Chapter 128 – Demon

“No, nothing,” Xu Jinning replied.

Song Yi nodded, about to turn and leave, when he heard a completely different answer from Xu Jinning than the one he just received.

[Zhong Dequan, he’s the executioner hidden in the hospital, collaborating with human tr*ffickers. Who knows how many originally happy families he’s torn apart, how many children he’s sold!]

These words startled Song Yi, and what surprised him even more was that Xu Jinning hadn’t spoken at all, yet he could hear these words.

It was as if these words were her inner thoughts, and he could hear her inner thoughts? Looking at Xu Aiguo standing beside her, his expression seemed as though he couldn’t hear anything.

Was it his hearing that had a problem, or…

And the next moment, Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts once again reached Song Yi, telling him that he hadn’t misheard.

[The Deng Cuicui from just now, yes, Deng Cuicui is the rare panda blood type. There’s nothing wrong with the child in her belly, but that Zhong Dequan kept scaring her and made her stay in the hospital.]

[Just for the child in Deng Cuicui’s belly. Deng Cuicui is a panda blood type, and her child will also be a panda blood type.]

[Just because of this, Zhong Dequan lied and said that Deng Cuicui’s child died during birth, then used a dead infant to replace the healthy and alive boy born to Deng Cuicui.]

[That boy had a miserable fate, sold by Zhong Dequan to human tr*ffickers and then, because of his special blood type, bought at a high price by someone from Hong Kong, becoming a blood extraction tool for an elderly person with the same panda blood type.]

[From when he was a baby, he started getting his blood extracted, and as he grew up, he began consuming various blood-replenishing substances, turning into a blood bag, locked away without seeing the light of day.]

[In the end, during one of the elderly person’s surgeries, the boy, who was only eleven years old, had a large amount of blood taken from him and died from blood loss.]

Xu Jinning remembered the description of this plot in the book, remembered how the author described the appearance of the deceased boy.

A body even more withered than the old man’s, a face pale without a hint of color, dim eyes struggling in pain. He couldn’t even speak; only sounds of agony came from his mouth. At the moment of death, his eyes couldn’t even close; they remained wide open.

And the Deng couple, they would never know.

[Not only Deng Cuicui’s child, but also many, many children. That Zhong Dequan, this creature unworthy of being called human, started collaborating with human tr*ffickers in the second year of his entry into the county hospital as a doctor. It’s probably been more than ten years now. Who knows how many children he has sold using these means in these ten-plus years.]

Song Yi had initially been puzzled as to why he could hear Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts, as it all seemed too fantastical.

But the contents of Xu Jinning’s thoughts left him unable to dwell on these questions anymore.

Because what she said about Zhong Dequan was too horrifying.

Child tr*fficking? Continuing for over ten years? Using children as bl*od bags?

Could this be possible?

If it weren’t true, that would be a relief.

But now, if it were true…

Thinking of this possibility, Song Yi’s hands trembled.

For over ten years, Zhong Dequan had been taking advantage of his position as an obstetrician and gynecologist. If this were true, how many children had he tr*fficked, how many families had he shattered?

Song Yi didn’t know why Xu Jinning knew all this.

But at this moment, he didn’t have time to dwell on these questions. He had to investigate, to find out if Zhong Dequan had really done these things.

If he had…

Such a demon couldn’t be allowed to stay in the hospital any longer; such a demon must be punished as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Xu Jinning wanted to remind Song Yi about Zhong Dequan’s actions, but as before, she couldn’t reveal anything about the plot or give any hints.

Helpless, Xu Jinning could only leave with her father for now.

However, she couldn’t stop thinking about this matter.

Xu Jinning detested human tr*ffickers the most, and she hated them deeply. Zhong Dequan, this obstetrician and gynecologist, was supposed to bring children into this world with his hands, but instead, he personally sold these children.

He pretended to be a doctor but was, in reality, a demon with blood on his hands.

Such a person was terrifying.

It would have been better not to know, but now that she did, she couldn’t let him continue to deceive and disguise himself.

She absolutely couldn’t let other children suffer at his hands!

“Dad, I want to go to the police station to see Dad Changzheng.” After leaving the hospital, Xu Jinning said.

Xu Jinning felt that when it came to human tr*fficking and crime, it would be more effective to discuss it with Dad Changzheng.

To investigate Zhong Dequan, the police needed to be involved.

She couldn’t say the plot details aloud, so how could she remind Dad Changzheng?

Oh well, she would figure it out when she got there.

“Alright, I’ll take you to the police station first, then go to the factory.”


Sitting on her father’s bicycle, Xu Jinning quickly arrived at the police station.

“Oh, it’s Ningning. Are you here to see your godfather, Zhang Changzheng?”

Xu Jinning was recognized as soon as she entered the police station.

After all, Zhang Changzheng was their leader, and Xu Jinning was his goddaughter.

Moreover, Zhang Changzheng had specifically said that if Xu Jinning came to the police station, whether to see him or not, she should come directly to him.

“Yes, I’m here to see him. Is he available?” Xu Jinning asked.

“He’s in. He’s in his office. Let me take you there.”

After Zhang Changzheng was promoted, he got his own office.

When Xu Jinning was brought in, Zhang Changzheng was busy at his desk.

He looked up upon hearing the knock and footsteps, surprised and pleased to see Xu Jinning.

“Ningning, what brings you here? Please, have a seat.”

“Dad Changzheng, please continue your work. My dad and I came to the county hospital for a check-up. I came to see you right after we finished.”

“Alright, how are you feeling now?” Zhang Changzheng was concerned about Xu Jinning’s health too.

“I’m much better. The doctor said my health has improved a lot compared to before…”

“That’s good to hear, but you’re still too thin. You need to eat more nutritious food. I happen to have two cans of milk powder here. Take them with you when you leave…”

Xu Jinning was silent.

They then began chatting.

However, Xu Jinning was anxious, not knowing how to bring up the matter of the county hospital and Zhong Dequan.

Zhang Changzheng clearly noticed Xu Jinning’s hesitation.

“Ningning, do you have something else to tell me? Or are you facing some difficulties? Speak up. If there’s anything I can do to help, Dad Changzheng will definitely help you.”

Zhang Changzheng thought Xu Jinning might be facing some difficulties.

“No, I’m not facing any difficulties.”

[How do I say it? I can’t say it.]

As soon as this inner thought came out, Zhang Changzheng’s expression immediately turned serious.

From Xu Jinning’s demeanor and the fact that he could hear her inner thoughts that she couldn’t voice, it was definitely not a trivial matter.

It was likely as significant as the previous incidents involving human tr*fficking and the Wu family’s betrayal of the country.

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