Chapter 88 – Acknowledging Godparent Relationship

This matter, Zhang Changzheng couldn’t talk to anyone about it, not even his wife. Only he knew.

In fact, he even doubted whether Xu Jinning knew that he could hear her inner thoughts.

He felt that Xu Jinning probably didn’t know.

But regardless of whether Xu Jinning knew or not.

He knew, and that was enough. He knew that it was Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts that saved him.

So, gratitude was necessary.

Bringing this thing today, Zhang Changzheng even felt that these things were too light.

These things were not only bought by him but also by his wife.

Although he couldn’t tell his wife about being able to hear Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts, he did tell her about Xu Jinning dreaming and reminding him to bring a gun, as well as the day he found out his wife was pregnant and the encounter with Xu Jinning, which also convinced his wife that Xu Jinning was a lucky star.

Of course, their gratitude towards Xu Jinning was not just based on these decisions; there were others as well.

“Brother Xu, sister-in-law, the other reason I came today is that both Xuemei and I really like Ningning. We hope to officially acknowledge Ningning as our goddaughter. Are you and Ningning willing?” Zhang Changzheng hesitated.

Zhang Changzheng felt that his decision was somewhat shameless when he said it. If Ningning was truly a lucky star, then in others’ eyes, he would be indirectly benefiting from Ningning’s luck.

However, he didn’t have that thought.

He just thought about the path he would take in the future. He hoped that his future self, in that capacity, could bring some help and glory to Ningning.

“Oh, Brother Xu, sister-in-law, didn’t the newspaper mention rewarding me? Actually, the reward has already been given. Our department’s leader has been transferred because of this matter, and I’ve taken over his position,” Zhang Changzheng added.

“Really? Congratulations then.”

Hearing about Zhang Changzheng’s promotion, Xu Aiguo and the others were genuinely happy for him.

“So, Brother Xu, Sister-in-law, could you let Xuemei and me recognize Ningning as our goddaughter?” Zhang Changzheng asked again.

“What silly talk are you saying? Of course, we are willing, and even if not as a goddaughter, I consider you as a younger brother, and Ningning can be seen as the niece of you and Xuemei. But we also need to ask Ningning’s opinion.”

“Ningning, your Uncle Changzheng and Aunt Xuemei want to recognize you as their goddaughter, are you willing?” Zhang Ailian turned to ask Xu Jinning.

Zhang Changzheng also looked at Xu Jinning, his eyes filled with anticipation, and said, “Ningning, Uncle really likes you. Although your Aunt Xuemei couldn’t make it this time due to her pregnancy and the rush of time, she will definitely like you too. I asked her about it, and her hopes are the same as mine.

So, Ningning, would you like to be the goddaughter of your Uncle Changzheng and Aunt Xuemei? We can’t guarantee that we will treat you exactly like our own daughter, but when you need us, we will definitely help and protect you. Just like your Xu family, we will always be there for you.”

“So, do you agree?”

Xu Jinning was briefly stunned but then nodded, “I agree.”

She couldn’t help but think about Zhang Changzheng’s current and future positions. He was such an influential figure, actively wanting to recognize her as a goddaughter, how could she refuse?

This was only beneficial for her now and in the future, there were no downsides. She would be foolish not to agree.

“You agreed, that’s really great.”

Not only was Zhang Changzheng happy, but the Xu family was also delighted for Xu Jinning.

As Xu Aiguo had to rush to work, and others had their own tasks, Zhang Changzheng didn’t delay much longer.

However, Xu Aiguo’s route to work was the same as Zhang Changzheng’s way back to the county town.

The two of them went to the county town together, but they were not alone. In the back seat of Xu Aiguo’s bicycle sat another person, Xu Jinning.

When Xu Aiguo arrived at the textile factory, Xu Jinning got into the backseat of Zhang Changzheng’s bicycle and headed to Zhang Changzheng’s home.

Due to the human tr*fficking incident and the promotion, Zhang Changzheng was able to take a few days off.

His wife happened to be resting at home today, and Ningning was bored alone at home, so they decided to take Ningning to his house to meet her future godmother.

Xu Jinning couldn’t refuse the invitation and came along.

Soon, they arrived at Zhang Changzheng’s house, and Xu Jinning also met her future godmother, Chen Xuemei.

Chen Xuemei had a good personality, was gentle and kind, and was a very simple and kind person.

Xu Jinning sensed her kindness and grew fond of this godmother.

Xu Jinning stayed here for a whole day. Chen Xuemei took her around the county town, and at noon, Zhang Changzheng personally cooked a table of delicious food to entertain Xu Jinning.

Xu Jinning had a great time at their house. In the evening, when Xu Aiguo came to pick her up, she was a bit reluctant to leave. This time she was no longer reserved. She affectionately linked arms with Chen Xuemei, even though they hadn’t officially acknowledged the godparent relationship, she already directly called Chen Xuemei her godmother and Zhang Changzheng her godfather.

Xu Aiguo could tell that his little girl had a good time at Zhang Changzheng’s house today, and he was happy too.

In the future, there would be one more person looking after their Ningning.

Before leaving, Zhang Changzheng also pulled Xu Aiguo aside and talked about investigating the incident of Zhang Ailian and Mrs. Lin giving birth fifteen years ago at the hospital.

“…This matter was delayed a bit due to the human tr*fficking incident recently, but I will continue the investigation. I will definitely uncover the truth.”

Previously, Zhang Changzheng investigated this matter, including how Xu Jinning lived for fifteen years, only because Xu Aiguo asked him to.

But now, things were different. Xu Jinning was his and his wife’s goddaughter.

He was determined to uncover the truth about what happened back then. If it was indeed a conspiracy by the Lin family, then it must be exposed. Ningning’s previous suffering should not be in vain.

Thinking about what Ningning had endured in her first fifteen years of life, he felt heartbroken.

The little girl had truly suffered a lot before.

But if Ningning could have enjoyed happiness and grown up with her family, yet was intentionally switched and made to suffer, then it was unforgivable.

Xu Aiguo patted Zhang Changzheng’s shoulder and looked at Xu Jinning bidding farewell to Chen Xuemei on the other side. He said, “Well, I’ll leave this matter to you. You are Ningning’s godfather, I trust you.”


“Abei, Abei…”

That day, Xu Xiangbei was in the fields calculating work points when he suddenly heard a somewhat familiar voice calling him.

He turned around and saw someone waving at him from a distance.

As he focused, he realized it was Cui Zhiqiang, and his eyes narrowed slightly.

This guy dared to come find him.

On the other side, Cui Zhiqiang saw Xu Xiangbei turning back and waved more vigorously, hoping Xu Xiangbei would come over.

Xu Xiangbei had just finished writing and walked over with his notebook and pen.

However, as he approached and saw Cui Zhiqiang’s appearance, he was startled.

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