BH (QT) – Phoenix Man (3)

Chapter Three – Phoenix Man (3)

After Jiang Ping Xiu left, Yan Jing Ze went upstairs again and returned to his dormitory. He sat on his seat and started to think about how to make money.

He received the memory of the original owner, all nineteen years of life. He knew the previous plot but he did not know what will happen in the future. He only had a rough idea of what will happen.

He still can’t remember what happened to him before he crossed.

Right now, he was just a normal freshman who had the opportunity to leave the poor county. Because he did n’t have much contact with a computer before he entered university, he still felt a little difficult when studying.

How can he make money? Become a tutor? Look for a part-time job?

In any case, he can’t rely on Jiang Ping Xiu to pay for his expenses!

Yan Jing Ze knew that Jiang Ping Xiu’s work was very hard. In such a cold winter, it will be uncomfortable to wash people’s cars.

Before, he even wanted Jiang Ping Xiu to quit his work. But he does not have any income now. How can he stop Jiang Ping Xiu to work?

Moreover, according to the memory he received, in less than a month, Jiang Ping Xiu’s grandmother will accidentally break her leg while farming.

Yan Jing Ze was thinking about making money, and Huo Liang, who had returned to the bedroom before he gave Jiang Ping Xiu clothes asked: “Yan Jing Ze, where did the person who came to you before come from? Why did he dress like that?”

Yan Jing Ze’s mood was extremely complicated.

Huo Liang continued: “You are very good to him. You invited him to eat and gave him clothes.”

Yan Jing Ze said: “I have borrowed the living expenses and tuition fees for my studies from him.”

Huo Liang was shocked.

Yan Jing Ze then asked: “Huo Liang, do you know where to find a part-time job? The conditions in my house are not very good.”

The original owner was very poor, but his self-esteem was high. He did n’t want people to know that he was poor, so even after he went to college, he did n’t even apply for a subsidy or the likes. He did not make money so everyone thought he was a normal student being supported by his family.

Huo Liang was a bit taken aback, but he did not think too much: “You want to find a part-time job? Then you can do hourly tutoring or you can go to the school forum or special apps to see.”

“Thank you,” said Yan Jing Ze. He opened the phone and looked at it.

Huo Liang asked, “Yan Jing Ze, do you really want to do part-time work? We have quite a lot of classes, and there are activities on the weekends. Won’t doing a part-time work affect your studies?”

Yan Jing Ze looked at Huo Liang: “But if I don’t do part-time work, I have no money to eat.”

During the lunch break, Yan Jing Ze spent his time reading various part-time recruitments. It was only when lunch time’s over that he went to class with Huo Liang.

They have a lot of freshman courses in the computer department. They were also very boring and a little difficult.

The original owner was very poor from his childhood. He could only use the computer in school, but the number of times was very little. Because of this, he often did not understand what was being taught in class. It became difficult for him to keep up with the progress.

However, his brain was still good and he was set to change his life by studying, so he was very serious in class and can complete the homework assigned by the teacher.

But that’s all.

But Yan Jing Ze, while he was in class, he suddenly discovered that he could understand what the teacher just said!

Even if the teacher only said it once, he could remember it completely.

In class, the teacher would repeat the lecture again in order for students to understand better. But for Yan Jing Ze, he did not need to listen to it again.

Obviously, as a transmigrated person, he received a golden finger!

But he still didn’t have the memory of his previous life before crossing. The original owner had no other skills besides studying. Even if he can learn faster, he still couldn’t make big money right now. He can only find a part-time job.

That night, Yan Jing Ze went to a part-time job interview.

Yan Jing Ze was thinking about making money today, but Jiang Ping Xiu had already returned to the car wash.

The shop where Jiang Ping Xiu works were quite large, not only car washing but also car repair.

This shop was usually managed by the boss’s wife. In addition to the boss’s wife, there were four employees. Among these four employees, one can repair a car and other types of machinery. Everyone calls him Master Chen, with a monthly salary of 8,000. One is a relative of the boss’s wife, with a monthly salary of 6,000. The other one was someone who already worked there for quite some time and knew more things than Jiang Ping Xiu, his monthly salary was 4,000. Jiang Ping Xiu was mainly responsible for washing cars and had the lowest salary which was 3,000 a month.

It stands to reason that even if his salary was low, he was still young and did not have a wife or kids to support. The store has food and lodging, he can still live well. A young man with a monthly salary of 3,000 not only has the money to buy cigarettes but from time to time can also order take-out. Clothes can often be bought and mobile phones can even be changed every year.

But Jiang Ping Xiu… They never saw Jiang Ping Xiu spend any money.

Not only that, but Jiang Ping Xiu was also particularly a soft child that can be bullied easily.

The two employees except for Master Chen, when Jiang Ping Xiu first came, loved to push their work to this little guy who just came out of a rural area. Jiang Ping Xiu had no complaints, he did it all which made the two employees feel embarrassed. Even the boss and his wife have a little sympathy for Jiang Ping Xiu.

If this was not the case, the boss would not give the packaged roast duck to Jiang Ping Xiu.

As a result, Jiang Ping Xiu was still reluctant to eat it.

And Jiang Ping Xiu actually used his one day-off this month. Jiang Ping Xiu never used it before. When he got the roast duck, he used the day-off saying that he wanted to visit his brother and give him the roast duck.

Everyone in the store felt that the child has a brain problem.

Jiang Ping Xiu was usually reluctant to spend a penny. They asked him why and learned that he wanted to keep the money for his brother’s living expenses and save for his brother’s tuition.

They have heard of brothers and sisters who worked to help the younger brothers and sisters, but they have never seen the younger brother working part-time for their older brother.

Even if there was such a thing, it was not like Jiang Ping Xiu’s way of living!

Jiang Ping Xiu earned three thousand a month. Two thousand were given to his brother for living expenses and the remaining one thousand was saved up for his brother’s tuition fee later.

He was not even an adult yet!

His brother was so shameless that he even spent the money of an underaged kid!

Yesterday, the boss went to the dinner party and packed several dishes back. In addition to the roast duck for Jiang Ping Xiu, there were a few other dishes that were used for lunch. At this time, the car wash employees ate the meal. It happened that the boss and the boss’s wife went out together. They took this opportunity to chat.

Master Chen said: “This little Jiang… he went to his brother like this and he might come back crying later.”

“Why?” Xiao Zhang, a car washer like Jiang Ping Xiu, asked. Xiao Zhang was 20 this year. He was four years older than Jiang Ping Xiu. At first, he looked down on Jiang Ping Xiu—a poor and dirty bumpkin. But later Jiang Ping Xiu took care of his work for him so he did not feel bad about Jiang Ping Xiu anymore.

Of course, he would still push his work to Jiang Ping Xiu.

“If you are in school, would you like your brother to visit you looking like that?” Master Chen asked.

Xiao Zhang didn’t want to say, “I will feel irritated.” Not to mention studying at university, even here, if a younger brother like Jiang Ping Xiu came to him looking like that, he would feel embarrassed.

Jiang Ping Xiu was actually not bad looking but he was dressed… too unsightly!

“He also delivered the roast duck that some people have already eaten. He thinks it was a luxurious food, but others might think otherwise,” said the relative of the boss’s wife—Brother Wang.

Brother Wang was the nephew of the boss’s wife. Although he works in the shop, he usually doesn’t do heavy work. Whenever the store was very busy, he would help the boss’s wife to pick up and drop off the children or purchase something.

The three of them, Master Chen, although he has the highest income he was still taking care of some old and young members of his family, he was not well off. Xiao Zhang, although can live well without being hungry, he easily spends all of his salary on some things. Brother Wang was not the same. He not only has a salary but also can still get money from home.

They don’t like to eat work meals made by the boss’s wife. They all go home to eat or order takeout. The roast duck was naturally very unattractive to them.

Xiao Zhang said: “Brother Wang, do you remember the last time the boss’s wife was absent, he gave us 50 yuan to let us buy our own meals? Xiao Jiang only bought a five-yuan bun to eat. He was even reluctant to buy a sausage saying that he was afraid that his brother’s tuition would not be enough next year. ”

“Something’s wrong with that kid. This is the first time I’ve encountered a fool like him,” Brother Wang tilted his legs and lit a cigarette.

Master Chen also lighted a cigarette to himself: “It’s been several months. Xiao Jiang took the salary every month and went to the bank transfer, but I never saw his brother come to see him. Haa…”

“I say, that kid was just simply being too stupid!” Brother Wang once again concluded.

While they were talking, they saw Jiang Ping Xiu coming back.

Jiang Ping Xiu was wearing a long coat that was a bit big and had a plastic bag in his hand. His face turned red because of the freezing cold.

Seeing everyone was looking at himself, he was a little uncomfortable: “Ma-Master Chen, Br-Brother Wang, Brother Z-Zhang…”

“Xiao Jiang, didn’t you go to see your brother? Why did you buy new clothes?” asked Xiao Zhang.

“N-No… I… I didn’t buy it. My brother gave it to me.” Jiang Ping Xiu’s eyes were sparkling and he took out the thermal innerwear he was holding and he did not stutter anymore. He said: “My brother gave it to me. He was afraid I would be cold so he gave it to me.”

This plot is not the same as they thought! Brother Wang couldn’t help but ask: “What about roast duck? He ate it?”

“Yes,” Jiang Ping Xiu nodded, remembering the taste, “We ate together, it was really delicious.”

Brother Wang: “…”

Jiang Ping Xiu said again: “I … My brother treats me well, he took my ha—he invited me to dinner and gave me clothes.” He wanted to say that Yan Jing Ze took his hand today, but he thought it was not easy to tell people about it, can only say another thing.

“His money was all from you and the money he used to invite you to dinner was also yours,” Brother Wang said with disdain.

Jiang Ping Xiu looked at Brother Wang with dissatisfaction: “My brother… will let me live a good life in the future.”

“That’s what you believe,” Brother Wang argued.

Jiang Ping Xiu, this kid is too simpleminded!

According to his knowledge, Jiang Ping Xiu gave his brother 2,000 yuan a month.

For ordinary boys, it is not much of a burden to the family if they were given 2,000 yuan a month. That is, in some families with money where it would not be a problem to spend seven or eight thousand a month.

But for Jiang Ping Xiu’s case, he was too poor to eat and too poor to dress. While his brother spends two thousand dollars a month, comfortably studying which was overdone.

Who doesn’t know that eating in the A Uni’s cafeteria is particularly cheap! His brother can save a little money, spending only one thousand dollars a month would still let him live well.

No matter what, he should still visit his younger brother. But Jiang Ping Xiu has been working with them for five months, they never saw his brother even once.

“My brother will definitely let me live a good life. He… he said… later will take my grandma to the city.” Jiang Ping Xiu looked at Brother Wang seriously.

Brother Wang saw Jiang Ping Xiu’s determined look and wondered if he had guessed wrong.

Is that brother of Jiang Ping Xiu really a good person?

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