BH (QT) 181 – Rich Second Generation (5)

Chapter 181 – Rich Second Generation (5)

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Yan Jing Ze has the urge to beat Wen Heyan.

This Wen Heyan in front of him is the person who was caught rolling in the sheets with Lu Ruiqun by the original owner in the original historical trajectory, and is also the person Lu Ruiqun really likes.

Wen Heyan is the original owner’s university roommate.

The original owner bought his way through university. He didn’t care about studying after he went to university, but he was very good at making friends and had a good relationship with his classmates.

Wen Heyan had a bad family background and was very poor. The original owner sympathized with him, so he always gave him things he can’t use, and gave an excuse to help him do his homework to give money. As time went by, Wen Heyan’s relationship with the original owner became closer.

The original owner regarded Wen Heyan as a friend, but Wen Heyan obviously did not regard the original owner as a friend.

The original owner always stayed with Lu Ruiqun, always went to Lu Ruiqun, Wen Heyan was also familiar with Lu Ruiqun, the two of them still hooked up together…

Forget hooking up together, before the affair between Wen Heyan and Lu Ruiqun was exposed, Wen Heyan actually had the face to be a “caring brother” in front of the original owner. Every time the original owner and Lu Ruiqun had a conflict, he helped to persuade both sides.

The original owner also trusted Wen Heyan very much, and took the initiative to let Wen Heyan and Lu Ruiqun go to Lu’s internship together, and asked Wen Heyan to help him stare at Lu Ruiqun…

The original owner is really an idiot, he even led the wolf into the room.

He also didn’t think that his quarrel with Lu Ruiqun was his and Lu Ruiqun’s business. What does it have to do with Wen Heyan? Wen Heyan always apologizes on behalf of Lu Ruiqun, what is this?

Yan Jing Ze thought a lot, but at this moment, he had no time to take care of Wen He Yan—the most important thing was Lu Jingxiu.

He glanced at Wen Heyan coldly, and then went after Lu Jingxiu.

Lu Jingxiu had tried his best to walk as fast as he could, but he didn’t want to limp in front of others, and the speed would not be much faster.

As soon as he arrived at the door of his office, Yan Jing Ze caught up and stopped in front of him: “Uncle Lu…”

“Get out of the way!” Lu Jingxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze expressionlessly.

“Uncle Lu, don’t listen to him, I’m not here to find Lu Ruiqun, I’m here to find you.” Yan Jing Ze smiled towards Lu Jingxiu.

“Heh… what did you come to find me for?” Lu Jingxiu sneered.

“To have a meal with you, Uncle Lu.” Yan Jing Ze showed Lu Jing Xiu the thermos box he was holding.

Before seeing this insulated box, Lu Jingxiu guessed that Yan Jing Ze was here to deliver the food. He was thinking at the time that he could eat a little, but now…

Lu Jingxiu directly hit the insulation box: “Take it out!”

Lu Jingxiu hit the insulation box with the right hand holding the cane. With this force, he almost couldn’t stand firmly.

But he was still steady, but Yan Jing Ze was afraid that he would fall, and subconsciously helped him, so that he couldn’t take care of the insulation box in his hand, and the insulation box fell directly to the ground.

The lid of the box fell open, and the food inside fell out, and the ground was in a mess.

Lu Jingxiu glanced at the insulation box, pushed Yan Jing Ze away and entered the office, slamming the door shut.

Lu Jingxiu felt quite pathetic, it is only his turn if Lu Ruiqun does not want it.

He sat down at his desk and hit his left leg with a cane.

His left leg was conscious, and it was painful at this time, but it also made him sober.

After waking up, Lu Jingxiu regretted it again.

No matter what, Yan Jing Ze is also a young master. He is so ungrateful to him today and dropped the lunch box he brought. Even if this person loves Lu Ruiqun deeply, he is probably not willing to continue to please this gloomy uncle for the sake of Lu Ruiqun.

If in the past, he would feel that it would be good to drive away Yan Jing Ze, but at this moment, he was particularly uncomfortable.

Even if the meal was prepared for Lu Ruiqun, he can actually eat it, in the end, that was brought in by Yan Jing Ze…

Well, it’s useless for him to think so much, and Yan Jing Ze definitely won’t come back.

Because he slept well last night, the mood that had been fairly good for the whole morning became completely bad. Lu Jingxiu turned on the computer and forced himself to work.

Outside Lu Jingxiu’s office, Yan Jing Ze secretly sighed.

He knew that Lu Jingxiu was angry.

He doesn’t blame Lu Jingxiu for being angry.

He had read the memory of the original owner and knew that Lu Jingxiu’s parents favored Lu Ruiqun, and they didn’t care about Lu Jingxiu. Lu Jingxiu must have opinions on Lu Ruiqun.

Now that he thought this meal was for Lu Ruiqun, it is normal for Lu Jingxiu to be angry and didn’t want to eat.

Yan Jing Ze looked at Wen Heyan not far away, but found that Wen Heyan had already run away.

He runs very fast!

The staff on the 28th floor of Lu Jingxiu’s office is not ordinary. Even Lu Jingxiu’s assistant’s assistant is at least a graduate student. Yan Jing Ze can’t ask them to do things. He smiled and asked, “Do you know where the mop is?”

Soon someone told Yan Jing Ze where things were.

Yan Jing Ze found a mop and quickly cleaned up the food on the ground, and then asked, “By the way, where do you usually eat?”

“The company has packed lunches, which will be delivered. Of course, you can order takeaways or go to the cafeteria to eat them.”

“What does Uncle Lu eat?”

“President Lu eats boxed lunches.”

Yan Jing Ze blinked his eyes and looked at them: “Can I have a boxed lunch too?”

Yan family’s company has a lot of cooperation with Lu’s, and Yan Jing Ze has been to Lu’s several times before. Who doesn’t know that he is the second young master of the Yan family and Lu Ruiqun’s fiancé?

Of course, it’s okay for him to have a boxed lunch.

It just so happened that it was time to deliver the boxed lunch. Yan Jing Ze quickly got his boxed lunch. Lu Jingxiu’s life assistant also took Lu Jingxiu’s boxed lunch and opened the door of Lu Jingxiu’s office: “President Lu, it’s time for lunch.”

“I don’t need it,” Lu Jingxiu said, he was really not in the mood to eat.

“Uncle Lu, even if you have a bad appetite, you should eat more or less.” Yan Jing Ze came out from behind Lu Jingxiu’s assistant and smiled at Lu Jingxiu.

Lu Jingxiu was stunned.

Yan Jing Ze took his boxed lunch and put it on Lu Jingxiu’s large boss table. He moved a stool over and sat across from Lu Jingxiu: “Shall we eat together?”

Lu Jingxiu thought that Yan Jing Ze had already left, but he didn’t expect that he hadn’t, and Yan Jing Ze even planned to eat with him.

Yan Jing Ze likes Lu Ruiqun so much, so much so that he is willing to stand in front of him with such a humble attitude?

Lu Jingxiu felt a little uncomfortable.

But even so, he didn’t drive him away, and he even breathed a sigh of relief.

Lu Jingxiu took his boxed lunch and opened it.

Lu’s boxed lunch for ordinary employees is two vegetarians and one meat. There are generally two types of meat dishes, and you can choose one of them. The boxed lunch for the executives is relatively luxurious. Not only are there two kinds of meat dishes, but the vegetarian dishes are fried separately instead of cooked in a big pot.

Yan Jing Ze’s boxed lunch is an executive set meal, which is the same as Lu Jingxiu’s. It contains a piece of braised pork belly and a chicken drumstick.

“This boxed lunch looks good, the meat is really fragrant,” Yan Jing Ze said, taking a big bite.

When Lu Jingxiu was begging for food, he couldn’t eat enough, and he also did things like digging through the trash can to find food.

When he was in the orphanage, the supplies were not abundant. Because of this, when he first returned to Lu’s house at the age of fifteen, he ate a lot.

As a result, as soon as he finished eating, his mother found him and talked to him specifically about table manners.

He suddenly lost his love for food.

However, in the following years, he did not eat a lot, until these two years.

Lu Jingxiu knew very well that he had some psychological disorders, and these disorders were reflected in his body, so much so that he had no appetite all year round, and he couldn’t eat anything at all.

But at this moment, seeing Yan Jing Ze eating something in front of him, he felt that this boxed lunch… seemed really good.

Lu Jingxiu slowly ate the lunch in front of him.

He used to eat only one-third, but today, he ate one-half and even ate chicken drumsticks.

As for the piece of pork belly, he didn’t touch it.

“Are you not going to eat?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

“Yeah,” Lu Jingxiu said.

“Then give me your meat.” Yan Jing Ze used chopsticks to clamp the pork belly in Lu Jingxiu’s lunch box, and ate it in two bites.

The vegetables in this boxed lunch taste ordinary, and the chicken drumsticks are not delicious. Just the pork belly, cooked in a big pot, is very fragrant!

Lu Jingxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze and then at his boxed lunch, suddenly feeling better.

Yan Jing Ze… is really not angry with him.

Yan Jing Ze also felt that Lu Jingxiu was in a good mood, and immediately said: “Uncle Lu, can I come to your company for an internship? I will be your life assistant?”

He can’t do anything else, but it’s okay to be a life assistant for Lu Jingxiu.

Lu Jingxiu didn’t want to eat before…With him, he could supervise Lu Jingxiu eating.

However, Lu Jingxiu’s face changed: “No!”

“Uncle Lu, I have nothing to do at home, so let me follow you!” Yan Jing Ze said again.

Follow him? Does Yan Jing Ze really want to follow him, or does he want to come to the company to accompany Lu Ruiqun?

When Lu Ruiqun came to the company for an internship, Yan Jing Ze wanted to come to Lu’s and stay with Lu Ruiqun. He refused without hesitation at the time, and now it is even more impossible to agree.

“Don’t even think about it!” Lu Jingxiu said, then looked at Yan Jing Ze after speaking, “I have to work, you go out!”

“Uncle Lu.”

“Get out!” Lu Jingxiu said. He would never allow Yan Jing Ze and Lu Ruiqun to go under his nose!

Yan Jing Ze touched his nose and didn’t want to leave, but Lu Jingxiu’s life assistant had already opened the door.

“Uncle Lu, I…”

“Don’t think of joining the Lu’s!” Lu Jingxiu emphasized again.

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

As soon as Yan Jing Ze left the office, he saw many people outside looking at him, that’s all, the door of Lu Jingxiu’s office was still closed.

Yan Jing Ze looked at Lu Jingxiu’s assistant and secretary who looked at him sympathetically, and gritted his teeth and said, “I can definitely enter the Lu’s!”

“Second Young Master Yan…” Those people looked at Yan Jing Ze speechlessly.

Who doesn’t know that this Second Young Master Yan is inexperienced? Their President Lu hates such a person the most, he will definitely not let him enter the Lu’s!

Yan Jing Ze didn’t leave. He took out his mobile phone and called his father and asked his father to help him. He said that he was going to practice Lu’s internship, let him come forward and talk to Lu Jingxiu.

Those assistants and secretaries of Lu Jingxiu: “…” second young master deserves to be second young master!

Speaking of it, Second Young Master Yan did this to pursue Lu Ruiqun, right? He has a deep love for Young Master Lu, but President Lu is probably going to be pissed to death.

Lu Jingxiu’s assistant team and secretarial team have a lot of people, including Lu Ruiqun’s people. At this moment, someone has already told Lu Ruiqun the situation here.

Lu Ruiqun was happy when he heard the news.

He really hates Yan Jing Ze.

Before his grandfather died, he decided to make such a marriage for him. He wanted the Yan family to be his backer. At that time, he thought it was good and agreed.

Over the years, everyone felt that he relied on the Yan family…but he never had any benefit from the Yan family!

He has half of Lu’s shares, but Yan Jing Ze can’t get half of Yan Jing Ze’s property at all. He is obviously better than Yan Jing Ze in every aspect, but in the eyes of others, Yan Jing Ze is with him to help him.

He was not convinced.

In the past few years, Yan Jing Ze has been pestering him, making him even more dissatisfied.

But he hadn’t got Lu’s yet, so he didn’t dare to tear his face with Yan Jing Ze.

Since the two are about to graduate from college, Yan Jing Ze has been thinking about getting married. He was so annoyed that he fooled Yan Jing Ze to please that uncle of his.

His uncle has never been good at facing Yan Jing Ze, and he becomes unhappy when he sees Yan Jing Ze. It would make his uncle feel uncomfortable to see Yan Jing Ze dangling in front of him. Let his uncle clean up Yan Jing Ze, how good is that?

Just like today… Yan Jing Ze came to the company for a trip and made his uncle frustrated.

However, Lu Ruiqun was just happy for a short while before he frowned again.

Yan Jing Ze wants to join the company, it is definitely to continue pestering him, but he doesn’t want to be pestered by Yan Jing Ze…

Lu Ruiqun was thinking that, when the phone rang, it was his uncle who called.

Lu Ruiqun answered the phone and heard his uncle’s voice: “Lu Ruiqun, you will report to the H City branch tomorrow!”

“Uncle? Why?” Lu Ruiqun was anxious, he didn’t want to go to the branch office!

He had only managed to accumulate a few contacts here, so if he went to the branch at this time, wouldn’t it be a waste of his efforts?

“If I told you to go, you will go!” Lu Jingxiu said and hung up the phone directly.

Lu Ruiqun hurriedly asked people to inquire, and only then did he know that Yan Jing Ze’s father had called Lu Jingxiu, not knowing what he had said to Lu Jingxiu, and then Lu Jingxiu let Yan Jing Ze stay.

But Lu Jingxiu was probably in a bad mood, so he let out his anger and transferred him away!

“F*ck!” Lu Ruiqun cursed secretly. Yan Jing Ze, this guy, really knows how to find trouble for him!

Lu Ruiqun felt that he was relocated by Lu Jingxiu, because he was used by Lu Jingxiu to take out his anger, but in fact it was not.

After kicking Yan Jing Ze out of the office, Lu Jingxiu regretted it again.

In fact, it would be nice to let Yan Jing Ze stay with him for an internship.

He has a broken body and doesn’t know how long he can live. How good is it to put the person he likes beside him before dying?

It’s just that Lu Ruiqun is also a problem, and it’s best to get rid of it.

Thinking of this, Lu Jingxiu received a call from Yan Jing Ze’s father. Yan Jing Ze’s father said that he wanted his son to study with him.

Lu Jingxiu agreed, and at the same time made up his mind—he directly asked Lu Ruiqun to go to the branch.

After making this decision, Lu Jingxiu only felt refreshed.

In the previous years, even if he was jealous, he endured doing nothing, but now…

Yan Jing Ze moved towards him by himself, don’t blame him for taking them apart!

Lu Jingxiu thought for a while and called his life assistant: “You have someone take Yan Jing Ze to sign a contract that is the same as yours, and then personally send Lu Ruiqun to the branch this afternoon!”

He didn’t want the two to meet at night—Lu Ruiqun often went back to live in Lu’s house recently!

“Yes.” The life assistant agreed.

“Be sure to send Lu Ruiqun away quickly, and as long as he doesn’t overdo it, you can directly agree to any request he has,” Lu Jingxiu said again.

The assistant responded again.

When the assistant left, Lu Jingxiu felt even more happy.

He even began to look forward to Yan Jing Ze’s depressed look tomorrow.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t know what Lu Jingxiu was thinking. He only knew that he made a phone call to his father and was taken to sign a contract.

He signed the same contract as Lu Jingxiu’s life assistant, and he will need to take care of Lu Jingxiu personally in the future.

This is really great!

Yan Jing Ze happily signed the contract, and when he went to see Lu Jingxiu, he found that Lu Jingxiu was in a good mood.

He was worried that he used his own father to force Lu Jingxiu, Lu Jingxiu will be unhappy, the result… Lu Jingxiu is actually very happy? And was even kind to him?

To what extent is Lu Jingxiu’s hard mouth?

In the future, when Lu Jingxiu says “don’t” or “no”, should he not listen?

Yan Jing Ze thought about it.

Lu Jingxiu looked happily at Yan Jing Ze, but couldn’t help but sneer.

Wait for tomorrow, Yan Jing Ze won’t be able to laugh!

Yan Jing Ze, who knew nothing about what Lu Jingxiu was thinking, discovered that Lu Jingxiu’s life assistant had disappeared after he had signed the contract.

Lu Jingxiu is always inseparable from this life assistant, and Yan Jing Ze quite dislikes this life assistant. Now this life assistant has disappeared… Yan Jing Ze is even happier.

“Uncle Lu, do you have something for me to do?”

“You just stay on the side,” Lu Jingxiu said, he does not expect Yan Jing Ze to do anything, as long as Yan Jing Ze does not cause trouble.

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

Lu Jingxiu said again: “Go and sit on the sofa over there, don’t disturb me.”

After Lu Jingxiu finished speaking, he started to work, but Yan Jing Ze had no choice but to sit on the sofa that Lu Jingxiu used to treat guests.

Yan Jing Ze is very satisfied with his ability to act and progress.

He came here yesterday, but in just one day, he got close to Lu Jingxiu and became Lu Jingxiu’s personal assistant!

Will he be Lu Jingxiu’s boyfriend in a few days?

Well, this is a bit far-reaching, the most urgent thing is to think about how to take care of Lu Jingxiu.

Yan Jing Ze thought about it this way, holding a mobile phone to check how to take care of patients who are not healing well after a fracture.

The news on the Internet was very messy. Yan Jing Ze looked around and finally found a few medical e-books and read it.

The original owner is a person who can’t help falling asleep when he reads a book, but Yan Jing Ze…

He suddenly realized something was wrong.

He seems to… not forget?

He actually didn’t understand a lot of such medical books, but after reading it, he actually remembered all of them.

Yan Jing Ze carefully recalled the books he had read in the memory of the original owner, but couldn’t remember the specific content of the book at all, he could only recall a general idea.

But the things he saw and read this day are all imprinted in his brain.

Yan Jing Ze was holding the phone, and a burst of ecstasy came to his heart.

He seems to be…a genius!

He never forgets!

He has no memories of the past, and the original owner is too stupid. He was embarrassed to pursue Lu Jingxiu before, but now…

He is a genius!

He can definitely pursue Lu Jingxiu!

Yan Jing Ze jumped up from the sofa happily.

When Lu Jingxiu was not working, he had been watching Yan Jing Ze. He happened to see this scene. When he saw Yan Jing Ze, he was glowing very happy, he couldn’t help but want to smile.

But he hadn’t smile for a long time, so he couldn’t make this expression for a while.

More importantly… Lu Jingxiu suddenly realized that Yan Jing Ze might be happy to be in the same company with Lu Ruiqun.

Lu Jingxiu squeezed the pen in his hand so tightly that he almost broke it and tried to stab his left hand with it.

However, he failed to do so because Yan Jing Ze suddenly came to him: “Uncle Lu, I suddenly felt that I was quite powerful.”

Lu Jingxiu glanced at Yan Jing Ze, “You are quite amazing…”

He grew up so old, met so many people, and ended up falling in love with this person…

He even felt that he was possessed.

“Uncle Lu, I will definitely become excellent in the future. I will definitely be able to take care of you and help you,” Yan Jing Ze said again. He wondered if he could study medicine, and maybe he could heal Lu Jingxiu’s hands and feet.

Of course, this matter is not in a hurry.

The top priority is to catch up with Lu Jingxiu.

Don’t know if it was because he found out that he was a “genius”, but Yan Jing Ze’s confidence doubled for a while, so much so that he even started to think about seducing Lu Jingxiu ahead of time.

Lu Jingxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze, and his heart was pounding again.

But he suddenly remembered one more thing.

Before, Yan Jing Ze patted his chest in front of him, saying that he will become a useful person in the future, so he can rest assured that Lu Ruiqun will be handed over to him…

Lu Jingxiu’s heart sank again, and once again drove Yan Jing Ze to stay on the sofa.

With Yan Jing Ze in, Lu Jing Xiu got off work at normal time this day and took Yan Jing Ze’s car home.

As soon as he entered the car, he smelled the smell of Lu Ruiqun’s favorite perfume.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t notice the perfume problem at all: “Uncle Lu, let me send you when you go to and get off from work in the future!”

“This is what you said,” Lu Jingxiu said.

“I said it.” Yan Jing Ze laughed: “Uncle Lu, are you willing?”

“Turn a corner ahead, there is a place for selling cars over there,” Lu Jingxiu said suddenly.

“What are you going there for?” Yan Jing Ze was puzzled. The place where Lu Jingxiu said that sold cars was a dealership in their city that specializes in luxury cars…

Lu Jingxiu said, “Your car is too bad! I won’t sit in it!”

Yan Jing Ze: “…” His car costs several million! It’s a bit more expensive than what Lu Jingxiu usually sits in. What’s the difference?!

But his car is more fashionable, Lu Jingxiu may not like it…

Yan Jing Ze led Lu Jingxiu and stopped at the place where the car was sold.

Lu Jingxiu got out of the car and walked in with Yan Jing Ze: “Which car do you want, pick it yourself.”

When he used to make money, he thought about spending money on someone he liked, and now he has a chance.

Unfortunately, this person is not his.

Lu Jingxiu thought so, his expression was gloomy.

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In the future, when Lu Jingxiu says “don’t” or “no”, should he not listen? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Oho…

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