Chapter 253 – Wang Chenggong

Xu Jinning and Xu Xiangdong sat down and also noticed the people across from them.

The person in the upper bunk seemed to be a woman who was sleeping, making it hard to see her appearance. The lower bunk had a young man with somewhat dark skin but very well-defined features. He was somewhat thin and continuously reading a book. It was only when he heard the noise from across the way, from Xu Jinning and Xu Xiangdong, that he raised his head to look.

With just that glance, he was completely stunned.

This girl was really beautiful.

The man, staring at the elegant and delicate-looking Xu Jinning, was so captivated that he forgot to blink.

With a sudden “plop,” the book in his hand fell to the ground.

Xu Jinning heard the sound and looked over. When she saw the man’s face, she came to her senses.

Oh right, her face.

Ever since she got on the train, she had been keeping her head down, covering her nose and mouth with a handkerchief, so she hadn’t shown her face. Now that she had sat down, she put the handkerchief away.

Her face was thus revealed.

She knew what her face looked like.

But she herself didn’t have much awareness of whether it would amaze others or not.

Because in her past life, this was the same face she had for 18 years, and she was quite used to it.

“Miss, you’re really beautiful, like a fairy,” the man said as his eyes lit up when Xu Jinning looked over at him. He immediately sat up straight and started talking to her.

As he spoke and smiled, he revealed a mouthful of big white teeth.

To be honest, he looked a bit simple-minded.

“I know my little sister is pretty, but isn’t it rude to stare at someone like that?” Before Xu Jinning could respond, Xu Xiangdong spoke up.

This guy had his thoughts immediately seen through by Xu Xiangdong. For anyone who seemed interested in his little sister, Xu Xiangdong, as her big brother, couldn’t possibly speak kindly.

“Ah, no, no, sorry.”

“Brother, are you talking to me?” At this moment, the girl who was sleeping in the upper bunk called out.

“No, no, Xiumei, you go back to sleep.”


The girl turned over and continued sleeping.

“Hello, my name is Wang Chenggong, and that’s my younger sister, my biological sister, named Wang Xiumei. We both got into Beijing University this time, and we’re planning to go to the school together to register. By the way, are you two siblings? Are you also going to university?” It was clear that this Wang Chenggong was quite sociable. Despite Xu Xiangdong’s earlier unfriendly attitude, he continued to strike up a conversation, wearing a simple smile.

But his eyes kept drifting towards Xu Jinning.

“By the way, I’m 20 years old, not married, and I don’t have a girlfriend!”

After finishing his previous sentence, Wang Chenggong seemed to remember something and quickly added this information.

Xu Jinning: … Why do I feel like laughing? This person seems to have a knack for being funny.

Xu Xiangdong: Ready to fight!

This guy was being way too obvious.

“Oh, so you and your biological sister are also students at Beijing University.” Xu Xiangdong emphasized the word “biological” and glared at Wang Chenggong. “The self-introduction is enough, no need to include your relationship and marital status.”

“Hehe.” Even though it wasn’t Xu Jinning who responded, Wang Chenggong was still quite pleased. He smiled again, showing his big white teeth, and scratched the back of his head. “Sorry, I thought it might be necessary. What if I meet a girl I like and she misunderstands? So I need to clarify first.”

Xu Xiangdong: … You punk, I think there’s no need for that!

“This girl is really beautiful.”

“Yeah, the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

“She seems to be a university student too, both beautiful and smart. She looks just like my future daughter-in-law.”

“Tsk, I think she looks like my daughter-in-law.”


The surrounding people, whether standing or sitting, overheard Wang Chenggong’s exclamation and couldn’t help but lean over to see just how beautiful this girl really was.

Surely, it couldn’t be an exaggeration.

Unexpectedly, at the first sight of Xu Jinning, they were all just as stunned as Wang Chenggong.

Immediately, they all began to praise her.

This girl was truly beautiful, like a fairy.

How wonderful it would be if she were their daughter or daughter-in-law.

Of course, there were also some young girls who, seeing the stunning Xu Jinning, felt a pang of jealousy.

“I think she’s just so-so,” one girl muttered disdainfully, giving Xu Jinning a dismissive glance before looking again.

Unconsciously, she began to scrutinize Xu Jinning’s attire, comparing it to her own and wondering if she could dress like that in the future.

To be fair, Xu Jinning’s appearance naturally attracted conversation. People were very friendly to her, especially an older woman who almost wanted to drag Xu Jinning home to marry her son.

Fortunately, Xu Xiangdong was there. His tall, imposing presence and his role as her brother shielded her from much of the attention.

After a while, people finally stopped approaching. Xu Xiangdong sat down and glared at Wang Chenggong once more.

Wang Chenggong chuckled, feeling a bit embarrassed, but said, “I was just telling the truth.”

Xu Xiangdong: …

Xu Xiangdong found himself unable to stay angry.

The kid was right; he was telling the truth.

His little sister really was beautiful.

However, Xu Xiangdong had a good impression of Wang Chenggong.

Although Wang Chenggong talked a bit too much…

His gaze was sincere, and his smile was genuine.

Even when looking at Xu Jinning, his eyes were filled more with admiration and affection.

If Wang Chenggong had been sleazy and lewd, Xu Xiangdong wouldn’t have treated him so kindly.

However, it had to be said that Wang Chenggong was indeed quite sociable and talkative.

From then on, he kept conversing with Xu Xiangdong and his sister.

Xu Xiangdong thought to himself, this kid and his sister were both students at Beijing University.

Just like his sister, they were both at Beijing University.

Xu Xiangdong had a favorable impression of anyone who could get into Beijing University. Moreover, although Xu Jinning’s elder sister and brother-in-law were already at Beijing University, knowing more people still meant more connections.

Therefore, Xu Xiangdong didn’t mind interacting with Wang Chenggong, as long as the kid didn’t make his intentions towards his sister too obvious.

Xu Jinning wasn’t pretentious either and introduced herself.

When Wang Chenggong first heard Xu Jinning speak and learned her name, he was extremely happy.

“So, your name is Xu Jinning. That’s a really beautiful name.”

“Ningning also sounds nice. I just heard Brother Xiangdong call you that.”

Xu Xiangdong: … Feeling the urge to hit this kid again.

“Ningning is a name only I, her brother, can use.”

“Hehe, you’re right, Brother Xiangdong, absolutely right.”

Wang Chenggong was even happier when he found out that Xu Jinning was a student at Beijing University.

This was a perfect opportunity.

Moreover, Brother Xiangdong was only here to help Xu Jinning register at the school; he would eventually have to leave.

So, wouldn’t he have plenty of opportunities?

Thinking about all the future chances to get close to Xu Jinning, Wang Chenggong was thrilled.

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