BH (QT) 182 – Rich Second Generation (6)

Chapter 182 – Rich Second Generation (6)

Yan Jing Ze followed Lu Jingxiu, thinking that the way Lu Jingxiu said “Which car do you want, pick it yourself” was particularly handsome.

Besides, it gave him… a strange feeling he had never had before.

Except for his parents and brothers, he used to be the one who spent money on others, but no one wanted to spend money on him so magnanimously.

Ahem, this feeling of eating soft food without working is quite cool.

“That’s what you said, just take my pick!” Yan Jing Ze looked at Lu Jingxiu.

“I said so,” Lu Jingxiu said with a gloomy face.

As soon as the two entered the door, two salesmen came over, and Yan Jing Ze asked directly, “Where are the most expensive cars you have here?”

This car city has a special showroom for the most expensive cars, and as soon as he entered, he saw several models of cars.

The original owner’s parents know the original owner very well, they know that the original owner certainly cannot manage the company cannot make a lot of money. Afraid that the original owner would spend money recklessly, spend all the money and be miserable in his old age, they repeatedly urged the original owner to pay attention to saving money.

The original owner is still obedient and knows this fact, so he spends his small money casually, but never buys luxury cars or the like. The car he drives now is still given by his parents when he was an adult four years ago.

Because of this, Yan Jing Ze didn’t know much about cars, so he asked the salesman directly: “Which car has the best safety features? It needs to be spacious enough!”

The car that Lu Jingxiu uses now is the same car left by Old Master Lu, and it’s time to change it.

The salesman introduced it immediately, and the conversation with Yan Jing Ze was full of enthusiasm.

Lu Jingxiu watched by the side, his complexion getting worse and worse—he saw that the salesman was not pleasing to the eye!

The salesman couldn’t help asking Yan Jing Ze: “Would you like to look at lower-priced cars?”

As soon as the two of them came in, the salesman had already gone up to receive them, knowing that it was the man with a gloomy face and a little physical disability who wanted to buy a car for this sunny and handsome silver-haired man.

The disabled man looked very unhappy… The silver-haired man in front of him, would it be better for him to choose a cheaper car?

Even if you want to dig money from the gold master, you can’t dig so much at once!

However, he’s really envious of rich people, someone who has physical disabilities can still raise such a handsome young man.

He also envies this young man who looks good and can find such a rich boss to take care of him.

“No, I’ll buy this one.” Yan Jing Ze pointed to a car worth more than seven million yuan.

Those expensive sports cars are actually not in line with Lu Jingxiu’s temperament. From his perspective, he still thinks this car is the best, low-key luxurious and safe enough.

“Have you chosen? Then hurry up and buy it.” Lu Jingxiu stood up.

He thought he was a little stupid. Even if he was not happy with the car that carried Lu Ruiqun, he did not need to buy one so urgently…

Who will ride this car in the future!

Maybe Yan Jing Ze will quit tomorrow and chase Lu Ruiqun to the branch office.

He looked more and more gloomy, Yan Jing Ze turned his head and said to him: “Where is your card? Where’s your ID card? I’ll go through the formalities.”

Lu Jingxiu’s face was blue, he gave Yan Jing Ze his wallet.

Yan Jing Ze took his wallet and said: “You wait here for a while, I’ll go over there to complete the procedures.”

By this time, the salesman was already admiring Yan Jing Ze to the core.

The gold master is angry like this, but this person is still so nonchalant to ask the gold master for money directly!

He is not afraid that the gold master will not want him anymore?

The salesman brought Yan Jing Ze to go through the formalities, while Yan Jing Ze opened Lu Jingxiu’s wallet.

There were very few things in Lu Jingxiu’s wallet, that is, seven or eight cards. He took out Lu Jingxiu’s ID card without taking anything else. Then he took out another card from his pocket and put them on the table together: “Swipe the card and put the car under his name.”

He’s chasing someone! Chasing someone!

Definitely can’t let Lu Jingxiu buy a car for him.

Yan Jing Ze decided to buy a car for Lu Jingxiu.

When the salesman saw this scene, he was stunned for a while.

He thought it was the disabled boss who bought the car for the little wolf dog, but… the little wolf dog bought the car for the boss?

Just when he was wondering, his boss came.

When someone wants to buy a luxury car like this, the boss will basically come… and this boss walks to Yan Jing Ze in surprise: “Second Young Master Yan? Second Young Master Yan, you want to come, why don’t you say hello to me in advance?”

Salesman: “…” Looking at the attitude of the boss, this little wolfdog’s identity is not ordinary.

So, what happened to him?

This young master has a special preference?

“I decided to come here temporarily.” Yan Jing Ze smiled and asked, “Can I pick up the car right away?”

“Yes.” The boss didn’t hesitate: “But it’s definitely too late to get the license plate.”

Under normal circumstances, of course, you can’t pick up the car on the same day, but the second young master asked, he can’t reject it!

It didn’t take long for Yan Jing Ze to return to Lu Jingxiu’s side: “Uncle Lu, the car is ready, let’s go home.”

Lu Jingxiu frowned: “Is it ready?” The card was swiped, he must sign it, right? How come he wasn’t asked to sign?

“Yes, I bought it.” Yan Jing Ze said: “Let’s go home quickly, I’m hungry.” Today, Lu Jingxiu left work with him at five o’clock, but this delay…It’s seven o’clock now!

“What’s going on?” Lu Jingxiu asked.

“How can I spend your money? I bought it myself,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Lu Jingxiu frowned: “I said I’ll buy it for you…”

“I bought it myself!” Yan Jing Ze said: “Let’s go Uncle Lu, let’s go drive a new car.”

Lu Jingxiu got on the car, still a little unhappy.

He also thought that he bought a car and gave it to Yan Jing Ze, so that Yan Jing Ze would not be allowed to use the car to send others. As a result, Yan Jing Ze bought it himself…

It was already dark. Lu Jingxiu was sitting in the car, feeling that his heart was also dark and heavy.

After a while, he sneered again.

Even though he had a good impression of Yan Jing Ze before, he has never suffered as much as he is now… Is his illness more serious?

Leaning back in the chair, Lu Jingxiu closed his eyes.

His head always hurts for a while, and it is also hurting now. He did this, in fact, he wanted to close his eyes and rest his mind, but he did not expect to fall asleep in a daze.

He dreamed that he was twenty-six years old, the year he first returned to China, and his father was in the middle of a property distribution.

It was said that he and Lu Ruiqun shared the property evenly, but in fact, it was really only the shares that was evenly divided, his father had privately given Lu Ruiqun many other things.

His father also found a marriage contract for Lu Ruiqun.

He had looked on coldly, but in his dream, he became angry and asked reluctantly, “Why are you all partial to him? Why is everything his?”

Lu Jingxiu woke up with a jolt, only to find that he was almost home.

He silently watched the scene of the car going backwards, and when he got home, he immediately opened the door and got out of the car.

In a rare instance, the door of the house was open, and as soon as Lu Jingxiu entered, he heard the nanny said, “Young Master Yan said you were about to arrive, and indeed it was very soon. Master, I will serve you food.”

Lu Jingxiu didn’t wait for Yan Jing Ze and sat at the dining table.

The nanny served him a meal and asked, “Master, Young Master Yan went to bring you food, why was he gone for so long?”

“Bring food to me?” Lu Jingxiu was stunned.

“Yes.” The nanny said, “Young Master Yan said he was bored at home, so he went to bring you food.”

The nanny is actually a bit afraid of Lu Jingxiu, and normally will not talk to him. It was Yan Jing Ze who asked her to ask this question at this moment.

After wrapping wontons with Yan Jing Ze yesterday, she was a lot closer to him, plus this was not a false statement, so she listened to Yan Jing Ze and asked this question specifically.

Lu Jingxiu was stunned.

So, Yan Jing Ze really went to give him food?

Just as he was thinking this, Lu Jingxiu saw Yan Jing Ze, who had parked his car, come in.

“Uncle Lu.” Yan Jing Ze smiled at Lu Jingxiu.

Lu Jingxiu: “Dinner is ready.”

Yan Jing Ze sat in front of Lu Jingxiu, ate with Lu Jingxiu, and praised each dish by the way, saying that they were all delicious.

Seeing Yan Jing Ze’s appetite, Lu Jingxiu ate a lot without holding back, tasting every dish.

After dinner, Yan Jing Ze said, “Uncle Lu, shall we go to the movie room to watch a movie?”

“I still have things to do.” Lu Jingxiu got up and headed upstairs.

Yan Jing Ze reluctantly watched him leave and went to see Aunt Wang, the nanny: “Aunt Wang, did you tell him what I asked you to say?” He specifically asked the nanny to say that, because he didn’t want Lu Jingxiu to think that the meal was for Lu Ruiqun.

He wouldn’t give Lu Ruiqun food!

Aunt Wang said: “I have said it! Young Master Yan, I think you are right, Master is not a bad person.”

She was afraid of Lu Jingxiu before, but after being urged by Yan Jing Ze to talk to Lu Jingxiu, she suddenly felt that Lu Jingxiu wasn’t that scary.

“Of course, he is not a bad person.” Yan Jing Ze laughed.

It was already eight o’clock in the evening when they had dinner today, and Yan Jing Ze didn’t think about making a snack.

He went back to his room and started calling people to send some medical books to him.

The original owner was very stupid. The original owner’s parents really did not intend to give him the Yan family’s company. But they gave him some shares and gave him some other properties, so he would never lack food and drink in his life.

The original owner had no ambitions, and Yan Jing Ze also had no ambitions. Before, he had nothing to do besides pursuing Lu Jingxiu.

But since discovering that he had the ability to easily remember, he suddenly had a goal.

He is going to study medicine!

Lu Jingxiu’s arms and legs were originally intact. After surgery, perhaps his condition could be better.

If not, he can also help Lu Jingxiu adjust his body.

Of course, this thing cannot be rushed, now he will read a lot of medical texts first, and try to pursue Lu Jingxiu.

When Yan Jing Ze was tossing the medical books, Lu Jingxiu was watching the surveillance.

He specifically called the security office of Lu’s, and asked someone for the surveillance of Yan Jing Ze after he arrived at Lu’s today.

He also remembered the time when Yan Jing Ze arrived at Lu’s, so soon, the security office found the surveillance video and sent it to him.

There was no sound from the surveillance, but Lu Jingxiu noticed that Yan Jing Ze did not say much to Lu Ruiqun on the stairs on the 27th floor. He went upstairs after a few words.

Lu Ruiqun found him first.

Lu Jingxiu found out the surveillance at home again, and saw that after he left in the morning, Yan Jing Ze was cooking with the nanny.

He is not picky and doesn’t care about what he eats, while Lu Ruiqun likes spicy food.

The food in the Lu family used to be spicy, but since he became the owner of the house, he stopped letting the nanny cook spicy dishes, saying that he didn’t like spicy food.

The dishes that Yan Jing Ze cooked today were not spicy.

Yan Jing Ze really came to give him food today.

Although Yan Jing Ze approached him and contacted him for Lu Ruiqun, Yan Jing Ze did not give him what Lu Ruiqun didn’t want.

Lu Jingxiu pulled the monitor closer, and started to watch again, while watching, he slowly fell asleep.

He still woke up suddenly in the middle of the night, but being able to sleep for a while is already precious to him.

After Lu Jingxiu woke up, he was in a good mood, and he even looked forward to going to work with Yan Jing Ze.

But… Lu Ruiqun is not in the company.

Yan Jing Ze probably already knew about this last night. Will Yan Jing Ze still go to the company with him now?

Moreover, Yan Jing Ze gave him food yesterday, perhaps just to join the company and be with Lu Ruiqun. Now that things didn’t work out, he is probably very upset.

The more Lu Jingxiu thought about it, the more headache he got, so he simply got up to work.

He opened the door on time and saw Yan Jing Ze standing at the door: “Uncle Lu, good morning.”

Yan Jing Ze was all smiles and could not see any unhappiness.

Lu Ruiqun… hasn’t told him what happened yet?

Lu Jingxiu sat at the table and found that there were small wontons in today’s breakfast, in addition to fried egg cakes and cut fruits.

“Master, I think you like to eat small wontons, so I made them again,” Aunt Wang smiled.

Lu Jingxiu glanced at Aunt Wang and used a spoon to scoop a wonton to eat.

The wontons were just served and it was quite hot. Lu Jingxiu was scalded without paying attention, frowning.

“Did you get scalded?” Yan Jing Ze, who was eating an egg cake, had been paying attention to Lu Jingxiu and asked worriedly.

“It’s okay,” Lu Jingxiu said.

“Today’s wontons are a little hot, let me blow on them for you.” Yan Jing Ze took Lu Jing Xiu’s bowl of wontons and started blowing.

However, after blowing a few times, Yan Jing Ze realized that something was wrong.

This kind of behavior is really too intimate, is Lu Jingxiu still willing to eat the wontons he blew…?

But he has already brought the wonton over and blown it…

Yan Jing Ze bit his scalp, let Lu Jingxiu’s bowl of wontons cool off, and put it in front of Lu Jingxiu with a little embarrassment.

He was ready for Lu Jingxiu not to eat.

He even thought he was brain-dead, Lu Jingxiu was so old, he still needed his help to blow the wontons?

Yan Jing Ze was upset, and Lu Jingxiu was actually embarrassed.

This wonton… Does he want to eat it or not?

Lu Jingxiu just pretended not to know, and ate it expressionlessly.

Yan Jing Ze felt like fireworks exploded in his heart when Lu Jingxiu ate his first wonton.

When Lu Jingxiu finished eating the whole bowl of wontons, his heart beat faster and faster.

He had realized before that Lu Jingxiu shouldn’t hate him, and now he is extremely sure of this.

Even… he felt that Lu Jingxiu should like him.

No, he doesn’t necessarily ‘like’ him…what is there to like about the original owner? As for him… it has only been two days since he crossed over!

It may be that not many people have been good to Lu Jingxiu before, and on the rare occasion that someone is good to Lu Jingxiu, Lu Jingxiu will not refuse.

So, for this person Lu Jingxiu, pestering is very useful.

Maybe he can be bolder!

Yan Jing Ze was so happy that he kept laughing on the way to the company with Lu Jingxiu.

Lu Jingxiu looked at his smile with particular displeasure.

He was so happy to go to Lu’s?

He took Yan Jing Ze upstairs and entered his office, thinking that Lu Ruiqun’s affairs cannot be concealed… Lu Jingxiu suddenly looked at Yan Jing Ze and sneered: “Lu Ruiqun was transferred to the branch by me.”

Lu Jingxiu had already prepared for Yan Jing Ze’s face to change drastically.


Yan Jing Ze was still very happy: “Ah? That’s good! How annoying to let him dangle in front of you?” When he was pursuing Lu Jingxiu, he didn’t want to have a fiancé in the middle, it’s really good that Lu Ruiqun is not there!

When Lu Jingxiu saw Yan Jing Ze whistling and happily tidying up his dedicated table next to his, he was a bit overwhelmed by the reaction.

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