BH (QT) 237.2 – Senior Brother (5b)

Chapter 237.2 – Senior Brother (5b)

When cultivating, time really flies, in no time, surprisingly, six or seven hours have already passed, and at this time, Su Moxiu finally woke up.

“Ah Xiu, your injury has healed, don’t worry, you will definitely be able to cultivate in the future,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Su Moxiu could feel that his body no longer had pain. It’s just that… Both his dantian and meridians have shattered, and even if the spiritual energy was absorbed by him, it would instantly dissipate.

He had known this for a long time, and was not surprised, but it was the gentle expression of Yan Jing Ze that stunned him, and he unconsciously responded, “Yeah.”

After responding, he couldn’t help but feel upset.

He knew that Yan Jing Ze was lying to him.

Unless he changes to practicing demonic cultivation and takes the path of tempering his body, it will be difficult for him to continue cultivating.

“You have slept for a long time, would you like something to eat?” Yan Jing Ze asked again.

Although Su Moxiu had eaten something before, but after taking a medicinal bath and sleeping most of the day, he was really hungry now.

He didn’t know why Yan Jing Ze was so kind to him, but he was willing to enjoy this kindness: “Yes.”

When Yan Jing Ze heard the words, he immediately took out some food, he also took out a pot and planned to cook a soup. Yang Yiming bought foods that can be eaten directly, like steamed buns, noodles, pancakes, whole roast duck, and roast chicken, but no soup. He didn’t buy soup because it wasn’t easy to bring, so cooking some soup would be just right for a side dish.

Although the original owner has not eaten for many years, he remembers that the original owner often had soup when he ate when he was young.

It should be comfortable to eat hot soup.

As for how to cook the soup, isn’t it just putting the ingredients in the water?

Yan Jing Ze took out a piece of spiritual stone, used a fire technique that he was not familiar with, and prepared to cook the soup.

As a result, the Golden Core stage cultivator’s techniques were too powerful. Although the quality of that pot was good, it was still a wood-burning pot used by ordinary people, so a hole was directly burned.

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

Su Moxiu: “…”

Yan Jing Ze silently took out an alchemy furnace that had never been used since the original owner bought it.

The pill furnace is not easy to break. This time, he paid attention to the heat. Finally, there was no accident. At most, the ingredients in the soup were cooked a bit badly because of the high temperature.

If it continues to boil, it is estimated that it will become mushy and will become an elixir.

Yan Jing Ze was not ashamed to give the soup directly to Su Moxiu, he first took a taste himself.

What is this stuff! Can this be eaten?

Yan Jing Ze gave the warmed buns to Su Moxiu and cleaned up the soup: “I’ll try again.”

Su Moxiu nibbled on the bun while watching Yan Jing Ze use the alchemy furnace to cook the soup.

He knows how to cook. After escaping from the Su family, he learned a lot of survival skills, and later he joined the Xuan Ming Sect. Whether it is the Senior Brother Yan Jing Ze or his Master, they will not care about his meals. In addition to eating the meals sent by the outer disciples, he will occasionally cook his own food himself.

But he did not remind Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze may have changed his attitude because of guilt. After a few tries, he should give up, so he didn’t need to talk much.

In the future, one of them will practice demonic cultivation and the other will practice immortal cultivation, there will be no intersection.

No, they will definitely cross paths.

He wanted to kill Su Moran, he was also a demon cultivator, Yan Jing Ze would definitely want to kill him.

Su Moran…

He has no evidence, but he always feels that many of what he has encountered since childhood is Su Moran’s doing.

The monster beast from a few days ago… Su Moran, who was taken away by Yan Jing Ze at the time, smiled at him.

Su Moran received the full training of the Su family, and had some adventures, so just like him, he is in the early stage of the Golden Core. In the secret realm, Su Moran hadn’t done much yet. He was in good condition at the time, but he had suffered some injuries along the way in the secret realm, and he had already consumed all the medicine.

His senior brother took Su Moran away, but left the monster beast to him.

The warmth that Su Moxiu felt when he saw Yan Jing Ze making a soup eventually disappeared, but his gaze was inseparable from Yan Jing Ze.

He likes this person.

In the end, Yan Jing Ze was a Golden Core stage cultivator, and he also possessed a powerful divine sense.

After Su Moxiu slowly ate three steamed buns, he finally cooked the soup, which was filled with just the right seasoning.

Su Moxiu actually couldn’t eat anymore, but he still held the soup and slowly drank it one bite at a time.

As he was drinking, a transmission talisman appeared in Yan Jing Ze’s hand, accompanied by the words of Daoist Spirit Master Qing Yang, the head of the Xuan Ming Sect: “Come quickly.”

Not many people in the cultivation world knew what Daoist Spirit Master Qing Yang’s real name was, and even Yan Jing Ze did not know his father’s name.

He only knew that his mother was Daoist Spirit Master Qing Yang’s junior sister and Daoist companion, but the relationship between the two was weak, and the double cultivation was only for cultivation.

When his mother was alive, Daoist Spirit Master Qing Yang looked like this, and later when his mother died at the hands of demon cultivators, Daoist Spirit Master Qing Yang also looked like this, obviously not caring much about his Daoist companion.

In contrast, Daoist Spirit Master Qing Yang treats his son much better.

Thousands of years ago, people in the realm of cultivation actually didn’t like having children. After all, it would take a lot of energy.

At that time, the powerhouses were all dedicated to ascending to the immortal realm.

But for thousands of years, no one has ascended. Gradually, people in the realm of cultivation have become accustomed to having children with their Daoist companions. The four families were able to develop because of this reason.

Yan Jing Ze soon came to his father.

He thought that Daoist Spirit Master Qing Yang wanted to ask him about Su Moxiu—Su Moxiu became a waste, which is a big deal. Daoist Spirit Master Qing Yang did not visit Su Moxiu when returned to the Xuan Ming Sect.

As a result, Daoist Spirit Master Qing Yang did not mention Su Moxiu: “Is your injury healed?”

After the original owner returned to the Xuan Ming Sect, he avoided Su Moxiu on the pretext of healing his injuries… Yan Jing Ze said, “It’s healed.”

“In the secret realm, have you gained anything?” Daoist Spirit Master Qing Yang asked again.

Yan Jing Ze settled his mind and explained all the things he had encountered in the secret realm.

Daoist Spirit Master Qing Yang commented on a few sentences, and after Yan Jing Ze finished speaking, he mentioned Su Moxiu: “Su Moxiu has been in an accident, do you have other candidates for a Daoist companion?”

Yan Jing Ze was upset: “No.”

Daoist Spirit Master Qing Yang said lightly: “Although you have outstanding talents, you need double cultivation if you want to reach the Spirit Division stage.” The spiritual energy of the cultivation world is getting weaker day by day, and double cultivation is also highly regarded.

“I only want Su Moxiu,” Yan Jing Ze said.

It is clear that Yan Jing Ze was unwilling to become a Daoist couple with Su Moxiu before… Daoist Spirit Master Qing Yang glanced at Yan Jing Ze in doubt, but did not mention the matter, only said: “You should search carefully.”

After speaking, he let Yan Jing Ze leave.

Yan Jing Ze could feel that Daoist Spirit Master Qing Yang was really indifferent to him, not cold outside and hot inside.

But it’s good, it’s tiring to try to get along.

Leaving from Daoist Spirit Master Qing Yang’s courtyard, Yan Jing Ze wanted to go back. After thinking about it, he went to the library.

There are various books in the library of Xuan Ming Sect, and there may be ways to restore the dantian.

As a disciple of the Sect Master, and also Yan Jing Ze being a Golden Core stage cultivator, the Cangshu Pavilion is completely open to him.

However, the original owner didn’t come very much before. After all, the original owner’s cultivation techniques were not available in the library.

Moreover, the original owner is devoted to cultivation, and does not spend his time in other places. The formation methods and etc. are not easy to understand, so naturally there is no need to come here to read a book.

Now Yan Jing Ze went in and found out that there are really many kinds of books here.

He didn’t look at anything else, and went straight to various treatment-related books or jade slips.

While reading, Yan Jing Ze suddenly felt the divine sense that resided on Su Moran suddenly appeared, stayed on the jade slip next to him for a while, and then immediately retracted, leaving only a small strand of divine sense staying in place.

His use of divine sense is restricted, and that divine sense is probably the same.

Yan Jing Ze pretended to be ignorant and picked up the jade slip to check.

The information written in this jade slip is the method of transferring the spiritual root.

In the original historical trajectory, the original owner saw an ancient book, and now it changed into a jade slip. Does Su Moran have to get Su Moxiu’s spiritual roots?

Yan Jing Ze wanted to curse.

Su Moxiu’s temper is not good, but he joined the Xuan Ming Sect when he was a teenager, and in the following years, he has never harmed anyone!

What kind of hatred does Su Moran have?

Also, what happened to the divine sense on Su Moran’s body?

Yan Jing Ze could not wait to get rid of this person right away, but he is not strong enough now, even if he goes to look for help outside… When he went to see Daoist Spirit Master Qing Yang just now, he had already discovered that Daoist Spirit Master Qing Yang’s divine sense was not as good as that of Su Moran’s. In other words, Daoist Spirit Master Qing Yang couldn’t find this thing at all.

It will be in vain if he said it!

The jade slips are the product of the cultivator’s use of divine sense to burn all kinds of information, because it can only be used by cultivators in Golden Core stage, there are not many jade slips on the Cangshu Pavilion.

After the divine sense monitoring him went back, Yan Jing Ze erased the method of spiritual root transferring in the jade slip and walked to the courtyard where he lived.

When Su Moxiu’s health gets better, he plans to take Su Moxiu to leave the Xuan Ming Sect.

There are too many people in the Xuan Ming Sect, and it is inconvenient for him to do anything. If Su Moxiu becomes a demon cultivator, there will be a large group of people cursing and hunting him in an instant.

Yan Jing Ze hurriedly returned to his residence and met Su Moxiu’s gaze as soon as he entered.

Su Moxiu was waiting for him… Yan Jing Ze smiled at the other party.

Su Moxiu’s expression stiffened when he saw Yan Jing Ze’s smile.

After Yan Jing Ze left, he seized the time to cultivate a little.

It’s strange to say that after he became a demon cultivator, an extremely refined demonic cultivation technique suddenly appeared in his mind. After his cultivation, his strength grew quickly, and he could also hide his strength.

But today he was distracted. Not long after he had cultivated, he began to think about Yan Jing Ze, and he didn’t even feel like waiting any longer.

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