BH (QT) 226 – Educated Youth (11)

Chapter 226 – Educated Youth (11)

Yan Jing Ze used that small chair to exchange a meat ticket with a woman in her forties in the staff dormitory of the fertilizer factory.

For the people in the town, eating meat is important, but it’s no big deal to eat less meat and change a chair for your children.

This kind of bamboo chair can generally be used for several years, and it is very strong. Later, the women who came here regretted being late and failed to exchange.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t leave, chatted with these people, and talked about the various bamboo products that can be bought in their village.

“Does your village collectively do this?” someone asked.

Yan Jing Ze was taken aback, chatting with them while quietly inquiring, combined with the previous things, he suddenly got an idea.

These days, profiteering is not allowed, but as long as it is done by a community, many things can be possible.

For example, if he sells bamboo products, it will not work if he sells it personally, but if the whole village of Shangmu Village does this business collectively, it will be fine.

In the village next to them, there is a paper mill. This paper mill cannot produce good paper. It can only produce paper that allows people to wipe their buttocks after going to the toilet, but it also makes the lives of the villagers in that village much better.

In addition, their villages all grow mulberry and raise silkworms. They cannot be raised and sold by a single family, but if they are kept in the village and sold together, there is no problem.

Yan Jing Ze also didn’t intend to make a fortune by relying on the bamboo products. But he could rely on the village collective to build a bamboo products factory.

Although the original owner had been in the countryside for two years, he didn’t pay attention to these things, Yan Jing Ze didn’t know it before. Now when he thinks about it… he decided to get things done today.

Yan Jing Ze said a mouthful of “sister” sweetly.

Several middle-aged women in the fertilizer factory who have given their jobs to their children are now taking care of their grandchildren and cooking at home. They all smiled and talked to Yan Jing Ze about a lot of things.

At the same time, someone asked Gu Yubao: “Who is this child?” When they talked to Yan Jing Ze, the child looked at them with a bitter and hateful look…

Yan Jing Ze smiled and said, “This is the younger brother of the family, who is in conflict with me.”

“I’m not your brother!” Gu Yubao said angrily.

Yan Jing Ze showed a helpless smile.

Those women said one after another: “Xiaoyan ah, don’t be too soft-tempered.”

“If the child is disobedient, you have to beat him.”

“This child really doesn’t know how to behave, no respect for his brother at all.”

Gu Yubao: “…”

Yan Jing Ze is too hateful, too evil!

Gu Yubao had to admit that he couldn’t deal with Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze has such an ability, no wonder he can coax his brother.

He followed Yan Jing Ze to sell chairs, and followed Yan Jing Ze to buy pork. On the way home with Yan Jing Ze, Gu Yubao kept thinking that he must grow up quickly and that he must protect his brother.

By coincidence, they saw his brother as soon as they got home.

Gu Yubao’s eyes were sour: “Brother…”

“Jing Ze,” Gu Mingxiu’s eyes lit up when he first saw Yan Jing Ze, “Are you tired?” His mouth was dumb, but he still wanted to care about Yan Jing Ze. He decided earlier, when he comes back home, he would ask Yan Jing Ze if he was tired.

The words Gu Yubao had not yet spoken could not be said. He also noticed how his elder brother’s eyes were bright after seeing Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze is right. His elder brother is now willing to be with Yan Jing Ze. His elder brother should like Yan Jing Ze very much.

“I’m not tired.” Yan Jing Ze said with a smile: “Mingxiu, I bought some pork, let’s make braised pork for dinner later.” Yesterday was his and Gu Mingxiu’s wedding night, today he wanted to give Gu Mingxiu something good to eat.

“Pork requires a lot of money…” Gu Mingxiu felt a little painful.

“I want to eat.”

“If you want to eat, buy it, and eat more later.” Gu Mingxiu immediately changed his mind.

Gu Yubao: Does his brother like Yan Jing Ze so much?

Only then did Gu Mingxiu notice Gu Yubao, who was red-eyed and a bit of a mess, behind Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze hugged Gu Mingxiu all day long. The two did the most intimate thing last night. Even if Gu Mingxiu didn’t know how to get close to people, his attitude towards Yan Jing Ze would be more natural.

But for the younger brother Gu Yubao…

When Gu Yubao was in the fourth and fifth grades of elementary school, he felt that Gu Mingxiu was not as smart as him, and he didn’t like Gu Mingxiu to take care of himself. Naturally, Gu Mingxiu couldn’t get too close to him.

Gu Mingxiu deliberated for a while and asked, “Yubao, what’s the matter with you?”

Gu Mingxiu is obviously closer to Yan Jing Ze than to himself!

Gu Yubao was sad, and then he heard Jing Ze say: “Mingxiu, this child, Yubao, still needs to be taught properly, he actually ambushed me on my way to town and tried to beat me.”

What? Gu Yubao wanted to beat up Yan Jing Ze? Gu Mingxiu’s brow furrowed, “Yubao, how can you do this!”

“Brother! I didn’t hit him, he was the one who hit me!” Gu Yubao shouted.

“Yes, he didn’t hit me, he was taught a lesson by me.” Yan Jing Ze admitted directly: “But this nature of his is really bad… he has to be honed more.”

Gu Mingxiu also said: “Yes, this is not good… Yubao, you…” He wanted to teach others, but he didn’t know how to say it.

Yan Jing Ze quickly said, “Mingxiu, I will help you teach him.”

“Good.” Gu Mingxiu agreed.

Gu Yubao was full of grief and anger.

His eldest brother has Yan Jing Ze, so he just ignores them? How could this be.

Yan Jing Ze looked at Gu Yubao gleefully.

He knows that Gu Yubao must be very entangled now. In metaphorical words… he should be like a child who was loved by his father before, but unexpectedly, one day his father married a stepmother, and this stepmother pretended to be a good person in front of his father, but tormented him in private, but his father is biased and trusts his stepmother more…

Aiyo, he felt that Gu Yubao was a bit pitiful.

Yan Jing Ze picked up Gu Yubao: “Go, cut the bamboo!”

Where there are bamboos, it is difficult for other plants to grow. The bamboo forests here are not taken care of, they grew next to each other, so no children come here to play.

It’s quite quiet here.

Yan Jing Ze asked Gu Yubao to saw the bamboo, as for him, he leaned on a bamboo and said, “Gu Yubao, you think I’m lying to your brother, are you angry?”

“Yes!” Gu Yubao said.

Yan Jing Ze sneered: “After he was with me, I gave him food to eat and drink, you didn’t notice that he has become fat? You younger brothers and sisters only suck blood from him.”

“He earned all the money in your family. He never wore new clothes for the Chinese New Year.”

“You eat eggs every day, what about him? I shared half an egg with him before, and he was moved to death.”

“Even being with me, he did it for you…”

Gu Yubao became more uncomfortable as he listened.

Yan Jing Ze said again: “In this world, only I treat him a little better.”

“I will also be good to my brother.”

“What are you capable of doing for your brother? Can you keep him full or keep him warm?” Yan Jing Ze hit Gu Yubao with a bamboo pole: “Get to work, don’t just talk and not work.”

Yan Jing Ze told Gu Yubao so much because he didn’t want Gu Mingxiu’s dedication to be ignored.

This is quite useful. After two months, whether it was Gu Yubao or Gu Yulan, when they saw Gu Mingxiu, they felt very guilty.

Yan Jing Ze is very satisfied with this situation.

Gu Yubao was told to chop more bamboo and go home, while Yan Jing Ze went to the village party secretary’s house.

Yan Jing Ze proposed to use the name of the village collective to make bamboo products to sell. Of course, he is the one who has this craft. In addition to getting the highest work points, he also has to get more benefits in this area.

He also suggested that Gu Mingxiu, Gu Yubao, Gu Yulan and even Gu Yuxian all work with him, and they also record the highest work points.

Yan Jing Ze was really reluctant to leave Gu Mingxiu working hard on the farm. As for the others… he really needs help.

It is more convenient to keep people under his nose, whether he wants to teach them how to behave or teach them to study.

Yan Jing Ze’s request is a bit high, but after he immediately said about the amount of bamboo products he can give to the village every month, the village party secretary was moved.

A few days later, all the villagers held a meeting.

The bamboo chairs used for meetings have not been sold yet. Some other bamboo products are also displayed, such as bamboo made recliners, bamboo made baby chairs for babies to sit in and out, and bamboo made cupboards, everything.

After calculating the prices of these things, the villagers all agreed to Yan Jing Ze’s requirements.

In total, five people record the highest work points, which is nothing. There are some people in their village who still have so many strong laborers!

As for the profit that Yan Jing Ze needs more points, it is only available after the things are sold… and they can get an extra share of money in the future as long as they agree!

It’s just that… many people want to follow Yan Jing Ze to make bamboo products and learn this craft. After all, if they have learned it, they won’t be short of money.

Yan Jing Ze actually doesn’t mind teaching others, but it’s inconvenient to have outsiders staying around to do things… He directly pulled Gu Yubao out: “It’s better for someone who is smarter to learn this stuff, and handling bamboo is easy to get your hands hurt…”

Yan Jing Ze asked others to take care of Yubao’s hands.

Gu Yubao has been arranged a lot of work by him in the past few days. He has something in his heart and always loses his concentration. His hands are really bloody, and he can’t sleep well these days, so he looks more haggard.

Gu Yubao, who used to be white and fat, has become like this after learning crafts from Yan Jing Ze!

The villagers hesitated immediately, not wanting their children to follow along.

Yan Jing Ze also said that in the future, he will spend half a day teaching everyone to make bamboo products, and then everyone in the village will be able to follow along. Some people will learn how to do it well, and they can also sell it.

When he said this, no one in the village was unwilling, and no one thought about letting their children learn his craft.

Even if they really want them to learn, they should first see if their children have talents before they can learn well.

When the matter was settled, Yan Jing Ze breathed a sigh of relief.

He knew that in the next two years, he would no longer have to worry about his basic needs. Except for Gu Yukang’s work points, the Gu family members have all the work points enough for them to eat and drink well—that is equivalent to the Gu family having four more strong laborers!

In addition, after having this “bamboo products factory”, he can secretly make some small things to sell. He usually wants to buy some meat for daily necessities, and he won’t be out of money.

Now that the problem of food and clothing has been solved, the next most important thing is the education of the Gu family members.

Yan Jing Ze has already decided that in the next two years, Gu Mingxiu’s main task is to read books. Gu Yubao and Gu Yulan will read books after finishing their work. Gu Yuxian will take care of Gu Yukang while studying. It is perfect!

He must let Gu Mingxiu be admitted to university!

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Why single profiteers weren’t allowed but a whole village was allowed? Because the leaders believed that their country’s resources should be shared among people. Like, if you live in rural and caught a rabbit in the mountain, you have to share it with the villagers because the mountain is for everyone.

This is also why they eliminated the capitalists at that time, in their opinion, those capitalists were monopolizing their country’s resources, and the gap between the rich and the poor were becoming too big.

They advocated that people should live frugally, that’s why if you have anything expensive on you, you could get reported by anyone anonymously, especially if you have gold, or just a jealous neighbor/co-worker.

I don’t really know the exact details, if these were true or not. I’ve only read about these things from other novels, and they just basically said the same thing.

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