Chapter 242 – Dad, Help!

“So, you see, whether luck is good or not has nothing to do with the order.” Xu Xiangbei was very proud, proud of his younger sister’s luck.

Aunt Hua, thinking she had the best chance with the number 1 spot, ended up drawing the worst land. Her luck was terrible.

Moreover, it was her own draw, so she couldn’t blame anyone else.

It happened right under everyone’s eyes, so even if she wanted to cheat, she couldn’t.

Xu Jinning blinked. Could it be that her luck had really changed for the better after she transmigrated?

Xu Xiangbei guessed right. Aunt Hua was really angry, repeatedly slapping the table and shouting about unfairness.

“Unfair! Why did our family get the worst five plots while Zhang Ailian’s family got the best ones?”

“Unfair! It should be divided equally, each household getting some good and some bad plots. That’s fair.”

“The captain is obviously biased towards the Xu family.”

“I will definitely find someone to complain to. This distribution method is unfair and needs to be redone.”


The entire Wu family echoed with Aunt Hua’s voice.

That’s right, Aunt Hua had married into the Wu family, which now had five members.

Aunt Hua was the eldest, then her two sons, two daughters-in-law, and her youngest daughter.

A few years ago, Aunt Hua’s husband passed away due to illness.

Both sons were married, but the daughter was still unmarried, so the family hadn’t split yet. Aunt Hua didn’t want to divide the family; she wanted to remain the head and hold the family power.

And her two sons obeyed her.

As for the daughters-in-law…

Although they had their own ideas, since their husbands sided with their mother, they had no choice but to obey Aunt Hua’s commands.

On the surface, they looked obedient and well-behaved, but who knew what schemes they might be plotting in their hearts.

For instance, while Aunt Hua was ranting and raving, her sons, daughters-in-law, and daughter remained silent, heads bowed.

“Why didn’t you draw a better plot when you went up? You only got a mediocre one,” Aunt Hua’s frustration shifted to her daughter-in-law when no one responded to her.

Zhang Sufang, the daughter-in-law Aunt Hua was berating, was about to speak when her husband muttered beside her, “You drew five times yourself and still got the worst one.”

Zhang Sufang suddenly found her husband adorable.

Aunt Hua, hearing her eldest son’s comment, was even more furious. Her chest heaved with anger, and she pointed at him, unable to speak, “You, you… you little brat!”

If he weren’t her son, she would have beaten him to death.

How could he say something so infuriating?

“I’m so angry, and instead of joining me in cursing the Xu family, you dare talk back to me.”

The eldest son looked up, his face innocent and honest, “The Xu family did nothing wrong. Mom, you were upset when Aunt Ailian married Uncle Aiguo. Aren’t you afraid Dad will find out and come back to haunt you?”

When their father was still alive, they hadn’t understood why their mother would occasionally target Aunt Ailian. After their father’s death, their mother became more blatant, and they learned the reason from her.

It turned out that their mother had liked Uncle Aiguo, but he liked Aunt Ailian, so they got married. Meanwhile, their mother married their father.

But so many years had passed.

Was it still necessary to act this way?

“Son, you, you…” Aunt Hua was stunned that her eldest son would say such things and bring up their deceased father.

She choked up, unable to speak.

“I… I’ll beat you to death.”

With that, Aunt Hua took off her shoe and ran over to hit him.

Aunt Hua couldn’t help but feel guilty because her eldest son was right. She targeted the Xu family because Xu Aiguo had married Zhang Ailian instead of her.

She believed that if she had married Xu Aiguo, her life would have been much better.

Her own husband had been weak and frail, while Xu Aiguo was robust and healthy.

If she had married Xu Aiguo, she wouldn’t be a widow now.

Her children would be smart and clever, not foolish and dull as they were now.

That infuriating brat—how could he talk like that?

And to bring up his dead father!


What if that dead old man really came back at night?

Aunt Hua shivered at the thought.

She couldn’t think about it any longer and continued to chase her son with the shoe.

Zhang Sufang pinched her husband, signaling him to run.

He couldn’t just stand there foolishly and get hit; her mother-in-law’s beatings were painful.

Her husband understood immediately and bolted, shouting as he ran, “Dad, help! Mom is beating me for telling the truth!”

Aunt Hua: …

You little brat, one day I’ll sew your mouth shut!

Apart from their neighbors, not many people knew about the farce in Aunt Hua’s household.

Everyone else was still immersed in the outcome of the land distribution.

Aunt Hua complained that the distribution was unfair and tried to gather people to demand a reallocation from the team leader.

But in reality, her family was the only one with such bad luck.

The other families didn’t have nearly as much trouble.

The distributed fields were fairly balanced—not all of them were the best, nor were they all poor.

In fact, the fields of the Qinghe Production Brigade were all quite fertile.

The so-called poor fields were just relatively less fertile compared to the best ones; they weren’t barren wastelands. With proper farming, they would certainly produce good crops.

Unlike other production brigades, which might have some genuinely barren lands due to the limited amount of available farmland.

So, the five so-called poor plots of land that Aunt Hua’s family received weren’t actually that bad.

Through this land distribution, the people of the Qinghe Production Brigade became convinced that Xu Jinning, the youngest daughter of the Xu family, had extraordinary luck.

This no longer needed any proof; it was beyond doubt.

Some even regarded her as a fairy.

Yes, they genuinely thought of her as a fairy.

For instance, if a daughter-in-law was pregnant, an elderly woman would bring her to Xu Jinning and ask if the baby was a boy or a girl.

The first time Xu Jinning encountered this situation, she was stunned: …

Auntie, I’m not an obstetrician; how could I possibly know whether your daughter-in-law is carrying a boy or a girl?

And even if I were a doctor, I couldn’t reveal the baby’s gender.

“Well, Aunt Yinhua, how could I possibly know?”

“Of course you know, Ningning, you must know. Just tell me.”

“Oh, right, I won’t ask you to do it for free. Here’s an egg for you.”

With that, she stuffed a warm egg into Xu Jinning’s hand, refusing to take no for an answer, her face beaming with a smile.

She even muttered, “I know, when asking a fairy, you have to offer a tribute first.”

Xu Jinning: …

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