BH (QT) 184 – Rich Second Generation (8)

Chapter 184 – Rich Second Generation (8)

Lu Jingxiu’s face was sullen, his brows furrowed, his gaze swept towards Yan Jing Ze like a knife.

When Yan Jing Ze said that he liked himself, his body heated up, but immediately after, he realized that it was impossible.

A few days ago, Lu Ruiqun was drunk as hell, and Yan Jing Ze even went to pick him up and took care of him.

Before that, Yan Jing Ze was even more devoted to Lu Ruiqun.

Even if he deliberately did not listen to the news of these two people, he still knew some things such as “Lu Ruiqun said he wanted something to eat and Yan Jing Ze bought it for him in the middle of the night.” “Lu Ruiqun said he was not feeling well on vacation, Yan Jing Ze immediately returned to the country”, “Some people say bad things about Lu Ruiqun, Yan Jing Ze fought with those people and made trouble in the police station” and things like that.

When Lu Ruiqun moved back a few days ago, Yan Jing Ze started to please him. Although Yan Jing Ze always talked to him, as long as Lu Ruiqun was there, Yan Jing Ze would not see him.

He was actually used to it, did not feel much uncomfortable, but now that he thinks back on it, the heat rising in the body will instantly dissipate.

Yan Jing Ze is just a sweet talker, just said it casually, right?

Lu Jingxiu looked very angry, but Yan Jing Ze, for some reason, was not so afraid: “Uncle Lu, I’m not talking nonsense, I really like you.”

The boy in his early twenties was full of vigor and looked at himself intently.

Lu Jingxiu originally wanted to reprimand, but suddenly thought of something, and asked, “What do you like about me?”

“I like everything,” Yan Jing Ze replied quickly.

Lu Jingxiu looked at him, the various intense emotions in his heart slowly calmed down: “What do you really want to do?”

“I don’t want to do anything.” Yan Jing Ze was heartbroken: “The first thing I did was to confess to you. Uncle Lu, not only did Lu Ruiqun move on, I also moved on, now I like you.”

Seeing that Lu Jingxiu looked like he didn’t believe himself, Yan Jing Ze wanted to clarify!

“You like a cripple as old as me?” Lu Jingxiu asked.

“Uncle Lu, don’t say that about yourself. A man in his early thirties is the best age for a man!” Yan Jing Ze quickly grabbed Lu Jingxiu’s left hand and kissed it.

Lu Jingxiu quickly withdrew his hand and looked at Yan Jing Ze expressionlessly.

He didn’t believe what Yan Jing Ze said.

This person changed too fast.

What kind of person, who got cheated on by his beloved fiancé, moves on so quickly without being sad?

Yan Jing Ze suddenly found him and confessed to him, maybe it was because Lu Ruiqun cheated on him and he felt uncomfortable. He found that Lu Ruiqun was not in good terms with him, so he wanted to be with him to anger Lu Ruiqun?

Such things are not uncommon, he used to have a friend who was cheated on by his girlfriend and had his heart set on finding a better one than his ex-girlfriend.

He had even read the news, after being abandoned by her boyfriend, a girl just became the stepmother of her ex-boyfriend.

He is not better than Lu Ruiqun, but he is Lu Ruiqun’s uncle, Lu’s is in his hands.

He can crush Lu Ruiqun.

It is also normal for Yan Jing Ze to pursue him, and want to be with him to give Lu Ruiqun a good slap, and make Lu Ruiqun regret it.

At this time, he has two choices.

One is to reprimand Yan Jing Ze and not to accomodate Yan Jing Ze’s acting.

Then Yan Jing Ze… is he going to find someone else?

There is another choice, which is to push the boat along the river, and play a scene with Yan Jing Ze.

Being stared at by Lu Jingxiu, Yan Jing Ze was a little uneasy: “Uncle Lu?”

“You like me, you still call me uncle?” Lu Jingxiu asked.

Yan Jing Ze: “!!!”

What does Lu Jingxiu mean by this? He confessed his love to Lu Jingxiu, Lu Jingxiu is not angry or displeased, but also intends to agree?

Yan Jing Ze called out without hesitation: “Jingxiu.”

Lu Jingxiu let out a “hmm”, put down the chopsticks in his hand, and said to Yan Jing Ze: “I’m full.”

After Lu Jingxiu finished, he picked up the tea cup next to him and took a sip of milk.

No matter what Yan Jing Ze wanted to do, he’ll accompany him, anyway, he doesn’t lose.

As for if Yan Jing Ze was not sincere to him… in fact, he didn’t expect anyone to be sincere to him.

So, thinking like this, Lu Jingxiu became more and more calm.

He has been in very poor health over the past few years. The doctor said that if he continues to be like this, he may run out of oil in a few years, or he will have to spend the future in a hospital bed.

It’s a good deal to have fun for a while without spending money before you die, isn’t it?

“Jingxiu, I will call you like this from now on! I’m full too, I’ll clean it up right away!” Yan Jing Ze stood up excitedly and cleaned up the table. When he walked out with the dishes, there was an urge to jump up.

He confessed to Lu Jingxiu, although he did not agree, but he also did not refuse!

He doesn’t even have to call Lu Jingxiu uncle, he can call him by his name!

The more he thought about it, the happier he was, and went to the cafeteria to return the dishes while whistling.

The secretaries and assistants outside Lu Jingxiu’s office: “……” This second young master is really a strange person. He accompanied President Lu, such a gloomy and grouchy person, but he’s still so happy!

Yan Jing Ze didn’t know what others thought. He returned the dishes and went back to Lu Jingxiu’s office.

In the afternoon, Lu Jingxiu had a meeting, and he could only stand alone in the empty office, but this just gave him time to think about what to do next.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t think that Lu Jingxiu liked him. The original owner was so stupid. He was sticky with Lu Ruiqun before… Lu Jingxiu couldn’t like him unless he was blind.

Lu Jingxiu will agree to his confession today, probably because he was pissed off by Old Madam Lu for a while.

Standing on Lu Jingxiu’s side… his mother was better to Lu Ruiqun, a person who is not related by blood, than to his own son, Lu Jingxiu was definitely not happy.

Now, Lu Ruiqun’s fiancé confessed to himself… If he were Lu Jingxiu, he would also feel very happy and would definitely not refuse.

But it does not matter.

With sincerity, you can achieve anything. No matter what reason Lu Jingxiu gave him this opportunity, since he has the opportunity… he must grasp it!

He must chase him!

Yan Jing Ze was in a good mood, and immediately contacted the nanny to ask her to cook more dishes in the evening.

Aunt Wang, the nanny, agreed.

Yan Jing Ze whistled and continued to read with the tablet. He felt uncomfortable sitting at the desk, so he lay down on the sofa next to him and set his feet up.

When Lu Jingxiu finished the meeting and came in with people, he saw Yan Jing Ze shaking his feet. He didn’t know what he was looking at. He didn’t hear a sound. He should be reading a novel?

Look at Yan Jing Ze looking so seriously, the novel is estimated to be very good.

Lu Jingxiu was in a happy mood for a while.

The people around Lu Jingxiu all looked at Yan Jing Ze with curious expressions—Second Young Master Yan was really incompatible with President Lu and President Lu’s office.

As soon as they came in, Yan Jing Ze stood up. He wanted to call Lu Jingxiu’s name, but he thought he hadn’t withdrawn from the marriage with Lu Ruiqun… He could only say, “President Lu, did you have a good meeting? I’ll go get you guys some water?”

Lu Jingxiu said, “No need.”

Lu Jingxiu said no, Yan Jing Ze didn’t pour water for those who followed. He only poured a cup of hot water for Lu Jingxiu—he couldn’t let Lu Jingxiu drink milk all day.

As expected, Lu Jingxiu didn’t look upset.

Yan Jing Ze returned to his position and sent a message to his brother: “Brother…I have found another partner. Can I withdraw soon? I will withdraw tomorrow?”

It took a while for Big Brother Yan to reply, and the first reply was a string of periods expressing speechlessness.

Then came the official reply: “After you two got engaged, our company had a lot of cooperation with them, and also gave each other shares as gifts. You do not have the evidence to withdraw from the marriage, can those things be returned? Will Lu Ruiqun be willing?”

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

In the original historical trajectory, Lu Ruiqun wanted to withdraw, but he couldn’t withdraw if the original owner didn’t want to. Later, the original owner was killed.

And now… Lu Ruiqun still needs the support of the Yan family, he is definitely not willing to withdraw.

At this time, if the withdrawal is going to be a big deal, it might still affect Lu Jingxiu.

“Even if you have someone you like, you don’t need to be so anxious,” Big Brother Yan replied again.

Yan Jing Ze threw the phone aside and decided to leave it alone for the time being.

He’ll first take advantage of this time to take Lu Jingxiu’s heart!

On this day, before the end of work time, Yan Jing Ze sorted out his own things.

Lu Jingxiu: “…”

The time spent with Yan Jing Ze is regarded as a reward for him, so he should enjoy it…

Lu Jingxiu took Yan Jing Ze and got off work again on time.

The team around Lu Jingxiu: “…” President Lu is… taking the wrong medicine?

He actually got off work on time for two days in a row!

Lu Jingxiu, who took the wrong medicine, got into his new car and looked at Yan Jing Ze: “You bought this car for me?”

“Yes!” Yan Jing Ze asked, “Do you like it?”

Lu Jingxiu said: “Not bad.”

“It’s good that you like it!” Yan Jing Ze was excited for a while, Lu Jingxiu liked the gift he gave, which is really great! He can send something else in the future.

Lu Jingxiu said, “Since this is my car, I will be the only one to ride in the future.”

“What about your assistant?” Yan Jing Ze was taken aback.

The life assistant who had just opened the door of the back seat was also dumbfounded.

Lu Jingxiu looked at his life assistant: “You drive by yourself.”

The life assistant could only drive away silently.

Yan Jing Ze smiled and started the car, suddenly feeling that Lu Jingxiu was a little cute.

He knew that Lu Jingxiu specifically said that because he probably didn’t want him to take Lu Ruiqun.

In the past, the original owner, with just one random call by Lu Ruiqun, will rush to pick up Lu Ruiqun!

Therefore, Lu Jingxiu really had a lot of opinions on Lu Ruiqun.

When Yan Jing Ze brought Lu Jingxiu home, the nanny who got his message had already prepared a sumptuous meal.

Lu Jingxiu actually doesn’t have much appetite, but there are so many dishes today. It must have been made by the nanny because Yan Jing Ze had explained it in advance—he didn’t like to waste and had specially explained that in the past, so the nanny only made up to four dishes.

“Jingxiu, you can try it.” Yan Jing Ze clipped a dish for Lu Jingxiu.

Lu Jingxiu ate, seeing that Yan Jing Ze ate everything, he did not hold back and tasted every single thing.

As a result, after this tasting, a problem emerged.

Lu Jingxiu’s stomach suddenly became intensely painful. The burst of pain came too fast and too violently. Even if he could particularly tolerate the pain, his brow still furrowed and cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

Yan Jing Ze has been paying attention to Lu Jingxiu, seeing this scene anxiously: “Jingxiu, what’s the matter with you?”

“It’s okay, I’ll go take a rest.,” Lu Jingxiu said.

When Lu Jingxiu stood up, he couldn’t stand up straight, and Yan Jing Ze hurriedly held him, only to find that his whole body was trembling: “Where are you uncomfortable? Do you want to go to the hospital?”

Lu Jingxiu did not want to go to the hospital: “Just call the doctor, I just have an upset stomach.”

Upset stomach? Yan Jing Ze was a little dazed, Lu Jingxiu suddenly had an upset stomach… Could it be because of eating too much?

Today Lu Jingxiu ate a lot more than he usually eats. This…

“Wouldn’t it be better to go to the hospital for a checkup?” Yan Jing Ze proposed. It was okay to call a doctor over for something as trivial as a nosebleed, but if Lu Jingxiu was very uncomfortable, wouldn’t it be better to go to the hospital for a checkup?

“I’m not going to the hospital,” Lu Jingxiu said angrily. His health is very bad, and he doesn’t want Yan Jing Ze to know.

“Okay, I’ll just call the doctor over,” Yan Jing Ze said immediately. He could feel that Lu Jingxiu really didn’t want to go to the hospital.

Lu Jingxiu didn’t want to go, then don’t go… Yan Jing Ze asked Lu Jingxiu’s personal assistant to call a doctor. Half-supporting and half-hugging, he wrapped his arms around Lu Jingxiu.

Lu Jingxiu’s aura is very strong, but the body cannot be called big. After Yan Jing Ze hugged him, he found that he was a little too thin.

Yan Jing Ze felt distressed and guilty: “I shouldn’t let you eat all the time…”

“It has nothing to do with you, my stomach itself is not good,” Lu Jingxiu said. Yan Jing Ze didn’t force him to eat it, he ate it himself.

Yan Jing Ze took Lu Jingxiu upstairs and wanted Lu Jingxiu to lie down on the bed.

“The coat is not taken off.” Lu Jingxiu didn’t want to lie down.

“I’ll take it off for you,” Yan Jing Ze said, wrapping Lu Jingxiu’s waist with one hand and taking off his coat with the other.

The two were very close together, pressing closely together. Yan Jing Ze’s breath even fell on his face. Lu Jingxiu wanted to break away, but the pain in his stomach made him unable to make any attempt.

He could only let Yan Jing Ze take off his coat, and as a result, Yan Jing Ze even started to unbuckle his belt.

“Stop it!” Lu Jingxiu’s face changed drastically.

It doesn’t matter if the coat is taken off, there’s still a shirt inside, and Yan Jing Ze can’t see his twisted arm, but there’s only a pair of underwear inside his pants!

His left leg would be seen!

Lu Jingxiu pushed Yan Jing Ze, but he couldn’t push Yan Jing Ze at all, and he couldn’t possibly go hit him…

“You lie down and I’ll help you take off your pants.” Yan Jing Ze has already untied the belt, and put Lu Jingxiu on the bed now, first quickly took off Lu Jingxiu’s shoes, and then pulled off Lu Jingxiu’s pants with both hands…

Lu Jingxiu was uncomfortable and he couldn’t stop him at this moment. Without paying attention, his legs were already exposed in front of Yan Jing Ze.

“You…” Lu Jingxiu was confused and did not know what to do.

He could never have imagined that his legs would be seen by Yan Jing Ze.

His legs were really ugly, he was very disgusted every time he saw them, what would be the reaction of Yan Jing Ze after seeing them?

Lu Jingxiu suddenly raised his head to look at Yan Jing Ze, only to see Yan Jing Ze staring at his legs with an ugly face.

Lu Jingxiu’s heart sank.

His left leg had been artificially broken when he was still developing, and those people deliberately made it crooked in order to make him look more miserable…

Now, even if it has been surgically corrected, this leg is much shorter than the other leg, and there are many scars on it. The bones in some places are even bulging, which is really gruesome.

When normal people see such a leg, they would definitely feel horrible and disgusted, wouldn’t that be the case with Yan Jing Ze?

Lu Jingxiu’s heart tumbled with fierce emotions, with the urge to destroy something, and just then, Yan Jing Ze grabbed his left leg and asked angrily, “How did you get wounds on your leg?!”

When he saw Lu Jingxiu’s leg, his heart ached, but soon, he had no time for heartache – Lu Jingxiu’s leg, surprisingly, had an injury!

Not old wounds left before, but new wounds, some small wounds, and bruises!

This kind of injury should not have been caused by others, but by Lu Jingxiu himself. Yan Jing Ze grabbed Lu Jingxiu’s leg and looked at Lu Jingxiu: “You did it yourself?”

Lu Jingxiu was stunned.

Lu Jingxiu actually harmed herself… Yan Jing Ze wanted to reprimand Lu Jingxiu, or argue with Lu Jingxiu, but looking at that leg again, he couldn’t bear it. He could only swallow his dissatisfactions into his stomach: “You… You… If I see you with injuries in the future, I will never be finished with you!

Yan Jing Ze said while positioning Lu Jingxiu’s body, he vigorously pulled the quilt beside him and covered Lu Jingxiu with it.

Lu Jingxiu stared at Yan Jing Ze dumbly.

When Yan Jing Ze saw it, he said, “What are you looking at? Do you feel justified in hurting yourself?”

Lu Jingxiu: “…”

Yan Jing Ze came to Lu Jingxiu’s side, grabbed Lu Jingxiu’s left hand, untied the sleeve of his shirt, and lifted it…

Sure enough, he saw bruises and newly scarred wounds again.

Yan Jing Ze looked at Lu Jingxiu and felt angry: “Why don’t you know how to cherish yourself?”

He had the urge to bite Lu Jingxiu and punish Lu Jingxiu, but he didn’t dare.

When he met Lu Jingxiu’s dark and sullen gaze, Yan Jing Ze kissed Lu Jingxiu’s arm: “Next time you let me see a wound, I’ll hit you!”

After the kiss, Yan Jing Ze stood up again as if nothing had happened: “I’ll get you a towel to wipe your face.”

He quickly entered the bathroom of Lu Jingxiu’s room, trying to calm his heartbeat.

He was too bold just now!

Not only did he forcefully take off Lu Jingxiu’s pants, he also kissed Lu Jingxiu!

Lu Jingxiu hadn’t reacted at all just now, he wouldn’t be furious, right?

By the way, he kissed Lu Jingxiu, which felt really good… Yan Jing Ze looked at himself in the mirror and wanted to whistle again.

But he still didn’t whistle—that would be too awkward.

There was a box of disposable facial washcloths in Lu Jingxiu’s bathroom. Yan Jing Ze took one and put away the expression on his face in the mirror before going out, and wiped Lu Jingxiu’s face with the washcloth.

Lu Jingxiu remained silent.

He was in an indescribably complicated mood at this moment.

When Yan Jing Ze saw his leg, he was ready to meet Yan Jing Ze’s disgusting look.

Even if Yan Jing Ze didn’t hate him, he certainly wouldn’t like his legs.

However… Yan Jing Ze only noticed the wound on his leg.

Not only that, Yan Jing Ze even kissed him.

The left arm, which he himself was disgusted with, was kissed.

Lu Jingxiu liked Yan Jing Ze but he had never known this person before.

This person is not his at all, even if he likes him, there is no need to get to know him.

Therefore, he knew only a little bit about Yan Jing Ze, he knew that he was a bit stupid, but he loved Lu Ruiqun deeply.

Now he knows that Yan Jing Ze is still very kind.

Why does such a person like Lu Ruiqun?

Lu Jingxiu was once again jealous of Lu Ruiqun.

Yan Jing Ze wiped Lu Jingxiu’s face, and asked, “Are you feeling better?”

Lu Jingxiu was not so uncomfortable anymore: “Yeah.”

“In the future, I will pay attention to your diet, and you should also pay attention to it. Don’t eat too much,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Yeah,” Lu Jingxiu responded again, suddenly thinking of something.

Yan Jing Ze saw his legs and arms, but he didn’t particularly hate him. In this case, would he have a chance… to catch up with Yan Jing Ze?

If he treats Yan Jing Ze better, would it possible for Yan Jing Ze to completely forget Lu Ruiqun and stay with him?

It’s just… he is such a crippled man who is ten years older than Yan Jing Ze. Wouldn’t it be not good to drag Yan Jing Ze?

Lu Jingxiu glanced at Yan Jing Ze and immediately made up his mind.

In any case, he will try.

He always wanted Yan Jing Ze to belong to him.

Thinking about this, Lu Jingxiu’s heart suddenly settled down, and the headache that always followed him became much lighter.

The doctor will be here soon.

This family doctor can deal with most common illnesses. He did a simple check on Lu Jingxiu. After confirming that Lu Jingxiu was okay, he only gave Lu Jingxiu some digestive medicine: “Mr. Lu’s stomach is not good. It is better to eat less in the future. Eat more meals, eat less each time, and eat a little more when you are hungry… the stomach can be raised well.”

“I will definitely supervise him in the future,” Yan Jing Ze said, suddenly realizing that besides studying medicine, he also has to learn cooking.

He can also learn about nutrition and help Lu Jingxiu adjust his body.

There are a lot more things to learn, but Yan Jing Ze is full of confidence in himself and believes that he will be able to learn well.

After all, he is a genius who can never forget!

The doctor left, and Yan Jing Ze asked the life assistant to leave, but he himself turned around and stayed by Lu Jingxiu’s side, not leaving.

Lu Jingxiu didn’t let him go either, why should he let Yan Jing Ze go? He likes to keep Yan Jing Ze by his side.

After a few minutes with nothing to do, Yan Jing Ze suddenly thought of something he could do: “Jing Xiu, I read online that your injured legs and arms like this need a massage, I’ll give you a massage?”

This is a really great idea!

If he gives Lu Jingxiu a massage every day, the two of them can spend a long time alone together, and what’s even better, doing massage is skin-to-skin!

They can use this to increase intimacy!

Lu Jingxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze. At this moment, his mood was unspeakably calm: “Don’t you hate my legs?”

“Why should I hate your legs?” Yan Jing Ze asked, “I just think that those who hurt you are too abominable. I can’t wait to break their bodies into pieces!”

Yan Jing Ze gritted his teeth when he spoke. Lu Jingxiu looked at him and said, “If you want to massage it, just massage it.”

Now that he has changed his mind, he doesn’t mind if Yan Jing Ze touches him.

It is impossible for him to chop off his hands and feet, and Yan Jing Ze will always see it.

If Yan Jing Ze can get used to it… Actually, it’s quite good?

As soon as Lu Jingxiu’s voice fell, Yan Jing Ze took his legs out of the quilt.

Yan Jing Ze knew that this leg couldn’t be pressed indiscriminately, and there were some bruises on it, he couldn’t bear to press it…

Yan Jing Ze grabbed Lu Jingxiu’s leg and stroked it.

Lu Jingxiu: “…” Is Yan Jing Ze giving him a massage, or is he taking advantage of him?

Yan Jing Ze also saw a little bit of Lu Jingxiu’s thoughts, and enthusiastically made up something: “I’m giving you a caress, a caress, you know? It’s good for your legs.”

Lu Jingxiu didn’t know if it was the caress or not. He only felt that when Yan Jing Ze did so, he felt that his always painful and cold legs warmed up, and he felt more and more comfortable.

The “caressing” at that moment was very regular, and even made him a little sleepy…

Although Lu Jingxiu has fallen asleep in the last two nights, he did not sleep for a long time.

Years of insomnia caused a lot of fatigue in his body. Lu Jingxiu closed his eyes and fell asleep slowly.

Yan Jing Ze caressed again… After caressing Lu Jingxiu’s leg for a while, he found that Lu Jingxiu was asleep.

He lay there, his face pale, and he looked quiet, not as strong as he was during the day, but rather fragile.

A lot of things happened today, and Yan Jing Ze suddenly realized that Lu Jingxiu might be a little lacking in love.

Probably because of this, Lu Jingxiu did not refuse his approach.

It is also this kind of Lu Jingxiu that is particularly distressing.

Yan Jing Ze stared at Lu Jingxiu for a while, put Lu Jingxiu’s leg back, and began to think about what to do next.

Should he go out quietly, or…

Yan Jing Ze thought for a while, took off his jacket and pants, and carefully lay down beside Lu Jingxiu.

Lu Jingxiu is sick and needs care, how could he leave quietly?

He wants to stay and take care of Lu Jingxiu!


The author has something to say:

Yan Jing Ze: I have always been justified in taking advantage of others!

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