights, there would be one belonging to her, one light that was waiting for her to come home.


Xu Jinning has been a bit troubled these days.

Not because of anything else, but because of studying!

Yes, it’s studying.

Not because she couldn’t learn, but because, it seemed like she was learning too fast.

Xu Fanghua completely followed through on what she had previously said, which was to teach Xu Jinning to study whenever there was free time at home.

“Ningning, that’s right, this question should be solved like this, you’re so good at it.”

“Yes, this word is pronounced like this, and this is how you form a sentence. Ningning, I think you must be a genius.”

Xu Jinning smiled awkwardly, shouting in her heart, ‘I’m not, I’m really not, I’m really not!’

Although Xu Jinning was not good at studying, she still understood elementary school knowledge, especially recognizing words and solving some basic math problems.

After all, even though she didn’t study well, she still had basic logical thinking ability, and she couldn’t forget the words she knew.

So when Xu Fanghua taught her words she recognized and problems she could solve, she basically knew them and could answer them.

This created a misconception for Xu Fanghua that she learned everything at once, and that she could teach her everything at once.

And now, Xu Fanghua was directly calling her a genius!

Xu Jinning was shocked in her heart, alarms blaring.

‘I’m not a genius, I’m really not a genius, I’m just a useless elementary school underachiever, really.’

However, no matter what Xu Jinning said, Xu Fanghua was convinced that her younger sister was a good learner and needed help to study well.

Xu Jinning sighed, feeling helpless.

However, Xu Jinning thought, right now they were only studying Chinese and math, what about learning English, Russian afterward?

It turns out, Xu Jinning, despite living in the 21st century, seemed to have her only talent shine in language classes.

Since childhood, her language classes were taught by foreign teachers.

She learned English, Russian, Spanish, German, Japanese…

It seems like she learned six or seven languages.

And she was quite proficient in all of them.

Xu Jinning’s eyes suddenly lit up. If she could really get into university, she could major in languages. After graduating, if she could be assigned to a government or state-owned institution, she could work as a translator.

In fact, at that time, there was a high demand for people specializing in languages, especially those skilled in multiple languages.

The more Xu Jinning thought about it, the more she felt it was possible.

Finally, she found a direction for her future to survive.

Although it would be challenging, with effort, it was still possible.

So, she resolved to study hard.

“Oh, I just wonder when the college entrance examination will resume, or if there will be a day when it can be resumed,” Xu Fanghua sighed while teaching Xu Jinning.

“Sister, do you want to go to college?” Xu Jinning asked.

“Yes. I want to go to college, become a university student, and see the world outside,” Xu Fanghua replied.

“Sister, I believe your wish will definitely come true.”

[Sister, sister, you must continue to review diligently. The college entrance examination will resume in October next year. Anyone can apply, whether they are villagers or educated youth. As long as you pass, you can go to university, which comes with subsidies, and after graduation, you can be assigned a job.]

[Those educated youth, if they pass, they can return to the city too!]

Xu Fanghua was suddenly stunned by Xu Jinning’s words.

What, the college entrance examination will resume in October next year?

Is this… is this true?

Xu Fanghua subconsciously wanted to ask if it was true because she was too shocked and amazed.

But soon she realized that this was her little sister’s inner thoughts. Her previous inner thoughts about Wei Rou proved that things were true.

So, this time…

It must be true!

Great, that’s great!

The college entrance examination, going to university, these are the dreams of so many high school students and educated youth, the hopes that many people have been waiting for.

Especially for those educated youth, who have waited year after year, only to be met with disappointment and forced compromises.

Some couldn’t see hope in returning to the city, they were getting older, so they chose to settle down in the production teams in rural areas, getting married and having children.

Over these years, especially in the past two years, Xu Fanghua has seen too much of this.

[Starting next year, the college entrance examination will resume. Educated youth who pass can return to the city, and there’s no restriction based on marital status. Even if they are married or have children, they can still take the exam.]

[However, this has led to many cases of abandoning spouses and children, which is tragic.]

Upon hearing this, Xu Fanghua was shocked.

Not for anything else, but because besides Wei Rou, she had another friend, Cai Shumin, who had married a male educated youth from the village before the Lunar New Year, named Zhou Yinsheng.

If next year, Zhou Yinsheng passed the college entrance examination and left, what about Shumin…

No, no, that won’t happen.

“Fanghua, are you at home?” Speak of the devil and he appears.

Cai Shumin’s voice suddenly came from outside.

“Shumin, I’m at home, come in.”

Soon, a girl with a twisted braid, delicate and gentle in appearance, walked in. It was clear she was a very kind person.

“Shumin, why are you here? Come, have a seat.”

“By the way, this is my younger sister Xu Jinning. Jinning, say hello to Sister Shumin.”

“Hello, Sister Shumin.”

[Wait a minute, Shumin, could her last name be Cai?]

Cai Shumin looked at Xu Jinning with a slight confusion and surprise.

“Sister Shumin, what’s your last name?”

“It’s Cai.”

[Oh no, oh no, her last name really is Cai. Could this be the same Cai Shumin who, when she was seven months pregnant, was pushed down the cliff by her husband Zhou Yinsheng who wanted to leave after passing the college entrance exam, resulting in one corpse and three lives!]

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