Chapter 256 – Heroine Murong Jing

“That’s right, my mother’s cooking is the best, her culinary skills are the best,” Xu Jinning replied.

Wang Chenggong’s eyes lit up suddenly, “Yes, yes, Auntie’s cooking is the most delicious, unlike my mother’s cooking…”

Ah, Ningning initiated a conversation with me, her voice sounded so pleasant, and she was so gentle.

But what Wang Chenggong said was true.

His mother’s cooking was indeed not very good.

Their family was quite well-off, and he was the eldest at home. Below him was his sister Wang Xiumei, who was a year younger than him, and then came his little brother, who was now only 4 years old.

They were all from the county town. Their father was the head of the purchasing department at the steel factory, and their mother was a worker at the textile factory.

Before his little brother was born, he and his sister grew up eating the canteen food.

However, their mother liked to cook and would cook whenever she had spare time despite her busy schedule.

But her culinary skills were really…

The most critical part was that their mother had a mysterious confidence in her cooking skills. She would only watch them eat after cooking, never tasting it herself.

And their father, out of love for his wife, would always praise her cooking, no matter how it turned out. He would say it was delicious and praise it to the skies, forbidding the siblings from saying otherwise.

So, their mother was fooled into thinking she was good at cooking and grew to love cooking more and more.

Fortunately, over the years, her cooking skills had improved somewhat, but the improvement wasn’t significant.

For instance, the meal they were eating now was prepared by their mother.

Because it had both meat and vegetables and was specially prepared by their mother, even though it wasn’t very tasty, Wang Chenggong and his sister still ate it.

However, without comparison, there would be no disappointment.

Having tasted delicious food, eating their own mother’s cooking again felt really…

Tears flowed in their hearts, but they still had to eat while crying.

By the afternoon, Xu Jinning couldn’t hold it anymore and had to go to the toilet.

Once again, Xu Xiangdong accompanied her.

Going to the restroom at this time was even more difficult than in the early morning.

In the early morning, at the break of dawn, most people were still asleep.

But now, everyone was lining up for the toilet.

Holding her breath, she finally finished using the toilet, but it took a long time this time.

On the way back, Xu Jinning really hoped the train would reach the Beijing station quickly.

“Is it you, Xu Jinning?”

As she was hoping for the train to arrive soon, Xu Jinning suddenly heard someone calling her name.

She looked up and saw a surprising face.

It was the girl she had bumped into during the exam. Xu Jinning didn’t know her name but didn’t have a good impression of her. She thought she wouldn’t see her again, so she hadn’t given it much thought. She didn’t expect to meet her on the train, and the girl even remembered her name.

“Hello.” Since the girl greeted her, Xu Jinning felt it would be rude not to respond.

After all, her negative feeling was just one-sided, and on the surface, there was no conflict between them.

“Xu Jinning, I didn’t expect to meet you again on the train.”

Murong Jing seemed very happy and enthusiastic, as if meeting Xu Jinning was a delightful event.

However, Xu Jinning found her facial expression somewhat strange.

She felt that the person in front of her should have a reserved and taciturn nature, with a calm demeanor and not much emotional fluctuation in dealing with others.

So, the current overt enthusiasm seemed somewhat fake to her.

“Yeah.” Xu Jinning didn’t know how to respond. After all, she didn’t quite like the girl in front of her and didn’t want to engage in deeper conversation or understanding.

Xu Jinning’s attitude was a bit indifferent, but the girl in front of her didn’t seem to notice. She continued to smile and said, “By the way, I forgot to introduce myself last time. My name is Murong Jing. I’m going to Beijing University this time. How about you? Are you also on this train for…”

“Hey, are you done talking? If you’re done, don’t block the way and let us pass.” Before Murong Jing could finish her sentence, someone behind them urged them.

They met in the aisle of the train, which was crowded with people, not a good place for conversation.

“Sorry about that, we need to go back to our seats.” Xu Xiangdong, who had been silent, spoke up.

After saying that, he pulled Xu Jinning towards their seats.

Xu Xiangdong remembered this girl; she was the one who bumped into Ningning during the exam. However, Ningning mentioned that this girl gave her an uncomfortable feeling.

So, Xu Xiangdong recognized her but didn’t intend to let his sister have too much contact with her.

He felt that the girl was overly enthusiastic and a bit odd.

As for Murong Jing, she was heading in the opposite direction from them.

Xu Jinning was pulled forward by her elder brother.

Her brow, however, remained furrowed.

Murong Jing, Murong Jing…

Why does that name sound so familiar?

It feels like I’ve heard it somewhere.

Wait, could it be a character from a book?

At that moment, something flashed through her mind, and Xu Jinning caught onto it. Her eyes widened suddenly, her breath quickened, and she even unconsciously tightened her grip on Xu Xiangdong’s hand.

“Ningning, what’s wrong?” Xu Xiangdong noticed her unease and quickly turned to look, finding her face pale and her expression off.

“Little sister, are you feeling unwell?”


Xu Xiangdong called again, raising his voice slightly. It was then that Xu Jinning came back to her senses, concealing a hint of fear and worry in her eyes. She said, “Big brother, I’m… I’m fine.”


“Ningning, if there’s anything wrong with your health, you must tell me.”

“I know, for now, I’m… I’m fine.”

Xu Xiangdong knew that Xu Jinning must have something on her mind.

But since the little girl wouldn’t say, he couldn’t force her to.

It’s just that he didn’t know if it had anything to do with him, if it did, he should’ve been able to hear the little girl’s thoughts.

But throughout the rest of the journey, even though Xu Xiangdong was very focused, he couldn’t hear Xu Jinning’s thoughts.

After returning to her seat, Xu Jinning’s mood seemed to sour. She sat there staring out of the window blankly, with a furrowed brow.

Xu Xiangdong waited, hoping the little girl would initiate a conversation with him.

Meanwhile, Xu Jinning’s mood indeed wasn’t great, especially since she remembered who that woman named Murong Jing was.

She recalled that Murong Jing was the female protagonist of another morally questionable book she had read, telling the story of a heroine who, despite originally intending to sever her emotions and practice ruthless techniques, was deceived by a scumbag. This deception almost led to the destruction of the Yuqing Palace where she resided, and she ended up choosing to self-destruct alongside the scumbag.

The first half of the story was about a lovesick girl who almost caused her own downfall.

Originally, the story should have ended when the female protagonist chose to self-destruct.

But if it had ended there, she wouldn’t be the female protagonist but just a cannon fodder or a supporting character.

The reason she could be called the female protagonist was that she transmigrated after self-destructing!

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