BH (QT) 234 – Senior Brother (2)

Chapter 234 – Senior Brother (2)

The original owner felt that Su Moxiu was not a good person, but Yan Jing Ze looked back to the memory of the original owner and felt that there was nothing wrong with Su Moxiu at all.

When the original owner brought Su Moran back to Xuan Ming Sect, although Su Moxiu did not like Su Moran, he did not target Su Moran. Later he dealt with Su Moran several times, it was because the original owner and Su Moran did something too abominable.

The original owner went out to find a gift for Su Moxiu, a prospective Dao companion, but when he came back, he had forgotten about it. He didn’t bring back the gift at all, but also gave Su Moran his very own precious protective spirit weapon.

Su Moxiu was very upset at the time, but the original owner didn’t notice at all. He had been with Su Moran, caring for Su Moran, and even took Su Moran around to play and taught Su Moran how to cultivate.

On the contrary, it was Su Moxiu who came to him to discuss the matter of holding the Daoist Couple Ceremony, but the original owner ignored it.

Unless Su Mo Xiu does not like the original owner, it is impossible to have no opinion.

Su Moxiu loves the original owner very much, so he doesn’t like Su Moran. He hopes that Su Moran will leave early. When he sees the original owner and Su Moran together, he will find a way to insert it. In private, he even quarreled with Su Moran several times, and even moved his hands against Su Moran.

As the original owner’s would-be partner, Su Mo Xiu doing these things is really normal. But the original owner has fallen in love with Su Moran, and naturally feel that Su Moxiu doing these things is disgusting, and even feel that Su Moxiu is bullying Su Moran.

Yan Jing Ze’s only luck now is that although the original owner liked Su Moran, he did not talk to other people about it, nor confessed to Su Moran. Even when he talked to his father about postponing the Daoist Couple Ceremony, he didn’t say he did it because he liked Su Moran.

Su Moran is a water-wood double spiritual root. Although it is not bad, it is not good. The original owner knew very well that his father would never allow himself to be with Su Moran.

In order to prevent Su Moran from being disgusted by his father, he only said that he didn’t like Su Moxiu, and didn’t want to form a Dao couple with Su Moxiu so early.

Maybe… he can still rescue himself?

Yan Jing Ze looked at Su Moxiu who was being held by him, and began to help Su Moxiu sort out the chaotic spiritual energy in his body.

Su Moxiu was originally a golden core stage cultivator, but at this moment, his golden core has shattered, and all the meridians in his body have been broken.

It can be said that he has no way to cultivate normally, unless he finds the treasure of heaven and earth to help him reshape his body.

But for thousands of years, people in the cultivation world have not only been unable to ascend, the spiritual energy of the entire cultivation world is also declining, and there are fewer and fewer treasures of heaven and earth.

People pay so much attention to the secret realm because the spiritual energy in the secret realm is stronger, and there are many natural treasures that the outside world does not have.

Therefore, he could still be rescued for a while and wash himself white, but Su Moxiu was almost hopeless.

Yan Jing Ze looked at the person in his arms and saw that Su Moxiu had passed out.

Fierce emotions surged in his heart, he wanted to kiss this person, but he didn’t dare.

What the original owner did before was too bad, and what he did afterwards was especially terrible.

Yan Jing Ze’s heart sank, and he remembered what would happen next.

Su Moxiu has the heavenly spiritual root of ice attribute. He is indifferent and doesn’t like to talk to people. After the spread of the fact that he and the original owner were about to become a Dao couple, some people secretly targeted him – in Xuan Ming Sect, many people liked the original owner.

When Su Moran came to Xuan Ming Sect… Su Moran had a lot of good things on him. Under the generous spread of wealth, he actually had a large number of fans in Xuan Ming Sect. These people saw Su Moxiu targeting Su Moran and had a worse impression of Su Moxiu.

And the head of Xuan Ming Sect, Su Moxiu’s master and also the orginal owner’s father, has cultivated immortality for a long time, and his feelings are particularly indifferent. He doesn’t care about his son, the original owner, let alone Su Moxiu.

The only thing he values is the sect.

Before, Su Moxiu was extremely talented, so he also attached great importance to Su Moxiu, but when Su Moxiu became a useless person, he directly ignored Su Moxiu.

In addition, the original owner no longer paid attention to Su Moxiu, and Su Moxiu, who had just left the secret realm and was seriously injured, was struggling in Xuan Ming Sect.

If it weren’t for Xuan Ming Sect’s junior apprentice brother, the poorly gifted young disciple Yang Yiming who remembered Su Moxiu’s many needs, Su Moxiu might have starved to death in his own courtyard—he could no longer not eat.

Yang Yiming was the slightly fat cultivator who had called Yan Jing Ze to Su Moxiu’s place before.

In the original historical trajectory, after Su Moxiu was taken back to Xuan Ming Sect, he took care of him for two days, but because of his low cultivation level, he could not help Su Moxiu to heal his injuries. When Su Moxiu was in a coma, he also heard him calling the name of the original owner, so he ran to beg the original owner, but when the original owner went to see Su Moxiu, he happened to hear Su Moxiu telling Su Moran to “get out”.

The original owner felt that Su Moxiu was unreasonable, so he turned around and decided not to pay attention to Su Moxiu. At this moment, the original owner accidentally saw an ancient book which also mentioned… the method of transferring the spiritual root.

If someone willingly offers his or her spiritual roots, it is possible to give them to others, but of course, it has to be between blood relatives.

What the book said was actually nonsense, but the original owner believed it. Knowing that Su Moran was worried about his double spiritual roots, he wanted to give Su Moxiu’s heavenly roots to Su Moran.

The original owner felt that Su Moran only had double spiritual roots and relied on his own efforts to reach the golden core stage. If he had Su Moxiu’s Heavenly Spiritual Root, he would definitely be even better!

For things that haven’t happened yet, Yan Jing Ze cannot see the detailed process, but he understands the general situation.

After obtaining this method of “transferring spiritual roots”, the original owner began to approach Su Moxiu again, became considerate of Su Moxiu, and coaxed Su Moxiu.

He also made an oath to promise to stay with Su Moxiu, to accompany Su Moxiu, who has become a mortal, in his old age.

But he had a request, he asked Su Moxiu to give Su Moran his root.

Su Moxiu gave it, he willingly took out his spiritual root.

But the original owner didn’t stay with Su Moxiu, he went straight to seclusion after Su Moxiu took the initiative to remove the spiritual roots from his body.

The cultivator retreats for several decades at every turn. Su Moxiu is now in this situation, maybe when the original owner comes out of seclusion, Su Moxiu is already dead!

The original owner just wanted Su Moxiu to die!

He couldn’t violate his oath, but he was unwilling to accompany Su Moxiu, so he simply went to retreat.

But Su Moxiu did not die, and when the original owner came out of seclusion two years later, Su Moxiu had even become the Demon Sovereign.

It turned out that Su Moxiu was born with a demon seed. After his cultivation base was abolished and his spiritual roots disappeared, the demon seed in his body was stimulated, and it turned into a demon instantly. Not only that, but it also aroused a powerful divine sense to kill to seize other people’s cultivation.

Su Moxiu hid his identity, killing all the way, getting stronger and stronger, and in just two years, he became the strongest among the demon cultivators, and even killed the original Demon Sovereign.

At this time, the battle between the immortal cultivators and the demon cultivators broke out suddenly, and the two sides fought hard. Su Moxiu even killed many people of the righteous path, a river of blood spilled under his hands.

However, even though Su Moxiu was strong, he had been injured and his body was already full of holes. The cultivation base he seized from others was still very difficult to suppress, a little inattentiveness will backfire on him.

The original owner and the original owner’s father set a trap and used Yang Yiming, the person who had helped Su Moxiu, to attract Su Moxiu. Countless people of the righteous path came together, and finally killed Su Moxiu, but the people who besieged Su Moxiu did not end well—Su Moxiu was blew himself up before he died, and eventually both sides perished.

Su Moxiu died just like that, and the original owner also died.

Yan Jing Ze recalled it again, feeling more and more uncomfortable, and at the same time becoming more and more sick of Su Moran.

This person… is clearly deliberately harming Su Moxiu.

Among other things, the method of transferring the spiritual roots was fake—after the original owner took out Su Moxiu’s spiritual roots, the spiritual roots disappeared soon.

Spiritual roots can be reshaped, and some treasures can change the spiritual roots of cultivators, but there is no such thing as replacing the spiritual roots!

It is strange that the original owner could just happen to see the ancient book with such a method written on it.

In addition, what Su Moran usually does is basically frame Su Moxiu.

The matter of Su Moxiu having been born with a demon seed, it was Su Moran who spread it. At that time, Su Moxiu was just a mortal in Xuan Ming Sect. Although he was desperate, he was waiting for the original owner to go out of seclusion. It was Su Moran who said that he was born with a demon seed. Only after trying to kill him, did he become demonic.

When you think about it, you can feel that there are many suspicions on Su Muran.

This damn Su Moran!

Yan Jing Ze was thinking about things in his heart, and at the same time, he also used his divine sense to continue to observe Su Moxiu’s physical condition.

Su Moxiu’s body is really bad, in addition…

Yan Jing Ze suddenly realized that something was not right.

Cultivators all have divine sense, but the golden core stage cultivator’s divine sense is actually very weak. At least there is no way to observe Su Moxiu’s physical condition using only his divine sense like him.

His mastery is more than that.

He could feel the vastness of his divine sense, and spreading it out, he was able to easily envelop the entire peak, and the people on the Bi Xiao Peak did not even notice it.

More importantly, this is not his limit.

As far as Yan Jing Ze knows, the original owner does not have this ability.

Even the father of the original owner doesn’t necessarily have this ability.

He is a genius!

Cultivation of immortality first cultivates the mind. The cultivation base of the cultivator can be obtained by opportunistic methods, such as taking pills, but it is difficult to increase the divine sense, and the realm of the cultivator depends mainly on the divine sense.

If a cultivator has the divine sense of a nascent soul, then it is really not difficult for him to become a nascent soul stage cultivator.

Su Moxiu was able to become the Demon Sovereign in just two years because he had a particularly powerful divine sense after stimulating the demon seed in his body.

And the divine sense he now has, he does not know what stage this divine sense of his is, but it is certainly not weaker than the original owner’s father, who was one of the strongest in the cultivation world.

Yan Jing Ze’s heart was on fire for a while.

With this kind of ability, does he have a chance to cure Su Moxiu?

Even if he needs to search all over the nine heavens and under the nine layers of hell, and even if finds nothing, he still must not let anything happen to Su Moxiu.

If there is no Su Moxiu… he will want to destroy the world!

At this moment, Yan Jing Ze has no time to think about all the things that he thought of when he just traversed. He just wants Su Moxiu to recover. As for the demon seed…

When Yan Jing Ze inspected Su Moxiu’s body, he really found that there was a demon energy hidden in Su Moxiu’s body. The demon energy was entangled with Su Moxiu, and it was clearly born with Su Moxiu.

In fact, if Su Moxiu can’t recover, he can also practice demonic cultivation. As long as it’s still his Su Moxiu, it’s fine.

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