Chapter 250 – Going Crazy

“Hey, look, aren’t those the leaders from the county who came last year? Could they be here to see Ningning?”

Not far away, a few leaders who had come together were all beaming with joy.

The villagers recognized these leaders as the same ones who had come last year to present banners, bonuses, and prizes when Xu Fanghua and Song Yi were admitted to Beijing University.

“Do you think the leaders are here because Ningning also got excellent results?” They doubted that anyone else from the village who took the exam could have done as well; Xu Jinning seemed the most likely candidate.

“It must be. Look, the mailman and the leaders are heading to the Xu family’s house.”

Meanwhile, the Xu family, along with Xu Jinning, heard the commotion. As soon as they stepped outside, they saw the mailman at the door and the familiar leaders approaching quickly.

The mailman remembered Xu Jinning. When he delivered the admission letters to Xu Fanghua and Song Yi last year, he had seen her trailing behind her sister and brother-in-law.

Back then, Xu Jinning had already blossomed into a very pretty young woman.

Now, seeing her fully grown, the mailman was even more stunned.

She was incredibly beautiful.

Like a fairy.

If he weren’t already married, he might have pursued her.

However, the mailman also knew that even if he were single, he wouldn’t stand a chance.

He was just a mailman, making a living through wind and rain, while she was not only beautiful but also a university student.

Her future was undoubtedly bright and full of promise.

But these thoughts were only fleeting for the mailman.

“Comrade Xu Jinning, here is your admission letter. Congratulations on being admitted to Beijing University.” The mailman took out the admission letter and handed it to Xu Jinning with a smile.

“Beijing University, that’s wonderful.”

“Ningning, you can go to school with your sister and brother-in-law.”

“Comrade Xu Jinning wasn’t just admitted to Beijing University, she is also the top liberal arts student in the entire province this year. She is just as remarkable as her sister and brother-in-law.” The leaders, who had arrived a bit late, added this information immediately.

Then, they signaled to their companions to bring out the banner.

At this moment, the villagers gathered around and saw the words on the banner clearly.

“Congratulations to Comrade Xu Jinning of our county for being the top scorer in the 1982 summer college entrance examination.”

“Comrade Xu Jinning, congratulations! You look so young, only 17, truly a promising young talent. We look forward to you studying hard and contributing to our country in the future.”

“Yes, I will,” Xu Jinning nodded.

The leaders then took out the bonuses and prizes and handed them to the Xu family.

“This year’s college entrance exam was much more difficult than last year’s, and for Comrade Xu Jinning to achieve the highest score in the province with such high marks is really impressive.”

“Your family produced Xu Fanghua and Song Yi last year, and now Xu Jinning this year. Your family really knows how to raise children.”

“This child has been educated very well.”

The leaders’ recognition brought tears to the eyes of Xu Aiguo and Zhang Ailian.

Everyone loves to be acknowledged, but what made them even happier was seeing their children’s hard work pay off.

Being admitted to a desired university meant they could leave the rural area and have endless possibilities in the future.

Xu Jinning held the admission letter, looking at the two words “Beijing University”, a slight smile forming on her lips as she felt a wave of emotions rise within her.

If it had been in her previous life, she would never have dared to dream of getting into Beijing University.

Beijing University was the highest academic institution in the country, both in her past life and after her reincarnation. It was the best and the most difficult to get into.

And now, she had really been admitted.

Although she held the admission letter in her hand, Xu Jinning still felt a bit dazed.

University… In her past life, she had never attended university.

When she died in her previous life, she was only 18. She had just taken the college entrance exam not long before, and she didn’t even know her results.

However, Xu Jinning believed that her former self probably wouldn’t have gotten into a good university.

Even if her father had paid for her to attend university in her past life, she doubted she would have achieved much there.

But now…

Everything was different.

The upcoming real university life might be something to look forward to.

Very soon, the news that Xu Jinning, the top liberal arts student in the province, had been admitted to Beijing University spread throughout the entire Qinghe Production Brigade.

Some people thought that, given the excellent genes of the Xu family, it was no surprise that Xu Fanghua had gotten into Beijing University, and so it was only natural that her younger sister Xu Jinning would also get in.

The elders believed that Xu Jinning was a reincarnated fairy; fairies were supposed to be both beautiful and smart.

So, it was only right that she could become the top scorer in the province and be admitted to Beijing University.

Who else would Beijing University admit if not a fairy?

These were the thoughts of most people, though there were also those who were envious.

“Why do all the good things happen to the Xu family?” people wondered.

First, Xu Fanghua was admitted to Beijing University as the top scorer, and now Xu Jinning also got into Beijing University as the top scorer.

“Why do all the top scores go to the Xu family? Why can’t they come to us?”

They didn’t even ask for top scores, just being admitted to Beijing University would have been enough. But for them, not only were they not admitted to Beijing University, they weren’t admitted to any other university either.

The person who felt this most strongly was Zhou Yisheng.

At this moment, Zhou Yisheng was almost going crazy.

He hadn’t received an admission letter again.

Not from his first choice, Beijing University, nor from the ordinary universities of his second choice, nor from the vocational colleges of his third choice. He hadn’t received any admission letters.

Could it be that he had failed the exams again?

No, that couldn’t be possible.

He had studied so hard, and he had performed so well during the exams.

Zhou Yinsheng couldn’t believe the results and went to the post office in a fit of rage, eventually causing such a disturbance that the police were called.

“Officer, I’m sure I got into university. They’re hiding my admission letter. Please, you have to help me.”

“I could have been admitted to Beijing University.”

“They hid my admission letter.”

At first, the police believed Zhou Yinsheng, given how adamant he was. But after checking, they found out that his scores were very poor, not even close to qualifying for any university or even a vocational school.

So, his claims about hiding the admission letter were completely unfounded.

He didn’t receive an admission letter because he hadn’t passed the exams.

“Comrade Zhou Yinsheng, you’ve seen the results. You need to accept them and stop causing trouble.”

“No way, how could I have failed? I know what’s going on. You’re all in on this. You must be working together.”

In the end, when reasoning failed, and Zhou Yinsheng continued to act out, the police took him back to the Qinghe Production Brigade. They specifically spoke with the captain, asking them to keep an eye on Zhou Yinsheng to prevent him from causing further disruptions at the post office.

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