Chapter 103 – Unless theres a hole under this rock

By the third day, Ye Chan had no more strength to shout or move.

Two days and two nights of hunger left her with no energy. Fortunately, there was grass growing in the hole. Chewing on the grass produced some juice, barely easing her thirst.

Otherwise, with hunger and thirst, she probably wouldn’t have lasted until now.

But it seemed she could only hold on until now.

Tears of despair streamed down Ye Chan’s face.

She knew she might die here.

Yet, she was unwilling; she didn’t want to die.

She wanted to go back, back to her husband and three daughters.

If she disappeared, her husband would be so worried and anxious.

If she died, what would her husband and three daughters do?

They didn’t even know the true nature of her in-laws. If, one day, they were harmed by such ruthless in-laws like she was, what would they do?

Heavenly Father, please, save me.

I want to return to my husband and daughters.

Please, I beg of you, please…

Ye Chan continued to pray in her heart.

She waited and waited, not knowing for how long, but still, there was no response.

Ye Chan felt that her body was failing. She could feel her body getting colder, and she sensed that her body was becoming stiff.

It felt like something was rapidly draining from her body.

Ye Chan faintly felt that she might not make it.

She was about to die.

No more tears flowed from Ye Chan…

In her heart, she silently said goodbye to her husband and three daughters.

Hoping that if there were another life, they could reunite…

“Achan, Achan…”

“Ye Chan, Ye Chan…”

Just as Ye Chan had already given up hope of surviving in her heart, she suddenly faintly heard her husband calling her name, along with other voices.

Could someone be looking for her? Was it her husband looking for her?

Is that possible?

It shouldn’t be possible.

Who could find her here? And how could her in-laws, who wanted to kill her, let someone else find her?

Maybe this was just a hallucination before death.

Yes, that’s it.

This also proves that she is close to death.

“Achan, Achan…”

Just when Ye Chan was convinced that this was a hallucination, she still heard her husband’s voice, and it was getting closer to her.

Ye Chan summoned her last bit of strength and instantly opened her eyes.

This time, she could clearly hear her husband and others calling her name.

It’s real, not a hallucination. Someone is really calling her name.

They must be here to rescue her.

Ye Chan was suddenly excited.

I’m here, I’m here…

Ye Chan wanted to shout out, only to realize that because she had been shouting too much in the past two days, her vocal cords might be damaged, and she was also dehydrated, unable to make a sound at all.

What should she do, what should she do!

No, she couldn’t give up.

She wanted to live, she wanted to continue living with her husband and three daughters. She absolutely could not die in such an unexplained way.

Perhaps it was her will to survive that sparked the strength in Ye Chan again, even though she had no strength left.

She picked up two rocks from the hole and knocked them against each other, hoping that the sound of the rocks would be heard by the people outside.

Ye Chan’s guess was correct. The people nearby were Zhang Changzheng and others, along with her husband, Wu Lao’er.

As soon as Zhang Changzheng entered, he knew that this was where Ye Chan was, as mentioned by Ningning.

Ye Chan was in a hole, covered by a large rock.


Looking at the scattered rocks, big and small, it was difficult for Zhang Changzheng to identify which rock Ye Chan was under.

“We need to search under these rocks carefully,” Zhang Changzheng said.

Originally, they shouted without getting any response. Since there were no hiding spots here, the others, including Wu Lao’er, were planning to leave and not waste time.

However, Zhang Changzheng insisted on searching under each rock.

“Boss, this is impossible unless there’s a hole under this rock.”

Zhang Changzheng turned around, looked at his subordinate for a moment, and said, “Maybe there really is a hole.”

“Ah, is that possible?”

“Let’s search.”

“Um, okay.”

Although they felt that Zhang Changzheng’s suggestion was not very likely, as their leader, he had already given the order, so they followed his command.

As for Wu Lao’er, he originally wanted to leave. He also felt that this possibility was slim, but he didn’t dare to oppose Zhang Changzheng or suggest anything. After all, Zhang Changzheng was a public police officer, and Wu Lao’er naturally had respect and fear for him. Even though Wu Lao’er felt it was unlikely that there was a hole under these rocks, he could only continue searching along with the others.

So, they began to flip over the rocks one by one.

However, there were too many rocks here, and as time passed, Wu Lao’er became anxious.

Is this police officer really helping him find Ye Chan?

Or is he just going through the motions, and maybe he won’t really investigate or search for people?

It was already the third day, and evening was approaching again. If they couldn’t find Ye Chan, she might really be in grave danger.

Wu Lao’er couldn’t imagine how he and his children would live if Ye Chan was gone.

Thinking about this, Wu Lao’er couldn’t help but cry.

This man, since Ye Chan’s disappearance, at most, had tears in his eyes. He had been holding back, not letting his emotions out.

But now, thinking that his wife might be dead and never coming back, he couldn’t hold back anymore. His heart broke, and he squatted on the ground, sobbing.

Zhang Changzheng, who had been continuing the search, heard Wu Lao’er’s crying. He turned around, sighed softly, and for a moment, didn’t know what to say.

Perhaps finding Ye Chan sooner would be the best outcome.

At that moment, Zhang Changzheng approached another large rock. Just as he was about to inspect it, he suddenly heard faint sounds of something hitting from underneath.

The unusual sound made Zhang Changzheng’s back instantly stiffen.

Could it be that Ye Chan was under this rock?

Zhang Changzheng immediately called another colleague to help move the rock in front of him.

As they moved the rock and shone the flashlight down, Zhang Changzheng’s eyes met the eyes of Ye Chan looking up from below.

Zhang Changzheng felt a rush of joy in his heart and asked, “Are you Ye Chan?”

“We found her, we found her…” Zhang Changzheng’s colleague shouted.

Ye Chan in the hole couldn’t speak but nodded.

“You found her? Where, where?” Wu Lao’er immediately ran over.

Crouching at the hole and seeing Ye Chan inside, tears welled up even more in Wu Lao’er’s eyes, now tears of joy.

“Wife, wife, I finally found you.”

Ye Chan’s expression was a mix of tears and smiles.

She knew she was going to be saved.

Zhang Changzheng had known from Xu Jinning’s thoughts that Ye Chan was in a relatively deep hole, so he had come prepared with ropes.

They quickly rescued Ye Chan.

However, Ye Chan’s body and spirit were at their limits.

As soon as she was rescued, she fainted.

Zhang Changzheng and the others immediately took Ye Chan to the county hospital in a police car.

Meanwhile, Old man Wu, who had been sleeping, was awakened by his old wife. In the darkness, her voice was filled with fear and panic.

“Old man, it’s over. Ye Chan has been found, she’s alive, she’s alive…”

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