BH (QT) 229 – Educated Youth (14)

Chapter 229 – Educated Youth (14)

It was not until Gu Mingxiu got admitted to college that the people of Shangmu Village realized that he is now a very different person from before.

Even if the former Gu Mingxiu was handsome, he only looked like an ordinary handsome farmer, but now, Gu Mingxiu is different. He has sword eyebrows, bright eyes and gentle manners. He is more like a city man than the educated youths in the village, except for Yan Jing Ze.

Dragons give birth to dragons, phoenixes give birth to phoenixes, and mice’s sons can dig holes. If the father has the ability, the son will also not be bad.

All of a sudden, people from Shangmu Village came to congratulate them.

Yan Jing Ze is also in a good mood, everything is going very smoothly nowadays.

Although something happened to his parents that year, they were able to keep some contacts. They also thought about asking the original owner to go to university through recommendation.

Now that his parents have been rehabilitated, it is even less likely to affect his college education.

What about Gu Mingxiu?

It has been almost 20 years since Gu Mingxiu’s father committed su*cide. When he committed su*cide, the situation was not as serious as it was later. After Gu Mingxiu’s mother took Gu Mingxiu to remarry, Gu Mingxiu was registered on his stepfather’s account.

So, although the village will occasionally pull Gu Mingxiu’s education, everyone knows that Gu Mingxiu’s background is not good, but at least it does not affect his college education.

You must know that this time in the college entrance examination, if the background is really bad, especially with political problems, even if they are admitted, they will be brushed off.

Although Gu Mingxiu felt that the college entrance examination was much simpler than he thought, he didn’t understand the situation of other people. He still felt that he might not be able to enter the university, so when he finally got the admission letter, his whole mind was confused.

He was actually admitted to university!

He had always felt that he was not good enough for Yan Jing Ze before, but when he got into college, wouldn’t it all be different?

Gu Mingxiu’s emotions were getting stronger and stronger. For the first time, he couldn’t control his emotions and hugged Yan Jing Ze in front of the crowd.

The people in Shangmu Village came to watch and didn’t take it seriously when they saw this scene.

It’s okay to hug someone after encountering such a good thing!

The corners of Gu Yubao’s mouth twitched.

The university he was admitted to was also very good, but it was inferior to his elder brother and Yan Jing Ze’s.

When they were studying before, because they have different progress, Yan Jing Ze taught them individually, and always separated him and his elder brother intentionally or unintentionally…

Although he always heard that Yan Jing Ze praised his big brother’s intelligence and heard that his big brother had finished his high school course, he did not take it seriously.

He thought that Yan Jing Ze was saying sweet things because his big brother was the one next to his pillow.

Yan Jing Ze’s mouth has always been sweet, hasn’t it? He can call those Aunties “Sister”!

As a result… his brother actually did better than him in the exam!

He even thought about suppressing Yan Jing Ze in the future so that Yan Jing Ze could not bully his elder brother… He really thought too much! He can’t even compare to his elder brother!

Gu Yubao was disillusioned.

Gu Yulan and Gu Yuxian were even more dejected, after all, neither of them was admitted.

“Don’t worry about not passing the exam. You are both young, you can go to school and take the exam later,” Yan Jing Ze said.

This time, the college entrance exam was attended by a particularly large number of people who did not have the opportunity to go to college in the previous ten years, covering all ages. Although the test paper is not difficult, passing the exam is actually very difficult.

If Gu Yulan and Gu Yuxian went to school for two more years to learn about high school knowledge systematically… Even if the test papers are difficult by that time, the difficulty for them to pass the exam will be reduced.

The first thing they have to solve now is what everyone should do next.

Everyone in the Gu family looked at Yan Jing Ze.

After suffering from being oppressed for the past two years, they have become accustomed to listening to the words of Yan Jing Ze…

Yan Jing Ze said: “Yulan and Yuxian will both go to the town to study in junior high school, and then go to high school or technical secondary school. As for Yukang, we will look for a foster family in the village.”

There are elementary and junior high schools in their town. Gu Yulan and Gu Yuxian can attend junior high school in the town, and they can go home every day.

This year, they will let Gu Yukang adjust to other people’s homes. Later, when Gu Yulan and Gu Yuxian go to the county to study, they will make other arrangements for Gu Yukang. By then, he must have already settled down in the capital. He can take Gu Yukang to the capital and spend money to find someone to help take care of him.

Among Gu Mingxiu’s younger siblings, Yan Jing Ze only likes Gu Yuxian, but out of responsibility, he will also take good care of Gu Yukang.

None of the Gu family members had any opinion, and soon after, Yan Jing Ze and Gu Mingxiu boarded the train to the north.

This is Gu Mingxiu’s first trip.

His hometown was slowly left behind, and a brand-new future appeared in front of him… He thought he would be afraid, but looking at Yan Jing Ze beside him, he was not afraid at all.

He’s just a little worried—will Yan Jing Ze’s parents dislike him? Yan Jing Ze is so outstanding. His parents…it should be difficult for them to accept that Yan Jing Ze likes men?

Yan Jing Ze’s parents would never dislike Gu Mingxiu.

After his life had settled down, Yan Jing Ze tossed around and contacted his parents’ and older siblings.

The people in his family did suffer a little and were sent to the farm for reformation. But people like them have some connections, and they have already made preparations, so they didn’t have a bad life. At least there was no shortage of food and clothing. It’s just that they were being monitored all the time.

Because of this, Yan Jing Ze didn’t contact them too much. When his father was reinstated, only then did he write a thick letter about his experience over the past few years.

Yan Jing Ze said in the letter that after he went to Shangmu Village, he lived by selling all kinds of things at first, and then after all the things in his hand were sold out, he began to live by borrowing money. When no one was willing to lend him money, he then thought of relying on Gu Mingxiu.

He didn’t write in the letter what method he used, and even complained about Gu Mingxiu, complaining that Gu Mingxiu forced him to study…

Such a letter made Father Yan and Mother Yan embarrassed.

They know their son very well, and the things written in the letter are indeed what their son will do.

Now their son was admitted to the best university in Beijing. They were so pleasantly surprised that they all felt…it should be Gu Mingxiu’s credit.

They were grateful to Gu Mingxiu for a while.

Yan Jing Ze and Gu Mingxiu had been on the train for several days and nights. After finally getting off the train, they were immediately picked up by the Yan family.

When they arrived at the Yan family house, Father Yan and Mother Yan saw that he had fair skin, no calluses on his hands, and at first sight, it was obvious that Yan Jing Ze hadn’t done much work. So, they also regarded Gu Mingxiu as a great benefactor.

The people in their family did not have a hard time doing all kinds of work, but even so, the farm work still had to be done. As a result, each of them has dark skin and rough hands. Yan Jing Ze’s several beautiful sisters look like village women. In contrast, Yan Jing Ze still looks like a young master.

When Father Yan and Mother Yan asked about the four or five years, Yan Jing Ze said even more: “The first two years, I had a miserable life, but after I moved to the Gu family’s house, I had a good life. Someone cooked for me, and someone washed my clothes, and no need to work in the farm, it’s quite good.”

“What are you going to eat and drink if you don’t work in the field?” Father Yan frowned.

“Mingxiu and his brother can do bamboo weaving, so I just gave them a hand,” Yan Jing Ze said casually.

Father Yan glanced at his son’s hands. His son doesn’t look at all like someone who would give a hand while someone else is working!

Yan Jing Ze looked at his father innocently. He really did a lot of work! However, he is accustomed to wearing gloves and also pays attention to maintenance. The snow cream that others use to wipe their face is applied to his hands without distress, so his hands are relatively tender.

In fact, the palm of his hand is also a little bit calloused, just a little less than others.

Mother Yan looked at Gu Mingxiu apologetically.

When eating, the Yan family had chicken and meat. Yan Jing Ze’s nephews and nieces couldn’t stop eating. Yan Jing Ze also calmly said, “The food is better at home. In the past few years, I have eaten meat for up to ten days a month at most. I can only eat fish and shrimp for the remaining 20 days. I am tired of eating fish and shrimp!”

Father Yan and Mother Yan: “…” What do you have to complain about when you eat meat for ten days a month?! Although they weren’t so hungry, but they didn’t even eat meat once a month!

Their little son, his life is really too good!

Speaking of which… then why is Gu Mingxiu so good to their son? It’s not like he has a hidden purpose, right?

The Yan family’s residence is a quadrangle courtyard, which is quite large. Yan Jing Ze’s brothers and sisters each have jobs, and they also have other houses, which are more spacious.

Yan Jing Ze and Gu Mingxiu also stayed in the Yan family’s house.

After taking Gu Mingxiu to the guest room, Father Yan and Mother Yan called Yan Jing Ze to his room and asked carefully.

They didn’t know anyone in Shangmu Village, and they didn’t know anything about Shangmu Village before, so they relied on their son to tell them.

Yan Jing Ze smiled: “Dad, Mom, I can live a good life because I found that I am very smart, and I can imitate other people’s handwriting…”

“This can still make you live a good life?” Father Yan was puzzled.

Yan Jing Ze said: “Gu Mingxiu has a younger brother who is a bit mischievous. I snatched his schoolbag, imitated his handwriting, and wrote some reactionary words, and then got his handle…”

Yan Jing Ze said vividly what he had done after intercepting Gu Yubao, and under the stern face of his parents, he showed off his ability to easily learn the handwriting of others.

Father Yan and Mother Yan: Why did they give birth to such a bastard?!

“Gu Mingxiu’s younger brother is not very well behaved. They all believed that he did write this thing. People in their family were afraid that I will report it, so no one dared to offend me… Wait! Dad, don’t hit me! Gu Mingxiu is right next door!” Yan Jing Ze escaped his father’s attack.

Father Yan lowered his voice: “How can you do this kind of bastard thing? I should beat you to death! Do you know that you will harm people for life?”

“Dad, how could it be that serious? Gu Mingxiu’s brother was not good, but because of what I did, he was educated properly by Gu Mingxiu and got admitted to college!” Yan Jing Ze was full of innocence.

Father Yan and Mother Yan: “…” They really should apologize to the Gu family!

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