BH (QT) 225 – Educated Youth (10)

Chapter 225 – Educated Youth (10)

Gu Yubao sat on the ground with his face pressed against the cold-water tank next to him. All the scenes he experienced before appeared in his mind.

He suddenly remembered that when Yan Jing Ze gave him trouble for the first time, he had talked about homosexuality.

This guy must like men!

He also thought that previously, when his brother went to Yan Jing Ze, he cried.

So, Yan Jing Ze used his matter to threaten his brother?

At first, he thought that Yan Jing Ze came to his house to grab food and drink, but in fact, Yan Jing Ze did not grab food and drink. After Yan Jing Ze came, their family’s food was better.

In addition, Yan Jing Ze taught them to read, not to fool people, but to really teach them knowledge.

Although he doesn’t like and doesn’t want to read, he has to admit that what Yan Jing Ze did is for his good, rather than trying to harm him. In just two months, he felt that his mind was much clearer and he could understand a lot of logic.

Today, his younger sister Gu Yuxian already likes Yan Jing Ze, and his oldest sister Gu Yulan doesn’t hate Yan Jing Ze. Even if him, he doesn’t hate Yan Jing Ze as much as he did at the beginning.

But at this moment, he became disgusted with Yan Jing Ze again.

He wondered why Yan Jing Ze didn’t frame others, but instead found him, because it turned out that he was in love with his brother!

Gu Yubao choked up.

He had always treated himself as a child before and never thought about what he had to do. During this period of time, he was beaten up by Yan Jing Ze and went to work in the farm. Only then did he realize that what he usually eats and drinks is hard to come by. Knowing that it was difficult for his elder brother to feed them.

In fact, his big brother has actually been having a very hard time.

He remembers some things he experienced when he was a child… Once his elder brother took him out to play, he accidentally fell and was scratched on his face. He didn’t feel it, but when he got home, his dad saw it and without saying a word, gave his big brother two slaps.

His mother made glutinous rice dumplings, and he could eat them all the time, until his stomach hurts. As for his brother, his brother would only eat them if his mother offered it to him.

After the two younger sisters were born, he never needed to care for his younger sisters, but his brother did.

There is also studying. He has been studying hard since he was a child, but his brother… Looking at his brother now, he knows that his grades were not bad at the beginning, but his brother didn’t even finish the third grade of elementary school.

And then later, his brother was only a teenager and had to support a group of them, and they were not obedient.

He, Yulan, and Yuxian were crying for their mother all day long, and Yukang was always sick… In the past few years, they have grown up one by one, but the family is actually much better. When his mother just passed away, they were scared and in a mess.

If his brother does not care about them, they may not even survive.

His brother could actually raise them casually like how his dad raised his brother, but his brother didn’t, and it wasn’t his brother who ate eggs every day before, but him.

His brother is now twenty. People his age in the village, even if he is not married, must have someone. But his brother has nothing. He recently started working and heard people say that his brother is likely to become an old bachelor.

Who wants to marry a man with four oil bottles?

His brother was miserable enough, but now, he was being targeted by Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze must have used his matter and Yuxian’s matter to threaten his brother.

Gu Yubao cried in a low voice.

Yan Jing Ze and Gu Mingxiu didn’t know someone was crying outside.

The two first-timers studied for a long time before finally succeeding, but… it went a little fast.

Yan Jing Ze had plenty of energy, but taking into account Gu Mingxiu’s body, he still held it back and put his arms in his arms: “Go to bed early.”

Gu Mingxiu was still a little dizzy. He didn’t know that men and men could still be like this… But now that they have done this, he finally felt that there was another layer of security.

Gu Mingxiu was in a good mood, and the fire on his body disappeared, after a while, he fell asleep. Yan Jing Ze heard his even breathing and fell asleep quickly.

The next day, when he was woken up by sounds outside, Yan Jing Ze got up refreshed and kissed Gu Mingxiu who was next to him.

Gu Mingxiu actually woke up earlier. He never used to stay in bed, but after being with Yan Jing Ze, he became more and more lazy. After waking up today, he didn’t want to get up, instead he kept staring at Yan Jing Ze.

He really shouldn’t be like this… Gu Mingxiu remembered, but was suppressed by Yan Jing Ze: “You take a good rest, don’t get up today.”

“Why rest?” Gu Mingxiu was puzzled.

“You were injured last night,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“That little injury is okay.” Gu Mingxiu didn’t want Yan Jing Ze to feel he was weak. Even if it was a little uncomfortable, he completely ignored it, he immediately rolled out of bed: “I have no problem at all.”

Yan Jing Ze: “…” Let’s go!

Yan Jing Ze and Gu Mingxiu got up late today. When they got up, Gu Yuxian and Gu Yulan had already made breakfast.

Breakfast is sweet potato porridge again.

Although the sweet potato has a high yield, it should not be left for too long, especially after the winter, it will freeze.

They make some dried sweet potatoes, but they won’t last too long, so recently, they all eat sweet potatoes mixed with rice.

Yan Jing Ze is still with more rice and less sweet potatoes, and he took the eggs laid by the Gu family’s chicken last night in his arms.

Gu Yubao stared at him with a particularly ugly face.

Of course, Yan Jing Ze noticed Gu Yubao’s gaze. He glanced at Gu Yubao and guessed what Gu Yubao might have discovered.

But he didn’t care, he should eat and drink.

These days, he did not only make ordinary bamboo chairs and baskets, but also made a cupboard with bamboo, more or less in exchange for some money. Instead of focusing on Gu Yubao, why not think about what to buy Gu Mingxiu to eat later…

After breakfast, Yan Jing Ze said: “I’m going to town.”

“I’ll go too,” Gu Mingxiu said.

“You rest at home,” Yan Jing Ze stopped him and gave him some homework.

After persuading Gu Mingxiu, Yan Jing Ze went back to his room to put down the eggs. Later in the evening, he will eat a snack with Gu Mingxiu. He then picked a small bamboo chair carefully made from home and headed to town.

Although he wanted to open up the market for his bamboo products, it was impossible to take too many of them to the town – it was no fun to be arrested as a profiteer.

Therefore, he only took a small and cute bamboo chair for children to take to the street.

Walk along the river for a while and you will arrive to the town.

Yan Jing Ze walked to the place where Gu Yubao had been taught before and stopped abruptly. He saw Gu Yubao rushing out of the nearby bamboo forest with a bamboo in his hand and tried to hit him.

But Yan Jing Ze’s eyesight was quick, and he avoided it, but Gu Yubao staggered and almost fell.

Yan Jing Ze kicked him on his ass and kicked him to the ground. He snatched the bamboo pole and hit his leg with a bamboo pole: “Boy, you’re so courageous! You dare make a move on me!”

At breakfast today, Gu Yubao’s expression was wrong. He wondered that this guy must want to do something. As expected, this guy was lying in ambush on his way to the town and wanted to do something to him.

Unfortunately, he was always alert, so how could he possibly fall into his trap?

“You bastard! Yan Jing Ze you…ah!” Gu Yubao was halfway through when he was beaten down by Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze said: “Before you do something, it’s best to think about it first. Your little life is in my hands.”

Gu Yubao opened his mouth and suddenly burst into tears.

“Get up and follow me,” Yan Jing Ze said. It is not a busy time in the farm recently. He may encounter acquaintances on the road. Gu Yubao is crying like this, it is not good to be seen by others.

Gu Yubao got up and walked behind Yan Jing Ze.

“Did you see it last night?” Yan Jing Ze asked. He doesn’t know why, he was particularly alert, and last night, he felt someone was watching.

That person was obviously one of the few in the Gu family, so he didn’t care—he and Gu Mingxiu’s things could be kept from the outside, and they must be kept from the outside, but they didn’t need to keep it from the family, nor could they keep it.

Most importantly, he had been reprimanding these people for two months and had them in his grasp. He believed that they would never report.

“You are shameless, you bully my brother!” Gu Yubao said.

Yan Jing Ze gave Gu Yubao a curious look: “I didn’t expect you to stand up for your brother.”

“Of course, I want to stand up for my brother!” Gu Yubao said, “You… did you harm me in the first place, was it because of my brother?”

“Yes,” Yan Jing Ze directly admitted.

Gu Yubao wiped a tear: “How can you do this!”

“Why can’t I do this?” Yan Jing Ze asked with a smile.

Gu Yubao gritted his teeth: “My brother is really pitiful, can you stop bullying my brother?”

“No.” Yan Jing Ze refused, and said: “By the way, don’t even think about reporting or something. If this matter is really discovered, I may become miserable, but your brother will be just as miserable. Besides, I still have your and your sister’s handles on my hands.”

Gu Yubao looked at Yan Jing Ze with a cold expression, only to feel a chill gushing from his feet and rushing to the top of his head.

Yan Jing Ze is so terrible, their whole family is in the hands of Yan Jing Ze, and they can’t escape.

He hadn’t actually thought about making a report. Now that Yan Jing Ze talked about it, he thought of this, and then he remembered the first time Yan Jing Ze approached him, he framed him.

He really wants to report it, but he’s afraid his brother will be miserable, but Yan Jing Ze can still escape!

Gu Yubao suddenly made up his mind: “Can you stop looking for my brother, or you just find me and let my brother go.”

Gu Yubao burst into tears with his snot and tears, as if letting go.

In any case, his brother followed this Yan Jing Ze because of him… His brother has been really good to him over the years, and he should do something for his brother.

Yan Jing Ze shuddered and moved a little away from him: “Just with your looks, don’t even try to stick to me.”

Gu Yubao cried again.

Yan Jing Ze saw him doing this and said, “Gu Yubao, your brother is willing to be with me.”

Gu Yubao was taken aback.

Yan Jing Ze said: “He was unwilling at first, but now he is willing… He grew up this old and no one has been good to him. I give him something to eat, coaxed him, and he gave me his whole heart and soul. He is very fond of me now.”

Gu Yubao thought about it carefully, and found that this was really the case—his brother had a very good attitude towards Yan Jing Ze these days.

Even last night, his brother did not look reluctant.

Yan Jing Ze said again: “Now you want him to leave me, he definitely doesn’t want to.”

Gu Yubao stared at Yan Jing Ze blankly: “You…you are too abominable!”

“You think I’m hateful, beat me if you have the ability,” Yan Jing Ze smiled, “Let me tell you this, the college entrance examination will be restored sooner or later. If you can get into the university by then, you might be able to trample me under your feet… If you don’t have the skills, you must do what I want.”

These days, Yan Jing Ze interacted with the children of the Gu family, and found that for the time being, they had no major problems, they were just a little bit selfish.

In the original historical trajectory, Gu Mingxiu would die, in fact, there are various aspects of reason.

It is because this era has problems, because the original owner is pressing harder and harder, and also because of the selfishness of the two – Gu Yubao and Gu Yulan.

However, these two people are young, and when they did that, they probably didn’t know that there would be such serious consequences.

Nothing has happened now, and it would be the best if they can be straightened.

As for why he said that… In this way, Gu Yubao must be more motivated to make progress.

In addition… Gu Yubao doesn’t like him and doesn’t accept his affection even if he has been contributing so much. He can make Gu Mingxiu stay away from this younger brother.

He believed that in Gu Mingxiu’s heart, he was definitely more important than Gu Yubao.

After all, he is smart and handsome.

Yan Jing Ze blew a whistle and said to Gu Yubao: “Gu Yubao, your brother used to value you the most. Now it is me who he valued the most. He is so obedient to me, always afraid that I will not want him.”

“Who made him live a hard life before that he never even thought about getting married for the sake of you younger siblings? Now I’m willing to stay with him, and he is very happy.”

“He listens to me very much. I told him that I would educate you, and he gave you all to me.”

Yan Jing Ze said while bringing Gu Yubao to the town.

Gu Yubao’s eyes were already rubbed red.

His brother was deceived by Yan Jing Ze.

If the college entrance examination can be resumed, Yan Jing Ze will definitely be admitted, and then he will return to the city, then what will his brother do?

Also, his brother is a man, and Yan Jing Ze is just playing with his brother, right? If Yan Jing Ze doesn’t want his brother someday…

But he can’t do anything, after all, he is so useless!

Gu Yubao thought about it and found that he still had to study.

Regardless of whether the college entrance examination can be restored or not, he will study more, go to high school, and go to the town to take the recruitment exam… As long as he can overpower Yan Jing Ze, his brother will be able to live well! Yan Jing Ze will not dare to bully his brother!

Gu Yubao wiped his tears, followed Yan Jing Ze into the dormitory building of the fertilizer factory, and then saw Yan Jing Ze calling a woman who is old enough to be his mother “sister”.

Yan Jing Ze is really good at pleasing people and talking nonsense to people!

He must think of ways to protect his brother!

When Gu Yubao was thinking in his heart, Yan Jing Ze was also thinking.

When he comes back, he will file a complaint to Gu Mingxiu, say that Gu Yubao ambushed him on the way and wanted to beat him!

When the time comes… he can beat Gu Yubao again!

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