Chapter 241 – Results

“Ningning, it’s okay, it doesn’t matter which one you draw.”

“Right, Dad has a job, your big brother has secured a contract, our family doesn’t need to worry so much about the quality of the land.”

“Don’t be discouraged. Who said drawing the first one is good and drawing the last one is bad? Luck is unpredictable. Maybe Ningning won’t need to draw at all. The ones left could be the best fields,” Xu Xiangbei spoke to his younger sister with a strange confidence.

Xu Jinning: …

Second brother, you have more confidence in me than in yourself.

But Xu Jinning’s mindset was quite good, with not much fluctuation.

She knew that no matter what sign she drew or what land she got, her family would approve.

So she didn’t have any burden in her heart.

She just wanted to know what her luck was like after crossing over.

But now it seems like it’s still average.

The last two events were probably just good luck.

Dramatically, the family behind Xu Jinning drew the number one.

“I drew number one!”

The aunt cheered.

Then her gaze seemed to wander towards the Xu family where Xu Jinning was.

“Who says only she can draw number one.”

“Hmph, this time I want to draw number one, and I’ll get the best land!”

“I’ll leave the worst land to her then.”

The aunt muttered the last few sentences, which only she could hear.

And that last “her” didn’t just refer to Xu Jinning, but also to the Xu family in the end.

Unfortunately, the aunt thought she was the only one who heard that.

But Xu Jinning somehow happened to overhear.

Looking over, she quickly recognized the person.

Isn’t this Aunt Hua?

Wasn’t it this person who spoke ill of her while fishing before?

This Aunt Hua, did she forget that she hadn’t even drunk from the last bucket of water and now she’s saying such things?


Aunt Hua drew number one, and she drew number 128.

One was first, the other was last.

So, will Aunt Hua get the best and leave her with the worst?

Xu Jinning didn’t know and couldn’t say. She could only wait.

“Ningning, how about we go home first and come back when it’s our turn,” Xu Aiguo suggested.

They had finished drawing the order of lots, and now it was time for others to draw.

Then it would be time to draw the land in order.

They were at the end of the line and wouldn’t be up soon, so there was no need to wait here.

Waiting would only increase tension.

The Xu family didn’t want Xu Jinning to be nervous, so they suggested going home.


Xu Jinning’s mindset was still fine. Since her family suggested going home, she agreed.

So, Xu Jinning followed her family back home.

And when others saw the Xu family leaving, they immediately felt that it must be because Xu Jinning drew number 128, the last number, so their mood wasn’t good, and they didn’t feel like staying any longer.

Aunt Hua felt even more regretful.

She even wanted the Xu family to stay and witness her drawing the best land with their own eyes.

Unexpectedly, the Xu family’s mentality was so fragile that they slunk away like that.

Failing to keep them around to witness her drawing the best land, Aunt Hua felt somewhat regretful.


On the other hand, the Xu family, including Xu Jinning, didn’t think much about it.

After returning home, everyone went about their business as if the drawing lots had not affected their mood at all.

Xu Jinning picked up a book and got immersed in reading without realizing how quickly time passed.

She even forgot about the drawing lots for the land.

Until suddenly…

Someone rushed in, coming directly to her.

“Ningning, you’re amazing! Our family got the best land!”

The person bursting in was none other than Xu Xiangbei!

His face was full of excitement, cheeks flushed, eyes shining with excitement.

Xu Jinning snapped out of her reverie, looking up from her book.

“Big brother, what did you say? I didn’t catch that.”

“I said we got the best land, every piece is the best.”

Xu Jinning: ?

She blinked, then remembered, oh right, today was the day for land allocation.

She drew the last number, and then they went home.

“Got the best land? But I haven’t gone to draw yet, did someone else from our family go?” Xu Jinning asked.

“No, the land allocation is over. The remaining last piece of land, you were last in line, so you don’t need to draw. It’s automatically ours.”

“Guess what, the captain realized that the remaining land for us is all the best.”

“I knew it, little sister, your luck is incredible.”

“You see, you didn’t even need to draw. Stayed at home, and the best land is automatically yours.”

“See, I told you so.”


Xu Jinning was baffled. She didn’t even draw, and the land left for her was all the best?! This was somewhat unbelievable.

“Of course it’s true.”

Although Xu Xiangbei had come back with the family, he was still concerned about the land allocation and, most importantly, wanted to know what land Xu Jinning would end up with, not wanting her to be laughed at.

So, as soon as the results were out, he rushed back to inform the family and Ningning.

Although he was also shocked and found it unbelievable, it didn’t seem like a big deal when it came to his little sister, Ningning.

“It’s true.”

At this moment, the rest of the Xu family came in with smiles on their faces, giving Xu Jinning a confirmation.

When Xu Xiangbei told them that Xu Jinning got the best six pieces of land, they were shocked but also a bit skeptical.

They wondered if Xu Xiangbei had made a mistake in his haste.

So, they immediately sent the more composed Xu Xiangdong to confirm.

Xu Xiangdong quickly came back with a confirmation.

“It’s true.”

“The number of land plots is just right.”

“After the 127th number was drawn, the remaining six pieces of land are ours without needing to draw.”

“The captain personally confirmed that these six pieces are the best and closest to our home.”

“Our Ningning didn’t need to draw and got the best land automatically.”

“It shows that going to draw in person isn’t really necessary.”

“Yeah,” Xu Xiangbei agreed, “Look at Aunt Hua, she drew first, and they also have six people in their family. Guess what happened?”

Xu Jinning perked up, quite interested in Aunt Hua’s situation.

Xu Xiangbei didn’t beat around the bush and said directly, “Aunt Hua drew a medium-quality plot and five of the worst, farthest from their home. The medium-quality plot was actually drawn by her son because she always ends up with bad ones.”

“When the results came out, Aunt Hua was livid…”

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