Chapter 257 – The Villain

Although it was called a transmigration, it was actually a case of soul possession.

Murong Jing’s original body was taken over, and subsequently, with various vicious methods, Murong Jing’s original soul was destroyed.

Xu Jinning transmigrated into this world, and upon realizing that this world was not just from one book, but a mixture of several books by the same author, she thought that perhaps one day, she would encounter all the protagonists.

Lin Wangshu, Jiang Xiao, and Xu Ci’s cousin… these were the three protagonists she had met.

Of course, there were other protagonists as well.

Among them, the one who made Xu Jinning feel the most disgusted, and even somewhat fearful, was Murong Jing.

Because the other protagonists, despite being villains, still carried a façade, a pretense of kindness.

Their success was also built upon the sacrifices of other cannon fodder and supporting characters.

But this was indirect, so in the eyes of outsiders, they still appeared to be kind-hearted.

However, Murong Jing was different.

Murong Jing was a true villain in every sense of the word. From the moment she transmigrated to when she ascended to the pinnacle of this world, countless lives were lost by her hands.

She truly did not care about human lives.

Everything was for her own benefit.

Moreover, Murong Jing practiced dark arts, which allowed her to steal people’s lifespans and luck.

Once someone’s lifespan was stolen by Murong Jing, that person would die.

And if a person with luck had their luck stolen by Murong Jing, that person would start to experience misfortunes, encounter various accidents, and eventually die.

The plot in the book described that after transmigrating, Murong Jing began to use various methods to steal others’ lifespans, but her target was not the small rural village.

So, relying on her powerful mental strength, she read books, did exercises, and was admitted to Beijing University.

That was Beijing University, located in Beijing, the former imperial seat and the current capital.

Who knows how many people with great fortune resided there.

And Murong Jing was stealing the fortunes of these individuals.

For instance, a male classmate of Murong Jing’s was a physics genius, destined to enter the national research institute and become a significant scientist for the country.

But because Murong Jing stole his luck, he ultimately met a tragic end by drowning accidentally.

Murong Jing used this method of luck-stealing, causing the deaths of countless promising and kind individuals who were destined for great achievements.

Her ways of stealing lifespans and luck were eerie and involved dark arts.

By the end of the book, the original soul of Murong Jing had long been destroyed.

The current Murong Jing completely occupied the body, having practiced numerous dark arts. Sometimes, it seemed she made contributions, but in reality, many lives were sacrificed.

Of course, the book also mentioned the male protagonist.

Surprisingly, this male protagonist looked exactly like the scoundrel Murong Jing had met before her transmigration.

Initially, Murong Jing wanted to kill this man.

She contemplated countless ways to grind his bones and scatter his ashes. However, as she gradually interacted with the male protagonist, she discovered that she fell in love with him once again.

Naturally, the male protagonist also loved her.

The male protagonist was the same man from her past life and yet not the same; his soul was, but his body was different. This male protagonist had also possessed someone else’s body, but he had completely lost his memories of the past life and didn’t know any cultivation techniques. He only remembered the original owner’s memories and believed he was the original owner.

Murong Jing couldn’t forgive herself for falling in love with this man again.

She wanted to kill him but couldn’t bring herself to do it.

However, being with him also caused her inner turmoil.

The two experienced a deeply torturous love.

Eventually, during one of Murong Jing’s crises, the male protagonist almost sacrificed his life to save her. It was then that Murong Jing realized she couldn’t lose him. Through their shared hardships, she let go of her past life’s hatred and decided to start anew with him.

Afterward, they lived a happy life together.

Xu Jinning, reading this plot, couldn’t understand their love at all.

Especially Murong Jing’s love for that scoundrel of a male protagonist.

She couldn’t grasp why Murong Jing, knowing that this man’s soul was the same as the man from her past life, would still fall in love with him.

It was clear that in the cultivation world, this scoundrel had truly betrayed Murong Jing.

Murong Jing had caught him cheating multiple times.

He even had children with other women.

Everyone knew he was a scoundrel. Even though he had no memory of the cultivation world, his soul was still the same. Wasn’t Murong Jing afraid he would betray her again in the future?

Of course, this was just one point.

There was another issue.

In her past life, the scoundrel didn’t really love Murong Jing. He was with her to gather information about the Yuqing Palace and to destroy it.

Murong Jing self-destructed because the scoundrel led people to almost annihilate Yuqing Palace, causing Murong Jing to explode in grief and despair.

Yuqing Palace was her home, where she grew up.

The people of Yuqing Palace were like her family.

The palace master of Yuqing Palace had taken her in and treated her like her own daughter.

But what did Murong Jing do?

In the cultivation world, it could be said that Murong Jing misjudged the person, leading to such a tragic outcome.

But now? She knew this man’s soul was that of the scoundrel from her past life. Despite the lives of so many people from Yuqing Palace standing between them, they ended up together?

Xu Jinning thought that if the deceased palace master and Murong Jing’s fellow disciples from Yuqing Palace knew, they would probably be so angry they’d rise from their graves.

Xu Jinning couldn’t understand what kind of great and intense love could overcome such a deep-seated hatred and betrayal.

Did Murong Jing really need a man that badly?

Was she bewitched by that man?

However, Murong Jing’s romantic choices had nothing to do with Xu Jinning.

What Xu Jinning couldn’t understand was the evil deeds Murong Jing committed using dark arts and the countless people she harmed.

Most of those people were innocent, especially those with great luck. Anyone with great luck was either currently making or would make significant contributions to the country, the people, and the world.

Yet, Murong Jing harmed them, causing immense loss to the world.

Furthermore, Murong Jing’s dark arts were mysterious and formidable.

Now, Xu Jinning understood why she disliked Murong Jing at first sight.

It was because Murong Jing was a villain, an evildoer!

Her dark arts could ensnare people without their knowledge.

According to the book’s plot, Murong Jing was described as a cold, even inherently indifferent and ruthless person.

But Murong Jing’s behavior towards her was quite the opposite.

No wonder Xu Jinning felt that Murong Jing’s enthusiasm towards her seemed fake.

But why was Murong Jing so enthusiastic towards her?

She seemed to constantly want to get close to her!

Could it be…

Did she have something Murong Jing wanted? Or… was Murong Jing planning to harm her?

At this thought, Xu Jinning shuddered.

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