Chapter 245 – Changes Over Time

However, if it was true, it would be great.

Aunt Yinhua could accept it, which was good.

Otherwise, she feared that something might happen because of the matters concerning the boy and girl, which wouldn’t be good.

At first, even though her mother-in-law said so, and she behaved extremely well, Zhou Yuchan still had some doubts.

She was afraid that her mother-in-law might be under some stress and not behaving normally for a moment, although she quite liked this abnormal behavior and hoped that her mother-in-law would continue like this.

As time passed, her mother-in-law became increasingly good to her and her daughters.

Time quickly came for her to give birth.

Because she had a good pregnancy and had given birth several times before, Zhou Yuchan had a smooth delivery this time.

She successfully gave birth to a baby girl.

She was a very pretty girl with fair skin and dark hair, very beautiful.

Zhou Yuchan liked her very much.

However, Zhou Yuchan was a bit worried that her mother-in-law might not like her.

Unexpectedly, her mother-in-law was very happy to see that it was a girl.

She immediately took the baby, looking extremely joyful as if holding a precious treasure.

She murmured, “This is Grandma’s little lucky star.”

“Grandma will definitely spoil you.”

Zhou Yuchan: …

Could it be that her mother-in-law really likes girls?

Were her previous actions genuine?

From what her mother-in-law said, was it because she believed what Xu Jinning had said before?

Was Xu Jinning’s words so important in her mother-in-law’s heart?

Zhou Yuchan knew that the villagers regarded Xu Jinning as a kind of fairy because of her good luck.

In the beginning, her mother-in-law thought like this, which is why she took her to ask Xu Jinning about the gender of her child.

However, she felt that, despite asking, it couldn’t be fully trusted.

But she didn’t expect that her mother-in-law actually believed it.

She truly believed that her youngest daughter was a lucky star.

She thought that her daughter had reincarnated here to repay kindness.

Although it seemed unbelievable, it was still good.

Love is better than indifference.

But what if her youngest daughter isn’t a lucky star? Forget it, deal with it later.

What Zhou Yuchan didn’t know was that Aunt Yinhua believed Xu Jinning’s words so much because of the scenes that came to her mind when she asked about the gender.

And also, last night.

She had a dream.

She dreamt of a girl radiating golden light all over her body, standing on a cloud in the sky, while she stood in the yard, staring blankly.

When the girl saw her, she smiled faintly, revealing two deep dimples, then she flew into the yard and disappeared.

And the room she flew into was her daughter-in-law Zhou Yuchan’s room.

When she woke up, what she heard was her son shouting outside, saying that Yuchan was about to give birth.

Considering that Aunt Yinhua already believed Xu Jinning’s words before, thinking her granddaughter was a reincarnation of a jade maiden, and now she dreamt about it herself, she believed it even more.

So, at this moment, Aunt Yinhua holding her granddaughter, the love in her eyes was truly genuine.

During the confinement period, Aunt Yinhua also took care of Zhou Yuchan as best as she could.

In the time that followed, Aunt Yinhua continued to be very kind to Zhou Yuchan and her granddaughters, and the fate of their family was destined to be rewritten…

Of course, these are all stories for another time.

Oh, there’s one more thing worth mentioning.

The police station where Zhang Changzheng worked received an anonymous letter.

It stated that a family from a certain production brigade had collaborated with human tr*ffickers, hoping that the police would thoroughly investigate and arrest them.

As soon as the police received this anonymous letter, they took it seriously.

They immediately began a covert investigation.

Eventually, it was confirmed that indeed, that family had collaborated with human tr*ffickers and had abd*cted many children.

So, with meticulous planning, both the family and the human tr*ffickers were apprehended.

During this time, the abd*cted children were also rescued.

Aunt Yinhua was relieved to hear about this outcome.

That’s right, the anonymous letter was written by Aunt Yinhua.

She could read and write.

In the original fate, those who deceived her and abd*cted her granddaughter were bad people. She was determined to have them arrested by the police so they couldn’t harm others anymore.


Let’s rewind to the day when Xu Jinning was dragged by Aunt Yinhua to ask about her daughter-in-law’s baby’s gender.

Aunt Yinhua’s actions really startled Xu Jinning.

So much so that for the next few days, she tried to avoid going out as much as possible, just like that time when she went fishing.

Better to lay low for a while.

The distribution of land to households and the household responsibility system for farming were finally completed before the Lantern Festival that year.

The beginning of the Chinese New Year that year was destined to be different for everyone.

Everyone could feel that the outside world was becoming more and more open and free.

After contracting the mountain and ponds in the village, Xu Xiangdong and Wen Yulan had been busy cleaning up and organizing. They weeded where needed, tilled the soil, composted, and also inquired about where to get good medicinal plant seeds, fish fry, ducklings…

Of course, because Wen Yulan was pregnant, Xu Xiangdong didn’t let her do too much.

Once everything was ready, they could start planting and farming.

Not just Xu Xiangdong’s family, but other families who took over their allocated land were also making similar preparations. They were full of confidence and enthusiasm for the new year and the upcoming different future!

During that year’s Chinese New Year, everyone seemed more emotionally charged than ever.

This was also the second Chinese New Year that Xu Jinning experienced after transmigrating.

Calculating the time, she had transmigrated for about a year and a half now.

When she first transmigrated, she was only 15 years old, but now she was nearly 17 years old.

And in this year and a half, she had changed a lot.

The most obvious change was in her appearance.

When she first arrived, she was thin and small, barely looking like a 15-year-old, still resembling a child.

But now, she had completely transformed into a teenage girl.

In these year and a half, her mother had taken excellent care of her.

Not only had she grown taller, now reaching 1.63 meters, but her body had also developed significantly in this year and a half.

For example, when she first transmigrated, her chest was flat, and she didn’t even have her period yet.

But a year ago, as her body gradually recovered, her period started.

Her body also began to develop, and now her chest was B cup, with the potential for further growth.

Before, she had tanned skin, like the sun had burnt her.

But now, her skin had become fair, not glowing white like wax, but a cold, fair complexion.

Her originally yellowish and sparse hair had also grown significantly in this year and a half.

Her hair became thicker, longer, and darker.

Now she had a beautiful head of hair; Xu Jinning usually tied it up in a bun, looking lively and energetic.

Of course, the most significant change was in her facial features.

Looking at her reflection in the water basin, she realized that her current face was exactly the same as her face from her previous life!

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