BH (QT) 183 – Rich Second Generation (7)

Chapter 183 – Rich Second Generation (7)

Yan Jing Ze tidied up his table and poured a glass of milk for Lu Jingxiu.

He specially poured the milk in an opaque mug and placed it in front of Lu Jingxiu, so that even if someone came in, they wouldn’t know that Lu Jingxiu was drinking a milk that didn’t match his temperament.

Lu Jingxiu said, “I don’t drink milk!” He has always been a coffee drinker. At first, he suffered from insomnia at night. During the day, he was too sleepy and needed coffee to refresh himself. Later, he got used to drinking too much.

In the past few years, his insomnia has become worse and he has given up coffee, but his insomnia has nothing to do with coffee.

Somehow, the bitter coffee can make him more awake.

“Drinking milk is good for your health. I like drinking milk the most. Uncle Lu, you’ll get used to it after a few more times,” Yan Jing Ze smiled at Lu Jingxiu.

He observed carefully when Lu Jingxiu was drinking milk before. Lu Jingxiu didn’t feel disgusted. In this case… it’s better to let Lu Jingxiu drink milk.

Lu Jingxiu frowned and looked at the glass of milk.

He actually doesn’t hate drinking milk, and even for a while, he liked this kind of drink.

When he first went to the orphanage, because of his poor health, the dean gave him extra milk powder to drink. At that time, he thought the milk was particularly good to drink.

Later, he returned to the Lu family and went abroad again… In those years, he did not drink less milk.

But after returning to China six years ago, no one around him poured milk for him, and he wouldn’t say that he wanted to drink milk, and gradually he didn’t drink it anymore.

“Go and sit in your place!” Lu Jingxiu said.

Yan Jing Ze smiled, and went to his place next to him. He took out the tablet to read the textbooks from the Medical University that he had asked for from someone.

After looking at it for a while, Yan Jing Ze thought of something, then took out his mobile phone and sent a message to his brother: “Big Brother, have you found evidence of Lu Ruiqun’s derailment?”

Big Brother Yan sent a series of periods to indicate speechlessness, and then said: “You just asked me to check it the day before yesterday!”

It’s only been less than two days, what can they find out?

“I’m just asking…” Yan Jing Ze replied.

Big Brother Yan didn’t reply again. After a while, he called directly.

“I’m going to answer the phone.” Yan Jing Ze said to Lu Jingxiu. As he walked outside the office, he answered the phone: “Big Brother, what’s the matter?”

When Lu Jingxiu heard the ringing of the phone, he looked up at Yan Jing Ze, and when he heard Yan Jing Ze he called “Big Brother”, he lowered his head to continue working.

When Yan Jing Ze left the office, he heard his brother say, “I just called to ask about the progress, and they said that Lu Ruiqun was sent to the branch by Lu Jingxiu, and the person you mentioned also went, which is convenient for them to do investigation.”

“Wen Heyan went too?” Yan Jing Ze was a little curious. According to Lu Jingxiu, Lu Ruiqun was transferred to the branch office. How could he also send Wen Heyan?

“Yesterday, Lu Jingxiu’s life assistant personally sent them to the branch, saying that they want to let them experience.”

It turns out that Lu Jingxiu’s life assistant sent Lu Ruiqun yesterday…

“By the way, if you really want to withdraw from the marriage, when will you ask Lu Jingxiu out? Dad and I will accompany him for a meal and mention it.” Big Brother Yan said, “Our Yan family and the Lu family have a lot of cooperation, and this matter needs to be handled properly.”

“Big Brother, I can just mention it to him,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“That’s okay.” Big Brother Yan said: “Be careful when you mention it, and push all the blame on Lu Ruiqun. If you can’t stay in Lu’s anymore, come to my side.”

“Big brother, don’t say that! How could I not be able to stay!” Yan Jing Ze said.

Big Brother Yan said: “Now Lu Jingxiu can look at Lu Ruiqun’s face and endure you. If you withdraw from your marriage with Lu Ruiqun, can he still endure you?” His brother didn’t learn anything at all in college, and he couldn’t take care of others. It is estimated that he can only add chaos around Lu Jingxiu.

“Who said he was enduring me for Lu Ruiqun’s face?” Yan Jing Ze was dissatisfied, Lu Jingxiu clearly liked him!

“Then why should he endure you? Jing Ze, although the Lu family’s situation is a bit complicated, Lu Ruiqun is Lu Jingxiu’s heir.”

“Lu Ruiqun is Lu Jingxiu’s heir?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

“All people say so.” Big Brother Yan said: “There are not a few men and women who have shown affection to Lu Jingxiu in recent years. As a result, he is very clean around him, and there is no one… His physical condition is probably not very good, and it is estimated that he will not have children. Now, since he has no children, in the future, if Lu’s is not Lu Ruiqun’s, whose will it be? “

Lu Jingxiu’s private life has been very clean these years, and many people suspect that he is not in good health at all. In addition, although Lu Jingxiu fell out with his mother, he is good to Lu Ruiqun. They all think that Lu Jingxiu is training Lu Ruiqun as his heir.

“What right does Lu Ruiqun have to inherit Lu’s?” Yan Jing Ze was a little dissatisfied.

“By the fact that they are related by blood.” Big Brother Yan said: “I have something to do, so let’s hang up first.”

Big Brother Yan hung up when he finished speaking, and Yan Jing Ze put his phone in his pocket and began to wonder how to mention to Lu Jingxiu that he wanted to withdraw from the marriage.

He has the memory of the original owner, knowing that although Lu Jingxiu does not like Lu Ruiqun, he does not hate him either.

Other than that, when Lu Ruiqun graduated from college and wanted to move back to the Lu family villa, he spoke to Lu Jingxiu and Lu Jingxiu agreed.

Because of this, when he first traversed, he didn’t rush to tell Lu Jingxiu that he wanted to withdraw from the marriage.

He, Lu Ruiqun’s fiancé, was of less weight to Lu Jingxiu than Lu Ruiqun. If he rushed to say, what if Lu Jingxiu wants to drive him out of the Lu family villa? Or what if Lu Jingxiu tells the matter to Lu Ruiqun, hit the grass to startle the snake, and then Lu Ruiqun doesn’t cheat, then what?

But since Lu Jingxiu ate his cold wontons this morning, Yan Jing Ze has become confident and feels that even if he says it, Lu Jingxiu will not necessarily drive him away.

If Lu Jingxiu really drives him away, he’ll just stick around!

Thinking about this, Yan Jing Ze went to the pantry to get some biscuits, took two cartons of milk, and walked to Lu Jingxiu’s office.

Lu Jingxiu’s office was open and someone was reporting on his work.

When Lu Jingxiu listened, his face was expressionless, but he didn’t know why, Yan Jing Ze always felt that he was a little angry right now, and he felt that he was about to explode.

Yan Jing Ze was thinking this, when Lu Jingxiu suddenly asked, “Is this how you do your job?”

The person reporting the work was cautious: “President Lu, is there something wrong?”

Lu Jingxiu was still relatively calm when he asked the question before, but now he slapped a stack of documents on the table: “What’s wrong? Everything is wrong!”

Lu Jingxiu sprayed what the man said before from beginning to end, and finally said, “You go out! Get your work straightened out and come back to me!”

The man answered repeatedly and walked out.

When he left, Lu Jingxiu grabbed the documents on the table and shredded them, and covered his forehead with his hand.

“Uncle Lu, don’t get angry with irrelevant people, come and eat some cookies?” Yan Jing Ze said.

Lu Jingxiu jerked his head up, only realizing that Yan Jing Ze had come and froze on the spot.

His temper has always been bad, and it has been worse in the past two years. He actually wanted to hit that person with an ashtray just now… Yan Jing Ze saw this situation, would he be afraid of him?

“This biscuit is delicious and it tastes especially good with milk. Try it,” Yan Jing Ze said, opening a carton of milk and pouring it into Lu Jingxiu’s cup.

Lu Jingxiu: “…”

But Yan Jing Ze had already started drinking milk and eating cookies, with a look of enjoyment.

Lu Jingxiu took a biscuit and ate it, and found that it tasted really good. His mouth was full of milky sweetness that would bring happiness.

However, as soon as he ate a biscuit, the office door was suddenly opened. At the same time, a woman in her fifties walked in from outside.

This woman is well maintained. Although there are many wrinkles in the corners of her eyes, she is not very old. She is wearing a black suit and no jewellery, but everyone knows at first glance that she is pampered.

Yan Jing Ze knew this person. This was Lu Ruiqun’s grandmother and Lu Jingxiu’s mother.

The original owner liked this woman very much.

Lu Ruiqun had always lived with this Old Madam Lu before, and every time the original owner went to see Lu Ruiqun, Old Madam Lu was very warm to the original owner.

She was always gentle and soft, took good care of the original owner, and really loved Lu Ruiqun… The original owner had a very good impression of her.

But Yan Jing Ze didn’t like her.

Lu Jingxiu obviously hates this woman, and of course he also hates her.

By the way, what did Old Madam Lu come to the company for?

Yan Jing Ze was puzzled, and he heard Lu Jingxiu ask grumpily: “What are you doing here in the company?”

Old Madam Lu showed an injured expression: “I came to see you.”

“You’ve seen me, you can go now!”

“I’m your mother, do you have to talk to me like this?” Old Madam Lu asked, still looking gentle.

Lu Jingxiu sneered, “So what exactly are you here for?”

Old Madam Lu said: “Why do you want to transfer Ruiqun to a branch office?”

Lu Jingxiu had known for a long time that his mother was definitely not here for his own sake.

In the previous years, this person had never come here.

Listening to her now… Lu Jingxiu sneered: “Those who can come to Lu’s internship are the top students, he is not qualified at all. I can let him stay in Lu’s internship is already me giving him face.”

“Ruiqun is different, he is a shareholder of Lu’s…”

“Then when the next shareholders’ meeting is held, what position he wants to hold, let him talk to the shareholders himself!” Lu Jingxiu said: “If he’s capable, he can squeeze me out.”

“Jingxiu, you can transfer him back,” Old Madam Lu pleaded.

“Impossible,” Lu Jingxiu said.

“You…” Old Madam Lu frowned at Lu Jingxiu, her brows filled with sorrow: “Lu’s originally belonged to him…”

“Get out!” Lu Jingxiu said.

Old Madam Lu refused to leave and wanted to say something. Yan Jing Ze said, “Please leave!”

Old Madam Lu looked at Yan Jing Ze: “Jing Ze, I just wanted to say hello to you… Why are you here? Come to see Ruiqun?”

However, as soon as she finished speaking, an ashtray hit her feet, and Lu Jingxiu said, “You go out!”

“I’m President Lu’s assistant, Old Madam, please go out,” Yan Jing Ze’s tone was not very good.

He understood why Lu Jingxiu disliked his mother so much.

This Old Madam Lu actually said, “The Lu family should have belonged to Lu Ruiqun”… Is there a hole in her brain?

Lu Jingxiu is her own son. Lu Jingxiu’s shares are not less than Lu Ruiqun’s shares. Lu Jingxiu has also been the chairman of the Lu’s for six years, allowing Lu’s to flourish in these six years…

Why should Lu’s belong to Lu Ruiqun?

Old Madam Lu was shocked by Lu Jingxiu’s ugly face and the ashtray, so she went out in the end.

Yan Jing Ze followed her behind.

At the door, Old Madam Lu turned her head and wanted to say something to Yan Jing Ze, but before she could say anything, Yan Jing Ze gave her a push and pushed her out of the door.

Then, Yan Jing Ze closed the door directly and locked it again.

Lu Jingxiu, who originally still had fire in his stomach: “…”

Yan Jing Ze took out his cell phone and called the secretary outside, asking the secretary to escort Old Madam Lu out.

After the call, Yan Jing Ze put down his phone and looked at Lu Jingxiu: “You should explain to them early, stop people from coming in.”

“She hasn’t been here before,” Lu Jingxiu said.

“Then wait later, go down to explain,” Yan Jing Ze said.

After Lu Jingxiu saw his mother, his head hurt, but this time…he suddenly felt better.

Lu Jingxiu looked up at Yan Jing Ze: “You go and explain.” His mother was a very successful stepmother.

Although his sister gave trouble to his father, she actually had a good relationship with his mother.

Not to mention Lu Ruiqun, his mother was the one who brought him up, and he was very close to his mother.

Speaking of it, because of Lu Ruiqun’s relationship, Yan Jing Ze was also very good to his mother before, and he even took a set of expensive jewelry and gave it to his mother.

Thinking of this, Lu Jingxiu’s head hurts again.

What is the reason for the sudden change in attitude of Yan Jing Ze? What exactly does he want to do?

“I’ll explain it later,” Yan Jing Ze said and asked Lu Jingxiu: “Uncle Lu, are you uncomfortable?”

“I’m fine,” Lu Jingxiu said.

Yan Jing Ze couldn’t see anything. He didn’t understand Lu Jingxiu’s physical condition, and could not make any suggestions. After thinking about it, he finally asked, “Uncle Lu, it’s true that you regard Lu Ruiqun as the heir?”

“No!” Lu Jingxiu said, “He is not my heir!”

He did think about making Lu Ruiqun his heir before, but now he doesn’t want to.

Even if he donated all the money, he would not give it to Lu Ruiqun.

Why does everyone like Lu Ruiqun?

Lu Jingxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze and sneered, “Even if I donate all my money, it won’t be given to Lu Ruiqun!” Did Yan Jing Ze ask for Lu Ruiqun? He will not do what they want!

“Right! That’s how it should be! Why should you give it to him!” Yan Jing Ze agreed.

In the original historical trajectory, after Lu Jingxiu’s death, the shares under his name went to Lu Ruiqun’s hands in the end, but it seemed that it took Lu Ruiqun a lot of work to get it.

Now… Lu Jingxiu will definitely not die, and Lu Ruiqun shouldn’t expect to get the shares either!

Yan Jing Ze said again: “Uncle Lu, you have to have some snacks on your things, so you can’t let people calculate it! Lu Ruiqun, this person is scheming…”

Lu Jingxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze in shock: “You said that Lu Ruiqun is scheming?”

Yan Jing Ze said, “Yes, he wants to calculate you, he also calculates me! Uncle Lu, he had a marriage contract with me, and he ended up cheating on me!”

“What?” Lu Jingxiu was stunned. Lu Ruiqun actually cheated? Yan Jing Ze is so good to Lu Ruiqun and he is so obedient, why did Lu Ruiqun cheat?

He thought Lu Ruiqun was crazy.

At the same time, a secret expectation rose from the bottom of his heart.

Lu Ruiqun cheated, then he…

“Uncle Lu, in fact, I have always had something to tell you in the past two days…” Yan Jing Ze said, “I want to withdraw from my engagement with Lu Ruiqun.”

Lu Jingxiu’s eyes were extremely sharp: “Do you really want to withdraw?”

“I really want to!” Yan Jing Ze didn’t hesitate: “He has cheated, and I am sick of him now, and I don’t want to marry him.”

Lu Jingxiu’s heart beat faster and he was ecstatic.

Yan Jing Ze wants to withdraw from marriage with Lu Ruiqun!

This is definitely a big happy event for him.

He didn’t want to see the person he liked become his nephew’s partner at all.

After the ecstasy, Lu Jingxiu thought about what happened in the past few days. He understood why Yan Jing Ze suddenly changed his attitude.

Yan Jing Ze should have wanted to withdraw, and was afraid that the cooperation between the two companies would be affected, so he came to please him.

Lu Jingxiu slowly calmed his rapidly beating heart and said: “I already said that the matter between you and Lu Ruiqun has nothing to do with me, you can solve it yourselves. The cooperation between Lu’s and Yan’s will continue.”

He really couldn’t control the marriage contract between Lu Ruiqun and Yan Jing Ze, he was just an uncle.

But the cooperation between the Lu family and the Yan family…he is willing to make a profit.

“Uncle Lu, I am relieved with your words,” Yan Jing Ze said, feeling very relieved.

He was afraid that Lu Jingxiu’s tolerance to him was because of Lu Ruiqun, but now he knows it’s not.

After knowing it… Yan Jing Ze felt a kind of floating feeling.

Lu Jingxiu should like him a little bit, right?

He must be able to catch up with Lu Jingxiu soon!

Yan Jing Ze laughed again.

Yan Jing Ze smiled so beautifully… Lu Jingxiu felt that his heartbeat that had just calmed down had picked up again. He took a deep breath and said, “I’m going to work!”

“I’ll go to the cafeteria to get you lunch.” After saying that, Yan Jing Ze went out happily, while Lu Jingxiu…

Lu Jingxiu, who had been very efficient at work and could keep working even if he was unwell, couldn’t help but wander off.

If Yan Jing Ze withdraws from marriage with Lu Ruiqun, will he have a chance to be with Yan Jing Ze?

As soon as Lu Jingxiu thought of this, he suddenly saw his left hand.

His hand was artificially made into a terrible shape in the early years, and now, although it has been operated on, it is still ugly.

Yan Jing Ze is young, handsome, and rich. Even if he breaks up with Lu Ruiqun, he can find someone else. It’s impossible to see himself, a gloomy and disabled old man.

Even if Yan Jing Ze withdraws successfully, he will probably leave him.

No one has ever liked him, loved him, right?

Lu Jingxiu took the pen and thrust it into his palm.

With a pain in his hand, he suddenly woke up, recovered and started to work.

So what if others don’t like him, he is rich!

He has actually been happier than most people.

Lu Jingxiu read a few documents, paused for a short rest, and took a sip from the water glass.

The smell of milk diffuses in the mouth, it’s really delicious.

“Sir, Sir Yan asked me to license your car…” Lu Jingxiu’s life assistant took advantage of Lu Jingxiu’s rest and said to Lu Jingxiu.

“My car?” Lu Jingxiu was taken aback.

The life assistant, who always followed Lu Jingxiu silently, showed Lu Jingxiu the car purchase invoice or something.

Only then did Lu Jingxiu know that not only did Yan Jing Ze buy the car himself yesterday, he actually bought the car for him.

Yan Jing Ze… actually bought him a car!

He knows that Yan Jing Ze’s family does not allow Yan Jing Ze to spend money indiscriminately. So, Yan Jing Ze bought this car, probably because the Yan family instructed him because they didn’t want to affect the cooperation between the two.

But he was still… very happy.

Moreover, this is his car. From now on, he will be the only one who can sit in the co-pilot position.

In addition, should he also buy a car for Yan Jing Ze?

The car that Yan Jing Ze bought for him is a relatively low-key car with good safety features. There are many people in his circle using this type of car. For young people like Yan Jing Ze, he would like to have a more arrogant and fashionable sports car?

In that car city, there are several sports cars that are more expensive than his car…

Lu Jingxiu thought about it, and Yan Jing Ze came in with the food.

Yan Jing Ze went to Lu’s canteen today, and specially spent money to order food and let the chef make him a few specialty dishes.

“Uncle Lu, it’s time to eat,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Lu Jingxiu ate a lot this morning and drank a lot of milk in the morning. He was actually not hungry at the moment—he was used to eating less all the time.

But Yan Jing Ze specially prepared the food, and it was so delicious…Lu Jingxiu took a bite after bite, and also ate a lot.

“Uncle Lu, what do you like to eat?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

“I’m not picky about food, I like lighter ones,” Lu Jingxiu said. He can eat anything without any special preferences. He prefers lighter ones simply because he doesn’t digest well and eating greasy food will make him uncomfortable.

“Okay, I will remember,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Lu Jingxiu glanced at Yan Jing Ze and ate a piece of greens.

Yan Jing Ze found that Lu Jingxiu had a particularly good attitude towards him at the moment, and he should be in a good mood…

Not knowing where the courage came from, Yan Jing Ze suddenly said, “Uncle Lu, you are so handsome.”

Lu Jingxiu was taken aback.

Yan Jing Ze said again: “Uncle Lu, I just found out that I actually like you like this.”

Yan Jing Ze finished speaking and looked at Lu Jingxiu.

Lu Jingxiu’s left hand trembled, and angrily said, “Don’t talk nonsense!”

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