BH (QT) 233 – Senior Brother (1)

Chapter 233 – Senior Brother (1)

Xuan Ming Sect, Bi Xiao Peak.

Xuan Ming Sect is one of the largest sects in the realm of cultivation, and Bi Xiao Peak, which is where the head of Xuan Ming Sect lives, is also one of the places with the highest spiritual energy in the Xuan Ming Sect.

At this moment, at the top of Bi Xiao Peak, in a small courtyard, Yan Jing Ze suddenly woke up.

His head was a little dizzy, and while in a trance, he seemed to see some figures flashing in front of him. Each of them gave him an indescribable sense of familiarity, as if they were part of his body.

He loves these people deeply.

Wait, is he such a philanderer? Loves so many people?

That shouldn’t be right! He clearly thinks he is a dedicated person!

Yan Jing Ze frowned, trying to see what those people looked like, but couldn’t see clearly no matter what.

He didn’t know who he was or where he was. He just faintly felt that he should have traversed.

This body shouldn’t belong to him!

However, he felt a little familiar with this world.

Who is he dressed as? Will he be in danger if he has no memory at all? And who are those people he thinks he liked, and who is he?

Yan Jing Ze thought so, and began to observe the surrounding environment.

He was in an empty room, sitting on a futon.

The room was empty, there was nothing, but there were some beautiful stones placed in a circle around his body. On those stone, there was a burst of energy overflowing and flooding the air around him.

He inexplicably had some dislike for these energies, but his thoughts turned, and he directly absorbed them. He didn’t know if it was because he absorbed them too fast, those stones instantly turned into powder.

After absorbing the surrounding energy, Yan Jing Ze felt a lot more comfortable, but still couldn’t figure out where he was. At this time, he couldn’t remember the figure that he had vaguely remembered before.

It was as if it was just a dream he had.

Holding his head, Yan Jing Ze sighed.

He became a philanderer, could it be because… he would always forget the people he used to like?

Yan Jing Ze was struggling, and suddenly he felt someone approaching. He frowned, looked at the door, and saw someone open the door and walked in.

It was a young man wearing a green Daoist robe with a slightly chubby figure, and as soon as he entered, he looked angrily at Yan Jing Ze: “Senior Brother! Senior Brother Su had such an incident, and you didn’t even go to check on him?”

Yan Jing Ze was expressionless, and looked at this person coldly—who is this person? And who is Senior Brother Su?

Probably because Yan Jing Ze’s expression was too cold, this person gulped and said with some uneasiness: “Senior Brother, Senior Brother Su likes you the most… Go and see him, he…”

After speaking, there were even tears in this person’s eyes.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t know anything about the current situation. He didn’t want to go out to meet people, lest they find out that he is different, but for some reason, he suddenly wanted to see that Senior Brother Su.

Even so… Yan Jing Ze stood up and said coldly, “Lead the way.”

The slightly chubby young man breathed a sigh of relief, turned around and went out of the house, and with a point of his toes, he floated out.

Yan Jing Ze’s heart tightened – he didn’t even know how to walk like this!

Fortunately, every action this person did, he could clearly feel… Yan Jing Ze floated out in the same way.

After a while, they “floated” to a nearby courtyard.

That yard was no different from his yard, and at this moment, a voice came out from inside: “Get out! Get out of here!”

That voice… is really nice!

Yan Jing Ze heard this voice and was stunned. At this moment, he saw a young boy with a face full of innocence coming out of the house.

The boy wore clothes made of white fur. The clothes wrapped up his whole person, making his face very small. That palm-sized small face and the big clear eyes made it easy for people to have a good impression.

But Yan Jing Ze was a little distracted—he was thinking about the person who shouted “Get out”.

“Senior Brother Yan,” the boy saw Yan Jing Ze and his big, clear eyes showed joy, “Senior Brother Yan, you’ve recovered from your injuries?”

“Yes.” He wanted to go in but the teenager was blocking the door… A wave of impatience rose in the heart of Yan Jing Ze.

“Senior Brother Yan, my brother is in a bad mood, you should bear more…”

“Su Moran, I told you to get out!” The voice in the room rang out again.

A trace of injury flashed in the eyes of the young man named Su Moran: “Senior Brother Yan, my brother doesn’t want to see me, I’ll leave first.”

With that, he lowered his head and walked out.

And as soon as he left the yard, Yan Jing Ze felt a strong man standing nearby approach him and said to him: “Ran Ran, that Su Moxiu treated you so badly, why are you still coming to see him?”

Su Moran said: “My brother is injured, so he feels uncomfortable…”

The conversation between these two afterwards, Yan Jing Ze did not hear, he had already entered the room, and then his mind went blank.

He fell in love at first sight!

The furnishings of this room are exactly the same as the place where he lives. At the moment, sitting on the futon is a young man who is somewhat similar to the boy who went out before, but with sword eyebrows and bright eyes, more heroic and older.

It’s just that this young man’s face is pale and his complexion is very ugly. When he looks at Yan Jing Ze, his eyes were even more angry mixed with pain.

Yan Jing Ze also felt that there was some messy energy rushing around in the man’s body, destroying him – the man was facing a very bad situation and could collapse at any moment.

Yan Jing Ze was worried. He just met this person and he already likes him, what is this?

Wait, is because he is so easy to fall in love at first sight? That’s why there were so many people he liked before?

All kinds of messy thoughts flashed in Yan Jing Ze’s mind, he calmed his mind, and squatted down in front of the person in front of him: “Moxiu…”

As soon as he squatted down, he saw the man in front of him spouting a mouthful of blood towards him and falling towards him.

It’s just that this person quickly realized it, abruptly twisted his body, and fell to the side.

Fortunately, Yan Jing Ze was extremely fast. Before he fell down, he flew to catch him, hugged him in his arms, and sat himself on the ground: “Moxiu…”

Yan Jing Ze’s head was dizzy again, and the memory of the original owner of this body suddenly appeared in his mind.

Seeing the memory of the original owner, Yan Jing Ze’s expression changed—the person he wore was a scumbag!

How did he get dressed as such a person?

The original owner of this body, like him, was called Yan Jing Ze, the son of the Xuan Ming Sect’s Sect Master, has the heavenly spiritual root of ice attribute, the leader of the younger generation in the cultivation stage, and at the top of the Pride of the Heavens list.

This so-called Pride of the Heavens list is the ranking of the cultivators below the Nascent Soul in the cultivation world among the various sects of the cultivation world. In the competition ten years ago, the original owner beat the other Golden Core cultivators and won first place.

In the realm of cultivation, the original owner is the proud son of heaven.

And the Su Moxiu he was holding at the moment was the original owner’s junior brother. In addition, the original owner was supposed to hold the Daoist Couple Ceremony a few months ago to tie the knot.

Like the original owner, Su Moxiu is a rare ice attribute of the heavenly spiritual roots. He worshipped Xuan Ming Sect fifty years ago and was accepted by the Xuan Ming Sect’s Sect Master.

He is extremely talented, and he has entered the Golden Core stage in just fifty years of cultivation. Among the younger generation of Xuan Ming Sect, his talent is second only to the original owner.

He has the same spiritual roots as the original master, the same cultivation technique, and he also likes the original owner. In the eyes of many people, he and the original owner are a match made in heaven and on earth.

The original owner didn’t like him, but he didn’t hate him either. Seeing that he liked him, he decided to be with him, form a Dao couple with him and double cultivate together.

Before holding the Daoist Couple Ceremony, the original owner decided to go out on an adventure and choose a gift for him by the way. However, it was this trip that the original owner met his cousin Su Moran.

At first, it was because of Su Moxiu that he travelled with Su Moran, but after travelling together, he could not help but like Su Moran.

He did not realize his feelings at first, and only after he brought Su Moran to the Xuan Ming Sect and discovered that Su Moxiu did not like Su Moran, and always targeted Su Moran, and even made a move against Su Moran, did he realize that his feelings for Su Moran had changed.

When the original owner learned that Su Moxiu once set a marriage, but because the object of the marriage was not strong enough, the family background was not good enough, he retired from the marriage with that person. He felt that Su Moxiu was vain and arrogant, favor the rich and disdain the poor… Su Moran was different, simple and lovely, pure and kind.

The original owner began to hate Su Moxiu, and even suggested to his father that he didn’t want to form a Dao couple with Su Moxiu.

It was just that at that time, everyone knew that they were going to hold the ceremony for Dao couple. The head of Xuan Ming Sect, the father of the original owner naturally did not agree to cancel the ceremony for Dao couple.

Seeing that his father disagreed, the original owner was even more dissatisfied with Su Moxiu. He felt that Su Moxiu deliberately pleased his father and forced himself to form a Dao couple with him…

Just then, the Xuan Yuan secret realm, which only opens once in nearly a hundred years and can only be entered by cultivators below the Nascent Soul stage, suddenly opened!

No one has ascended in the cultivation world for thousands of years. The passage to the immortal realm seems to have been completely closed, and the last person to ascend in the cultivation world entered the Xuan Yuan secret realm.

In addition, in these thousands of years, the most powerful people in the cultivation world are basically those who have entered the Xuan Yuan secret realm.

This secret realm is very important, much more important than the Dao Couple Ceremony. The original owner and Su Moxiu’s Dao Couple Ceremony was moved back—the strongest in the younger generation of the cultivation world have all entered this mysterious realm.

The original owner and Su Moxiu went in together, but was bent on following Su Moran. In the secret realm, Su Moran provoked a terrible monster beast. When the monster attacked them, the original owner took Su Moran and fled, but he forgot about Su Moxiu.

Su Moxiu was wounded by the monster, the golden core was broken, and his meridians shattered. Fortunately, the secret realm opened at that time, he was sent out of the secret realm and was able to save his life.

At this moment, they have just left the secret realm just a few days ago.

The original owner was very happy to learn that Su Moxiu had become a useless person. He hadn’t seen Su Moxiu in the past few days… Yan Jing Ze almost vomited a mouthful of blood when he met the angry gaze that Su Moxiu gave him.

The original owner harmed him!

Now, how should he pursue the object of his love at first sight, who was made a cripple by himself?

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Levels of Cultivation (weak to strong)

  1. Qi Condensation
  2. Foundation Establishment
  3. Golden Core
  4. Nascent Soul
  5. IDK – will be revealed later in the novel

Oh, I hate white lotus/green tea b*tch the most! Poor Ah Xiu.

AAAAAHHHH! The FINALE ARC IS HERE! I don’t know what to feel. I want to translate faster but at the same time… I don’t want it to end. :/

I’m now looking for new Danmei novels to translate after this. It’s hard. The level of this novel is high… Jue Jue is a really good author. I actually found one but it was discontinued by the author. Pity. I want to translate another Quick Transmigration… The author of Face of the Devil just finished another QT novel this year… but it was a bit… kinda racy? IDK. Most of the novels I found have this ‘hate this and hate that’.

So, if you have any untranslated goodies, do share, okay? BG is also okay, but I don’t like any over-the-top drama. Hahaha! ;D

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