BH (QT) 230.2 – Educated Youth (15b – End)

Chapter 230.2 – Educated Youth (15b – End)

Breakfast are egg pancakes, porridge, and leftover dishes from last night.

Both Father Yan and Mother Yan, and Gu Mingxiu, were sitting at the dining table when Yan Jing Ze came late. He grabbed the egg pancake and ate it. After eating his own portion, he took Gu Mingxiu’s portion with his chopsticks to eat.

When Father Yan saw this scene, he became angry: “Yan Jing Ze, what are you doing!”

“I like to eat egg pancakes,” Yan Jing Ze said straightforwardly.

Mother Yan sneered coldly in her heart, and when she saw that Gu Mingxiu didn’t care at all and was even looking sweetly at Yan Jing Ze, she didn’t know what to say.

Gu Mingxiu actually felt that her son was kind to him… How could her son be kind to him? He robbed him of his egg pancakes!

After eating, Yan Jing Ze turned to Gu Mingxiu: “I haven’t been to the capital for a long time, you can accompany me for a stroll.”

“Good,” Gu Mingxiu said.

“Your neck… You squeeze it yourself with your hands and make it look like you were squeezed,” Yan Jing Ze rolled his eyes.

“Good,” Gu Mingxiu said obediently.

He is really happy now, no matter what Yan Jing Ze asks him to do, he will not object.

As for the egg pancakes that Yan Jing Ze ate… Yan Jing Ze wanted to eat them, he couldn’t wait for all the good things to be given to Yan Jing Ze to eat.

“Mom, do you have a basket at home? Give him one for him to carry. I still want to buy something,” Yan Jing Ze said again.

Soon after, Yan Jing Ze, who asked his father for a new set of clothes to wear, swaggered and went out with Gu Mingxiu who was carrying a basket.

Gu Mingxiu looked like his follower.

When Father Yan and Mother Yan saw them leaving, their expressions were indescribably tangled, and at the same time passed messages to each other.

After passing the news, Father Yan and Mother Yan became worried—their son has become such a thing, what can they do?

In any case, Yan Jing Ze is their son in the end, and he hasn’t really done anything that is inviolable and illegal. Moreover, Yan Jing Ze will be like this, and it has something to do with being spoiled by them. They can’t really do anything to their son.

So, the only thing they can do is to find a way to compensate Gu Mingxiu.

When Father Yan and Mother Yan sighed to make up for Gu Mingxiu, Gu Mingxiu and Yan Jing Ze had already left the neighborhood.

As soon as he left, Yan Jing Ze took the basket in Gu Mingxiu’s hand and smiled and said to Gu Mingxiu: “Go, I’ll take you to eat delicious food!”

Gu Mingxiu had never eaten roast duck before, so he took Gu Mingxiu to taste it.

Yan Jing Ze took Gu Mingxiu to buy a roast duck, cut it into two halves, half of which he was going to take home, and the other half he let Gu Mingxiu eat all of it after tasting some.

He ate too much egg pancake earlier and couldn’t eat anymore, couldn’t he?

Gu Mingxiu felt this way when he saw Yan Jing Ze, and his mood was particularly complicated.

Yan Jing Ze is really good to him. The reason why he grabbed his egg pancakes in the morning was to keep his stomach empty, so he could eat more meat, right?

Yan Jing Ze and Gu Mingxiu lived in the Yan family house.

Father Yan and Mother Yan are very good to Gu Mingxiu, but Yan Jing Ze always let Gu Mingxiu do things…but Gu Mingxiu didn’t do much work either.

Father Yan and Mother Yan contacted a distant relative in the countryside and asked her to come to the house to help with cooking, cleaning, and etc. She arrived a few days later after Yan Jing Ze and Gu Mingxiu came to the Yan family’s house.

There was nothing to do at home, so Yan Jing Ze took Gu Mingxiu to play everywhere.

When they came back from playing every day, Yan Jing Ze didn’t do anything and just laid on the recliner, but Gu Mingxiu was different, he was holding a book all day to read.

Father Yan and Mother Yan had many books he hadn’t read before, and he wanted to read them all.

Father Yan and Mother Yan saw this scene and sighed again.

This Gu Mingxiu is diligent and loves to study, and he is also quick to do things. Except for his bad vision, there is no other bad point.

But their son… why is he so unremarkable?

Yan Jing Ze can guess what his parents think, but he still goes his own way. Every time his parents ask him to read more books, he will say that he is a genius and he doesn’t need to read more.

Father Yan and Mother Yan: Genius? This is too shameless!

They don’t want to see this son anymore.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for the university to start.

Yan Jing Ze and Gu Mingxiu became the first batch of students admitted to the university after the resumption of the college entrance examination.

And all of them, as soon as they went to college, they began to study diligently and strive to enrich themselves.

Such an opportunity to study is precious to all of them.

Gu Mingxiu learns very seriously, almost forgetting to sleep and eat. On the contrary, Yan Jing Ze is particularly relaxed and will give Gu Mingxiu delicious food from time to time.

After all, everything he learned in the university was too simple for him.

Before entering the university, Yan Jing Ze thought about his future.

He will be with Gu Mingxiu for the rest of his life, that’s for sure, but other than that… he plans to do scientific research.

He is very interested in things like television sets, and he hopes he can invent more of these things.

After figuring out the situation in the school, Yan Jing Ze took the initiative to find some professors, chat with others, and learn knowledge.

After finding people who could teach him foreign languages, he quickly learned a few foreign languages and even translated foreign documents.

But he tries to keep a low profile-he is too high profile at this time, he is afraid that his father and his mother will see the problem.

The original owner is really not smart at all!

During college, Yan Jing Ze has been enriching himself and learning all kinds of knowledge. He has almost read all the books in his school library, and has also listened to the courses of various departments.

Before university, because of the conditions, he actually learned very little. After these four years, his shortcomings in various aspects were finally made up.

After graduating from university, he entered the research institute and started his own open life.

Of course, he took Gu Mingxiu with him.

Gu Mingxiu’s study is very good, but he is not very good at interacting with people, but he also likes to do scientific research… Yan Jing Ze will bring him no matter what he does.

Gu Mingxiu believes in him completely, no matter how dismissive others are with what he wants to do, he will still support him. He is really his best assistant!

It didn’t take long for them to invent something. A few years later, the names of Yan Jing Ze and Gu Mingxiu became very famous in a certain circle.

At this time, everyone in the Gu family also had their own way out.

Gu Yubao first went to university, majoring in education, and after graduating from university, he became a teacher. But after a few years of becoming a teacher, he resolutely resigned and went to the sea to open a factory.

After Gu Yulan finished her third year of junior high school, she went to a technical secondary school. She studied medical care. After graduation, she went to the town’s hospital as a doctor and married a husband who made her very satisfied.

Gu Yuxian did not choose a secondary school, but went to high school, then took the college entrance exam, and went to the same school as Gu Yubao. She majored in education, and after graduation, she stayed in school as a teacher.

Gu Yukang’s situation is special. Yan Jing Ze took him to the hospital for a visit. His IQ is lower than ordinary people, and he learns very slowly. Fortunately, he has the ability to take care of himself.

After Yan Jing Ze settled down in the capital, he originally wanted to take him there, but Gu Yukang got along well with the family who fostered him. And for him to leave his familiar village of Shangmu to the capital, it is not necessarily a good thing, especially when both Yan Jing Ze and Gu Mingxiu are too busy to look after him.

He stayed in Shangmu Village to live.

1987, Beijing

Yan Jing Ze and Gu Mingxiu came out of the research institute and went to Yan family’s house.

Both of them are not young now, already in their early thirties.

At this time, many people get married very late, but those who are still not married in their thirties are ultimately a minority, and previously in the Institute, there were many people who wanted to match them.

But neither of them agreed.

On the surface, they said they wanted to do research for a lifetime and had no time to get married, but in private… they revealed a little about their relationship.

Their relationship is unacceptable in this era, but whether it is Yan Jing Ze or Gu Mingxiu, they have already revealed their abilities.

Both of them are admirable scientists!

Look at what they invented… Don’t they just like men? It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make a big noise.

In the end, those who knew helped them cover it up.

As a result, everyone knows a piece of news—Yan Jing Ze and Gu Mingxiu both have research projects, and they don’t care about anything else. They even find it troublesome to get married and plan to devote their lives to science for the rest of their lives!

As a result, when Father Yan and Mother Yan go out, they can’t help being speechless when they hear someone praise their son so much.

What their son does not marry for the sake of research, he just purely likes men!

They also suspected that their son was not as powerful as others had said, and perhaps the research results were all made by Gu Mingxiu.

Gu Mingxiu likes their son so much, and they are not surprised at all that he is willing to let his son enjoy any research results.

It’s a pity that people outside don’t understand the situation, and they all think their son is better than Gu Mingxiu.

They always feel guilty when they hear people praise their son’s performance.

They feel guilty, but people outside feel that this couple is really too humble!

Yan Jing Ze is so powerful, but the couple keeps saying that he was not good!

Today, where Father Yan and Mother Yan were working, they heard someone praise their son again, which made them very embarrassed.

The two returned home, looked at each other, and sighed.

Father Yan said: “Today, Jing Ze and Mingxiu are coming back, make more dishes.”

Mother Yan said: “I know.” Her son still relies on Gu Mingxiu. She must make more dishes that Gu Mingxiu likes.

Speaking of which, their son was so scumbag and lazy, they didn’t know how Gu Mingxiu managed it. He even had the ability to make their son a well-known scientist, they are really happy.

However, it is also normal for Gu Mingxiu to control their son.

More than ten years have passed, with the precipitation of the years, Gu Mingxiu looks more handsome. They usually never see someone better-looking than him. More importantly, he still obeys their son’s words with 100 percent obedience.

Their son is quite lazy, probably because of this, he doesn’t plan to change…

As Father Yan and Mother Yan were talking, they saw Yan Jing Ze and Gu Mingxiu came back together. The two of them stood together, and it was a perfect match.

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