BH (QT) 235 – Senior Brother (3)

Chapter 235 – Senior Brother (3)

Su Moxiu has passed out.

There are some residual spiritual energies in his body. Without the golden core and meridians, these spiritual energies cannot be used by him, but will harm his body instead.

This time, in fact, someone needs to help him remove these spiritual energies from his body, but he was previously a golden core stage cultivator, and also a rare ice attribute of heavenly spiritual roots, most people is unable to do this, they can’t do it… so they ignored him.

Yan Jing Ze has the same spiritual roots as him, and their cultivation techniques are the same. At this moment, he moved his strong divine sense and with a single thought, he helped him remove the spiritual energies in his body that will harm him.

The next thing Su Moxiu needs is to get well.

After Yan Jing Ze came to Su Moxiu’s place, he received the memory of the original owner and checked Su Moxiu’s body. It seemed that it took a long time, but in fact, it was not long.

In the eyes of outsiders, he just entered Su Moxiu’s room and caught Su Moxiu who had fallen.

“Senior Brother Yan, how is Senior Brother Su?” The chubby Yang Yiming followed in and asked cautiously.

Yan Jing Ze said: “He’s okay… You go to the mountain to buy some rice noodles and vegetable meat. The best with spiritual energy, but it can’t be monster meat with too high spiritual energy… Tell them you want to buy food suitable for people in the qi refining stage.

In this cultivation world, the realm of cultivators is divided into seven levels: Qi Refining, Foundation Building, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, Spirit Division, Mahayana, and Great Ascension.

It is said that thousands of years ago, the highest realm of cultivation were cultivators of the Mahayana stage. Unfortunately, the passage to the immortal world was closed for some reason, and many of them were struck by the heavens when they were about to ascend. Not to mention that the spiritual energy of the cultivation world has also begun to gradually disappear.

In today’s cultivation world, the strongest people on the righteous path are all in the Spirit Division stage, and his father, the head of Xuan Ming Sect, is a cultivator in the late stage of Spirit Division.

On the original historical trajectory, the original owner later reached the Nascent Soul stage, while Su Moxiu reached the Mahayana stage by plundering others’ cultivation.

Because there was no one in Great Ascension stage, Su Moxiu at that time was the well-deserved number one master in the world.

As long as the cultivator builds the foundation, he can avoid eating human food. There was no need for Su Moxiu to eat food before, but now that his cultivation base has been abolished… Yan Jing Ze even suspected that he fainted due to extreme hunger.

“I forgot that Senior Brother Su needs something to eat now, I’ll go buy it right away!” Yang Yiming answered and hurriedly went out to buy food.

When Yang Yiming left, Yan Jing Ze was about to ponder what to do next when he felt a divine sense looming over towards him.

Someone is spying on him and Su Moxiu!

This snooping person… Yan Jing Ze’s divine sense extended over there.

He could find that person’s divine sense, but that person could not find his divine sense, so his should be stronger… Yan Jing Ze was thinking so and found that the spying divine sense came from Su Moran. Of course, it didn’t belong to Su Moran but it seems to be from a parasite living in Su Moran’s body.

The cultivators before the Golden Core stage cannot release their divine sense at all. Although the cultivators of the Golden Core stage can release their divine sense, they can only observe the places around their bodies. Even the cultivators of the Nascent Soul stage’s scope of exploration are also limited, just a few hundred meters around their bodies at most.

Observing others with divine sense will be regarded as impolite. This is the Xuan Ming Sect, most importantly the Bi Xiao Peak where the head of Xuan Ming Sect lives, so randomly using divine sense to check around will more than likely be taken as a provocation by the original owner’s father.

It can be said that normal people would not do this.

But Su Moran did it like this, because the divine sense in him surpassed the powerhouse of the Spirit Division stage.

The father of the original owner couldn’t detect this divine sense at all, so they were unscrupulous.

Yan Jing Ze was shocked.

When he and Su Moran were facing each other before, he hadn’t gotten the memory of the original owner, and he didn’t know how to use his divine sense, so he didn’t investigate Su Moran. When he released his divine sense before, he didn’t pay too much attention to the surrounding situation, so it was only now that he found something wrong with Su Moran.

In a courtyard not far away, Su Moran, who previously looked pitiful in front of Yan Jing Ze, had already collected the expression on his face, and the whole person looked particularly cold.

There was no one in front of him, yet he asked, ” Immortal Monarch, how is Su Moxiu’s situation?”

There was no sound in the room, but a strong voice sounded in Su Moran’s mind: “He has become a completely useless person. I didn’t expect that Yan Jing Ze would still remember his old feelings, he actually helped him sort out the spiritual energy in his body.

“In the end, they have been apprentice brothers for decades,” Su Moran said.

“Apprentice brothers for decades, didn’t he still leave people behind?” That strong voice once again rang out in Su Moran’s mind.

Su Moran smiled when he heard this, the smile was particularly charming and moving.

“What are you going to do next?”

Su Moran said, “I want Su Moxiu’s spiritual root.”

“You are ruthless enough.”

“I’m just going to let him taste all that I’ve tasted,” Su Moran said.

Yan Jing Ze knew that Su Moran was talking to the owner of that divine sense. He didn’t know what the divine sense said, but he heard Su Moran’s voice.

This Su Moran is really not a good thing!

Yan Jing Ze immediately wanted to destroy Su Moran’s divine sense with his divine sense – Su Moran himself was very weak, and his greatest support was that divine sense.

However, as soon as Yan Jing Ze raised this thought, he felt as if he was being held down by something and could not move.

The entire space around him also shook up, and at the same time, he began to bleed everywhere in his body, and it was clear that his body was about to collapse.

Yan Jing Ze quickly retracted his consciousness, and as soon as he retracted it, he spit out a mouthful of blood and vomited it on Su Moxiu.

When he came here, Su Moxiu vomited blood at him, and now he vomited blood at Su Moxiu, so it’s even.

At the same time, Yan Jing Ze also felt something vaguely and understood something.

This world has its own laws, and it does not allow existences that exceed the capacity of this world to appear in this world.

His divine sense is a bit too strong, at least in the Great Ascension stage, so he is restricted and can only use part of it.

If he forcefully uses all his divine sense, this world may collapse.

But if he only used the divine sense that this world allowed him to use… that divine sense on Su Moran almost reached the critical point of the strongest person this world can accommodate, so they can only make a tie.

This is too much of a pit!

What’s even worse is that his body can’t accommodate too powerful divine sense!

His body is now broken and injured, not because the world oppresses him, but because his divine sense is too strong and his body is too poor. The body can’t stand it if he uses too much divine sense.

Yan Jing Ze wanted to vomit blood again.

He especially wanted to kill Su Moran, but he couldn’t kill him, which was too upsetting.

It was also at this time that Su Moxiu, whose face was stained with a lot of blood after Yan Jing Ze spat a mouthful of blood, slowly opened his eyes.

Su Moxiu was not completely awake, his eyes looked a little lost. Yan Jing Ze coughed a little embarrassedly, and reached out to wipe the blood stains on his face, but this wipe smeared the blood stains instead.

Looking at Su Moxiu’s face with blood, Yan Jing Ze was a little embarrassed: “Are you awake?”

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