Chapter 98 – Recognizing a Godson

The next day, Cao Jiandang arrived at the textile factory and went straight to Deputy Factory Director Li’s office.

Cao Jiandang had returned home in tears last night.

His appearance startled his family; they all asked what happened, but Cao Jiandang didn’t utter a word.

In the latter half of the night, he sat on the doorstep almost the entire time, unable to sleep.

It wasn’t until dawn that he dragged his exhausted body to the textile factory, awaiting the final judgment.

For Cao Jiandang to have done what he did last night without calling the police was already Deputy Factory Director Li’s act of leniency towards him.

But Cao Jiandang also knew that he still had to face the consequences.

“Cao Jiandang, due to your actions last night, the factory has decided to dismiss you.”

“Yesterday, the damage caused by your drunken act will require compensation from you.”

“This is your remaining salary for this month after the compensation.”

Deputy Factory Director Li slowly pushed a bag towards Cao Jiandang.

Cao Jiandang accepted it with trembling hands.

In reality, Cao Jiandang had anticipated this outcome.

“Thank you for your leniency, Deputy Factory Director!”

After saying that, Cao Jiandang turned around to leave; he couldn’t bear to stay there any longer.

Cao Jiandang didn’t know what path to take in the future.

His second son was planning to get married, but the bride’s family demanded a house.

He couldn’t afford it, and he had even lost his job as a worker. He didn’t even know how to face his family anymore.

Perhaps he shouldn’t go back, shouldn’t continue living.

In that moment, thoughts of death emerged in Cao Jiandang’s mind.

“Wait.” Just as Cao Jiandang was about to step out of the office, Deputy Factory Director Li called out to him.

Cao Jiandang turned around blankly.

“Do you know Mr. Ping, the head of our county’s grain station?” Deputy Factory Director Li asked.

Cao Jiandang did know him; Mr. Ping was an elderly disabled veteran, respected by everyone.

“He’s a lonely old man. Recently, he mentioned that he wants to recognize a godson to take care of him in his old age.”

“As long as he approves, whoever becomes his godson will inherit the position of station chief from him and will be given another position at the grain station.”

“Also, Mr. Ping has his own house. If he recognizes a godson, that godson can live with him in his house. Even after marriage, the whole family can live together. After a hundred years, the house will be transferred to the godson.”

“I remember your second son, who has a good character. Mr. Ping should like him. If you’re willing to let your second son be recognized by Mr. Ping to take care of him in his old age, he will arrange for your son to work at the grain station. However, for the initial years, half of his salary will be given to Mr. Ping, for five years, after which he won’t have to. But it’s up to you whether you agree or not…”

This offer could solve a significant portion of Cao Jiandang’s current predicament.

“I agree, I agree. Aquan, he’s willing,” Cao Jiandang said.

Cao Jiandang’s second son was named Cao Quan.

Cao Quan was quite different from Cao Jiandang in many ways.

He was simple, honest, kind, and stubborn… Sometimes, he could really frustrate Cao Jiandang.

For example, when it came to marriage, Cao Quan knew that the family couldn’t afford a house, so he never asked Cao Jiandang or anyone else for help. Even though he liked the girl very much, he also understood that her demands weren’t possible. However, he still intended to break up with her.

He didn’t want to trouble his family!

Cao Jiandang didn’t expect his second son to be so lucky.

It was a position at the grain station, a worker’s position at the grain station!

Even if it meant making Aquan Mr. Ping’s son, Cao Jiandang was willing. Moreover, there was a house involved.

Getting a worker’s position and Mr. Ping’s house after a hundred years, it was only fair to take care of Mr. Ping in his old age.

Plus, the arrangement of handing over half of the salary for the first five years was reasonable.

“Alright, since you’re willing, let’s find a time to take your second son to the grain station to meet Mr. Ping.”

“However, whether your second son can impress Mr. Ping is another matter.”

“Yes, yes, I understand, I understand. Thank you, Director Li.” Cao Jiandang’s eyes were slightly red, clearly showing excitement and gratitude.

He never expected that after what he did at the factory, Deputy Factory Director Li would still consider him like this.

After leaving the textile factory, Cao Jiandang went home.

He explained the situation of being dismissed and wanting to take his second son to be recognized by Mr. Ping as a godson.

Except for Cao Quan, everyone in the Cao family had hopes for Cao Jiandang to become the workshop director and to get a house. But in the blink of an eye, not only did he lose the house and the position of workshop director, but he also lost the most basic job.

If it weren’t for Cao Quan’s situation, the criticism from the Cao family would have come.

However, Cao Jiandang’s eldest and youngest sons were strongly opposed to Cao Quan being recognized by Mr. Ping as a godson.

“Dad, why should it be Second Brother? I can also do it.”

“Dad, Big Brother has a job, Second Brother has someone, but I have nothing. Shouldn’t this opportunity be given to me?”

“Second Brother is so stupid. How could Mr. Ping like him? It should be me going.”


Cao Jiandang’s eldest and youngest sons immediately started arguing, both wanting to become Mr. Ping’s godson.

After all, it represented a job position at the grain station, and they could also move into Mr. Ping’s large house. After a hundred years, that house would belong to them.

Cao Jiandang’s eldest son already had a job, but he thought that if he could take over Mr. Ping’s position at the grain station, he could give his job to his wife, allowing both of them to earn money.

Cao Jiandang’s youngest son had been idle all along, not wanting to do anything else and only wanting a good job.

Now, the job at the grain station was the best option, didn’t require any investment, and would even provide a free house in the future.

Only Cao Jiandang’s second son, Cao Quan, remained silent throughout without saying a word.

Cao Jiandang looked at his two sons, who were about to fight with flushed faces, and suddenly realized something. His face turned pale, and he looked at his second son, then made up his mind, “Stop arguing. Mr. Ping wants Aquan. What kind of people are you? Don’t you know yourselves? Do you really think Mr. Ping is foolish and can’t see through you?”

In fact, Cao Jiandang also knew the personalities of his three sons very well.

The eldest son was the most cunning and selfish.

The youngest son liked to laze around, idle and not focused on anything, only thinking about himself.

Only the second son, although a bit reserved, was honest, genuine, and kind.

Perhaps this was also the reason why Deputy Factory Director Li specifically asked for Aquan to be Mr. Ping’s godson.

“Aquan, prepare yourself well. Tomorrow, I’ll take you to meet Mr. Ping!”

Accustomed to always being pushed back by his older and younger brothers, Cao Quan, who had been in the background, suddenly looked up with surprise in his eyes, then a smile appeared on his face as he replied, “Okay, Dad, I understand.”

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