Chapter 259 – The Man with Loaches

However, Murong Jing did not expect that this time when she boarded the train, there would be a pleasant surprise.

Xu Jinning was also on the train. Right, the last time she encountered Xu Jinning was in the examination hall. Xu Jinning was a candidate. This time on the train, she might have been admitted to university and was going to report to school.

If only she could be in Beijing with Xu Jinning, or even attend the same university in Beijing.

That way, she could always find a way to gain Xu Jinning’s fortune.

In fact, according to Murong Jing’s method of “borrowing” someone else’s fortune and lifespan, she could actually do it without ever touching that person.

But her ruthless cultivation manual also mentioned it.

Using the hands of that person’s relatives is just the most basic method.

There is another method, which is to get close to that person.

Make that person close enough to her, close enough to treat her like family, trust her enough to entrust their life to her.

Once it reaches that point, Murong Jing can easily take the fortune from that person.

Moreover, this kind of fortune-taking won’t backfire or have any restrictions.

Yes, Murong Jing is now using this method on Xu Jinning.

She wants to get close to Xu Jinning, starting with becoming friends. Slowly, make Xu Jinning close enough to her, trust her enough, and then it will be effortless to take Xu Jinning’s fortune.

Murong Jing is confident that she can do it.

Because in her past life, all the sisters in the Yuqing Palace liked her and trusted her enough.

So, this time, she can do the same.

So, Xu Jinning, are you also going to study at Beijing University?

A slight curve appeared at the corner of Murong Jing’s lips, but the smile in her eyes was filled with confidence and coldness.

What Murong Jing didn’t know was that her plan was destined to fail.

Because Xu Jinning had known her intentions for a long time and knew what kind of person she was.

She was currently trying to figure out how to deal with her. How could she possibly get close to her and trust her?

It could only be said that Murong Jing was just talking nonsense at that moment, just fantasizing.

Fantasies were beautiful, but reality was very harsh.

“Big brother, that Murong Jing, the person we just met, I felt she gave off a bad vibe. She didn’t seem like a good person. If she tries to get close to you in the future, you have to stay vigilant,” Xu Jinning felt that concerning Murong Jing, it was necessary to remind her family, not to let their family be manipulated by Murong Jing.

“Okay, Ningning. I will be cautious of that woman,” Xu Xiangdong replied.

“Big brother, aren’t you going to ask me why?” After all, Murong Jing seemed perfectly normal.

Xu Xiangdong patted Xu Jinning’s head and said, “I won’t ask. There must be a reason. You’re my little sister, my own sister. I naturally trust you more than an outsider.”

“Big brother will remember, and I will also tell the others at home to be careful of that woman.”

“Okay.” Xu Xiangdong’s complete trust warmed Xu Jinning’s heart suddenly.

This feeling was really good.

With Xu Xiangdong’s words, Xu Jinning’s heart also relaxed a bit.

Just then, the train arrived at another station.

The train slowly stopped, people got on and off.

There was a constant flow of people in the aisle, some rushing to get on or off, resulting in people stepping on each other or pushing each other. There were even some pickpockets. When some people got on or off, they didn’t even realize when they had lost their belongings.

Xu Jinning felt fortunate that the place they were heading to was the terminal station, so they didn’t have to endure such crowding.

At that moment, Xu Jinning suddenly smelled a very foul odor, like the smell of rotten fish.

“It’s so stinky, what’s that smell?”

“Did someone fart?”

“It smells like something is rotten.”

“It’s like the smell of rotten fish.”

“It seems to be that person.”

Not only did Xu Jinning smell it, but everyone around also smelled it.

As the last person spoke, everyone followed his direction and saw a person in the crowd.

It was a man dressed in gray, somewhat ragged, wearing a worn-out hat and a sweat-wiping towel around his neck.

He was thin but quite tall, about one meter eighty.

On his feet were a pair of straw sandals, equally worn out as if they had been worn for a long time.

He was also carrying a large hemp bag in his hand, stuffed with who knows what, emitting a strong smell, which came from that bag.

This young man must have just boarded the train, because Xu Jinning hadn’t seen him before.


This man gave Xu Jinning a somewhat unsettling feeling at first glance.

He appeared to be a simple farmer.

For example, at this moment, when everyone looked at him, his face showed embarrassment and apology.

Speaking in broken Mandarin, he said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s fish in here, not rotten, just dead. It died not long ago, and I plan to sell it in the provincial capital.”

“Sorry, I’ll just stand here, and at the next station, I’ll get off,” the man said.

As he spoke, he also untied the rope of the hemp bag, revealing the fish inside.

Though he called it fish, it was actually loaches.

And they were dead loaches.

As soon as he opened the bag, the smell became even stronger.

Some people couldn’t help it and felt nauseous on the spot.

“Hurry up and tie it back, the smell is too unbearable,” everyone urged him to quickly tie the rope back.

“Hey, sorry, everyone, really sorry,” the man kept apologizing to everyone.

His attitude was good, and although everyone found the smell unpleasant, they didn’t say much, knowing it was just one station, so they endured it for the time being.

Since last year, with more and more openness, more and more farmers have been bringing agricultural products to the city to sell.

Why sell in the city?

Because agricultural products are relatively scarce in the city, and they can fetch a higher price.

Therefore, there are also cases where agricultural products are transported by train.

Since everyone’s lives are not easy, everyone understands, especially in this era, the status of poor farmers is quite high, so no one wants to say anything that might cause trouble.

So, initially, there were a few murmurs, but later, no one said anything.

Xu Jinning’s gaze also fell on the man, just like everyone else.

After understanding the situation, she didn’t look again and withdrew her gaze.

The train started again and moved on.


Xu Jinning, who was still looking out the window, furrowed her brows slightly.

She felt like she had forgotten something important, something related to the plot in the book, but she couldn’t remember exactly what it was for the moment.

Should she continue thinking about it?

Xu Jinning was torn. After thinking for a while, she still couldn’t figure it out.

Just as she decided to stop thinking about it, there was suddenly a commotion and noise in the aisle of the carriage…

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