Chapter 249 – The Purple-Gold Luck

She looked in the direction of the voice and saw her older brother, Xu Xiangdong, waving at her from not far away.

“Sorry, I need to go find my big brother. See you if fate allows.”

After saying that, Xu Jinning left.

“Alright.” The girl also smiled and nodded.

Xu Jinning walked a certain distance and seemed to feel a gaze lingering on her back. Unable to resist, she turned around and saw the girl she had bumped into earlier still standing there, looking at her.

When the girl saw her turn back, she seemed a bit surprised but still smiled and nodded at her.

Xu Jinning turned her head back, her brows slightly furrowed.

“Ningning, what’s wrong? Do you know that person?” Xu Jinning had just reached Xu Xiangdong’s side when he asked.

Xu Jinning shook her head, “No, I don’t know her. I accidentally bumped into her just now.”

“Okay.” Xu Xiangdong nodded. “Then why are you frowning? Didn’t you do well on your exam?”

Xu Jinning shook her head, “No, I did quite well on the exam. It’s just that…”

She hesitated for a moment, then said, “It’s just that I feel that girl gave me a bad feeling…”

Xu Jinning also didn’t quite know how to describe it, “Even though she kept smiling at me, I couldn’t sense any kindness or closeness from her smile.”

“Her gaze also made me feel very uncomfortable.”

“I, I don’t really want to stay around her.”

Xu Jinning chose to express her feelings.

“Big brother, is it bad of me to think this way? She seemed nice, but I…”

Before Xu Jinning could finish, Xu Xiangdong interrupted her.

Xu Xiangdong’s expression also became serious, “Ningning, sometimes you have to trust your instincts. If you like someone, you like them; if you don’t, you don’t.”

“Like those you like, keep away from those you don’t.”

“And people are the best at disguising themselves.”

“I think it’s better to trust your instincts than to believe what you see on the surface.”

“And Ningning, I believe your instincts are quite accurate.”

“If your instincts tell you to stay away from that girl, then stay away!”

Xu Xiangdong trusted Xu Jinning’s instincts more than she did herself.

His little sister was not an ordinary person; her intuition was surely accurate.

That girl was definitely not a good person.

Xu Jinning: …Big brother might have a point.

“Yes, I understand. After all, I didn’t know her before; we just accidentally bumped into each other. She’s not from our production brigade, so we probably won’t cross paths again. I doubt I’ll see her in the future.”

“Alright, let’s not dwell on it. Now that the exam is over, let’s head back. By the way, are you hungry? How about I take you to the state-run restaurant to eat something?”

Their figures and voices gradually faded into the distance.

Meanwhile, Murong Jing’s gaze remained fixed on Xu Jinning. Even as she walked away, Murong Jing’s eyes were reluctant to leave her.

In fact, her gaze grew increasingly intense, as if it were a fire trying to engulf Xu Jinning.

Yes, the girl was Murong Jing.

She had also come to take the college entrance exam this time.

Unexpectedly, participating in the exam brought such a significant gain.

She had encountered someone with immense luck.

How immense was her luck?

It was as if she were the favored daughter of Heaven itself.

Moreover, her luck was not just as it was now; it seemed to be continuously increasing.

Luck could increase and decrease. Murong Jing knew this.

For ordinary people, luck was almost always fixed. Changes in luck, whether positive or negative, were often the result of significant good or bad deeds. However, unless the actions were extremely significant, the changes in luck would not be so noticeable.

But the girl named Xu Jinning before her had luck that was visibly increasing, and it was all positive.

There was another type of luck increase, which involved taking it from others.

No matter the type, Murong Jing could discern it.

She was one hundred percent certain that this girl was a good and kind person. Her luck was so overwhelming that Murong Jing wondered if she might be a reincarnation of Heaven’s daughter.

In this world, Heaven’s will existed.

Murong Jing could vaguely sense it, which was why her abilities were limited and why she had to be so cautious when taking someone’s lifespan, often needing the help of the victim’s relatives.

In truth, she didn’t care much for the lifespans of ordinary people. While useful to her, they were not particularly significant.

But now, that girl…

The purple-gold luck surrounding her made Murong Jing envious and greedy.

The luck was too intense.

It was as if the girl was bathed in purple-gold light, making it impossible for Murong Jing not to notice.

Had it not been impossible to practice cultivation or attain immortality in this world, Murong Jing would have suspected that this girl was the reincarnation of some powerful deity.

The richness of her luck made Murong Jing covet it intensely.

If she could obtain this luck, she wouldn’t just destroy the original owner’s soul; she might even be able to cultivate again, not just in the realm of cultivation but also in the realm of immortality, possibly even becoming a deity! Even a small portion would be enough for her.

The moment Murong Jing saw Xu Jinning, she felt her entire blood boil with excitement.

She wanted to get closer, to seize it!

So, she deliberately stood beside the girl and created the collision.

She also learned her name.

At the moment of the collision, Murong Jing couldn’t resist trying to use a method to seize her luck.

But as soon as she had the thought, she instantly felt as if she was being watched by Heaven.

She immediately dismissed the idea.

The feeling of being watched and spied upon gradually faded.

She knew that those with great luck were always protected by Heaven.

So, Murong Jing wasn’t in a hurry.

After all, she already knew who she was.

Xu Jinning from Qinghe Production Brigade!

We will meet again!


Xu Jinning only felt more comfortable once she was completely out of the girl’s sight.

In fact, while talking to that woman, there was a voice inside her reminding her not to interact with her because she was not a good person.

Xu Jinning tended to trust her instincts.

Returning home with her brother, Xu Jinning put the encounter with Murong Jing out of her mind. After all, she didn’t know Murong Jing, not even her name.

With the exam over, all that remained was to wait.

It wasn’t just Xu Jinning waiting; Xu Fanghua and Song Yi, who were studying in Beijing, were also waiting.

They had mentioned that they had rented a small courtyard house near Beijing University and had saved a room for Xu Jinning, waiting for her to get into Beijing University and move in.

That’s right, Xu Jinning also applied to Beijing University.

The waiting time seemed to pass quickly.

As they waited, the familiar mailman rode his bicycle to the entrance of Qinghe Production Brigade.

“Xu Jinning, Xu Jinning, there’s a letter of admission for you.”

“Oh, it’s Ningning’s admission letter.”

“So, does that mean she got into Beijing University?”

“If the admission letter is here, she must have gotten in for sure. We just don’t know if it’s Beijing University.”

“Regardless of where it is, getting into university is quite an achievement. Ningning, her sister, and her brother-in-law are all impressive.”

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