BH (QT) 230.1 – Educated Youth (15a – End)

Chapter 230.1 – Educated Youth (15a – End)

Father Yan especially wanted to beat his son, but Yan Jing Ze grabbed the doorknob of their room: “Dad, don’t do it! If you hit me, I will run away!”

Father Yan’s beard is about to curl up, but still tried to keep his voice down and stopped hitting people: “You have done this kind of thing, and you still don’t know you are wrong, you…”

Although they live in a quadrangle courtyard, the courtyard is not large and the soundproofing is not particularly good. Father Yan is also afraid that the noise here will wake Gu Mingxiu.

Although his son is an asshole, but this is his son…

“Dad, I can’t help it…I don’t want to be hungry,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Gu Mingxiu even provided you with food and clothing for two years… How come he didn’t beat you to death?!” Father Yan said.

“He doesn’t know that his brother didn’t actually write those reactionary words!” Yan Jing Ze smiled: “He thinks I’m a good person for not reporting it, and he likes me.”

“He is too innocent to like someone like you… Wait, like?” Father Yan frowned.

When they were eating before, Father Yan had been observing Gu Mingxiu. He found that Gu Mingxiu had a very good temperament and excellent conversation, but after all, he was young and had been living in a relatively closed environment in the countryside, so he was quite simple.

No wonder he was deceived by his son!

But… his son said he likes him? What like?

Both the father and the mother were dumbfounded.

Yan Jing Ze said: “Yeah, he likes me. It just so happens that I like men too, so I slept with him…otherwise how could he be so good to me?”

“You, you…” Father Yan was so angry that he almost vomited blood. What did his son do?! He sold his body for food?

“Dad, don’t be angry, I didn’t suffer. Gu Mingxiu is the one below,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Yan Jing Ze had long considered how to confess to his parents about himself and Gu Mingxiu.

He thought about it and felt that it was best to confess as soon as he arrived in Beijing.

First of all, he and his parents have not seen each other for many years, and the world is a bit chaotic. In this case, as long as he is still alive, his parents will be satisfied. At this time, if he causes some trouble, his parents will be more forgiving.

Rather, if he drags it out for a long time, in the future, when he becomes more and more outstanding, his parents may want to let him get married and have children

The original owner’s parents are very good, but it’s impossible for him to get married. If the time comes, both parties will feel uncomfortable.

As for the way of confession…Of course it is better to discredit himself.

He didn’t want Gu Mingxiu to be aggrieved.

Thinking about this, Yan Jing Ze looked at his parents again: “Dad, Mom, if you don’t like him, I can change to a new one later… Although I like men, I can also marry a woman and have a child… It’s just that, we can’t find a girl with a good family background, lest people find out my problems and trouble me.”

Father Yan and Mother Yan dare not say that they are particularly high morale people, but they are not scumbags!

But their son… how could their son be such a proud scum?

Both Father Yan and Mother Yan wanted to vomit blood, and when they thought of Gu Mingxiu, they felt even more guilty.

This Gu Mingxiu is too miserable… he was deceived into this by their son!

But… their son is really such a person.

After thinking about it carefully, Father Yan and Mother Yan thought that this child has been selfish and lazy since he was a child.

Even when going to the countryside, obviously they had arranged for him to go to another place, but because it was too poor there, they had to change the place… How much work did they spend to change the place?

Before going to the countryside, the child didn’t care if they were short of money, he just asked them for a lot of money, and brought all the valuable things at home…

Father Yan took a few deep breaths before he calmed down a bit, and suppressed his urge to hit others: “Do you really like men?”

“Yeah, I think men are more interesting.” Yan Jing Ze said, “If I like women, I won’t find Gu Mingxiu but go to coax our village party secretary’s daughter.”

“You like men and you still want to harm people’s little girls? If you dare to harm people again, I don’t have you as a son!” Father Yan yelled in a low voice, and wanted to hit others again.

Yan Jing Ze had already said all that should be said, and ran away in a hurry and entered Gu Mingxiu’s room.

Father Yan and Mother Yan who chased him out: “…” Their son even ran to find Gu Mingxiu!

Gu Mingxiu came to the Yan family’s home with something in his heart, and has not fallen asleep. Now, Yan Jing Ze suddenly came to his room, he was surprised and pleased: “Jing Ze, you came to see me?”

Yan Jing Ze came to him and he was very happy, but if Yan Jing Ze did this, would Yan Jing Ze’s parents find out, would Yan Jing Ze’s parents be very angry?

Gu Mingxiu was a little nervous.

“Well, I’ll sleep with you,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Gu Mingxiu was a little torn: “This is your parents’ house, let’s endure it…” If Yan Jing Ze’s parents find out about his relationship with Yan Jing Ze, he will be kicked out immediately, right?

Yan Jing Ze said: “It’s okay, I just told my parents about our relationship.”

Gu Mingxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze in shock: “What?”

Yan Jing Ze smiled and comforted him: “My parents are very good people. After I told them, although they were a little unhappy, they accepted you. In my house, we will still get along as before. “

Gu Mingxiu didn’t expect such a good thing in the world, and the whole person was dumbfounded—Yan Jing Ze’s parents were so open-minded?

Yan Jing Ze kissed him and said, “Mingxiu, I’m so good to you, should you reward me?”

Gu Mingxiu hugged Yan Jing Ze and kissed him.

Yan Jing Ze picked him up and put it on the bed.

This evening, Yan Jing Ze only did it once, but he just sucked a few marks on Gu Mingxiu’s neck.

Gu Mingxiu: “…”

“Let my parents see how much we love each other,” Yan Jing Ze said, and then asked Gu Mingxiu: “Tomorrow you will behave well… I will sleep late and you will make breakfast.”

“Good,” Gu Mingxiu agreed.

“Mingxiu, you are awesome.” Yan Jing Ze kissed Gu Mingxiu and fell asleep with his arms around him.

Yan Jing Ze’s heart was clear, and fell asleep after a while, but Gu Mingxiu was too excited and stayed up all night.

He did not expect that Yan Jing Ze’s parents would accept him.

Although Yan Jing Ze had painted a very bright future for him, he always felt that they would meet shamelessly and communicate in private.

He was even prepared for Yan Jing Ze’s parents to persuade Yan Jing Ze to get married.

But the result, Yan Jing Ze’s parents agreed to their affairs on the first day…

It was still dark when Gu Mingxiu got up and worked in the kitchen to make breakfast.

It hasn’t been long since the Yan family came back to the capital. Recently, they have been in a mess. The family hasn’t hired anyone yet, so Mother Yan does the cooking.

Last night, she was so angry with her son that she couldn’t sleep. It was hard to fall asleep but she still had to wake up early. Mother Yan went into the kitchen listlessly to make breakfast, and saw smoke coming out of the kitchen.

Mother Yan was surprised and hurried into the kitchen, and then saw Gu Mingxiu making breakfast.

Gu Mingxiu made porridge, then mixed the egg, flour, water, and chopped green onion together and then spread the egg pancake.

He didn’t know how to make omelets, but Yan Jing Ze taught him.

Seeing Mother Yan, Gu Mingxiu was a little embarrassed: “Auntie, I made breakfast… Uhm… I touched the eggs at home…”

He touched the ingredients in the kitchen, will Mother Yan be unhappy?

Mother Yan looked at Gu Mingxiu with a complicated mood.

Gu Mingxiu is very good-looking, good-tempered, and also got into such a good university, not inferior to her son at all, but ended up being so good to her son…

This child is a little blind!

“Auntie…” Gu Mingxiu called out anxiously.

“Mingxiu, thank you…” Mother Yan said, “Where is Jing Ze?”

“He hasn’t gotten up yet.” Gu Mingxiu relaxed a little when he saw that Mother Yan had a good attitude.

“In those previous years, were you the one who cooked?” Mother Yan asked.

“No, it was my sister who did it,” Gu Mingxiu said.

“How are your brothers and sisters?” Mother Yan asked again.

“They’re fine.” Gu Mingxiu talked about his younger siblings.

When Mother Yan learned that Gu Mingxiu’s brother had survived his son’s scare and had gotten into college, she was relieved. She felt that the Gu family’s family education was really good.

For this college entrance examination, more than five million people registered, but fewer than 300,000 people were admitted.

In such a big country, fewer than 300,000 people can get admitted to university!

In the past few years, many schools closed classes, students generally didn’t learn anything, not to mention that it was not easy to find all the textbooks.

In such a situation, both Gu Mingxiu and his younger brother were admitted to the university, which was really impressive.

What’s even more powerful is… this Gu Mingxiu actually urged her son to also enter the university.

Mother Yan has experienced many things, and soon took out a lot of words from Gu Mingxiu’s mouth, and then increasingly felt that Gu Mingxiu was blind.

This child is really bewitched by her son, he even keeps saying good things about her son!

What her son taught him to study, what her son urged his younger brother to move forward, and what her son made bamboo weaving to make money to support the family… Gu Mingxiu thought she didn’t know the virtue of her son?

Before her son went to the countryside, his grades were not good at all. He was the worst in their family!

As for making bamboo weaving, how could this kind of thing be done by her son? On the contrary, this Gu Mingxiu had very thick hands.

Mother Yan observed Gu Mingxiu again.

Gu Mingxiu tried his best to hide the traces on his neck that he failed to hide. Also, this person looked a little haggard… What did her son do last night?

Gu Mingxiu was embarrassed by the look, and somewhat regretted that he didn’t sleep well last night.

He should look very bad now, after all, he took the train for several days before coming to the capital, and he didn’t sleep last night.

“Jing Ze went to your room last night, you guys…” Mother Yan finally said.

Gu Mingxiu looked at Mother Yan in a panic. Although Mother Yan had a good attitude before, but this matter…

Mother Yan saw that Gu Mingxiu was uneasy, and then said, “Jing Ze said you like him? He said you are together?”

Gu Mingxiu was a little flustered: “Yes.”

“Why do you like him?”

“He treats me very well.” Gu Mingxiu was even more disturbed.

This Gu Mingxiu was really fooled by his son.

Mother Yan didn’t know how to face Gu Mingxiu, and finally could only say: “Don’t be afraid, I won’t say anything about you… As for Jing Ze, I will keep an eye on him and not let him bully you.”

“He won’t bully me!” Gu Mingxiu was serious: “He is really nice to me.”

Mother Yan: “…”

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