Chapter 247 – The One Who Waits

“Yes, I learned that entertainment is scarce on the mainland, so once this movie is filmed, it will definitely be able to be broadcasted nationwide.”

“If your family sees you in the movie, they can contact you proactively.”

“I’ve also read this script. The female lead in it was also abducted as a child. The theme is good. I think if you act in it, this movie will definitely be a hit.”

“And, the people at the film studio there are very happy knowing that you can come and participate. They even said they will vigorously promote the movie when the time comes.”

“I think these are all you need.”

“Linglan, you want to find your family, but you don’t necessarily need to go search for them one by one.”

“You can spend money to have people search for you. Sometimes this is more effective than wandering around aimlessly yourself.”

“This time, I can’t accompany you, so let Xiao Ni accompany you.”

Tears streamed down Zhang Linglan’s face as she hugged Sister Haitang, “I understand, Sister Haitang, you’re right, you’re doing this for my own good, and I’ll do as you say.”

“Sister Haitang, when I find my family, I will come back to find you.”

“They are my family, and you are also my family.”

If she hadn’t met Sister Haitang in Hong Kong all these years, she would have definitely been lost long ago.

She wouldn’t have achieved what she has now.

And she wouldn’t have had the ability to search for her family.

Sister Haitang patted Zhang Linglan’s back and said, “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

I’ll wait for you to become famous nationwide.

And I’ll wait for you to come find me.

Linglan, you must find your family.

“By the way, there’s one more thing, the seventh son of the Shen family has been looking for you, wanting to meet up.”

Zhang Linglan’s voice remained steady, “I won’t meet.”

“But he’s from the Shen family. Are you really not even a bit interested?” Sister Haitang teased.

Zhang Linglan smiled, “Not interested. I’m quite indifferent to wealth and such.”

“Moreover, I would never involve myself in someone else’s marriage.”

“More importantly, I’m not interested in him.”

This year, Zhang Linglan is only in her early twenties. Although she’s not married yet, if she were to get married, she would definitely want to marry someone she loves.

In fact, over the years, there have been people who pursued her, but she didn’t pay much attention.

Her thoughts over these years have been on how to make a name for herself, how to save money, and how to find her family as quickly as possible.

Once she finds her family, everything else can wait.

Zhang Linglan has always understood what is most important to her.

That afternoon, Zhang Linglan boarded the ship to the mainland with her luggage and assistant, Xiao Ni.

Mom, sister, big brother, Linglan is coming to find you.

It’s not known whether it was mother-daughter intuition, but that night, Grandmother Zhang had a dream.

She woke up in tears.

Her son and daughter-in-law rushed over when they heard her crying.

Seeing the old lady crying, they were shocked.

“Mom, what’s wrong? If there’s anything bothering you, just tell us, we’ll solve it together.”

“Did something happen recently that made you unhappy with your son? If so, go ahead and say it, scold us, hit us, but don’t keep it inside, don’t let it get to you.”

“Mom, whatever you need, just tell us, but please keep your spirits up.”

The daughter-in-law gently wiped her tears.

Grandmother Zhang shook her head, “I didn’t mean to scare you; it’s not your fault, it’s just a dream I had.”

“Son, I dreamt about your younger sister.”

“I dreamt that she was on a boat.”

“She said she’s coming to find us.”

“Really? That’s wonderful.”

“Right, Mom, I’ve heard about the connection between mothers and daughters. You dreaming this must have a reason; it must mean my sister-in-law is coming to find you.”

“Over these years, you’ve been searching for my sister-in-law, and she must be searching for you too.”

“So, you must keep your spirits up and stay healthy until my sister-in-law comes.”

“Yes, you’re right. I’ll wait for Linglan to come back.”

My Linglan, Mom is waiting for you to come back!

Meanwhile, due to being too excited, Zhang Linglan hadn’t slept on the ship at all.

It wasn’t until her feet touched the land of her homeland that Zhang Linglan’s tears fell.

She knew it; her home was here, and her family was here too.

As soon as she got off the ship, the staff from Red Star Film Studio spotted her.

Upon learning that Zhang Linglan was coming to the mainland and agreed to play the lead actress in their upcoming film, they were ecstatic.

Zhang Linglan’s fame was well-known in Hong Kong; in the mainland, where the entertainment industry was just budding, not many knew her, but those in the film industry did.

They knew Zhang Linglan’s weight.

They also knew the impact of Zhang Linglan’s face.

Previously, they could only see Zhang Linglan in TV dramas and movies circulating in Hong Kong.

Back then, they were amazed by Zhang Linglan’s beauty and acting skills.

And now, seeing the real-life version of Zhang Linglan, they realized that the filmed Zhang Linglan was nowhere near as beautiful as the real Zhang Linglan.

She was truly beautiful, like a fairy.

She was the most beautiful girl they had ever seen.

And they were confident that with Zhang Linglan as the lead actress, their movie would definitely be a hit.

Zhang Linglan was taken away by the staff from Red Star Film Studio.

She met with the studio head on the same day.

And she didn’t hide her purpose for coming to the mainland.

It was to find her family.

Even agreeing to film this movie was a means to find her family.

The studio head appreciated her straightforwardness and sincerity, finding Zhang Linglan very agreeable.

Moreover, Zhang Linglan had no airs about her. Although she had a somewhat aloof temperament, her personality was very good.

The studio head was also pleased to learn that Zhang Linglan was originally from the mainland.

Unconsciously, it brought them closer.

And someone like Zhang Linglan, who had been abducted for so many years yet still worked so hard to find her family, was obviously a great person.

“Linglan, if you don’t mind, I have some connections. You can tell me your family’s information, and I can help you search for them.”

“Really? Oh, thank you so much!”

So, while Zhang Linglan was filming at the Red Star Film Studio in Beijing, she also had people searching for traces of her family.

Unbeknownst to each other, Zhang Linglan and her family were heading towards each other.

It was destined that they would reunite in the near future.

Linglan’s sister, Xu Fanghua, and her brother-in-law, Song Yi, had already started school.

However, they would occasionally call back home to urge Xu Jinning to study hard.

With the summer college entrance exams approaching, Xu Jinning’s time was quite tight.

During this time, she had been studying at home.

Little did she know, there was someone waiting for her in Beijing.

Xie Ting’an sat in the classroom of Beijing University, looking out the window at the neatly seated classmates and the teacher at the podium.

This campus life of attending classes together for so many years was something Xie Ting’an had never imagined or experienced in his past life.


Xu Jinning, where are you?

I’m at Beijing University, can you find me?

Thinking about Xu Jinning’s grades, Xie Ting’an thought that he should go out and look for Xu Jinning.

It seemed unlikely that she would come to Beijing University to find him.

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