BH (QT) 237.1 – Senior Brother (5a)

Chapter 237.1 – Senior Brother (5a)

Su Moxiu felt that he was a little cheap.

But he couldn’t restrain his feelings.

In the past, Yan Jing Ze treated him badly, he liked him. Now, Yan Jing Ze treats him a little better, and he even wants to hug Yan Jing Ze and tell the grievances he has suffered since childhood.

Biting the meat in his mouth to make himself awake, Su Moxiu swallowed a bloody saliva and took the bun: “I will eat it myself.”

“When you’re done eating, you can take a bath.” Yan Jing Ze said again, and looked at Yang Yiming as he said, “Junior Brother Yang, please go find a tub and come back.”

While talking, he also took out some healing spirits from his storage bag.

Cultivators don’t need to take a bath, their spiritual energy is running, and their body is naturally clean, but Su Moxiu can’t do this now.

He needs a bath.

In addition, Yan Jing Ze also realized that although Su Moxiu could not heal his injuries by taking pills or spiritual herbs, but with a bath of spiritual herbs and his help with divine sense, plus his spiritual energy, he can help Su Moxiu heal some of the injuries on his body.

“I’ll go right away,” Yang Yiming ran away.

Su Moxiu was taken aback again.

He hadn’t taken a shower for a few days, and there was still dry blood on his body, which was really hard to bear, but he thought… Yan Jing Ze would not notice.

Yang Yiming soon brought back a bathtub.

This bathtub was obviously just made by him himself, it was made by hollowing out a huge and thick tree.

“Junior Brother Yang, please go and buy some daily necessities,” Yan Jing Ze asked Yang Yiming once again.

And once again, Yang Yiming ran away.

Su Moxiu wanted to tell Yan Jing Ze to leave before taking a bath, but thinking of Su Moran, he instantly dismissed this idea and directly started to undress.

Yan Jing Ze was stunned for a while.

Su Moxiu’s bath was a medicated bath that can help cure his injuries, so he didn’t plan to leave, he was ready to stay and help.

But he didn’t expect that Su Moxiu would take off his clothes without saying a word.

Yan Jing Ze’s eyes straightened, his hot blood surged for a while…

Su Moxiu, however, was a little confused.

He was ready for Yan Jing Ze to be scared away by himself, but Yan Jing Ze stared at him with straight eyes.

Yan Jing Ze doesn’t like him, but likes his body?

Thinking of this, Su Moxiu actually did not move.

Only then did Yan Jing Ze realize that he had been staring at others for a long time, and said embarrassedly: “It’s cold outside…you go take a dip.”

The temperature at Bi Xiao Peak is very cold!

When speaking, Yan Jing Ze was still not willing to look away from him.

Actually… Su Moxiu is his soon-to-be Dao companion, it’s fine if he looks at it?

Speaking of it, Su Moxiu didn’t avoid him at all, he absolutely loved him miserably.

Su Moxiu stepped into the tub, and he still couldn’t recover. In the end, Yan Jing Ze said, “I’ll rub your back.” Actually, it’s not a back rub… He purely just wants to help Su Moxiu heal his injuries.

Although no contact is fine, but the effect is better with contact, cough!

Su Moxiu did not refuse.

It is impossible for him to refuse such a good thing.

When Yan Jing Ze’s hand touched his back, Su Moxiu’s whole body trembled, only to feel his body softened.

He felt that he was hopeless again, but when Yan Jing Ze moved his hand on his back, he couldn’t raise any thoughts of rejection.

The spiritual energy that poured into his body also let him know that Yan Jing Ze was helping him heal his injuries.

His senior brother didn’t like him, but he still helped him heal his injuries… Is he thinking of their decades of affection?

In fact, the senior brother is really good, but he doesn’t love him…

Su Moxiu had been in pain a few days before, he fainted several times, but was awakened by pain again.

But at this moment, he felt like he was surrounded by warmth, and finally fell asleep in a daze.

At the same time, Yan Jing Ze discovered that Su Moxiu’s divine sense seemed to be getting stronger.

That divine sense is very similar to his divine sense.

However, Su Moxiu’s divine sense is not as strong as his, and seems to have been injured, suddenly becoming stronger and then weaker, it looks a bit chaotic.

Yan Jing Ze helped him sort it out, and by the way, he washed Su Moxiu’s face, who was sprayed with blood on his face.

Su Moxiu, who had washed his face, looked very tempting. Yan Jing Ze was very afraid that he would do something that he shouldn’t do, so in the end, he could only grit his teeth and wrap the sleeping Su Moxiu with one of his robes, and put him on the bed.

At this time, Yang Yiming had been waiting outside for a long time.

Yan Jing Ze came outside and saw Yang Yiming who was blocked by his own formation.

“Senior Brother Yan, I have bought all kinds of daily necessities.” Yang Yiming was sitting at the stone table in the yard. When he saw Yan Jing Ze, he quickly stood up and took the storage bag to ask for praise.

“Not bad.” Yan Jing Ze took a look and praised.

Yang Yiming was a little flattered at once, Senior Brother Yan Jing Ze had a very high status in the Xuan Ming Sect, and he was very happy to be praised by him.

“I thank you for Ah Xiu,” Yan Jing Ze said, there are all kinds of things in this storage bag, Yang Yiming is very attentive.

“I didn’t do anything…” Yang Yiming was a little embarrassed: “This is recommended by the store at the bottom of the mountain for the outer disciples who go up to the mountain to pay respect to the master. They said that those outer disciples will always bring a full set. “

There are many people who come to the Xuan Ming Sect to worship. Many of them are ordinary people, they need pots, pans, beddings, and other things.

The Xuan Ming Sect does not provide them with these things, so they need to buy them below the mountain and bring them up by themselves.

Yang Yiming is not talented, he has three spiritual roots, and logically, he can only be an outer disciple in Xuan Ming Sect. But he is actually an inner disciple and can still live in Bi Xiao Peak…This is all because of family of connections.

His father was a benefactor to Yan Jing Ze’s father.

And as a family with connections, he was not short of money, so for this set of household items, he bought the most high-grade ones.

“I should thank you. And also thank you for taking care of Ah Xiu a few days ago,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Yang Yiming was even more excited. He didn’t expect that he would still be thanked by the senior brother.

But before he could say something, he heard his senior brother say again: “I will take care of Ah Xiu from now on.”

Yang Yiming didn’t feel anything wrong when Yan Jing Ze said that.

Although he admired Senior Brother Su, he was not close to Senior Brother Su before, and in comparison, it was Senior Brother Yan who had a better relationship with Senior Brother Su.

Now it is normal for Senior Brother Yan to take care of Senior Brother Su.

Senior Brother Su had an accident like this, he would definitely not be able to become a Daoist couple with Senior Brother Yan. But Senior Brother Su can only live for a few decades in the future, so Senior Brother Yan should be able to accompany him for several decades.

“Senior Brother Yan, if you have any instructions, please find me again,” Yang Yiming said.

“Good.” Yan Jing Ze took out a transmission stone and gave it to Yang Yiming. He originally wanted to send something to Yang Yiming, but suddenly he thought… Yang Yiming had more good things in his hands than him.

Yang Yiming’s father only has this son, Yang Yiming, and he did not raise his son like the original owner’s father did. Yang Yiming’s father couldn’t wait to give all the good things to Yang Yiming.

So don’t look at Yang Yiming’s weakness, there are many people who look down on him in the Xuan Ming Sect, but none of them dare to bully him.

After Yang Yiming left, Yan Jing Ze returned to the room and sat beside Su Moxiu to meditate, helping Su Moxiu to heal his injuries by the way.

Su Moxiu’s injury was quickly healed, he is now like an ordinary person.

He is an ordinary mortal, not a cultivator.

Yan Jing Ze closed his eyes and began to cultivate in silence.

His cultivation speed was fast, but after cultivating for a while, his body couldn’t take it anymore and he had to stop temporarily.

However, it shouldn’t take long for him to enter the Nascent Soul Stage.

The original owner was already in the late Golden Core stage, and was only one step away from the Nascent Soul Stage. He has never been able to reach the Nascent Soul stage because his realm is not enough, but now that his divine sense is so strong and the realm is enough, he can naturally enter the Nascent Soul stage easily.

Speaking of it, he possesses such a strong divine sense. Could it be that before crossing over, he was actually some kind of a great master? For example, the cultivators in the Great Ascension stage thousands of years ago.

Wait, the cultivators in the Great Ascension stage is generally very old. If that is the case, then he and Su Moxiu together, it is definitely an old cow eating tender grass

Don’t think about that anymore!

He is very young now!

He was only fifty or sixty years older than Su Moxiu, just twice as old as Su Moxiu!

In the world of cultivation, this number of years is nothing!

Yan Jing Ze silently covered his face with his hands.

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Do you remember the Tianji Pavilion mentioned in the previous chapter? The most mysterious and most powerful faction in the whole cultivation world? That’s the name of the sect that Yan Jing Ze founded with the Shadow Guards! >.<

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