Chapter 240 – Another Draw

As soon as this notice was issued, many people applauded.

It should be like this. On the day when the document was issued, households should be handled according to their status. Otherwise, adding people to households casually would lead to chaos.

However, those who added people to their households, whether normally or abnormally, after this date were not happy.

Those who married or had children normally felt that it was reasonable for them to add people to the household normally, so why couldn’t it be divided fairly?

As for those who added people abnormally, they felt that they had put in so much effort to add people just to get an extra share of land. Originally, they could have gotten more land, but now they couldn’t. How could they be willing to accept that?

So, these people all went to the village committee office, to Xu Changyi’s and Cai Yongjun’s homes to cause trouble.

But no matter how much they caused a commotion, it was useless.

Cai Yongjun was even more resolute. He directly stated, “If anyone causes trouble again, we will report it to the police directly and then revoke their eligibility for land allocation.”

This statement immediately scared everyone.

Even if they were unwilling, no one dared to come and cause trouble again.

The situation in each production brigade was more or less the same.

The absurdities caused by the land allocation gradually subsided.

Meanwhile, Wen Huihui was able to return to the city.

She didn’t care about the curses from Mother Wen.

She knew how harsh Mother Wen’s curses were, but she didn’t mind.

Before leaving, she gathered her younger sisters and advised them not to blindly obey their parents, to have their own thoughts, and to never do things they were forced into, especially major decisions.

If they ever felt troubled and didn’t know what to do, they should come to the city to find her.

The farce didn’t happen again, and the land distribution to households proceeded smoothly.

It was done by drawing lots one by one according to the number of people in each household listed in the household register.

After the lots were drawn, if there were households willing to exchange land privately, it was unrelated to the village committee.

Each household went back to discuss and chose a lucky member to draw lots, hoping to get a fertile piece of land close to home.

This was everyone’s hope.

“Of course, our family should send Ningning to draw.”

“Yeah, Ningning, you represent us in the draw. It’s fine no matter what land you get.”

“Exactly, go and draw confidently.”

Xu Jinning didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Well, she had already guessed that her family might ask her to draw lots.

She felt that her family seemed inexplicably confident in her luck.

They believed she might draw something good.

Although last time in her dad’s factory draw for a welfare house, she did get it, and there was also the time she caught a lot of fish…

Could her luck really be this good every time? Xu Jinning wasn’t sure.

But, when it came to these uncertain, luck-based matters, Xu Jinning wasn’t very trusting.


It was because in her previous life, her luck had always been bad.

So she had a psychological shadow, even though her luck might have improved after transmigrating, she still lacked confidence.

She didn’t feel like… she would be the lucky one favored by fate.

Rather, she would be the one who had to struggle very hard to barely break free from a predetermined destiny.

However, since her family trusted her so much.

She couldn’t be coy, she had to agree.

“Okay, I’ll go.”

The day for distributing land to households arrived quickly.

It was destined to be a lively day, one that would be recorded in Qinghe Village’s history books.

Everyone, young and old, gathered at the threshing ground, all waiting for the lottery draw for land distribution.

Xu Changyi conducted the first round of draws.

The purpose was to determine the order for selecting land when the time came.

Xu Changyi aimed for fairness and justice, ensuring that no one would have complaints afterward.

Therefore, the entire Qinghe Production Brigade, consisting of about a hundred households, sent representatives to draw lots for the order.

“May I draw number one, please? Number one… oh, it’s number three!”

Number three was still good, quite early.

In the general perception of the crowd, they believed that the earlier they drew, the better their chances of getting good land.

However, in reality, the order had little to do with whether they would get good land.

It might have more to do with luck.

Those who drew early felt secretly delighted.

While those who drew later were a bit unwilling.

But they also thought, being late wasn’t so bad; who said that late draws always got bad results?

They consoled themselves in this way.

When it was Xu Jinning’s turn to draw, everyone’s hearts skipped a beat.

“Is it Ningning who will be drawing for their family?”

“Oh no, Ningning will definitely get the best plot of land.”

“No one has drawn number one yet; it must be reserved for Ningning.”

“Aiguo is really something. He’s the pillar of their family; he should have been the one to draw. Why did he let Ningning do it?”

“That’s right.”

These people might say such things, but deep down, they feel a tinge of envy.

In their hearts, Xu Jinning is seen as someone with exceptionally good luck.

They haven’t forgotten the Fish King incident and the fish soup…

They wonder if Xu Jinning can continue her streak of good luck this time.

Soon, it was Xu Jinning’s turn to draw.

The number one slot was still untouched.

As Xu Jinning stepped forward, she noticed everyone’s eyes on her, making her feel a bit uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, she gathered her courage and approached.

“Don’t be afraid, just reach in and draw one out,” reassured Captain Xu Changyi, who was overseeing the draw.

“Okay,” Xu Jinning nodded.

She then reached into the ballot box without hesitation. As soon as she felt the first slip of paper, she pulled it out without looking and handed it directly to the captain.

Xu Jinning could sense the tension around her as the captain received her slip of paper. Everyone held their breath, their gazes fixed on the slip of paper in the captain’s hand. The intense stares seemed to almost set the paper on fire.

“Let’s see which number Ningning drew.”

“She drew…”

“…number 128!”

Xu Changyi nearly blurted out “number one.”

Indeed, in Xu Changyi’s mind, Xu Jinning was someone with exceptionally good luck, and he also thought Xu Jinning would draw number one.

However, the slip of paper revealed number 128.

“It’s number 128, the very last number!”

“Yeah, I thought it would be number one.”

“Exactly, it seems like Ningning’s luck with catching the Fish King was just a stroke of luck. Luck isn’t something you can count on every time.”


Seeing Xu Jinning draw number 128 and being the last to draw, everyone quickly let go of the tension they had been holding.

With Xu Jinning at number 128, the last one, there was no need to worry about her taking the best piece of land later.

On Xu Jinning’s end, although she didn’t have high expectations for her luck, drawing the last number did feel a bit…

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