Chapter 258 – “Dealing” with Her

In the book, Murong Jing was described as a highly goal-oriented person.

She would only invest effort in something if it was useful or beneficial to her. Otherwise, she could remain indifferent even if someone died in front of her.

Now, Murong Jing was unusually enthusiastic towards her.

Xu Jinning couldn’t help but consider the possibility that Murong Jing intended to target her.

But what did she have that Murong Jing wanted?

The book mentioned that Murong Jing sought two things from others: lifespan and fortune.

Lifespan, it seemed possible.

But fortune…

Xu Jinning furrowed her brows, thinking that fortune seemed even more likely.

She recalled how her fortune had improved after she transmigrated.

Improved fortune, to some extent, indicated better luck.

In other words, her luck was relatively good.

[So, Murong Jing is after my fortune? She plans to harm me and steal my luck?!]

Xu Jinning deduced this conclusion.

Meanwhile, Xu Xiangdong, who had been keeping an eye on Xu Jinning, finally heard his sister’s inner thoughts.

But this revelation left Xu Xiangdong instantly alarmed.

His sister said Murong Jing wanted to harm her? Steal her fortune?!

Murong Jing… was that woman just now!

Fortune, as in luck? Xu Xiangdong thought of his sister’s incredibly good luck.

Steal, as in to take?

That woman wanted to steal his sister’s luck? And intended to harm her!

Xu Xiangdong immediately took this seriously and committed that woman to memory, determined not to let her get close to his sister under any circumstances.

‘Yes, that woman was from Beijing University, and she actually attended the same school as my little sister’

‘After that, wouldn’t there have been more opportunities for her to harm my little sister?’

‘No, when I see my elder sister and brother-in-law, I must tell them about this, make them stay vigilant, and ensure they protect my little sister and keep her away from that woman!’

Xu Xiangdong didn’t doubt Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts at all, nor did he find the idea of stealing fortune absurd.

Because they could hear Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts and see her mental images, and even Xu Jinning herself was extraordinary and inexplicable, not subject to ordinary reasoning.

So, it wasn’t strange that there were others in this world with different abilities.

Meanwhile, Xu Jinning had already confirmed that Murong Jing was approaching her to steal her fortune.

[However, Murong Jing’s initial attempt to steal life or fortune wasn’t easy.]

[It had to be done through the person’s closest relatives.]

[But I believe my parents and siblings would never harm me.]

Xu Jinning was very sure about this, and because of her trust in her family, her initially tense heart relaxed slightly.

Yes, the book mentioned that Murong Jing, at the beginning of her transmigration, wanted to steal others’ lifespans and fortunes, but it wasn’t easy. It had to be done through the closest relatives of that person to trap them.

[As long as my family doesn’t give me anything from Murong Jing, I’ll be fine.]

In the early stages, Murong Jing harmed people in this way.

As for later on, when Murong Jing became powerful, she didn’t need to resort to such methods anymore.

Xu Jinning felt that she had to “deal with” Murong Jing before she became too powerful.

Murong Jing only harmed people. If she stayed, the original Murong Jing would be harmed, and many others would be harmed too.

The deaths caused would be enough to set back a country that could have otherwise progressed.

So, Murong Jing absolutely cannot be left alone!

Xu Jinning’s decision to deal with Murong Jing wasn’t solely because Murong Jing wanted to harm her. It was because Murong Jing herself was not a good person and didn’t belong in this world. It would be best to bring back the original Murong Jing.

But how to deal with Murong Jing?

Xu Jinning fell into contemplation.

Actually, it would be best to hand Murong Jing over to the country and let the country handle it.

Dad Changzheng…

Xu Jinning thought of Zhang Changzheng.

After all, among the people she knew, only Zhang Changzheng could possibly reach higher-level officials in the country. Oh, and her brother-in-law, Song Yi, who used to be in the military, might also know people.


Tell Dad Changzheng? Would he believe her without any reason? Would her brother-in-law believe her?

Xu Jinning felt that dealing with Murong Jing should be sooner rather than later. Allowing her to continue would only lead to more deaths.

Dad Changzheng and her brother-in-law…

Xu Jinning pondered, considering what to do next.

Meanwhile, Xu Xiangdong had heard Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts just now.

Harming through close relatives?

Xu Xiangdong’s expression turned serious. This method was indeed ruthless.

However, like Xu Jinning, Xu Xiangdong had confidence. None of their family members would ever harm Ningning, not even at their own expense.

But Xu Xiangdong felt that this matter must be told to their family members to raise awareness against Murong Jing.

Meanwhile, Xu Jinning decided that when she got to school, she would subtly inquire if her brother-in-law knew anyone in that regard. If not, then she would have to write a letter to Dad Changzheng and tactfully ask him if he knew anyone in that regard.

Actually, making a phone call would be more convenient and clear, but there was a possibility of it being monitored, so it wasn’t a good idea.

So, if necessary, she would opt for writing a letter.

On the other side, Murong Jing returned to her seat, also a sleeper berth but at a distance. However, her gaze still fell in the direction where Xu Jinning was, even though she couldn’t see her at that moment.

Despite not seeing Xu Jinning, Murong Jing couldn’t ignore the intense purple-golden aura surrounding Xu Jinning.

It could be said that as soon as Murong Jing boarded the train, she noticed this purple-golden aura.

Initially, she was wondering how such a small place could have so many favored by heaven, only to realize it was Xu Jinning.

Seeing Xu Jinning, Murong Jing felt very pleased.

In fact, if she could obtain aura from Xu Jinning, she wouldn’t even need to go to the capital to “borrow” life and fortune from others.

Because of Xu Jinning’s aura, it was enough for her own use.

However, Murong Jing also knew that people like Xu Jinning, who possessed a purple-golden aura, were heavenly favored individuals, blessed by the heavens.

She couldn’t just casually “borrow” from them, as the only one who would end up completely destroyed would be herself.

Even using Xu Jinning’s family to “borrow” her aura was not feasible and quite risky.

So, Murong Jing’s trip to the capital this time was not about giving up on Xu Jinning. Instead, she had to strengthen herself first. Only then would she have a chance to “borrow” Xu Jinning’s aura, even if it meant facing some backlash or harm, it would be lesser.

From the moment Murong Jing discovered Xu Jinning, she never once thought of giving up on borrowing Xu Jinning’s aura.

Xu Jinning, this juicy piece of meat, was the most delicious. Naturally, it had to be saved for last.

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