BH (QT) 228 – Educated Youth (13)

Chapter 228 – Educated Youth (13)

The college entrance examination that was interrupted for ten years has resumed!

The news hit the Gu family in a daze.

When Gu Mingxiu heard this, he was first joyful—Yan Jing Ze is so smart, he will definitely be admitted to college, so he can go back to the city!

Immediately afterwards, he was worried. Yan Jing Ze was able to enter the university, but he might not be able to get in.

Others have been studying for more than ten years, what about him? When he was a child, he went to elementary school with his brother and held his brother in his arms to listen to the class. Although he did a good job, he didn’t learn everything from the teacher.

Although he has learned a lot of knowledge in the past two years, the more he learns, the more he feels that he has learned too little knowledge.

Especially when there is a Yan Jing Ze around him for comparison.

When Yan Jing Ze teaches his younger siblings, he is similar to the teacher in the school, but he teaches him with great care. It is precisely because of this that he can clearly feel how powerful Yan Jing Ze is.

There are not many books that can be found in the town, but even so, he can’t afford to learn more. On the contrary, Yan Jing Ze knows everything, and all the books can be recited backwards.

Are all the people in the city so good? What if he fails to enter the university?

Gu Mingxiu was in a complicated mood, but Gu Yubao was ecstatic.

Although Yan Jing Ze has been teaching him to learn for the past two years, Yan Jing Ze has just accomplished senior high school, while he has already finished all high school knowledge!

In the college entrance examination, he might be able to surpass Yan Jing Ze!

If he exceeds Yan Jing Ze, Yan Jing Ze must not dare to do things that will hurt his brother, and he must not dare to abandon his brother!

Gu Yubao pumped his fist and started to imagine how great he will be after entering university. You must know that although he was not serious when he studied with Yan Jing Ze at first, but when he later learned about the relationship between his brother and Yan Jing Ze, he went to study very hard.

The high school textbooks that Yan Jing Ze got from elsewhere, he memorized almost all of them, and he can answer all the topics on it.

Gu Yulan is also delighted.

Gu Yulan used to always eye others and liked stealing things, but in the past two years, Yan Jing Ze has arranged a lot of work for her, and has been educating her, so she has never done anything sneaky. Also because of the temptation of various foods, she studies very hard.

Maybe she can get into a university? In that case… can she marry a city man?

And her brother…

Gu Yulan is quite clever. She has long discovered the suspicious actions of her elder brother and Yan Jing Ze, and she has also communicated with Gu Yubao.

She doesn’t think that Yan Jing Ze is so bad like Gu Yubao, but she is also not optimistic about her elder brother and Yan Jing Ze.

If she becomes prosperous, even if Yan Jing Ze is separated from her elder brother in the future, she will be able to support her elder brother!

Of course, Gu Yuxian was also happy, but looking at the youngest Gu Yukang, she was silent again.

If they can go out to study, of course it is good, but what about Yukang?

Fortunately, for the past two years, Yan Jing Ze has been forcing him to do housework. Eight-year-old Yukang is already able to take care of himself. No matter who takes care of him in the future, he will not be too difficult to take care of.

“The college entrance examination is really restored?” Gu Yubao looked at Yan Jing Ze.

“Really.” Yan Jing Ze looked at Gu Yubao with a smile but a smile: “If you can’t pass the exam by then…heh!”

Gu Yubao shuddered subconsciously at Yan Jing Ze’s gaze, and straightened his chest again.

If he can be admitted to the university, he won’t have to be afraid of Yan Jing Ze!

At this time, Yan Jing Ze didn’t look at him anymore, but looked at Gu Mingxiu: “Mingxiu, I bought your favorite pork belly. I will make your favorite stewed pork with dried plums at night.”

Yan Jing Ze was in a good mood and made all five catties of pork at once that night.

He cut the pork into the same size, about one to two ounces each, and then boiled it in Gu’s big iron pot. The fragrance…you can smell it from far away.

The people in Shangmu Village passed by the Gu family house, and they were a little envious: “This Gu family’s life is really better…”

“Gu Mingxiu was taken care of by Yan Jing Ze and spent more and more money. It is not a good thing to spend as much as he earns.”

“That’s right, eat like this, all the money you earn is spent, right?”

“How many new clothes has Gu Mingxiu changed in the past two years?”

The people in Shangmu Village shook their heads and sighed.

That said, when Yan educated youth had no money before, they would have to eat meat when they borrowed money. If they were rich, they would think about eating all day long. Gu’s family was with him and was “broken” by him.

Before, some people wanted to matchmake Yan educated youth, but he said that he had no money and dismissed it. Someone wanted to matchmake Gu Mingxiu, and Gu Mingxiu also said he could not afford to get married!

Gu Mingxiu, who used to be so simple and frugal, now eats well and wears well, and has spent all his money!

For the Gu family, the job of dividing meat is still for Yan Jing Ze.

Gu Mingxiu’s four younger brothers and sisters each have one piece, and he and Gu Mingxiu each have two pieces.

Gu Yubao: Yan Jing Ze is really amazing. The meat given to him is the smallest, and it turns out to be only half of the others. When this guy cuts it, he deliberately cut it small, right?

Why does Yan Jing Ze always target at him?

Gu Yubao was a little dissatisfied, but he knew that his dissatisfaction was useless, so he could only bury his head and eat.

After eating, everyone went back to their rooms.

As soon as Yan Jing Ze entered the room, he hugged Gu Mingxiu: “Mingxiu, we can live a good life in the future!”

In the future, they will definitely get better and better!

Gu Mingxiu became worried: “If I can’t pass the exam…”

“It doesn’t matter if you fail to pass the test. You can follow me to the capital when the time comes. I will make furniture to support you.” Yan Jing Ze smiled: “I can also repair electrical appliances, repair sewing machines, repair bicycles… Many people in Beijing have electrical appliances at home. If it’s broken, few people can fix it. I can make a lot of money by helping them fix it. Then you rent a house near our school, and I will come to you when I have a holiday…”

Gu Mingxiu listened to Yan Jing Ze’s words, and his heart slowly relaxed.

This is indeed possible.

Yan Jing Ze has made money in the past two years. Except for the money spent on the spot, the rest is actually given to him. He has saved hundreds one after another, and he will also make bamboo chairs…

When that happens, he will go to the capital with Yan Jing Ze. He should be able to support himself and earn some money to send it back.

Gu Mingxiu slowly relaxed.

The news of the resumption of the college entrance examination made the Gu family excited, but outside, it did not cause much disturbance.

The villagers in Shangmu Village still live as before. The educated youths in Shangmu Village, except Yan Jing Ze, have no ambition to study for the college entrance exams, only thought about going back to the city.

Most of them came from towns or counties, and they went home more often these days.

Of course, in the town, in other villages, there are still some people who signed up and started reviewing excitedly, wanting to take the college entrance examination.

Yan Jing Ze took Gu Mingxiu, Gu Yubao, Gu Yulan, and Gu Yuxian, and all of them signed up.

Yan Jing Ze feels that he is safe to pass college entrance examination. Gu Mingxiu and Gu Yubao also have hope. Gu Yulan and Gu Yuxian don’t have much hope, but let them go to experience it is okay.

If they fail to pass the exam, let them go to the third year of junior high school. In the future, whether they are going to a technical secondary school or a high school to attend university, it is all right. These days, the technical secondary school is still very valuable, these two may not be able to pass the college entrance exam, but the technical secondary school should be no problem.

With the majority of people failing to study properly, the Gu family who had been studying at home for two years under his pressure was already quite good.

Normally, teachers can’t do what he does, staring at students all day to learn, and if they don’t learn well, they will be punished, and will also not be allowed to eat.

It is a pity that since Gu Yubao was stimulated by him two years ago, he has become diligent, and his reasons for beating him are much less.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day of the exam.

After signing up, Yan Jing Ze is free every day. In addition to teaching Gu Mingxiu to read, he is also telling Gu Mingxiu how they would live if Gu Mingxiu did not enter the university.

He could see that Gu Mingxiu was very nervous, and he told Gu Mingxiu about these things, which undoubtedly helped Gu Mingxiu calm down: “I have heard the news. There are subsidies for going to university. The food at the university is also cheap. I can buy food from the school and bring it for you to eat.”

“Will others find it strange? We’re two men…”

“I’ll tell them you’re my brother and no one will suspect.”

“I have never been to the capital.”

“So, all the more reason to check it out, don’t worry, I’m with you.” Yan Jing Ze smiled: “When I finish college, I will have a job, and then we will be able to have a better life.”

Gu Mingxiu, who had heard Yan Jing Ze’s picture of a bright future, was particularly relaxed when he entered the college entrance exam room.

When he saw the test paper, he was even more relaxed.

This test paper… is actually so easy?!

Gu Mingxiu faintly finished the test paper, and when he handed it in, he still felt a bit incredible.

On the contrary, Yan Jing Ze didn’t feel strange at all.

He has the memory of the original owner, and he knows the level of most high school students, so he feels that Gu Mingxiu has no problem passing the college entrance examination. It’s just that… Gu Mingxiu thought that all high school students are at the same level as him, so he was uneasy.

But in fact… a genius like him can’t be found in 100,000 people!

The only thing he lacks is the foreign language… On the Shangmu Village side, he couldn’t find anyone who could teach him.

After all, in this era, the number of people who can speak foreign languages is very small.

But he is already not bad. The original owner used to study in Beijing, and his mother can also speak foreign languages. In the past two years, he has tried his best to find a few books. Although he can’t speak, the writing and reading problems are not big, and it is also enough to deal with the test.

Yan Jing Ze did not publicize the registration for the college entrance examination in Shangmu Village. But when their family went to participate in the college entrance examination, they had to ask for leave as a group, and they also entrusted Gu Yukang to others, so it is impossible for others to not know.

People in Shangmu Village were shocked by this.

Yan educated youth is so lazy every day, Gu Mingxiu only studied until the third grade of elementary school, and Gu Yulan and Gu Yuxian have not graduated from elementary school, and they are going to take the college entrance examination?

In the Gu family, only Gu Yubao has some hope, right?

People in Shangmu Village felt that these people would definitely not pass the test, and felt that they should have accompanied Gu Yubao.

However, the situation was just the opposite, and soon afterwards, three acceptance letters were delivered.

Both Yan Jing Ze and Gu Mingxiu were admitted to the university in Beijing, and still the same university, one of the best universities in the country!

Gu Yubao came close, getting into a university in their province.

Gu Yuxian and Gu Yulan did not pass the exam, but they were both fifteen and fourteen years old, and it was not strange to not pass the exam.

In Shangmu Village, three people were admitted to college at once… But in other villages, there is no one who has passed the college entrance exam!

This is just too honorable for them! But they can’t help but wonder—the college entrance examination is so simple? Gu Mingxiu, who did not graduate from elementary school, was able to pass the exam?

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