BH (QT) 140 – Rogue Scholar (16)

Chapter 140 – Rogue Scholar (16)

Li Xiucai and others whom Yan Jing Ze knew were from wealthy families and wanted to go further.

People like them generally don’t accept students, and at most they can give pointers to their own sons and other clansmen.

And the people they know, who need to take the exam for tongsheng, basically have candidates who can guarantee for each other early.

They couldn’t help Yan Jing Ze with this matter, but they knew some news. They learned that there happened to be three children in this school who hadn’t found anyone who could participate in the county test with them, so they let Yan Jing Ze come over.

Yan Jing Ze wanted to talk to people well, but it didn’t seem to work…

Fortunately, after being frightened by him, this xiucai can finally talk well.

“You… what do you want?” the xiucai asked.

“I heard that in your school, there are three students who are preparing to take the county exam?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

“That is indeed true,” this xiucai replied.

“Wei Lingxiu and I are also going to participate in the county test, so we can guarantee for each other with them,” Yan Jing Ze saw that he could talk better and his attitude improved.

He just did not expect, when he finished his words, the xiucai was angry: “You and Wei Lingxiu are going to take the county exam? It’s really degrading!”

Immediately afterwards, the students in this school who planned to take the county test also said one after another: “I don’t want to be with you!”

“Don’t even think about asking me to guarantee for you!”

“I will never be in the same boat as you!”

Why is he “dirty”? Yan Jing Ze was helpless and looked at the three students.

The three students who are going to take the county exam are not very old. The youngest is only 15 years old and the oldest is only 18.

People at this age always feel that this world is either black or white.

Although Yan Jing hasn’t caused trouble recently, they have heard the rumors of Yan Jing Ze before, and their impression of Yan Jing Ze is really bad.

What’s more, Yan Jing Ze is such a scoundrel, how dare he go to the county exam… They don’t know what to say!

They are never willing to join with Yan Jing Ze, lest they tarnish their reputation!

The three students all glared at Yan Jing Ze, and Yan Jing Ze considered it for a moment, and directly grabbed the largest of them and picked him up.

The kind of lifting with feet off the ground.

It is still cold today, this student wears a padded jacket underneath his gown. He grabbed the padded jacket and effortlessly lifted the person up, he can even swing him around…

Of course, considering that he can’t frighten people, Yan Jing Ze didn’t do that and just sneered: “You don’t want to guarantee for with me?”

The student has been studying since he was a child and has rarely had trouble with his companions. Now he encountered such a situation, the whole person was dumbfounded and shivered.

Yan Jing Ze patted his face with his other hand: “Heh, this Donggu County is my site. If you don’t listen to me, your family…”

The student was almost scared to tears!

Yan Jing Ze looked at the other two students again: “And you…”

The two students were pale.

Scholars must have integrity. They originally thought, facing Yan Da, they would be mighty and unbending, but Yan Da mentioned their family members…

Their families are not bad, but also not good, at least it is impossible to hire a bunch of people to protect them, if Yan Da went to find trouble with their families…

These three students can only be obedient.

Of course, they are just superficially obedient, but they thought in their own hearts that even if they tried not to participate in the county test this time, they would have to report Yan Da and let the county magistrate arrest him when the county test day comes!

How dare Yan Da threaten them!

These teenagers are young and exuberant, thinking about how to give Yan Da a good lesson. The more they think the more they behave obediently in front of Yan Da, this is to endure the humiliation of lying down and complete the task later.

Yan Jing Ze saw their thoughts.

These young people ah… their thoughts in their hearts show on their faces.

Yan Jing Ze smiled and took them to the place where the County Magistrate Zhu lived, and handed a greeting card to the Magistrate Zhu.

There is nothing in Donggu County that needs to be managed by the magistrate, County Magistrate Zhu is empty every day, so when he heard that Yan Jing Ze had come to visit him, he immediately let someone in.

After Yan Jing Ze entered, County Majesty Zhu also greeted Yan Jing Ze enthusiastically, and chatted with Yan Jing Ze about Lord Zhou. He of course knew about Lord Zhou who went to find Yan Jing Ze.

“Lord Zhou looked for me to discuss calligraphy…” Yan Jing Ze said what happened that day and also laughed at the joke that was made at the beginning: “At first, Lord Zhou thought I was a butcher.”

“Hahahaha!” County Magistrate Zhu laughed and looked at Yan Jing Ze, this appearance really looks like a butcher!

However, Yan Jing Ze has a bright future, this is something he cannot say.

Yan Jing Ze had a very happy conversation with County Magistrate Zhu and at the same time gave his own gifts, some of which were written by him.

Writing big characters save trouble, the time to write a copy of Three Character Classic is enough for him to write how many big characters? A gift should still be written in big characters!

“Good writing!” County Magistrate Zhu admired him, and he couldn’t help but reminded Yan Jing Ze a few words, so that he should not sell his pen and ink for money.

Scholars can’t be too tacky; it will make people look down on them.

Yan Jing Ze responded seriously.

He also understands the truth that things are precious because they are rare.

Moreover, if he writes less now and when he sees other officials in the future, he can take a large character calligraphy written by himself and send it out as a gift. If he writes too much, he will end up with his large character calligraphy everywhere… Then he will be so embarrassed to see the County Magistrate and only send his own calligraphy as a gift?

County Magistrate Zhu was also happy to see that Yan Jing Ze had agreed.

If Yan Jing Ze stopped using his amazing hand speed to write a lot of calligraphy to sell, then the prices of those calligraphies made by Yan Jing Ze in his hand will surely skyrocket!

He has to send gifts to the capital every year. Now that he doesn’t need to send money to Yan Jing Ze, he can save a lot of money—although he is not short of money, it is always good to spend less money.

The more Magistrate Zhu looked at Yan Jing Ze, the more satisfied he was.

At this time, the three students brought by Yan Jing Ze were already dumbfounded.

What did they see? They actually saw Yan Jing Ze and the magistrate talking familiarly!

Wasn’t Yan Jing Ze a scoundrel? Why was he able to talk to the magistrate about his studies?

Regardless of whether the county magistrate is just a very small official, for those students who have not even passed the examination for tongsheng, the county magistrate is their parent official, the most powerful person they have come into contact with since they were born. After that, although they had stood up, their legs kept shaking.

They are really scared!

However, the magistrate who made them afraid was so gentle to Yan Da…

What exactly is the origin of Yan Da?

The three of them were thinking about making trouble for Yan Da before, but now they can’t even think about it.

Yan Jing Ze also noticed that they had become well-behaved… He bid farewell to the County Magistrate Zhu and took the three of them away.

When he came outside, Yan Jing Ze immediately said: “You better be obedient in the future, don’t mess with me, if not…”

“We must be obedient.”

“What you will say in the future, is what we will listen to.”

The three were busy saying and one of them couldn’t help asking: “You… were you really a casino thug before?”

Yan Jing Ze glanced at him: “Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask. You all go back and I will come to you tomorrow to take you to a linsheng as guarantors.”

“Yes, there’s this… thing I’ve got the silver ready.”

“I’ll bring the money with me tomorrow!”

“My mother has also long prepared a gift for me.”

“Tomorrow you don’t have to bring money.” Yan Jing Ze said. Li Xiucai promised to guarantee for him and he didn’t charge any money.

The three students were unsure of what to do, but Yan Jing Ze has already left.

As they watched Yan Jing Ze walk away, the more they thought about it, the stranger it became – this Yan Da, what was his origin?

Didn’t they all say that he is a bully who is rampant in the country? Why does he have friendship with the county magistrate and seems to know how to read?

The three of them couldn’t figure it out, so they had to go back and ask their teacher.

Their teacher: “Are you dreaming?” How could this happen!

But it is impossible for these three students to dream together… The teacher is also confused.

This night, a few people didn’t sleep all night, and they even asked someone to inquire about Yan Da.

As for the news…

Although Yan Da has changed and returned to righteousness recently, he was really a villain before!

What? You’re saying that Yan Da studied and had to take the county exam? How is that possible? Are you confused?

Wait, you said that Yan Da knows the magistrate? You are really confused… want to find a doctor to see?

The few people who went to inquire about Yan Da: “……”

However, they at least heard a little bit of “good” news related to Yan Da. It turns out that Yan Da and the young master of the Wei family did not have an affair, it was the lady of the Wei family who wanted to deal with the child left behind by the original wife, so she deliberately set them up!

Yan Jing Ze took Wei Lingxiu to the county seat to find the three students the next day.

He hadn’t brought Wei Lingxiu with him before, he was afraid that someone would attack Wei Lingxiu with words.

Now, those students must not dare to talk nonsense in front of Wei Lingxiu.

The three students did not speak nonsense in front of Wei Lingxiu. They were the same age as Wei Lingxiu and they had a good chat with Wei Lingxiu. They also comforted Wei Lingxiu and told Wei Lingxiu not to feel sad because of the neglect of his family.

In fact, Yan Jing Ze is the same age as them, but no one realizes this.

Wei Lingxiu talked with these people before he knew the rumors outside and he was taken aback.

He deliberately avoided and never met the Wei family these days, and the Wei family couldn’t pull themselves together to find him, so much so that he didn’t even know about the Wei family.

However, according to Yan Jing Ze’s statement, Wei Jia did not remove him. Is it because of these rumors?

Wei Lingxiu was puzzled, and at this time, they had already seen Li Xiucai.

The three students and Wei Lingxiu greeted Li Xiucai one after another when they saw Li Xiucai, but Li Xiucai smiled and greeted Yan Jing Ze: “Master Yan, long time no see!”

This Yan Jing Ze, even Lord Zhou personally sought out this person, he did not dare to be arrogant!

And the last time he went to the home of Yan Jing Ze, Lord Zhou revealed some meaning, clearly waiting for Yan Jing Ze to pass the xiucai examination, and accept Yan Jing Ze as a student…

What’s more, he has seen the ability of Yan Jing Ze, with Yan Jing Ze’s talent, he will definitely have a great future!

Wei Lingxiu had seen Li Xiucai look like this last time, he didn’t care. When the three students saw this situation, they felt that the rumors they had heard about Yan Jing Ze were all false.

Maybe someone is deliberately bad-mouthing Yan Jing Ze.

Li Xiucai even called Yan Jing Ze “Master Yan”… So, how could Yan Jing Ze be a casino thug?

As for Wei Lingxiu leaving Wei’s house to live with Yan Jing Ze, perhaps he did so to ask Yan Jing Ze for advice?

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Parent Official is a kind of honorific name given to prefectures and county officials by the common people in ancient China. In feudal society, parents are the masters of their children, and at the same time, parents love their children the most. Therefore, parent officials have both the characteristics of leadership and love.

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