Chapter 104 – Plot

Old man Wu was shaken awake from his sleep, and upon hearing those words, his eyes were filled with horror.

“How is that possible? She hasn’t died yet? Where is she now?”

Ye Chan’s condition wasn’t very good; when she was found, she had passed out, and it was said that she couldn’t even speak temporarily. She was taken to the county hospital by the police officers.

“What should we do now? Should we run now? Old man, can you contact the people over there?”

“Why panic, why run!”

Now was not the time to run. He had just contacted the people over there, informing them that the ancient tomb had been found, and those things had not been moved yet, so there was no need to leave.

Without those things, people from Country R wouldn’t bother with him.

Only by helping to find and move those things could he be of value and be able to go to Country R.

“You just said that Ye Chan passed out when she was found, unable to speak, right?”


“Alright, then let’s go to the county hospital now.”

“What, what are we going to do at the county hospital at this time?”

Old man Wu chuckled in the darkness, his laughter somewhat cold. “We are Ye Chan’s in-laws. She went missing, was found, and is now in the hospital. Naturally, we need to go see her.”

That was the nominal reason. As for what he would do after going there, that was his business.

Having been his close companion for so many years, Old lady Wu naturally knew what her husband’s few cold laughs meant.

Although she also knew that her husband’s actions were correct, she couldn’t help but be a little frightened by his ruthlessness.

Fortunately, fortunately, the old man still had feelings for her as his wife. He thought about taking her with him when he wanted to leave and didn’t hide anything from her.

Otherwise, lying next to such a person, she would also be a little scared.

“Let’s hurry then.” Taking advantage of Ye Chan not having woken up yet and unable to speak.

Old man Wu and his wife arrived at the county hospital in the middle of the night.

The hospital was quiet at midnight, except for the nurses on duty; there seemed to be no one else around.

Soon, Old lady Wu found out which ward Ye Chan was in.

“It’s right here.”

Standing outside the deserted corridor, Old lady Wu pointed at one of the wards from a distance.

“I heard that the police have temporarily gone back, Ye Chan is in a separate room, still unconscious, and Lao’er is inside watching.”

Old man Wu squinted and stared at the ward, his face slightly darkening.

“We need to find a way to get Lao’er out of there.”

As soon as Old lady Wu finished speaking, they saw the door of that ward open.

Then they saw someone coming out of the room holding their stomach, seemingly feeling unwell.

And that person turned out to be Lao’er.

Old man Wu and his wife glanced at each other, their eyes lighting up.

What a heaven-sent opportunity.

While Lao’er went to the toilet, they had to act quickly.

“Let’s go.”

Old man Wu walked ahead, and the two of them quickly made their way to the ward where Ye Chan was.

Old lady Wu waited outside the ward while Old man Wu opened the door and walked in.

As soon as he entered, Old man Wu quickly noticed Ye Chan lying on the bed.

On the hospital bed, Ye Chan had tightly closed eyes, her face devoid of color, very pale, indicating that the situation was not good.

Old man Wu slowly approached the bed, looking at Ye Chan lying there, his voice chilling, “Why did you have to hear those words?”

“Why did you have to be found, why didn’t you die.”

“Since you didn’t die before, it’s fine to die now.”

“Ye Chan, it’s your bad luck.”

“It’s because you heard those words, you can’t live, once you’re alive, then I’m dead.”

“So, you’d better… die.”

Old man Wu lightly uttered these words. Then, he picked up a pillow from the side, a fierce look flashing in his eyes as he aimed the pillow at Ye Chan’s face.

Just as Old man Wu’s pillow was about to land on Ye Chan’s face, ready to exert force.

Suddenly, it seemed like someone appeared behind him, restraining him, and at the same time, the door of the ward was violently opened.

“Old man Wu, are you really trying to murder your daughter-in-law!” Standing behind Old man Wu was none other than Zhang Changzheng.

At the door of the ward, Old lady Wu was being restrained by the police, and Old man Wu’s son, Wu Lao’er, stood there with a shocked expression, witnessing the scene before him.

“Dad, why… why would you…”

“Achan is your daughter-in-law.”

“Why would you do this!”

Wu Lao’er’s voice was filled with anguish.

“You… you set me up.” How could this be just a coincidence? It was only now that Old man Wu realized that this was a setup, a trap specifically targeting him and his wife.

And he fell for it!

“Take them away for questioning,” ordered Zhang Changzheng.

“Mom, Dad, why would you do this? Was Achan’s disappearance also something you orchestrated on purpose?”

“Say something!”

Wu Lao’er desperately wanted an answer, but Old man Wu and his wife remained silent.

In fact, for Old man Wu and his wife, this hospital room tonight was indeed a trap.

Zhang Changzheng knew that when Ye Chan was found alive, Old man Wu and his wife would definitely be the first to know.

Or rather, he would ensure that they were the first to know.

Knowing that Ye Chan was alive, Old man Wu and his wife would never allow her to live, fearing that she might reveal their secrets.

So tonight, they would definitely come to the county hospital and kill Ye Chan while she was still unconscious.

Zhang Changzheng informed Wu Lao’er of this possibility.

But Wu Lao’er didn’t believe it.

Although Wu Lao’er son knew that his parents were not kind and upright people, he still couldn’t believe that they would commit such a heinous act as killing their daughter-in-law. After all, Achan had never treated them poorly.

Wu Lao’er didn’t believe it, but he still cooperated with Zhang Changzheng and others to stage a scene of having a stomachache and going to the toilet.

Later, Wu Lao’er indeed saw his parents arrive.

His mother was outside keeping watch, while his father indeed entered the ward, preparing to suffocate Ye Chan with a pillow.

Wu Lao’er thought, if it weren’t for Zhang Changzheng hiding in the ward to stop them, if it weren’t for Zhang Changzheng warning them in advance, would Achan have died at the hands of his father?

Witnessing that scene just now was like the sky falling for Wu Lao’er.

His eyes turned red immediately, and he was filled with intense emotions.

After all, it wasn’t someone else. On one side were his parents, and on the other side was his deeply loved, critically ill wife.

Old man Wu and his wife were taken away, and after Wu Lao’er gradually regained his composure, he continued to stay by his wife’s side.

It wasn’t until dawn that Ye Chan woke up.

When she saw Wu Lao’er, Ye Chan burst into tears immediately.

It seemed like she wanted to release all the fear and terror she had experienced in the past three days.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, nothing will happen in the future.” Wu Lao’er hugged her, patting her back to comfort her.

“It, it was father-in-law and mother-in-law who harmed me…” Even though her throat was hoarse and she was in pain, Ye Chan still managed to utter these words.

She had to let her husband know who had harmed her!

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