Chapter 244 – Reincarnation of Lucky Star

“Mom, what’s wrong with you?” The mother-in-law suddenly stared blankly and teared up, startling Zhou Yuchan.

This was so unexpected; why was she crying?

The little girl hadn’t even told her that she was carrying a girl.

Aunt Yinhua held her daughter-in-law’s hand tightly.

“Mom is fine, mom is fine.”

She said this, but Aunt Yinhua’s heart was already in turmoil, and it took her quite a while to barely organize her thoughts.

Just now, she saw some scenes.

Some of her daughter-in-law giving birth, and some of her sending her granddaughter away, only to be sold to human tr*ffickers.

And then later, Yuchan divorcing her son, the family breaking apart, and her and her son searching for the child for decades, but never finding her until her death.

How could she suddenly see these scenes?

Were these scenes real or fake?

Aunt Yinhua’s gaze suddenly fell on Xu Jinning, and she quickly realized.

She knew it now, Xu Jinning was a fairy, and she was asking the fairy about things. There were some things that the fairy could not tell her, but she could show her.

What she had just seen should be events that would happen in the future.

In other words, her daughter-in-law was carrying a girl.

If she had learned about her daughter-in-law carrying a girl before seeing these scenes, she would have been very disappointed, even desperate.

But now, she didn’t think like that at all.

Because the scenes she saw were things she absolutely didn’t want to see or happen.

She was satisfied with her daughter-in-law, and she hoped that Yuchan and her son could have a good relationship, grow old together in harmony.

And as for the child, as long as it’s her family’s child, even if it’s a granddaughter, it’s still her family’s child. Even though in the vision, she sent the child away, she never thought of selling her or causing harm.

She still hoped that the child would be safe, healthy, and happy.

She thought that since the family she sent the child to mostly had sons, they would cherish a daughter.

Unfortunately, she was deceived.

That family had been lying all along, and they were in cahoots with human tr*ffickers.

Aunt Yinhua could feel her own pain in the vision, the heartache of knowing her granddaughter was kidn*pped, and the regret of not finding her granddaughter before her death.

That was something she never wanted to feel again.


A girl is a girl.

The so-called continuation of the family line, carrying on the family name, is important, but it’s far less important than having a harmonious family with loved ones by your side.

On the other hand, Xu Jinning naturally didn’t know that Aunt Yinhua had seen the future of their family and the fate of the unborn child through her recollection of the plot.

She was pondering how to respond to Aunt Yinhua.

Lying and saying it’s a boy was definitely not an option.

But directly saying it’s a girl might lead Aunt Yinhua to consider aborting the child, indirectly implicating herself in causing harm to the child.

That was also something Xu Jinning couldn’t accept.

As she thought about it, Xu Jinning came up with a solution.

“Aunt Yinhua, since you’re so eager to know, then I’ll tell you.”

“Sister Yuchan is carrying a girl in her belly…”

As she spoke, Xu Jinning kept observing Aunt Yinhua’s reaction. Seeing that she seemed about to say something, Xu Jinning quickly continued, “But, this girl is not ordinary…”

Xu Jinning seemed like a fortune teller, mysteriously saying, “This girl is the reincarnation of the Jade Maiden from the side of Guanyin Bodhisattva. She is a lucky star.”

“With her around, your family will only get better and better.”

“And, the better you treat her, the better your fortunes will be, you’ll receive blessings.”

“Really?” Aunt Yinhua asked in astonishment.

She had just learned that her daughter-in-law was carrying a girl.

But she hadn’t expected that this granddaughter was actually the reincarnation of the Jade Maiden from the side of a bodhisattva, a lucky star.

Doesn’t that mean, in her vision, she had personally harmed a lucky star, sent her away?

No wonder, no wonder their family had such a hard time later on.

Aunt Yinhua completely believed Xu Jinning’s words.

Xu Jinning was somewhat surprised that Aunt Yinhua believed her without any doubt.

“Of course it’s true, not only this girl, but also the four daughters Yuchan previously gave birth to, all carry blessings, they are here to repay kindness. So, you must treat them well.”

“Treating them well will bring rewards.”

“Sometimes, girls are better than boys.”

“Aunt Yinhua, do you think what I’m saying makes sense?”

Aunt Yinhua listened dumbfoundedly to Xu Jinning’s words, thinking: So not only her granddaughter but also the four elder granddaughters are here to repay kindness.

And for her, although she treated the elder granddaughters decently, it wasn’t exceptionally well.

But for her unborn granddaughter…

Aunt Yinhua couldn’t help but think of everything she had just seen in her mind.

She had also lost her granddaughter.

“Ningning, I understand what you’re saying now. I know what to do.”

“Thank you.”

“I, I brought an egg today, next time, next time I’ll bring you something else.”

“Oh, no need, no need to bring me anything.”

“I want to, I want to.”

Having asked what she wanted to know, Aunt Yinhua didn’t linger any longer, she left with Yuchan.

Zhou Yuchan felt very strange.

Her mother-in-law now knew that she was carrying a girl… how would she think, what would she do?

Either way, she wouldn’t give up on her child.

Also, does her mother-in-law really believe what Xu Jinning said?

Zhou Yuchan herself felt that what Xu Jinning said was a bit far-fetched, although she also hoped it was true, but she knew it wasn’t something to be believed.

But everything her mother-in-law did next overturned her understanding.

Her mother-in-law treated her pregnancy extremely well, and she treated her four daughters even better than before. If one didn’t know, they might think those girls were not granddaughters but beloved grandsons.

Not only that, but she also comforted Yuchan from time to time, telling her not to overthink it, that a girl might be better than a boy, and not to have any psychological burdens. She encouraged her to eat well, sleep well, and even prepared many delicious foods for her and her baby to ensure they received adequate nutrition.

She not only spoke to Yuchan but also to her son.

“Son, both boys and girls can carry on the family line. Maybe we can use a girl to recruit a son-in-law.”

“I believe that the girls Yuchan gives birth to are blessed. We must take good care of them.”

“Don’t blame Yuchan, and don’t overthink it. Everything is fine as it is.”

Not only did she say this to the young couple, but she also said the same to outsiders.

When outsiders asked whether Zhou Yuchan was having a boy or a girl this time, she was straightforward.

She said both boys and girls were good, but she preferred girls if it was one. Her expression didn’t seem fake.

Outsiders knew that Aunt Yinhua wanted a grandson, but now, it seemed so…

Why did it feel so hard to believe?

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  1. I really can’t understand the plot anymore… Most of the times, Jinning help people who are “good” but have “tragic fates”. Now she is also helping people who are “bad” and have “tragic fates” without rhymes or reasons, instead of her usual hardcore retaliation of fate.

    1. People making a bad choice can be helped, people living with malice have their path.

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