Chapter 254 – Wang Xiumei

Perhaps due to the noisy environment, Wang Chenggong’s younger sister, Wang Xiumei, eventually woke up.

Wang Xiumei was also talkative and even somewhat a face-con; she felt a special fondness upon first seeing Xu Jinning.

After getting to know each other a bit, she directly referred to Xu Jinning as “Sister.”

Xu Jinning also liked Wang Xiumei’s personality; she was straightforward and decisive.

Because she was a year older, Xu Jinning called her “Sister Xiumei.”

It was Wang Xiumei who insisted on being called that by Xu Jinning.

Wang Chenggong on the side was a bit anxious.

‘Xiaomei, how can you be so clueless? This might be your future sister-in-law. How can you let your future sister-in-law call you ‘Sister’?’

Wang Xiumei couldn’t understand her brother’s anxiety at all. Of course, if she knew, she would probably tease him or even tell her older brother to give up because she felt that Xu Jinning, such a girl, honestly didn’t match her older brother.

Xu Jinning, she should be matched with a handsome and refined gentleman.

Not her brother, with his rough skin and naive demeanor.

Of course, she wasn’t putting down her brother or thinking he wasn’t good; on the contrary, she thought her brother was quite good.

But you know, pots should match their lids.

Her brother and Xu Jinning really didn’t seem suitable.

Xu Jinning and Wang Xiumei didn’t say much more, as Xu Jinning was feeling a bit uncomfortable.

The environment on the train made her uneasy.

Although after transmigrating, this body belonged to the original owner who had worked in the Red Star Production Brigade for over a decade, often doing manual labor and in such an environment, logically speaking, should have been quite rough.

Initially, it was indeed like that, with dark and rough skin, also quite thin.

After Xu Jinning transmigrated, and after nurturing her body for more than a year, almost two years now, her body had become exactly like her past life.

Her skin was very fair and delicate; if touched slightly harder, it would leave marks. Her strength was not great, and she couldn’t do much physical labor.

All her habits were also the same as in her past life.

The train was quite noisy, the air was unpleasant, there were many people, and oxygen was relatively scarce, making it feel stuffy.

Plus, this body was prone to motion sickness, so Xu Jinning was feeling quite uncomfortable at the moment.

She couldn’t talk anymore, and she couldn’t eat anything either.

“Ningning, why don’t you go lie down on the upper bunk for a while? It might help if you lie down,” Xu Xiangdong suggested.

“Do you want to apply some of the medicinal oil I brought under your nose? It’s specifically for motion sickness. My mother went to the village doctor specifically to prepare it for us, just in case we get motion sickness,” Wang Chenggong said.

Unexpectedly, neither of them, the siblings, got motion sickness, but Xu Jinning did.

Seeing Xu Jinning pale and weak, Wang Chenggong felt a bit distressed and quickly took out his motion sickness oil.

“Ningning, do you want to give it a try?” Xu Xiangdong took the oil and asked Xu Jinning.

Xu Jinning nodded without being overly dramatic.

Xu Xiangdong immediately applied some of the oil to Xu Jinning’s temples and under her nose.

Surprisingly, the scent of this oil was quite pleasant, although a bit pungent. However, this pungent smell was just right, effectively masking the other odors in the train.

Moreover, it carried a refreshing sensation.

Instantly, Xu Jinning felt much more comfortable.

“How are you feeling, Ningning?” Xu Xiangdong asked, while Wang Chenggong and Wang Xiumei also observed Xu Jinning’s reaction.

“It’s quite good, just a bit sleepy, want to sleep,” Xu Jinning replied.

“It’s good to feel sleepy. This oil induces drowsiness, but once you wake up, you won’t feel motion sickness anymore,” Wang Chenggong explained hurriedly. “That’s what my mother told me when she gave me this oil.”

Because her older brother, Xu Xiangdong, was present, Xu Jinning didn’t make a fuss about wanting to sleep.

She climbed onto the upper bunk and quickly fell asleep.

Xu Xiangdong hurriedly took out a small blanket and covered her, tucking in the corners neatly.

Xu Xiangdong wasn’t sleepy at all, and with Ningning asleep, he couldn’t afford to sleep either. Otherwise, if their luggage got stolen, it would be disastrous.

On this train, not only petty theft but also cases of women and children being abd*cted were not unheard of.

This was something Zhang Changzheng had warned them about earlier, hoping they would remain vigilant while traveling by train.

So, seeing Xu Jinning asleep, Xu Xiangdong became even more alert. He had to watch over Ningning and their luggage carefully.

As time passed, the train rocked gently. Maybe because of motion sickness or perhaps because of the medicinal oil, Xu Jinning slept deeply.

She didn’t even know how long she had slept. When she woke up again, it was already dark outside, and the train compartment was pitch black.

Though still lying down, Xu Jinning felt that her mental state had improved quite a bit. By now, the scent of the oil had dissipated.

She could smell the various odors in the train again, but this time, they didn’t bother her much.

Surprisingly, the oil was indeed effective.

Perhaps it was nighttime, but the train was much quieter now, devoid of the previous noise.

Presumably, many people had chosen this time to sleep as well.

“Ningning, you’re awake,” Xu Xiangdong had been paying attention to Xu Jinning’s movements, so he immediately noticed when she woke up.

“How are you feeling?”

“Big brother, I feel pretty good. It seems like I’m not getting motion sickness anymore. Oh, by the way, big brother, what time is it now?”

Although Xu Jinning had a watch, the light inside the train was too dim for her to see.

“It’s three in the morning,” Xu Xiangdong replied softly.

“Three in the morning! Big brother, why didn’t you wake me up? You’ve been tired all the way too, and you need rest,” Xu Jinning knew that her brother wouldn’t sleep while she was asleep.

She was a bit annoyed with herself for sleeping so long.

Xu Jinning quickly climbed down from the upper bunk.

“Ningning, why did you come down? Do you need to use the bathroom? It’s dark, be careful,” Xu Xiangdong assisted Xu Jinning down.

Actually, after Xu Xiangdong mentioned it, she did feel like using the bathroom.

Xu Jinning planned to go alone, but Xu Xiangdong wouldn’t agree.

Uncle Changzheng had mentioned that many bad people do bad things on trains and often target people going to the bathroom.

So Xu Xiangdong wasn’t comfortable letting Xu Jinning go alone.

“Xiangdong, if you trust me, I’ll watch over your luggage. You go with Ningning,” Wang Chenggong, who had just woken up, suggested.

“Okay, thanks. We’ll be back soon.”

Handing over the luggage to Wang Chenggong, Xu Xiangdong took Xu Jinning’s hand and headed towards the train bathroom.

Considering the dim light, Xu Xiangdong was using a flashlight.

They had prepared this flashlight beforehand, anticipating such a situation.

Since others were asleep, Xu Xiangdong tried not to shine the light on others, aiming it towards the ground to light their path.

The journey from their seats to the bathroom was quite rough because many people had standing tickets and were sleeping in the aisles, leaving very little space to walk.

Fearful of stepping on someone, the two walked cautiously, taking quite some effort to finally reach the toilet.

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