Chapter 248 – Taking the College Entrance Exam

From spring to summer, the time of a season always passed very quickly when immersed in studies.

During this season, Xu Jinning not only finished learning all the high school knowledge but also took the graduation exam and received her high school diploma.

Now, she was a genuine high school graduate.

What awaited her now was the upcoming college entrance exam, along with other high school graduates.

It wasn’t just them waiting; the educated youth from various production brigades who failed last year were also waiting.

They firmly believed that last year’s college entrance exam was too rushed, leaving them insufficient time to review, which was why they failed.

But this time, they were full of confidence, certain that they would pass, go to university, and return to the city!

For example, Zhou Yisheng, who failed last year, thought this way.

He still felt that Cai Shumin passed only due to good luck and that he had simply had too little time to review. This time, he was sure he would pass. Xuexue was still waiting for him at Beijing University.

Xuexue was amazing, getting into Beijing University! It was even more prestigious than Cai Shumin’s Teachers University, so his choice of Xuexue was not wrong.

He, too, wanted to get into Beijing University and be with Xuexue.


In the past few months, his contact with Xuexue seemed to have decreased, and there hadn’t been any letters this month.

Zhou Yisheng thought it might be because she was just starting school in Beijing and needed time to adapt.

It could also be that Xuexue didn’t want to disturb his studies.

That’s why their contact had lessened.

Once he got into Beijing University, he would be reunited with Xuexue.

Zhou Yisheng firmly believed this.


Time ticked away, and soon it was the day before the exam.

Xu Jinning got on an ox cart heading to the exam site in the neighboring county.

Accompanying her was Xu Xiangdong.

The Xu family felt uneasy about Xu Jinning going alone, even though she was with others from the village, so they decided to have her older brother Xu Xiangdong go along.

It happened that Xu Xiangdong had nothing pressing to do during this period.

In the spring, he had sown seeds of tianqi and fuling in the mountain land he leased and bought books on medicinal herb cultivation to read with his wife, Wen Yulan.

A season had passed, and now the herbs were starting to take shape.

Next, they just needed to take good care of them so they could continue to thrive.

At the pond, he was raising fish using the same fish fry as the production brigade’s river. The grown fish were delicious.

However, Xu Xiangdong planned to harvest his fish at a different time than the brigade.

He intended to plant the fry in spring and harvest in winter.

This was different from the brigade’s schedule of planting in spring and selling the following spring.

Interestingly, the fish-catching activity at Qinghe Production Brigade still took place this spring.

Xu Jinning, focused on her studies, decided not to participate to avoid the commotion of the previous year.

Unexpectedly, many people asked for her participation.

Even the captain, Xu Changyi, came to the Xu family to persuade her.

In the end, he said, “How about Ningning just catches one fish? I won’t ask for much, just help the brigade catch a Fish King, okay?”

Xu Jinning thought: Asking for a Fish King right away is certainly not a small request, it’s a high one!

“Uncle Captain, how can you be so sure I’ll catch a Fish King? What if I can’t?” she replied.

Xu Changyi laughed, “Hey, you’ll know if you can catch it once you try.”

Xu Jinning: …

Sure enough, old age brings cunning!

Xu Jinning had come to realize that since her transmigration, her luck had improved, so she wanted to avoid drawing attention.

However, she couldn’t resist the captain’s repeated persuasion.

Not just the captain, but other villagers also urged her.

Xu Jinning had a soft heart and eventually agreed.

So, under everyone’s watchful eyes, she fished again.

As expected, she caught another fish.

And this fish was even bigger than the one from last year.

No one was surprised at the result.

They believed Xu Jinning should catch such a big fish.

This fish ultimately became the Fish King of that spring’s fishing event.

Those who got to drink the Fish King soup expressed their deep gratitude to Xu Jinning.

Actually, it wasn’t just the numerous requests that made Xu Jinning agree.

Last year, she had heard about the effects of the Fish King soup made from the fish she caught.

The rumors were mysterious and somewhat exaggerated.

Xu Jinning found them hard to believe.

But she thought, what if it really had an effect?

If it truly had benefits, she would be willing to catch fish every year.

Xu Jinning was the kindest and most soft-hearted person.

If she could, she wanted to help as many people in need as possible.

But these were events from the past spring.

Now, it was the day before Xu Jinning’s exam.

Xu Xiangdong accompanied Xu Jinning on the ox cart heading to the neighboring county.

With her big brother there, Xu Jinning felt very reassured.

Food, drink, and accommodation were all taken care of by her big brother, who arranged everything meticulously.

On the day of the exam, Xu Jinning walked into the exam hall with calmness and confidence.

After the first day’s exam, she rested for a day, then continued with the exams on the third day.

When Xu Jinning walked out of the classroom after the exam, she felt very relaxed.

She thought she did quite well, confident in her answers to almost every question.

She wondered if the exam questions were easier or if her learning abilities had indeed improved since her transmigration.

She found the exam relatively easy.

Unlike the other candidates around her who walked out of the exam hall looking dejected or crying.

“Was this exam really difficult?” Xu Jinning murmured.

To her, it seemed manageable.

Recalling the exams from her previous life, those were truly tough.

At that moment, Xu Jinning turned to leave.

Unexpectedly, someone appeared in what had been an empty spot beside her.

As she turned, she bumped into this person.

The person’s papers, pen, and exam admission ticket fell to the ground, and Xu Jinning’s papers, pen, and admission ticket fell as well.

The person immediately bent down to pick up the fallen items.

From Xu Jinning’s perspective, she could only see that it was a young girl with short hair.

Xu Jinning also quickly bent down to pick up the items.

Apologizing, she said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there and bumped into you.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. I shouldn’t have stood right next to you,” the girl replied, picking up the exam admission ticket. She then looked up, gazing at Xu Jinning with a slight smile.

“Here’s your exam admission ticket, return it to you,” the girl glanced at it and handed it back to Xu Jinning.

“So, your name is Xu Jinning. That’s a lovely name.”

“Thank you.”

Xu Jinning also picked up her pen and handed it to the girl. After taking back her exam admission ticket, she made sure everything was in order before putting it away.

This admission ticket was very important!

“Ningning, I’m here.”

As they finished picking up the items and stood up, before they could say anything, Xu Jinning heard Xu Xiangdong’s voice.

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