BH (QT) – Phoenix Man (2)

Chapter Two – Phoenix Man (2)

A teenager who seems to have come out of the ravine appeared on the campus of A University.

Many people who passed by looked curiously at Jiang Pingxiu, who was being pulled by Yan Jing Ze, and Yan Jing Ze, who was pulling Jiang Pingxiu.

Yan Jing Ze’s roommate, Huo Liang, looked at Jiang Pingxiu curiously: “Yan Jing Ze, I’ve never heard of you having such a friend before!”

“You’ve heard of it now,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Huo Liang laughed up, “He looks so small!”

“Yeah.” Yan Jing Ze also felt that Jiang Pingxiu was very small. As long as he thought that the original owner of this body actually squeezed a minor child, Yan Jing Ze would feel a little bit stuffy. The trembling hand he was holding was so rough. All this made him more sour.

Yan Jing Ze looked at Huo Liang: “Huo Liang, my friend is here, so I won’t eat with you today.”

“Okay, see you later.” Huo Liang smiled and went to the cafeteria first.

When Huo Liang left, Yan Jing Ze looked at Jiang Pingxiu: “Pingxiu, what do you like to eat?”

Jiang Pingxiu gripped the plastic bag containing the roast duck and finally mustered up the courage: “Brother Jingze, I… I just want to give you… something, I… want to leave.” The way he looks, walking with Brother Jing Ze, will definitely make Brother Jing Ze lose face.

“It is rare for you to come to me, eat before you go,” Yan Jing Ze said softly.

Jiang Pingxiu must have not eaten at this time. In this cold weather, he should let Jiang Pingxiu eat something hot before leaving.

“I…I…” Jiang Pingxiu stuttered, unable to say anything.

At this time, Yan Jing Ze had already dragged him into the school cafeteria.

There are several canteens in A University, but they are located close to each other, and these canteens are all very large and they sell a lot of things inside.

The original owner usually goes to the largest cafeteria No. 1, and now, Yan Jing Ze also brought Jiang Pingxiu into the No. 1 cafeteria.

The floor is paved with white tiles, the walls are also painted snow-white, the middle is a huge area of wooden-colored tables and chairs, the whole canteen looks clean and bright.

Jiang Pingxiu looked down at the shoes on his feet. These shoes were thrown by the tenants who rented in the same apartment as him when they moved. They belonged to a girl. He thought that the shoes were still intact, so he brushed them and wore them.

These were his best shoes, but they were white and pink. The laces were pink and a little dirty.

He was embarrassed to step on such a clean place.

“You sit here for a while, I’ll go get some food,” Yan Jing Ze told Jiang Pingxiu to sit at a table, then took his meal card and went to buy food.

He took a dinner plate and asked for two portions of rice and two more vegetables.

A University’s food is very cheap. He wanted to buy a few more dishes for Jiang Pingxiu, but when he thought that all the money he spent now was earned by Jiang Pingxiu, he was embarrassed to spend it. In the end, he only bought two of the cheapest food, 1.50 yuan per piece of vegetables.

Putting the food in front of Jiang Pingxiu, Yan Jing Ze went to serve two bowls of free soup and took two empty bowls.

As he carried the soup back, he saw Jiang Pingxiu look at himself cautiously and lowered his head again in embarrassment.

Yan Jing Ze sat next to him and asked with a smile, “You brought me roast duck?”

Jiang Pingxiu nodded, his head lowered even more. The plastic bag containing the roast duck was placed on his lap.

It’s December now, Jiang Pingxiu came to this city in July and has been working in a car wash shop for more than five months.

The car wash shop includes food and accommodation. For the past five months, he has been living in a dirty shop and eating random work meals cooked by the boss’s wife.

This packed roast duck was already a very good thing for him.

But when he came to the school cafeteria, Jiang Pingxiu found that the roast duck that he thought was a good thing might not be a anything at all.

The students here are holding stainless steel dinner plates with hot chicken drumsticks and braised pork. They can eat very well.

“Let’s eat together,” Yan Jing Ze said, taking the plastic bag and opening it.

Something like roast duck was originally delicious when eaten hot, but now it’s cold.

Jiang Pingxiu brought the duck over. The duck, which was originally greasy and fragrant, now became extra greasy.

Moreover, this duck has been touched by other people, it has lost a duck leg. People who are more picky will not eat it at all.

“It’s cold…” Jiang Pingxiu was a little embarrassed.

“It’s still a duck even if it’s cold!” Yan Jing Ze smiled. He used the two empty bowls to divide the rice, and then pulled off the remaining duck leg to Jiang Pingxiu: “Hurry up and eat.”

Saying that, he pulled off its wings and ate them himself.

Yan Jing Ze did all this and did it so naturally that Jiang Ping Xiu, who had been tensing up his body, was finally less stiff and relaxed.

He glanced at Yan Jing Ze carefully, then pushed the bowl toward Yan Jing Ze: “You…eat duck legs.”

“I like to eat wings.” Yan Jing Ze smiled: “Don’t you know? Wings are more expensive than legs.”

Jiang Pingxiu was a little stunned.

Yan Jing Ze said, “Eat quickly, it will get cold if you don’t eat.”

Jiang Pingxiu hurriedly lowered his head and ate.

While eating, Yan Jing Ze has been picking up vegetables for Jiang Pingxiu. Children of Jiang Pingxiu’s age should eat more meat, but also more vegetables.

Yan Jing Ze bought two vegetarian dishes, one is stir-fried zucchini, and the other is carrot and broccoli. They are all common vegetables, but Jiang Pingxiu pointed to the zucchini and asked: “Brother, what is this…? I… I have not had it before.”

“This is called zucchini,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Jiang Pingxiu pointed at the broccoli and asked again, “What…what is this…called? I have eaten it. I… I don’t know what it is.”

“This is a broccoli,” Yan Jing Ze said again.

Jiang Pingxiu showed a small smile again: “It’s delicious.”

The boy’s features, in fact, look very good, but his hair is yellowish, his skin is dark, his face is full of red blemishes, and his clothes are old… definitely not good-looking.

However, Yan Jing Ze thinks he is very good-looking.

Thinking so, he wants to slap himself again… Forget it, he doesn’t know where the original owner disappeared, he is using this body now, it’s better not to slap himself anymore.

A University’s meal portions are quite a lot, boys generally eat one portion, and many girls eat only half a portion.

However, Jiang Pingxiu finished his meal in two or three bites. He didn’t say anything, but Yan Jing Ze felt that he should have not eaten enough.

Fortunately, a whole roast duck has a lot of meat.

“Eat more meat.” Yan Jing Ze put the roast duck meat in Jiang Pingxiu’s bowl, and after thinking about it, he said, “I’ll give you a bowl of congee.”

“No, no need…”

“Congee is free, you don’t have to pay for it,” Yan Jing Ze said. A University’s canteen in the morning will cook congee, if there is more, by noon, it will be heated up and be served with the free soup together for students to eat.

Jiang Pingxiu was a little surprised: “It’s free!”

“Well, it’s free,” Yan Jing Ze said. A University’s food is really cheap, and you can also apply for various subsidies, but the original owner shamelessly squeezed Jiang Pingxiu… This approach is really disgusting.

Yan Jing Ze quickly got two bowls of porridge. He didn’t eat it. In the end, it all went into Jiang Pingxiu’s stomach. Even the roast duck, Jiang Pingxiu ate a lot more than he did.

Children who are growing up have good appetite!

Yan Jing Ze waited for Jiang Pingxiu to finish eating, and then said: “Pingxiu, come with me to my bedroom, I have something for you.”

“Brother?” Jiang Pingxiu was taken aback. Yan Jing Ze dragged him to his dormitory, but he refused to go upstairs: “I won’t go, brother…I will make you… lose face.”

Yan Jing Ze’s eyes were a bit sore, but he didn’t force him. He asked Jiang Pingxiu to wait, then went upstairs and took the entire set of thermal innerwear and a long cotton jacket that the original owner had just bought, and ran downstairs to give it to Jiang Pingxiu.

“Brother, these are your clothes…”

“It’s yours if I give it to you.” Yan Jing Ze took out the long cotton jacket and asked Jiang Pingxiu to put it on, and asked: “Where is the car wash you work at? I will go to you in two days on the weekend.”

Jiang Pingxiu was stunned before telling Yan Jing Ze the address of the car wash.

Yan Jing Ze’s memory is very good. He remembered the address after listening to it, he then touched Jiang Pingxiu’s head and said: “Walk carefully on the way back.”

“Yeah.” Jiang Pingxiu’s face flushed red. He slowly walked forward. After walking out for a while, he turned his head reluctantly. When he turned around, he saw that Yan Jing Ze was still standing there, looking at him. Seeing him turning his head, Yan Jing Ze also waved at him.

Jiang Pingxiu hurriedly turned his head and continued to walk forward. When he reached the corner, he couldn’t help but turn his head.

Yan Jing Ze was still standing there.

His heart seemed to be packed with honey, it was so sweet that Jiang Pingxiu couldn’t help but wanted to laugh on the way back, and almost skipped as he walked.

He ate a lot of food, wore a thick cotton jacket, plus this skipping, he felt very hot, but he was reluctant to take off his clothes.

This is Yan Jing Ze’s clothes, the clothes that Brother Jing Ze gave him.

Clutching the clothes that were a little too big on him, Jiang Pingxiu couldn’t wait to never take them off for good.

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