BH (QT) 236 – Senior Brother (4)

Chapter 236 – Senior Brother (4)

As soon as Su Moxiu woke up, he saw Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze hugged him and touched his face, looking extra gentle, making him want to indulge in it.

But thinking of all the previous things, he instantly suppressed his feelings that he shouldn’t have.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t like him. He already knew about it and worked hard, but he still couldn’t compete with Su Moran and became the one left behind… He should be sober.

He was never a favorite, was he?

Su Moxiu remembered what had happened in the past few days.

A few days ago, when he faced the monster beast alone and was seriously injured, the secret realm threw him outside.

The Nascent Soul stage Elders of the Xuan Ming Sect who was guarding the secret realm took him back to Xuan Ming Sect. After a few days, he was groggy, but he also understood his situation.

He has become a “waste” and has been abandoned.

He was very uncomfortable, and had been hoping that Yan Jing Ze would come to see him, but after a few days, Yan Jing Ze never came.

Just when he had given up his heart, Su Moran came.

He knew that Su Moran was most likely trying to pit him, but he still couldn’t hold back his temper. As expected, as soon as he told Su Moran “get out”, Yan Jing Ze came.

He was ready for Yan Jing Ze to accuse him and go after Su Moran, but Yan Jing Ze didn’t do that and even hugged him. What did he want to do?

Su Moxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze suspiciously.

Yan Jing Ze said, “Ah Xiu, how do you feel? Does it feel better?”

How can someone with a broken golden core feel better? Su Moxiu sneered in his heart, but suddenly realized that something was wrong and his face changed.

The spiritual energy that was running around in his body had all disappeared.

He is a Golden Core stage cultivator, and the ice attribute spiritual energy is still a bit more domineering. Even a Nascent Soul stage cultivator is unable to help him disperse his spiritual energy. Therefore, the Elders in the Nascent Soul stage of the Xuan Ming Sect did not help him. Only let him slowly dissipate the spiritual power himself.

And now, those spiritual energies have all disappeared.

Did Yan Jing Ze help him?

Su Moxiu didn’t know for a moment whether he should be grateful or angry.

Lowering his eyelids, Su Moxiu hid the black mist in his eyes that he almost couldn’t suppress, and when he looked up again, his eyes showed some hope, with a bit of anger: “I… I don’t need you to pretend to be nice to me, you go to Su Moran!”

The mention of Su Moran made Su Moxiu’s heart surged with sadness, and he could not restrain himself from coughing violently, as if he wanted to cough out his lungs.

“I really have no relationship with him, you misunderstood,” Yan Jing Ze explained embarrassingly: “Ah Xiu, it was all my fault before, and I will definitely not do such a bastard thing again…”

Although the original owner and Su Moran were close, they really weren’t together. Before, Su Moxiu had found faults several times, the original owner insisted that he and Su Moran had no relationship with each other.

Yan Jing Ze now also insists this point to death.

But he couldn’t help his guilty conscience, and hated the original owner in his heart—the original owner left him a mess!

Seeing Su Moxiu’s face full of suspicion, Yan Jing Ze said again: “Ah Xiu, I have dissipated the spiritual energy running around in your body… Don’t worry, I will heal you.” If it can’t be cured… he will find a better demon cultivation technique for Su Moxiu!

“I won’t be fine,” Su Moxiu smiled bitterly.

“You will be fine,” Yan Jing Ze’s face was firm: “Ah Xiu, you are injured… Go to my place to recuperate.”

After speaking, without waiting for Su Moxiu to say anything, Yan Jing Ze picked up the person and left.

There was something odd with Su Moran, so Yan Jing Ze was worried about leaving Su Moxiu here alone—Su Moxiu’s courtyard looked exactly like his courtyard on the surface, but the difference was actually big.

There were a lot of formations in and out of his courtyard, some of which were to prevent others from spying on them with divine sense, but there was nothing in Su Moxiu’s courtyard.

Although the formations in his courtyard are of no use to real masters, it is better than nothing. It is safest to put Su Moxiu beside him.

Su Moxiu was taken out by Yan Jing Ze, but he was a little confused.

In a daze, he remembered all the things he had experienced in the past fifty years.

The various forces in the cultivation world are ranked according to their strength. At the top of the list, one pavilion, two gates, three sects, and four families. The one pavilion refers to the most mysterious Tianji Pavilion, two gates and three sects are all big schools, which includes the Xuan Ming Sect.

As for the four families, in fact, they are not as good as the pavilion, gates, or sects, but not too much worse, and the Su family is one of the four families.

It stands to reason that as part of the Su family, and also a descendant of the Su family, he was not supposed to worship the Xuan Ming Sect, but should practice in the Su family like Su Moran.

After all, the ancestor of the Su family, like the head of Xuan Ming Sect, was a cultivator in the Spirit Division stage, no worse than the head of Xuan Ming Sect!

But for some reason, he has not been loved by the Su family since he was a child.

Except for his mother, the rest of the Su family were very indifferent to him, and would not even teach him to practice. On the contrary, Su Moran in the Su family was the favorite one of the family members.

The ancestor of the Su family taught Su Moran himself, and all the resources of the Su family were given priority to Su Moran. Almost everyone regarded Su Moran as a treasure.

Su Moran was his cousin, but he was actually only a few days younger than him. The difference in treatment between the two of them naturally made him dissatisfied.

Especially since he was more talented than Su Moran, and his father was better than Su Moran’s father!

Yet even his father treated Su Moran better than him.

Not only that, the Su family kept teaching him to be submissive and obedient, trying to control him. He was still young at that time, but still sensed that something was wrong.

Not to mention that Su Moran still troubled him from time to time.

After his mother went out to train when he was ten years old and died in an accident as a result, he felt even more in danger.

He didn’t know where his courage came from. He was only ten years old and he dared to escape from the Su family alone with the spirit weapon his mother left him.

After he left, the Su family began to look for him. In order to avoid the Su family, he had to put on women’s clothing and pretend to be a little girl.

It was then that he met Yan Jing Ze who brought the people of Xuan Ming Sect out to look for disciples.

He went to sign up and tested the spiritual roots. Once his ice attribute heavenly spiritual root was detected, he was regarded as a treasure by the Xuan Ming Sect.

At that time, he was frightened, skinny and bony, but Yan Jing Ze still hugged him: “You the same heavenly spiritual root with the ice attribute like me, you will be my junior sister from now on.”

At that time, he looked at Yan Jing Ze and felt that this big brother was like a fairy, and he fell in love with him almost immediately.

When he entered the Xuan Ming Sect, his identity could not be concealed. He had been worried that the Su family would give him trouble, but the Su family did not, and he led a rare peaceful life.

Gradually, he stopped thinking about the Su family’s affairs and followed Yan Jing Ze.

From the first time he saw Yan Jing Ze, he liked Yan Jing Ze, and then he liked him more and more. It can be said that he put all his thoughts on Yan Jing Ze.

The effort paid off, and Yan Jing Ze responded to him, and they were about to become a Daoist couple.

That was the happiest moment in his life, but it was a pity that he was not happy for long – Su Moran appeared.

Then Yan Jing Ze treated Su Moran better and better.

He was framed by Su Moran several times when he was young, and now Su Moran still wants to grab someone he likes… He finally broke out and confronted Su Moran tit-for-tat, and ended up pushing the person he likes to Su Moran’s side instead.

It was at this time that he faintly felt that his body had a problem – demon energy appeared in his body, and his divine sense would suddenly become stronger from time to time.

He was scared in his heart. He wanted to tell Yan Jing Ze and the Sect Master, and asked them for help. But he didn’t expect that one time when his divine sense became stronger, he actually “saw” Yan Jing Ze arguing with the Sect Master because he didn’t want to form a Dao couple with him.

Yan Jing Ze had always been willing to be with him before, but now suddenly he is reluctant… is it because of Su Moran?

He hated it so much, so much so that the demon energy in his body became stronger, but he did not dare to show it.

Yan Jing Ze did not publicize the matter. As long as he did not break it, he would still be the soon-to-be companion of Yan Jing Ze, he could stay with Yan Jing Ze. But if he breaks it, he might be driven away by Yan Jing Ze.

And he doesn’t want to give up, he still wants to keep fighting.

In the secret realm, he tried his best to treat Yan Jing Ze as good as he could. He wanted Yan Jing Ze to take a look at himself. He even went to learn from Su Moran… but it was useless.

That monster beast was provoked by Su Moran. He was afraid that Yan Jing Ze would be injured, so he went to intercept the monster beast. As a result… Yan Jing Ze ran away with Su Moran.

His Senior Brother, he had been with him for decades, and he had experienced the quasi-dao couple who was born and died together, and left him and ran away.

His brother, who has been together with him for decades, who has trained and fought side by side with him, who will soon become his companion, left him behind and ran away.

Is Su Moran that good?

He had been demonized at that time, if it weren’t for this, he wouldn’t have survived at all.

It’s just that it only happened for a short time, and his golden core was quickly smashed by the monster beast, so after leaving the secret realm, no one else found it.

In Xuan Ming Sect these few days, no one came to see him, and he made up his mind to practice demon cultivation.

He didn’t want to be a waste and die early.

He also wanted to…kill Su Moran.

However, he was injured too badly, and was inconvenient to move, so he could only stay in the Xuan Ming Sect temporarily.

The demon energy in Su Moxiu’s body was about to rush out, but he suppressed it.

What Yan Jing Ze did today was out of his expectation.

He knew that he should not believe anything, but at this moment, he was still a little greedy for the warmth of Yan Jing Ze.

The things he got in the dark can be kept for a while, but he can’t keep it for too long. Sooner or later, he will have to fight Yan Jing Ze and the whole Xuan Ming Sect. Even if Yan Jing Ze has ulterior motives for him at the moment, it would be nice to get along with him for a few days and leave a memory.

Su Moxiu obediently was brought back to Yan Jing Ze’s courtyard by Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze took Su Moxiu back to his residence, thought about it, took out a bed from his storage bag, and let Su Moxiu lie on it.

Cultivators do not need to sleep, whether if it is him or Su Moxiu, there is no bed in the place where they live. The bed in his storage bag is actually prepared by the original owner for Su Moran.

When Su Moran went out, he always took a bed with him. The original owner also bought one and put it in his storage bag, thinking that when Su Moran wanted it, he could use it for Su Moran.

Fortunately, Su Moran had never used this bed before, otherwise he really would not be happy to give it to Su Moxiu to use.

How could his Moxiu use what Su Moran had used?

“Ah Xiu, have a rest. I have asked Yang Yiming to buy food. When he gets back, you can eat more and heal your injuries,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Su Moxiu was taken aback, only then did he feel hungry.

Although he decided to practice demonic cultivation, but in the end, he was too badly injured, and the so-called cultivation was just in the beginning stage.

He, whose cultivation base was abolished, is now an ordinary person, and he is really hungry.

He didn’t even notice this, but Yan Jing Ze noticed it.

However, seeing the bed, Su Moxiu’s heart felt tight again.

Yan Jing Ze never slept in bed before, nor did he prepare such things. Su Moran likes to sleep in bed.

He closed his eyes and continued to suppress all kinds of emotions and all kinds of terrible thoughts in his heart.

Why doesn’t Yan Jing Ze like him? How can he not compare to Su Moran?

If he scratched Su Moran’s face and cut Su Moran’s hands and feet, would Yan Jing Ze still like Su Moran?

Yan Jing Ze didn’t know Su Moxiu’s thoughts. Seeing Su Moxiu closed his eyes, he took out a futon and placed it next to the bed, and set up a spirit gathering formation to heal himself.

He wants to improve his strength as soon as possible.

He can’t deal with Su Moran for the time being. As for dealing with Su Moran… Su Moran has a late golden core stage cultivator next to him, who is not weaker than the original owner, not to mention that there is a nascent soul stage cultivator behind the Su family. He can’t deal with them now.

But he can practice quickly, and when he reaches the spirit division stage, he will be able to kill Su Moran.

When Su Moran dies, he could also figure out what was going on with that divine sense on Su Moran’s body, and he could also help Su Moxiu heal his injuries.

The energy in the spirit gathering formation was quickly absorbed by Yan Jing Ze, and the wound on his body was healed seventy to eighty percent—his injury was just a minor injury, and he was still a Golden Core stage cultivator.

Su Moxiu’s injury was more serious.

Yan Jing Ze thought so and checked Su Moxiu’s condition again.

Through this investigation, he found that the demon energy in Su Moxiu’s body seemed to be a little bit more.

Su Moran said that Su Moxiu was born with a demon seed, is it true? The reason why he couldn’t see the strangeness of Su Moxiu before was because Su Moxiu was practicing the righteous path cultivation techniques and was able to suppress the demon energy. Now that his golden core is abolished, this demon energy has also come out?

Demonic cultivation and immortal cultivation are actually just two different cultivation methods, but for Yan Jing Ze, there is not much difference.

However, the immortal cultivator depends entirely on talents, while the demon cultivators mostly rely on external forces, such as relying on devouring monsters to temper their body and increase their cultivation base. Some demon cultivators will kill immortal cultivators to increase their cultivation base, so their reputation outside is very poor.

In addition, demonic cultivation is about quick-success. It often cultivates the body but not the mind, so the divine sense cannot keep up with it, and it is easy to fall into qi deviation.

For millions of years, immortal cultivators and demon cultivators have been fighting to the death. Xuan Ming Sect people all feel that demon cultivators should be killed and deserved to die.

Yan Jing Ze was very clear. Although he thought it was nothing to practice demonic cultivation, other people didn’t think so. Even Su Moxiu had cursed and killed the demons before. If he finds out the he has a demon energy, maybe Su Moxiu himself can’t accept it.

Fortunately, the demon energy in Su Moxiu’s body was suppressed, and it was difficult for others to find out. Su Moxiu himself might not even realize it.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t pay attention to this point anymore, but studied Su Moxiu’s injury.

While studying, Yang Yiming’s voice came from outside: “Senior Brother Yan!”

“Come in,” Yan Jing Ze said. When he brought Su Moxiu over, he left a message in Su Moxiu’s room. Yang Yiming should have seen the message.

The chubby Yang Yiming came in soon.

Yang Yiming was not much younger than Su Moxiu, but right now, he was only in the early stage of foundation building. Not only that, his cultivation level was obtained by relying on pills.

He has very poor qualifications. After entering the foundation-building stage ten years ago, he has made no progress. He probably will never have the opportunity to enter the Golden Core stage in this life.

“Senior Brother Yan, I bought a lot of food,” Yang Yiming quickly took out all kinds of food from the storage bag, and looked at Su Moxiu who was lying on a bed.

Seeing Su Moxiu with blood on his face, he suddenly became a little worried, and secretly went to take a look at Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze ignored Yang Yiming’s small movements, but checked what Yang Yiming had brought back.

He asked Yang Yiming to buy some rice, noodles, and vegetables. Yang Yiming bought them, and he also bought some directly edible foods, such as steamed buns.

The buns in the storage bag were still warm, Yan Jing Ze immediately took one to Su Moxiu: “Ah Xiu, eat something.”

When Yang Yiming heard what Yan Jing Ze said, he took another look at Yan Jing Ze.

Senior Brother Yan used to call Senior Brother Su “Junior Brother”, but now he is calling him “Ah Xiu”…

Senior Brother Su was seriously injured, so Senior Brother Yan finally decided to treat Senior Brother Su better?

Thinking of this possibility, Yang Yiming suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

Senior Brother Su was originally a proud son of heaven, but now he has become an ordinary person.

Yang Yiming thought this situation was a bit strange, and Su Moxiu felt the same.

Yan Jing Ze had never called him “Ah Xiu” before, but today he keeps calling him “Ah Xiu”.

Yan Jing Ze suddenly changed his attitude, there must be something wrong, but he really didn’t want to stop it. Seeing Yan Jing Ze like this, not only did his heartbeat speed up unconsciously, he also liked him a little bit more.

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