Chapter 243 – Boy or Girl?

Not only that, but she also held Xu Jinning back, not letting her go.

Xu Jinning came out for a walk today, alone, a bit far from home at this moment, and there was no family to help her out.

At this moment, Xu Jinning looked toward the daughter-in-law of Aunt Yinhua.

The daughter-in-law also looked embarrassed, her eyes seemed somewhat sorrowful, and she opened her mouth, seemingly saying something.

A girl…

Xu Jinning looked again, only then did she realize that what she said was the word “girl.”

Did she already know it was a girl?

And Aunt Yinhua didn’t know, that’s why she asked her?

It was also at this moment that Xu Jinning remembered the plot in the book.

That’s right, the daughter-in-law of Aunt Yinhua is indeed carrying a girl in her belly.

Speaking of which, when Aunt Yinhua married her husband, her husband’s family was all about having sons, always wanting a male heir.

Every generation, they could have many girls, but at most, they could only have one son.

And when it came to the generation of Aunt Yinhua and her husband, at first, Aunt Yinhua gave birth to a boy.

At that time, the in-laws were ecstatic, hoping that Aunt Yinhua would continue to excel and bear more sons for their family, ideally having several sons.

Aunt Yinhua also thought the same.

Unfortunately, an accident happened.

That year, her husband went to repair the reservoir and accidentally fell, dying on the spot.

Aunt Yinhua was almost devastated at that time.

She was still young then, and some people advised her to leave the child and remarry.

But she didn’t agree, so over the years, she has been taking care of her parents-in-law while raising her son.

She got her son married and had grandchildren.

She has been doing quite well all these years.

However, Aunt Yinhua still had an obsession in her heart, which was about continuing the family line.

She hoped that her daughter-in-law could give birth to several boys for her son, breaking the curse that had haunted the family for so long.

Unfortunately, her daughter-in-law Yuchan had already given birth to four babies.

All four pregnancies resulted in daughters.

Now, Yuchan is pregnant again.

She no longer hopes for her daughter-in-law to have more sons, just hoping that this pregnancy will result in a son.

Aunt Yinhua truly yearned for a grandson, almost to the point of madness.

On the other hand, Yuchan and her husband also desired a son. Despite embracing the modern mindset, she also wanted to bear a son for her husband, to continue the family line.

So, when she gave birth to daughters, she was also saddened.

For this pregnancy, she also hopes it’s a boy.

Thus, at four months, she and her husband secretly went to the provincial hospital to find out the gender of the child in her belly.

The result disappointed them once again—it was a girl.

“It’s okay to have a girl, daughters are also great,” her husband consoled her at the time, but she could see the despair in his eyes.

Yuchan burst into tears right there.

Even though it was a girl, both Yuchan and her husband had affection for their child and never thought of rejecting her.

Her husband was also understanding.

Considering that Yuchan had already given birth to four children, he decided that after this one, she wouldn’t have to bear children anymore.

To him, continuing the family line was indeed important, but not at the expense of his wife’s health.

The doctor also said that due to consecutive pregnancies, his wife’s health was not very good.

If they continued to have children, it would affect his wife’s lifespan.

That’s not something he wanted to see.

In the choice between his son and his wife, he naturally chose his wife.

Meanwhile, Aunt Yinhua had always hoped that her daughter-in-law would give birth to a boy this time.

Unfortunately, after ten months of pregnancy, she still gave birth to a girl.

Aunt Yinhua didn’t say anything at the time, silently went back to her room, and sat there all night.

After that, she did something drastic.

She waited until after Yuchan’s postpartum period, and when her son and daughter-in-law were away from home, she gave away the granddaughter.

It’s said that the family she gave the child to only had sons and wanted a daughter.

There’s also a local belief that if one family gives their child to another family, the other family will reciprocate by sending a child back.

Of course, the other family wouldn’t send a child back, but Aunt Yinhua believed that according to this belief, when her daughter-in-law got pregnant again, it would surely be a boy.

When Yuchan and her husband returned home and found out that their youngest daughter had been given away by the grandmother, they immediately opposed it and were very angry.

They wanted the child back.

Aunt Yinhua disagreed.

But in the end, she couldn’t resist her son and daughter-in-law’s insistence and decided to get the child back.

So, the next day, they went to that family’s house together, intending to retrieve the child.

However, that family refused to return the child and demanded 500 yuan, claiming they had paid that amount to Aunt Yinhua for the child.

If they wanted the child back, they had to pay back the 500 yuan.

Aunt Yinhua was stunned.

Because she never asked for money from that family, let alone 500 yuan, she didn’t even take anything from them.

She only hoped that this family would treat her granddaughter well and also wished that her daughter-in-law could give birth to a boy in the next pregnancy.

Aunt Yinhua went crazy on the spot and directly got into a scuffle with this family.

Finally, she called the police.

The police arrived.

But they still couldn’t find the child.

That’s right, the child was already gone.

Because this family actually collaborated with human tr*ffickers. They took the child from Aunt Yinhua, not to raise her themselves but to sell her to the tr*ffickers.

The tr*ffickers happened to come yesterday, so they handed the child over to them.

As for where the child is now, they have no idea.

Moreover, it’s not just Aunt Yinhua’s case. Previously, other people were also deceived by this family and had their children taken away.

The reason it wasn’t discovered until now is that those families never came to see their children.

It was only after this police report that the truth came to light.

Aunt Yinhua never imagined that she would personally deliver her granddaughter into the hands of human tr*ffickers.

Those are human tr*ffickers; in their hands, it’s half alive and half dead.

Even if they survive, it’s a life worse than death.

Aunt Yinhua wanted her daughter-in-law to have a son, but she never intended to harm her granddaughter, especially since she was only a month old.

Later, even though the police caught the human tr*ffickers, unfortunately, the child was not found.

Because of this incident, Yuchan decisively divorced her son and took her four daughters away.

Her son also developed a deep rift with her because of this incident.

A once happy family was shattered like this.

Aunt Yinhua hated herself to death.

It was at that moment that she finally woke up to the fact that whether it’s a boy or a girl is not important at all. Having family members by your side and a harmonious and happy family is the most important thing.

After that, Aunt Yinhua embarked on the journey to find her granddaughter.

At that time, she was only in her forties, and she searched for more than thirty years.

Unfortunately, she didn’t find her granddaughter until her death.

Aunt Yinhua couldn’t rest in peace in the end.

After recalling the plot, Xu Jinning thought that if Aunt Yinhua knew these things, perhaps she wouldn’t have been so fixated on having a grandson.

What Xu Jinning didn’t notice was that at this moment, Aunt Yinhua standing in front of her had been staring blankly for a long time.

Her eyes were vacant, lost in thought, as if seeing something.

After a while, a tear fell from the corner of her eye…

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